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When a Cat Adopts You...

When you adopt a cat, every day is amazing. You get to interact with a small, furry, childlike person who may speak a very different language, but who definitely understands love.

The same is true when a cat adopts you.

Four years ago, during a small summer barbecue in the backyard, my family was adopted. A tiny, severely malnourished, sweet gray cat with a loud voice frightened my young daughter and chased her across the lawn. "It's just a cat!" we shouted reassuringly - whereupon she turned around and, all innocence and eagerness, chased the little gray cat back across the lawn. Eventually we got it all sorted out over a hamburger slider.

The little gray cat clearly needed help. She was far too thin, her paws were ragged, and her ear crinkled with injury and rehealed. She had no microchip or identification. For weeks, all she did was eat ravenously (that hamburger was gone in seconds) and sleep. But after lots of care, good food, and love, she woke up - and turned into a healthy and active young cat.

Today Jazzi is a mischievous, playful, loving member of the family. She still loves to eat, but she also loves to be brushed, plays endlessly with paper and cardboard, and considers the bath mat her personal property. She pokes fun at the other cats, too, which is a good thing; they need a little waking up every now and again.

Sure we rescued her. She wouldn't have survived much longer on the streets. But she added something sweet and irreplaceable to our family as well. We wouldn't be the same without her.

We're so grateful to have been adopted.

Rain City, WA


For 12 years, this big beautiful boy was mine; his feet never once touched grass. Last week, after a two-week illness, I had to help him cross over the Rainbow Bridge and say goodbye. To say my heart is broken is an understatement. For 12 years, Bailey’s Irish Crème (“Bailey” to his friends, but “Bailey-Boy” to me) met me at the door each day, sat on my vanity to “help” me get ready for work each morning, and let me know when it was bedtime each night. My Bailey-Boy liked to be rocked, would never ever consider sleeping on an unmade bed, and loved his “beauty-shop” time. I will love and miss this very special kitty-boy always. Rest well my sweet Bailey-Boy.

Freida Talley
Dalton, GA


We already have a 63# 12 yr old otterhound, so wasn't anticipating adding another Furkid. But Life interferes for a purpose.............we gave a donation in Memory to an Animal Hospital where a friend was a Staff Veterinarian before losing her battle with Cancer. That's how I learned about George, a "Special Guest" there.

George had been a patient at the Clinic for over a year since having surgery in 2016 to remove an eye from trauma, etc. When we met in summer 2017, George had become an owner surrender due to financial reasons. It was because recently another surgery was required to remove the other eye.

I fell in LOVE at "first sight" with this now blind 13#, 8yr old shihtzu-poodle mix! So a meet and greet with hubby and our Furkid, Harley was arranged. There is a happy ending...............

MAX now has a 2nd chance with a new loving and forever family. He has a BIG personality and doesn't feel or act handicapped at all.

PLS consider Adopting a Special Needs or Older Pet...........the unconditional Love you get in return for being the "chosen" one is PRICELESS!!!


My little Chew Monster

I answered an online ad, September 2016, about a 10 month old shi tzu/schnauzer mix. When I got to the house, where the little dog lived, the owner came out with him and shoved him into my arms. Then the man started gathering all of his doggy things and shoved those into my arms as well. I immediately felt that he had poop plastered to his butt, he was under weight and his body was completely covered in mats.

I decided right then that the pup, I named Chewy, was coming home with me. The first thing I had to do when I got him home was give him a bath and get the poop off of his butt. When I picked him up from getting groomed they told me his nails were so long that some of them had grown into the pads on his toes. I found out he hadn’t gotten all of his shots and he needed to be neutered.

I am so glad I took Chewy home that day. He quickly became friends with my Black Lab, Lou. Sadly, I lost Lou on valentine’s day 2017 to cancer at 10 years of age. Chewy helped me through the grief of losing my big boy. He has given me so much love and entertainment since I adopted him, I can’t imagine life without him and how boring it would be.

Carol A.
Ogden, UT

Crystal's Story

Crystal Lynn, was born sometime in the early spring of 1999. I adopted her at an event at a local Petco. Animal Control had picked her up a few weeks before running with a pack of large dogs.

Crystal had always been a very aloof, taking control, kind of dog. She walked into our house wanting to be the “top dog”. When I brought her home, and introduced her to our other 3 dogs-- 2 female American Eskimos and one male lab, she ignored the other females and was immediately attached to our black lab, Jake James. They would spend hours playing & wrestling with each other, best of buds.

Jake became ill with bone cancer in February of 2004. He passed away in April of that year. Crystal mourned the loss of her best friend. Weeks later, we noticed sores coming out on her face and mouth, and took her to the vet. The vet’s first reaction was that she may have got into rat poisoning. He gave her some medicine and Vitamin K to counteract the poison. After a week, he referred us to a specialist. Their diagnosis was that her immune system was attacking her body, due to traumatic stress. We knew exactly what was happening—she had lost her best friend. After months of medication, she pulled through the illness, & lived 10 more years.

Crystal Lynn has been the joy of our lives. However, today we had to make the heart-wrenching decision to let her go, and put our selfishness aside. The second thoughts questioning if we did the right thing, will haunt us for years. Although the tears are flowing today, our beloved baby will forever be in our hearts, along with the laughter, cherished memories and love she brought into our lives. I was thinking today, that I hope she would find her true friend that she never really got to say goodbye to. I will vision Crystal Lynn & Jake James, running together playing, just like they did when they first came into our lives.

Linda Ingle

Rosenberg, TX

Linda Ingle
Rosenberg, TX

For the Love of Our Pets

I had no idea I would become part of the rescue community. Didn’t look like there was a problem here. Then a cat showed up on my deck, and quickly ran off when I tried to bring it food. It was then I learned about feral cats. Cats born outside with no human contact. Cats have been socialized to humans for thousands of years, could I help this cat? Yes, I could, and I did. Then many after her.

