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Rescuing Amber

It was a freezing cold January night when a cat that we had seen hanging around our yard showed up on our back porch. We had been putting food and water out for him. When I looked out and saw him, there was blood everywhere! He looked terrified and I was worried that he had been hit by a car. When I opened the door to see if I could help him, he ran and I could see he was limping badly. The forecast was for temps to drop well below freezing that night and I was frantic to help him because I thought he might not survive the night. My husband and I went out to see if we could catch him, but he was so afraid and we were not successful. I came inside and called a friend of mine who was very experienced at cat and dog rescues. She told me to come right away and get her trap and she coached me through how to catch him. The next morning, after loading the trap with a big can of tuna, we caught him and took him to the 24 hour emergency vet hospital. After many hours of waiting, we learned that he did not have any broken bones and that the limping and bleeding was from fight wounds that had become abscessed and infected. The vet excised and cleaned all the wounds, gave him a long-acting antibiotic, gave him all his vaccines and neutered him and gave him some pain meds. We picked him up the next morning and after paying the $187 vet bill, we brought him home. We kept him in a kennel in the garage for several days so that he could eat and stay warm and so his wounds could heal. We were told that when we let him go, he might never come back again due to the trauma and the stress of being trapped. Luckily, he decided to hang around and now has found his forever home in our back yard. He even lets us pet him now!

Columbus, OH

My Sweet Old Man Trooper

My fiancee received a call from his son saying that a cat had been crying outside their home all night. He knew immediately after he told me about the call,we would be going over to their house. When I saw him, my heart was broken. He was older, skinny and covered with hundreds of fleas. He tried to walk to us but fell over (not sure if it was from starvation or from all the fleas and bugs swarming him). His face was also swollen because he had abscessed teeth. This cat had been declawed and neutered, so at one point in his life he had been an indoor cat. We did not need anymore fur babies (we have 3 dogs and 2 rescue cats already), but I refused to leave this cat behind. I slept with him in the spare bedroom and he purred all night. That morning we took him to our vet. She told us he was in very bad shape and asked if we wanted to have him put to sleep. I cried and cried and told her that he deserved a chance to live. That's when I named him Trooper (one who does not give up in the face of adversity) and decided to get a second opinion from another vet. The second vet did say he was in bad shape but did not even mention putting him to sleep (thank goodness). Trooper was placed on antibiotics and had five of his teeth pulled. He did not have any diseases that would harm my other cats. The vet guessed that he was about 15 years old and from the condition he was in, he had not been an indoor cat for many years. Trooper has brought so much joy to us. This guy just wants love, affection, food and lots of naps (lol). We love our Trooper and hope he has many more years with us! He will never be alone on the streets again!

Wabash, IN

Our first rescue, 21 years ago

We had had one cat, Alfred, for 13 years, when we were returning home from New Jersey on an August summer night. Traffic at the tolls on the Ben Franklin bridge was at a standstill, and I saw a kitten running around the cars. He climbed into the wheel well of the van next to us. I called to them to tell them not to move. I got out of the car, lay under the front end of the van and tried to get him out, and just couldn't. Next thing I knew, the police came, jacked up the van, and spent an hour getting him out. They wrapped him in a blanket and put him in our trunk. We planned to take him to the vet to take care of him and find a home for him.

The first couple of days, he lived in our basement, scrunched down in the french drain, shivering with fear. We left food and water out for him, which he did eat. On the third day, a switch seemed to flip, and he became the snuggliest kitty I'd ever seen. He would lie on us as we lay on the sofa, and even tried to nurse on my earlobes. There was no way we could give him up, even though never had we even considered a second cat. We named him Ben, for the bridge where we found him. Our son Carl was born a few months later, and we named our next "children" alphabetically. Over the years we've rescued more kitties -- Dave, Fred, Gary, Herbie, Iggy, and Joe (there was a lizard, Elmo, in there, too). Ben lived to be over 16 years old, and remained the sweetest, grateful cat ever. As soon as we would walk into the room, he would immediately start purring and making biscuits.

Ben was our first multiple cat, and now we have five (Dave is 17 years old, and our kitten is now a year old). It's difficult, but we've forced ourselves to stop at five. Unless another kitten runs out in traffic...

