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Lukey the Wonder Cat

The first time I met Lukey, I was working in a veterinary clinic and he was one of the long-term residents in the adoption program. At that point he had been in the clinic for six months and had been adopted once, only to be brought back a day later due to his sensitive stomach. He was a year old and had spent his first winter outside as a stray, and he had the scars to prove it. His ear was buckled and his paws had scarring from frostbite, and one of his canine teeth was broken.

I fell in love with Lukey on the spot, but believed that an adorable little squirt like him would be adopted quickly, since I already had two dogs and a cat of my own. Whenever I was running around the back of the clinic in the evening, it became commonplace for Lukey to be tossed around my neck like a scarf as I did tests and checked on patients. Even back then, he was mischievous and had quite a reputation as the local 'trouble maker'. If he could get out of his kennel, Lukey would get out and go for a stroll!

Days became weeks became months and eventually the time came when a deadline was set: If Lukey wasn't adopted by the end of the week, he would be euthanized. Needless to say, he came home with me that night, and he came into our life like a 4 lbs wrecking ball. Our older cat went on strike in the basement, the dogs were tormented endlessly, and Lukey proved just HOW mischievous he could really be, but eventually we made it work.

Two years later, he's still a tiny wrecking ball. He lives to pester our other cat, who has given up on trying to put him in his place, and we've found Lukey in some downright bizarre places throughout the house. He sleeps on the dogs and loves carrot cake more than life itself, but not a day goes by that I'm not grateful that I gave him a chance.

Sarah Hutchings
Brigus, NL, Canada

An Unexpected Delivery: Dexter

My husband and I discovered a small colony of feral cats living near our garage apartment soon after we moved in. Being animal lovers, and already having two cats, we befriended them and kept food out for them. One of them, a beat-up female with a useless tail who we called Butternut, became very friendly with us, eventually even coming inside the apartment.

One night, a few weeks before we moved out, there was a huge storm, and the noise woke me up. I went out to the couch to get comfortable, but was soon disturbed by another noise. I opened the front door, and there was a tiny kitten on the doorstep. Butternut was sitting behind her, looking up at me. The kitten was still too small to walk, so I picked her up gently and put her in a small box with a soft towel next to the couch. Butternut went back out into the storm. A couple of hours later, I heard another sound, and opened the door to find an orange furball on the doorstep. I scooped him up and put him in the box with his sister. He was feisty; although he couldn't even stand up or walk, he spat at me and tried to look as menacing as a mango-sized animal can look. Butternut came back later to nurse the kittens, then left again. She did this for over a week as we prepared to move. On the day of our move, we had a painful choice to make. We couldn't take all three. We tried putting the kittens outside, but Butternut brought them back in again. Finally, she allowed the female to be outside, but she would not allow the male to leave the apartment. We decided to take him with us.

We gave him kitten formula and he grew quickly. He is still feisty and has become a huge, fluffy boy who is healthy and loves to play with the other cats. We have never regretted our accidental rescue boy, Dexter. Talk about a special delivery!

Columbia, SC

The Story of Rainy May

There is a barn on our property that I was walking by when I heard a kitten cry. There are many cats in the area and I figured one of them had a litter of kittens in the barn. I didn’t think much about it until I walked back by the barn and heard the cry, but more frantic. I climbed into the loft and found one lonely kitten….yet I was reluctant to take it. I didn’t know if mom might have been in the process of moving them. I waited to near dark and it was getting cold. I couldn’t take it any longer I didn’t know if the mom abandoned this one for some reason. I already had 12 cats that had been dropped off on my property and was in the process of having them fixed and released, I didn’t need another mouth to feed, but I knew she wouldn’t make it without me. This little pitiful thing was no bigger than my hand and didn’t even have its eyes open. I had bought milk/bottle in case the mom hadn’t come back…and she didn't. So I scooped the little thing up, took her in side and got her a bottle ready. The struggle was real…she hated the bottle and fought me tooth and claw every time I fed her, which was every 2 hrs. She would bite and claw the bottle and try chewing the nipples off. I had to learn quickly how to make a little kitten go poo, which was not fun!! I had every intention of finding her a good home. That good home ended up being mine. After bottle feeding my little Rainy May I just couldn’t let her go…fast forward 4 yrs. and I wouldn’t take anything for her. I didn’t really find her, she found me and I’m so very glad she did. She is now a indoor cat, and she makes me laugh at least 10 times a day. It was exhausting in the beginning, but oh how worth every minute of it she is. I love my Rainy May!

