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Queen Misha finds a Kingdom

We were dog people and despite I enjoying cats I knew the chances of us getting a cat were slim to none. Mom who had recently moved in to my house after Dad passed away claimed she hated them. Then the call came from my cousin who is a traveling salesman, he needed a place to stay for a week and he was arriving with a cat who would arrive 2 weeks before him. I wanted nothing to do with this situation and I was very concerned about a cat arriving that didn't know us. He told us just place her in a cage outside (in the Florida heat, middle of summer!) and I instantly began feeling bad for this cat we had never met. The night she arrived she was vomiting from car-sickness and shaking, very afraid and nervous. We let her loose in the house and let her wander. For 30 minutes she inspected all the rooms and when she finished she flopped down on her back and welcomed rubs. The next night she began vomiting blood and chunks of a plant so I took her emergency to the vet. $300 and a speech from the vet later she came home with me. Almost seamlessly she began bonding with everyone in the house and when my cousin arrived he realized that Misha had no intention on going back to a life of travel, she loved the routine, the quietness and all the windows our large house has. A year later Misha is the Queen of the house, very popular on Instagram and gets her photo taken at least 10 times a day by Mom. She has 3 perches, 4 scratching poles, 2 beds, and 7 boxes to keep her satisfied.

We are cat people.

Orlando, FL

Oliver Twist

It was a nice April afternoon when I was coming back from university and heard a tiny "meooow" coming from the trash next to the train station. After a quick look around, I saw this tiny cat-shaped monster moving inside a shoe box, crawling and crying desperately: I'll never understand how someone could think of leaving such a tiny kitten like rubbish, sentencing it to death. I didn't hesitate a second and put it in my jacket trying to keep it warm during the journey home.

I immediately brought this tiny bundle of life to the vets: it was a boy, between 7 and 10 days old and needed a lot of prayers. They asked me if I was thinking of keeping him, knowing my family and me already had another cat and a dog and of course I said yes, so they showed me how to feed him and help him at each step of his growth.

They kept him at the clinic for a few hours to give him the first assistance and give me time to go buying everything I was going to need for this cat-nursery adventure.

They weren't too positive about him surviving, but that same evening he started fighting like a tiger. I named him Oliver Twist and as he started growing he made it clear that was the best fitting name: a foundling who wasn't going to give up and surprise you.

It was the most intense month I can remember, but worth every alarm in the night to feed him (just in case he didn't wake me up, as he literally had the voice of a lion in the body of a kitten!).

And now he is a beautiful 4 yo cat, still a little monkey that makes a mess as you look away and that thinks the world was built for his own fun, but also the most loving cat I've ever seen. He really sees me as his own mum, I think, he trusts me completely, to the point I sometimes wonder he is even a cat!

Italy, Italy

Mad Max

I already had my gang composed of 4 naughty he had rescued in different circumstances and said that was fine and could take no more, but God winks and was so one day I was walking to my work and saw a trash bag she moved, I thought it was a baby who had launched, opened it and beautiful blue eyes watched me for help, he was the grandfather he had been tied up and thrown immediately to the vet, the diagnosis was approximately 10 years old, malnourished, anemic, toothless, her recovery was not easy, but it was worth being sweetest I have known, my nanny of all babies who rescued champion to sleep, I put the name was Mad Max to be a warrior, but all we tell grandpa and will stay with me until God her wings again, Engaging worth

Bogota, Colombia

He's too old for anyone to adopt him

We already had 3 cats and 4 dogs. The last thing we needed was another cat, but my son saw Banner at an adoption event at the pet store, and instantly fell in love. All they knew about Banner was that he had been in shelters for at least a couple of years, and he was probably about 11 years old. We kept checking daily for a week, and I kept praying God would find this cat a home. By the end of the week, Banner wasn't even getting up to greet us anymore. It was like he'd given up. We weren't sure how he'd react to our crazy house of animals and kids, but when the girl working at the store said "he won't get adopted, he's too old," I knew we had to try. They told us if we got him home and he didn't get along, we could always return him, but we knew we were making a commitment for the rest of Banner's life. When we got him in the car, my son took him out of the carrier, and Banner buried his face in my son's lap, and stayed there.

We've had Banner for 2 years now. He lives in the lower level of the house, preferring the relative calm, and dog-free environment down there, although the door is always open in case he decides to join the rest of the family. He spends most of his time in my son's lap being petted and loved, and I realized God answered my prayer. He found Banner a home: with us.