Liz B
Wayne, PA


We knew we wanted another dog. Our Jojo had been raised with another dog before we got him and he was obviously missing the canine companionship. We watched petfinder, until I saw a dog that just called to me. A cute little girl, about a year old and picked up as a stray. She was white with one black ear and the sweetest expression ever. The shelter was about an hour away and at the time I was doing lots of mandatory overtime. I called to see if she was still there. She was, but they told me they could not hold her until the weekend when I was able to go.

Saturday came and we headed for the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter. I called on the way to make sure they still had her. They did, but told me again that they could not hold her. I cried and begged them to at least stall until I could get there. I was sure that everyone would see what I saw in the beautiful face.

We had a meet and greet with Sissy and our Jojo. He was in love and could not get enough of her. She was playful, but more reserved than he was. I was completely hooked.

The was almost 6 years ago and Sissy has been a surrogate mom to countless foster pups and many dogs that were not dog friendly until they met her. She has a talent for drawing them out at their own pace. She is gentle, sweet and loving. I am not sure why no one else adopted her sooner, but I like to think that she was meant to be a part of our family. She and Jojo are still best friends and I could not have picked a better dog.

Tedi Rogers
Newton Falls, OH

2 is always better than 1!

A woman that I work with feeds stray cats that show up at her house. She had a pregnant cat that showed up and had 4 kittens but only 1 of them lived. Winter was setting in and she was trying to find homes for them. Knowing that we had just put down our beloved 13 year old cat she asked me if we might want the kitten. I told her we were not ready for another cat. At least once a week she would track me down to show me pictures of this adorable fluffy gray kitten. We finally agreed to come and see her. It was love at first sight for both the mom and the kitten, there was no way we could take the kitten and not her beautiful mama too. The first month was kind of rough, they were both petrified of our German Shepherd so they hid in the basement. We called them our dungeon kitties. It didn't take long for them to realize they were safe and loved. That was 2 years ago. Today they rule our home and hearts..... 2 is always better than 1!

Maureen Carpenter
Grand Rapids, MI

Tiny grouch

This is about Set our little rescue. We had pulled up to a local store when we noticed an orange kitten dart away and up under a chip truck. I thought to myself we really dont need another cat, as we had just adopted one from a friend the day before. I looked over to my fiance and saw that look on her face and I decided that I would see about getting him out from under the truck. Bear in mind I am a fairly large guy and not really built for climbing around under trucks, but I did and found the terrified little orange ball of fur. He was obviously distressed and did not know what to do other than try to hide from the big hairy thing looking for him. I tried to calm him down and entice him out from under the truck but he decided to make things interesting by crawling up into the underside of the truck and run around the various parts trying to hide. I finally found him holding his ground towards the front of the truck where I grabbed a hold of him. He did not like this at all and commenced to attacking me. When he bit my thumb his toothf stuck just enough that I was able to get a firm hold on him and pull him out. My fiance showed up with a box and a can of food for him. We placed him in the box and my fiance went back into the store to get a bandage for me and to let them know the kitten was safe.

It took a little time and a little work on my part to help him get used to our house, there being a full grown cat and another kitten about the same age. We decided to name him Set after the Egyptian god of the desert. He is now my little buddy and sleeps with me as much as he can. He is our little grump and we dont know what we would do without him here.

Gilbert L Neil II
Stover, MO

More than a happy meal.

Four years ago, mid December, I saw a friend pleading on Facebook for someone to help him at a local McDonalds. There were little kittens living in freezing temperatures and being hit by cars in the parking lot. I couldn't not help. I dragged my then boyfriend out of the house and immediately drove to the restaurant.

We got there and realized there were countless cats living under the dumpsters and shed. Having lured out what kittens we could find after an hour or so, my friend took them home saying he would look for homes for them.

The next day I received a call that he could not handle one of the kittens and if I could, I should come get him, or he was going to the shelter.

When I arrived I found the kitten at the top of a tapestry on his wall...hissing at everything that passed. I calmly plucking him down, cuddling him up, we got in the car and instantly he calmed down. He stank of death. He couldn't breathe out his nose and his eyes were crusted shut.

We got home I plopped him in a shallow tub of warm water with me and cleaned him off. He calmed down and started to warm up to us.

After the bath we curled up and napped, I already had one cat, but was quickly becoming attached.