My Heart Goes Out to these animals I know it is only Our fault for their situation, and to the people who make a huge effort in taking on the task of rescuing them. Please help, spay and neuter your pets, donate your time, money, or supplies to your local rescues and shelters. Every little thing helps! If we FIGHT THIS TOGETHER we can stop the sad life these companion animals that by no fault of their own have no loving home. See my kitties video on youtube,Taming a Feral Cat Scaredy Cats Story.

Mrs. O
Lake Country, WI

Abby's Rescue

I woke up early one morning to the sound of my neighbor banging on my door. She said that her truck had failed shortly after having starting it and, after lifting the hood to examine the engine, she found a cat! Knowing that I had been involved in cat rescue, she asked me for help. When I peered into the engine, I exclaimed “that’s not a cat… it’s a kitten!” While I laid on the ground, underneath the engine, my neighbor reached into the compartment, which made the kitten back down towards me (she did not want to be “rescued”!). I was then able to grab her and pull her out.

I brought the kitten inside and isolated her in a room, separate from my other cats. The unhappy, frightened little kitten initially appeared to be no worse for the wear. However, when I put her on the floor she tried to run away and hide, dragging her back legs. I quickly brought her to my veterinarian, who discovered that she had a broken pelvis and a huge gash in her side, most likely from the fan belt. The vet stitched her up and told me to keep her confined in a crate for six weeks so her pelvis could heal. I already had four cats, so my plan during this time was to find her a new home. However, by the time she was released from the crate, I had grown much attached to her and knew that there was no way I was going to give her up. That was 14 years ago. My sweet, feisty little kitten, Abby, passed away from inoperable cancer a few years ago when she was 11 years old. I have missed her every day since then, but I will forever be grateful that she came into my life

Julie Anderson
Bloomington, IN


I rescued Chatter in late May 2017. He came at night to eat ravenously. He was totally friendly, not neutered, and he meowed up a storm (obviously, the reason for his name). He wanted a home of his own SO badly. Between the night I got him in my large dog crate in my garage and the next morning, he escaped from the crate twice. No worry, he showed up the next morning in my garage, claiming it as his own and talking away. My plan was to bring him to the shelter for adoption, but I found him too interesting to let go. He wound up having a large abscess on his chest (from fighting) which broke open before I got him into the vet. He had two large puncture wounds that I had to hot pack for a couple of days. He healed up quickly. He reminded me of my beloved grey cat, Keds, that I lost to cancer last year -- in more ways than one. He turned out to be a lover boy, bad boy. Even though I kept him separated from my other kitties for several days, when I let him out, he kept attacking my big black kitty, BG. I had to watch him carefully for several weeks until his testosterone stopped flowing. He eventually calmed down and now just wants to be friends with BG -- which BG is not too fond of. Chatter meets me at my front door every time I come home, he follows me around the house and usually stays right with me, and he sleeps next to me in bed every night. Whoever turned Chatter out to the streets lost a really wonderful kitty. I'm just glad that he adopted me and that I am able to give him the loving, safe, home that he (and every other kitty out there) deserves. By the way, his chattering has definitely calmed down as well :)

Cheri Doolittle
Albany, NY

A Tiny Kitten Appears

Last summer, we heard a kitten cry through our front porch window. When we investigated, we saw a gray blur race off the front porch leaving only our older gray male, Tuesday, on the porch. Although Tuesday usually chases off any stray cats that appear, he hadn't chased what we assume was a gray kitten. Tuesday could share his dry cat food with the kitten but, of course, we wanted to find it. We finally realized the kitten was living in our detached garage. It was small enough to slide under one of the walls. After several months of quiet coaxing and the lure of food, Peanut finally came out in the open and eventually we were able to gently touch the kitten. A year later, Peanut is a sleek, happy, house cat who adores Tuesday. She has made Tuesday feel like a kitten again. They are always together; wrestling on the porch, exploring our 7 acres or sleeping side-by-side. We have no idea where one small kitten could have come from but we, and Tuesday, are glad she appeared.

Marcia Butler
Staunton, VA

She won his heart

This adorable little girl and her 3 siblings were found under a dead tree at the edge of our yard when they were a few weeks old. Two tiny torties and two fluffy white longhairs came into our lives that day though they were in sad shape. One of the white kittens didn't survive, but the other 3 soon got the hang of bottle feeding and lived in a large packing crate in our living room. We wanted to protect them from our 2 year old male Maine Coon, Puff, until he became accustomed to them and accepted them. (His story is also here on the site.) By the third week they were used to each other and they could come out to play with no problems.

The plan was to get the babies used to humans and take them to the local shelter for adoption when they were old enough. I boxed them up one day and headed for the shelter, only to be told they had so many kittens, they couldn't possibly handle 3 more that day. I was told to return in a couple weeks. My husband made that trip, but when he got to the shelter, he just couldn't bear to let them all go. So he made the decision to bring one back. This little girl, with her sweet disposition and dark "teardrop" in her eye, melted his heart and won him over completely. He brought her back home and when I looked in her lovely eyes, they shone like jewels, so I named her Topaz.

That was 9 years ago. She and Puff were very happy together. She helped civilize him; they played tag up and down the hallway, snuggled on the sofa for hours, and groomed each other daily. She taught herself to fetch with milk jug rings and kept me busy for hours tossing and fetching. She also loves snuggling with my hubby for their daily naps. She has adjusted to life since we lost Puff better than we have. We love our Topaz, she is our precious gem..

Bob N Sue Mortimer
Midland, PA
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