Barbara Webb
Aurora, CO

"Hey, here I am! Take me home!" Lilah's story

In 2009, our sweet Lilah Bean came to the shelter where I used to work. She was eight weeks old.

Lilah became very ill with the calici virus and was hospitalized. She recovered but was always very sickly so kept missing her window for adoption. She spent her days caged in the medical room, always crying for attention. I wanted to adopt her but already had a full house.

Thanksgiving was approaching and Lilah, now 7 months old, had just been spayed. Her incision opened, probably due to being on steroids for severe gingivitis. The vet glued the incision and I took her home for the holiday to monitor her. Lilah never returned to the shelter-my husband and I adopted her. But it turns out, she still had mountains to climb.

Lilah's gingivitis had progressed to severe stomatitis. It was painful for her to eat but despite her awful discomfort she continued to be the most loving--and talkative--kitty.

After tons of research, I took her to NYC to the top dental specialist to have a full mouth extraction. The veterinarian said it was one of the worst cases he'd ever seen. Her teeth were tiny white specks from so much inflammation. I was a wreck leaving her there overnight but it was the best thing in the world we could have done for her. Now Lilah is pain free. She eats with more gusto than anyone else in our home! Because she has no teeth, her tongue always hangs out.

This year Lilah was diagnosed with asthma, which we treat with an inhaler twice daily. She takes it like a champ. This kitty can handle anything!

While Lilah came to this world with a bad start, it has never stopped her from loving life. She teaches us everyday to embrace what we have and to never give up. My husband and I are luckiest people in the world to share our lives with our sweet Lilah Bean. I can still see her as a kitten, screaming from her cage, "Hey, here I am! Take me home!"

Laura McHugh
Newtown, CT

Emma's Journey

On a cloudy day in June, I had missed work because I wasn't feeling well. My mom and I were heading to the grocery store. We were passing my neighbor’s house when I saw a little ball of fluff sitting in the road. I screamed "There's a kitten in the road" and my mom hit the horn to alert a driver barreling toward the kitten. She pulled into a driveway and I got out of the car as quickly as I could. The other driver pulled into the other lane to ensure that the kitten did not get hit by anyone coming up over the hill. The kitten’s eyes were sealed shut from conjunctivitis. She most likely had no idea she was sitting in the road. My mom got on the phone with our vet right away and asked when the kitten could be seen. My neighbor came out and told us we could keep her if we wanted. Later that day, she had her appointment. She was only 12 ounces (by that point, she was supposed to be two pounds), had parasites, conjunctivitis, a cold, and many other issues. That night, I held her in my arms and she fell asleep. She was exhausted. Summer was very busy with trying to make sure that she got better. Daily medications were given, litter was changed after almost every "potty visit", she was separated from our other cats, and she received several baths (which she actually enjoyed).

Today, Emma is a very hyper little girl. She is very happy and I barely slept this summer due to her. Every morning, I would get my toes bitten, my nose swatted at, my hand bitten, etc. She wanted to make sure mommy knew it was time to get up and play. Our other cats still don't like her too much but my mom told me that there was a repairman at our house and the two older girls protected Emma and kept her with them. We are so proud of all of them.

Kirsten L.
Gettysburg, PA

Our Chinese Takeout Cats

In the late 1990s, I moved to China with my boyfriend (now husband) for work. I was cycling home one day past a restaurant that served “delicacies,” which, in China, meant that the customer picked out their meal from an array of live caged animals, from snake, to rabbit, to lobster, to….cat. Yep, one day there were two cats in a cage that were on the menu at the restaurant! This didn’t sit well with me, as I have always had a soft spot for cats. I couldn’t stop thinking it about them, and when I passed by that evening to go home, I stopped to see them and they came up to cage edge meowing at me. I went home and told my boyfriend that I didn’t think I could ride past this restaurant each day knowing that one day one of them would be gone, and I would know exactly what happened to them.

So that night, we took a bag and went to the restaurant to get them. After a bit of confusion when we asked to take them home (which is exactly the same phrase as “takeout” in Chinese) and they finally understood that we wanted them as pets, we took them to our apartment in a duffel bag. They were terrified for a week or two, batting Christmas tree ornaments along the floor after we’d gone to bed. But the fat one came out one day and flopped on the floor and was forever our boy. His brother also gained confidence and we fell in love with him too. They were just the most loving cats!