A vet visit confirmed worms, fleas, and an aggressive upper respiratory infection we had caught it just in time. They suspected he had been using the other deceased animals under the shed as warmth. My heart broke.

After two days with him, I couldn't give him up. I begged my landlord to allow a deposit for another animal and later that day he was introduced to his sister.

Kira hasn't left my side since! He loves to cuddle and give headbutts. My little Mama's boy! The only good thing I've ever gotten from a Fast food joint!

Angelle Martin
Rochester, NY

Our baby girl, Cali

I went to the local rescue with a neighbor to see a dog, as we were walking around this little calico kitten named Luna came right up to the window of the room she was in and put one paw up to wave at me. I fell in love instantly. When I went back to adopt her (had to get permission from my husband first) she was on hold for someone else. I was heartbroken. I met a couple of other kittens and reluctantly decided on a different one. When I took my husband and my son back that night to show them the one I picked, the hold was off of Luna, and she was there at the window, looking up at me. I visited with her for about a minute and then changed my mind and told the volunteer I wanted her. She told me that a young woman had placed her on hold while she got permission from her landlord to have a cat and never called back.

Luna had been brought in with her mother and her siblings shortly after they were born. All of her siblings had already been adopted, but she was the runt, and had only just reached the 2 lb mark required for adoption. We completed the paperwork, waited to pick her up until she had been spayed. I was in the hospital when my husband picked her up, but she was so happy to see me when I came home she licked my neck (which she still does).She tried to grab my ice cream bowl out of my hands, and played with everyone and everything. My son named her Cali, because he was missing California.

She developed rodent virus, and we have a constant battle keeping it at bay. Special food, medicine, laser therapy, steroids, antibiotics, we tried everything. When it spread to her bottom we were beside ourselves with what to do. We have finally developed a system that is keeping her healthy and happy, and she is back to giving me "neck love" every day.

Dawn A Logan

Triple rescue

We knew there was a female feral cat living under a mobile home on our property. One day we heard a very small kitten crying loud and he seemed to be in distress. I found him and he came right to me. So young that he was barely able to walk. When I picked him up, he snuggled in, closed his eyes and went to sleep. I knew his fate if I put him back under the house. My stepson and his girlfriend, our neighbors, took him in and named him Jasper. Their boxer fell in love with Jasper and they played like best friends.

A couple weeks later my son, in tears, brings another very small kitten, covered in blood, into the house. He said the boxer had killed her. She was alive but she couldn’t walk. It was later determined that the dog heard her cry and tried to bring her home to play with her. It was late and we feared she had internal injuries. I told my son that as soon as the vet opened we would take her in and see how injured she was. We kept her warm, fed her and held her through the night. The next morning she was still very much alive and we were very much in love! After a trip to the vet we found out that the blood that had been on her was actually from the dog where the kitten had scratched him. Unfortunately, when the dog let her go from his grasp, he dropped her and broke her back leg badly. By now she had won our hearts and there was no option but to get her leg fixed. Our other two cats welcomed her with open paws, my son named her Misty and she had found her furever home. Later, after rescuing yet another small kitten, which my niece adopted and named Baby Friday, the momma cat was hit by a car and died. There was a reason her babies came into our lives when they did! All are safe, happy and very spoiled!

Shanna A.
Bozeman, MT

My Huey

I had just moved to Arizona with my dear old cat of 19 years. I wasn't planning on adopting more cats but I met a friend whose cat had kittens and the friend was not around to take care of them. I brought two of the kittens home, leaving two at his house. When I went back to his place again to look after the remaining two kittens, the little white kitten rushed at me and climbed right up my leg, luckily I had jeans on! I couldn't resist him and brought him home as well. My friend took the last kitten when he finally moved away.

I loved having those kittens. I lost Huey's sister pretty quickly to a coyote. I learned the hard way that I needed to build a predator proof fence to keep my remaining cats safe. Huey and his brother Gateway were amazing cats. They were somewhat like little dogs, they would come running every time I called and were smart and talented. I lost Gateway to a tragic accident after 9 years. Huey continued to be my sweetheart and constant companion for his 13 years, before he succumbed to Corona virus. I'll never forget those kitties, what a gift they were, they helped ease my transition to Arizona and a life in the high desert.

Snowflake, AZ
Pawsome Umbrella
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