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Taco the three legged cat

Good meowning!

Taco the Cat only has 3 legs. He was in an accident as a kitten and the PDSA had to amputate one of his front legs. After spending some time at a local rescue (Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary, Liverpool, UK) he chose his furever home with Button (another rescue kitty) and their humans.

People often ask how Taco copes with 3 legs and are often worried/upset if their cat is in a similar situation facing amputation.

So we made a video to help those who have concerns or who may be considering adopting a three legged furiend!

Button and Taco

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Gorgeous George

In 2004, approximately 2 months following the death of my son's cat, Maggie-Mae, we headed to our local Humane Society to see if we could find 2 more felines to embrace us.

My son found a 3-month old kitten right away and named her Missy-Mae. She was almost identical in markings and character that Maggie was. Me, I was more discerning. I walked up and down looking into the cages numerous times. Finally I stopped in front of a cage that looked way too small for the cat that was inside of it. He didn't call attention to himself. He just laid there with his head on his paws and golden eyes, following me going up and down. He seemed to be saying to himself, "Why bother, they only want the little kittens anyways'.

So I asked permission to take him out his cage. Permission granted and when I adjusted him to my chest...he was a big fella, he immediately put a paw on each shoulder and nuzzled his head right into my neck and let out a loud "puurrrrrr' which I took to mean "I'm yours". I took him home that very day.

George was so affectionate and even tempered that I brought him to the nursing home I worked at, and because he was too heavy to carry (weighed almost 18 lbs) I got a wheelchair to place him in; and he sat in that wheelchair for almost 2 hours, during which time he let many of the residents pet him, and even let me place him in a bed to lie down beside a bedridden resident. We continued to do this for many years.

Unfortunately, Missy-Mae passed away in 2014 from kidney disease. Then this April 2016, George was diagnosed with kidney disease. With sub q's twice a week, George did well until this past week. He started not to eat and then on Friday, September 26th, I noticed blood in his litter box. George was euthanized on Friday, September 26, 2016 and I miss him immensely. Of all my cats, he was truly unique. R.I.P.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada


Chloe came to us from a puppy mill situation. She was in a run in a barn in rural Ontario with no heat or hydro. The people who took her out of there believed that the dogs were never let outside the barn. She was around 4 ½ years old.

Wheatens need to be groomed as they have hair not fur. Chloe had never been cut and we were told that she looked like a dirty, smelly sheep. The mats pull at their skin and the whole mess needed to be cut off her. The foster told us that she was thrilled to be out from under it.

I met her the next day and I’ll never forget her little curious face peeking out from behind her big foster brother Logan. As I talked to the foster she kept coming back and leaning into my leg. She was so starved for gentle, loving contact. It was like she’d never experienced it before and she probably hadn’t. I remember thinking to myself this dog will be alright as she’s still more curious than afraid. A week later she came home with us.

She had so much to learn. Housebreaking, walking on a leash, elevators, stairs, coats and the dog park. And so many new things to experience. Fresh water always. More food than she could eat. Treats and belly rubs. Soft beds and sleeping with the people who loved her. The knowledge that people could be trusted. For seven glorious years she was ours. She was the sweetest, gentlest dog in the world.

We ended her suffering from a vicious cancer on August 30th. She died at home surrounded by the people who loved her. We will miss her forever.

Deborah Soroka
Toronto, ON, Canada

Rescued bears touch soil for the first time

What a monumental and wonderful day it was for PrideRock Wildlife Refuge’s staff and the three bears. Rowdy, Coco and Toro were saved from euthanasia in January from a closing sanctuary where they had lived on concrete. Never having touched soil, PrideRock build an outdoor play pen for the bears and then anxiously awaited the day the bears would take their first steps on ground. The bears were a little hesitant at first but by the end of the day, where running, swimming, and touching nose-to-nose for the first time.

PrideRock staff was thrilled, proud and overwhelmed with emotions.

Toro, our shy bear, took a dive in the pool first. Coco decided to follow Toro, and Rowdy is still apprehensive about the new liquid. Although the three bears were raised together, they have never been able to touch nose-to-nose. Coco and Toro touched noses through the fence first and then Coco and Rowdy followed.

All three bears have thoroughly sniffed their hammocks, logs, and platforms, but so far, can't figure out what they are for or how to get on them.

The next morning, Rowdy, Coco, and Toro romped again in their new digs and Coco ran in and out of her tube, going around in circles as if she had found the best toy in the world.

The PrideRock bears are special and fortunate. Not only did they escape an untimely death, but they ended up at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, which makes the animals a top priority and spares no expense to make the animals as happy as the can be. Rowdy, Coco and Toro are now enjoying the fresh air, soft soil on their feet, climbing tree logs and swimming the back stroke. PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is blessed to have these three bears and know it is a rare privilege to share their lives with them.