The two cats travelled to 5 countries and gained a few feline and human siblings along the way. The one with the black cap was the smartest cat I have ever met, and learned to the use the human toilet. He died two years ago from an injury. Our chubby boy with the stripes is almost 18 years old and loves babies and kids more than anything in the world. They are the best “takeout” cats in the world!!

Summerville, SC

I was once a stray.

Somehow I lost my way back to my person, and was left wandering alone in a strange area, with no access to my food bowl or bed. I struggled finding food, and staying away from people. After many days of not finding enough to eat, and sleeping wherever I could, I was found in a garden by another person. Usually I would have run away, but the person was carrying food in a bowl and I was so hungry, so I took the risk of letting the person close enough to give me the precious food.

After that, the nice person brought me food twice a day, and I let him pet me. A few days later, that food was used as bait to get me into a horrible little box which I could not escape from. Twenty minutes later I was released from the horrible box by another person, but this time I was in a warm house, which I was told would be my forever home. I couldn’t tell him my name, so he gave me a new one. I am now known as ‘Eldar’ due to my pointed ears.

The new person gave me treats, and showed me an area with a full food bowl, full water bowl, my own bed and my own litter tray. I like my new person. The first time he went to bed, I followed and jumped up onto the bed. I kneaded him with my paws, gave him head bumps and purred like a motor boat. Then we went to sleep side-by-side.

If my previous person is reading this, I am safe, warm and well-looked after. Do not feel guilty about losing me. Maybe it was my fault, maybe it was yours, but don’t worry about me now, for I am fine.


Sunderland, United Kingdom

Smokey's Story

One day I happened to catch a photo of a cat called "Smokey" shared by our local shelter and was taken aback by how much it looked like a kitten we had adopted out called "LB." We lost touch with the family who adopted LB and had no idea where he might be. Because the similarities between the two were so identical, I immediately called my mom who agreed it was too coincidental not to check.

Smokey was a 2yr old male grey tabby in isolation because he was showing aggressive behavior. The only info the shelter had was that he was dumped anonymously overnight with a note saying "he wasn't good with kids." Unless he could move out of isolation, he wouldn't be adopted out. We decided to leave our info and said we would visit him again to check on him but that if he couldn't be adopted out, we would take him.

Four days later, I received a voicemail saying that Smokey wasn't letting any of the workers touch him and that we needed to get him by 6pm that day or he'd be euthanized. Mom and I were apprehensive because we didn't know how he was going to react to us. The worker took us back to the isolation hold and removed a blanket covering his cage. He immediately hissed and growled at the worker but as soon as he saw my mom and I, he let us pet him and he let me pick him up and put him into a pet carrier like it was nothing. The shelter workers were so shocked at his complete change of temperment that they were convinced it must have been our LB.

We've had Smokey for a little over a week now and he has been the most affectionate, playful, and well behaved cat since day one. We can never be 100% certain that this is LB, but we can't deny that it was meant for us to be his furever home. Had we not wanted him he would have been euthanized and never given a chance.

Kalani Odum
Bluff City, TN

Frankie, the traveling cat

Frankie was separated from his mother and siblings and was given to my cousin who could not take care of him. I have always loved cats but was allergic to them. When I heard he needed a home, I couldn't resist. Me and my husband took him in and that was the start of a very long journey.

Frankie is two years old and has lived in 7 homes in three cities with four different families taking care of him.

Within a year of taking him in, me and my husband made the decision to move halfway around the world-- but what happens to Frankie? We had grown so attached to him that it was never an option for us to leave him behind or give him away, so we planned on flying him out once we've settled down. Fortunately, our friends agreed to take care of him while we figured things out.

It was a big expense but we were able to fly him out to be reunited with us in Boston. After a few months, we had to make yet another move-- to California. We were lucky once again that our friends agreed to take care of him, so he flew out ahead of us and we came a month after.

Just yesterday, we finally moved to our permanent home! It was a long journey but Frankie has made so many families happy. They all say that they have never met a cat like him. They always ask for pictures and stories of him. We have never met a single person who didn't all in love with him. For a black cat, he sure is lucky!

See his antics in his instagram page @frankiedcat

San Diego, CA
Purple Paw Bling Slippers
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