Robyn Wheeler
Terrell, TX

Baby Blue

While taking a neighborhood walk, I found 5 kittens in a yard and the people who lived there gladly gave them to me. They even gave me a cardboard box to put them in! I had no car, and it was too far to walk home with 5 kittens in a box, so I called a taxi to take them to my vet. After several days at the vets, I was allowed to take them home, but I had to quarantine them from my other 2 cats so I set up a huge dog crate for them. I found homes for all of them except Blue and his brother, who had one eye. The top picture is Blue as a baby, and the bottom picture as a adult cat. He had many health problems in his life but always pulled through, except for the last health emergency, to which he succumbed at age 14. I'll see you on the rainbow bridge, my baby Blue!

rahway, NJ

My precious rescue kitten Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty was found in my back gardens, hiding in the shade of some hosta. It didn't take long to see that she was truly special! Miss Kitty has only the use of her front paws. Our vet believes her spine was injured during birth. She has never known the sensation of using all four paws, so to her, and my family she's perfect! Her "specialness" does not slow her down.

Any guidance from others who've had the joy of raising a kitty with special needs like hers would be appreciated..... diapering, wheelchair, health concerns, etc.

Weyers Cave, VA

Tomfoolery and Halo

Tomfoolery (Tom) came into our lives a few months after our cat Poppy disappeared. My mom decided she was ready to move on, so she went to several animal shelters and Adopt-a-Pets. A few cats struck her interest, but none really clicked with her, so she kept looking. At a local animal control center, she found Tom. He was in a cage in the corner, and all she could see of him were big yellow eyes and a black and white nose peering out. When she asked the volunteer if she could pet him, the woman was ecstatic. Apparently, Tom had been living feral under a porch with two other cats, ripping open trash to find food. All three cats had been rescued, but Tom was the only one that could be tamed; the other two had to be put down. Tom had been at the shelter for a long time, and was due to be euthanized soon, which was very upsetting for the volunteers. They'd put in so much time with Tom and knew how sweet he was. My mom knew then that she wanted him. She took him home that day, but after a brief period of shyness, Tom became a bit of a bully. He would swipe at people and nip at fingers. But his attitude completely changed when we brought home Halo. I found Halo outside my church one Sunday afternoon. She was very friendly and very skinny. Her paws and nose were scraped, like she'd been tossed out of a car onto the pavement. I called my mom who decided we should keep her, and the rest is history. Tom was grooming her and playing with her the minute she came home. Now they're inseparable, and I can't imagine my life without them.

Litchfield, IL

Finding Punkin

After managing to have a Jack Russell out of the same female line since 1972 it was with heavy hearts that we said goodbye to our Dessie (Destiny - named as a wee pup by our then 11 year old daughter) last Sept 25th. She was almost 18. It took awhile, but I started looking at rescue dogs on a ton of on line sights until one day I saw this face looking at me and it said, "I'm the one, pick me." So I emailed the SPCA in Medicine Hat, a 3 hour drive from our house, made all the arrangements and on a cold, windy and rainy day I headed that way. They said she was 'about' 7 and her name was Terry. Looking at her beautiful gray face I'd say somewhere between 7 and 14, but it doesn't matter, and her name is now Punkin, because while she has a very large vocabulary that she responds to, Terry wasn't a word that elicited any reaction at all. She will probably bark all the way home, they said..... well she curled up in the seat beside me and never made a peep the whole way home, in fact she has yet to make a sound. A Jack that doesn't bark! How wonderfully bizarre! She is the best dog in the whole world and we are blessed to have her, and we tell her so every day!

Kathie Roller-Stell
Okotoks, AB, Canada

A good life

This is Montana. He'll be gone a year this coming November, and was just over 21yrs old when he had to join his brother, Charlie and sister, Cally. Montana and Charlie were born in 1994. Charlie died from kidney failure at 8.5 yrs old, and Montana outlived him by 12.5-13 yrs. After Charlie passed, Montana and his Torti sister, Cally, grew closer, as did Montana and I. He became my baby boy. Both he and his brother were adopted as kittens from a local shelter, and Cally was rescued off the street. Since I had raised Montana from the time he was an itty bitty kitty, he stole my heart in so many ways. He loved riding on my back and shoulders; he loved going for walks on his harness and leash, and he loved carrying around his stuffed animal, Mr. Whale. Montana had a lot of separation anxiety, and whenever I'd leave the house he would carry Mr. Whale around and put him in all kinds of places, while making a guttural noise to let me know he wasn't happy I left. I still have three more kitties, but Montana will always hold a very special place in my heart. I still miss him and I know I always will. He was my "old man", my "baby boy". My fur baby, and my best friend.

Glenwood Springs, CO

Bonnie Louise

My husband and I already had a full house. We had trouble finding a new apartment that would allow 2 huskies and a cat but we finally found one and moved into it a couple days before Christmas in 2014. We immediately noticed a sweet Calico hanging around the back door area. She seemed pretty healthy and well cared for so we weren't really sure why she was hanging around. After speaking to the neighbors, we found out she was previously owned by the tenants in our apartment. The other family was forced to leave following some criminal activity and had more or less kicked their two cats out the back door and just left them. They also gave their two dogs to other residents that lived close by. Either way, we found ourselves leaving food out for her just like several other neighbors had done. Probably why she's a little rotund. After a few weeks, due to cold she decided she was ready to come inside and join our family. She's got bad teeth, drools like a puppy and never can decide if she wants in or out but she's ours and eventually named her Bonnie Louise. She occasionally brings other kitties home. They never stick around but we still see them hanging around the edge of the property occasionally. I think Bonnie brings them home because she knows we'll care for them if they need it.

Columbiana, OH
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