Kingsport, TN

Our Little Boy Beechwood

It's funny how you never know the capacity of your heart to love a pet until that moment when they find you...

My husband and I are like most working couples. We commute to work in New York...we commute home...we eat, we sleep and do pretty much the same routine day after day... We don't have pets less fish are considered and I've never had a cat in my life. But one morning, there he was! Some stupid, heartless person dumped him within prickly bushes in front of our office. What I found even more disturbing was the fact that people were moving away trying to avoid him!!! How cruel have we become!!! I supposed they couldn't see the life past his dirty exterior... For these people, he was already dead and not worth getting their clothes dirty, so sad. I know in my heart that all he probably wanted was for someone to take the pain, the cold, the hunger away, and that is exactly what my husband and I did. While in the process of carefully pulling him out, some people actually had the look of disgust! What the heck!!! Still makes me cry to this day...

Anyway, to cut the long story short, our little boy had a long road to recovery and lost his paralyzed tail in the process. Evidence of abuse may be the culprit with his tail which explains why he is terrified of children. But all that is in the past now. We love our little boy and named him Beechwood, after the street where he patiently and bravely waited for us to find him.

Please check out his short video on YouTube to see his early progress in a nutshell...

Thank You All Rescue Angels!!!

Dini G
Ridgefield, CT

This might be a great rescue story with a little bit of help

I am not a great writer, however I will try to explain the situation that is currently happening in our life.

We are a happy family: my husband, myself who is expecting our first baby and our cat Alisa.

We live in a city of North Bethesda, MD in a townhouse and as i mentioned above we have our home neutered female cat on our own. During the last two months we noticed a huge black feral with bold patches all over his body that comes to our house and sprays all over the front door, the back door and the garage. Neighbors said that he has been coming from time to time during the last 3-4 years, but since we bought this house recently and moved in with our cat he became an "almost every day guest" at our community.

We tried to set up a cage-trap "Have a heart", tried to use various cat sprays and nothing helps. This is a cry for help. I am currently 9 months pregnant and every day I clean his urine marks because the whole house inside smells like a huge cat toilet. I know how dangerous it can be and I am simply terrified... we contacted numerous organizations in Montgomery County, MD and we just keep getting transferred with no result.

My family is willing to help this abandoned cat, my mother-in-law can adopt him if he will be neutered.

Currently our life is a mess with all this daily cleaning and scrubbing and we can't get any help to catch this feral cat to simply give him a good loving home.

Maybe someone can help us and suggest something...Thanks a lot

PS: On the picture is our own cat. Unfortunately I can't take any pics of the feral since he prefers to keep the distance.


One Last Gift

I didn't want a pet, but no one wanted this cat. I took her because as much as my friend tried, it was not a good situation for either party.

She'd been horribly mauled by another cat. It had been six weeks since the attack, but her face was still messed up and bleeding. Every time she shook her head, blood balls the size of quarters would fall out of her ears. She left a blood trail everywhere she sat. Her presence in my house caused the neighbour cats to throw themselves against the patio doors. Though she was young, I assumed she was in heat.

She was three months old, but her body was the size of a 6-week old. And she was a menace. I understood why she found herself in eight homes after only six weeks once she attacked me. She was like a Tasmanian Devil I couldn't get to stop. Every time she went into this frenzy, I took refuge on the bed because for some reason she couldn't jump.

Of all the vets I spoke to only two were willing to treat her, but they warned me it would be thousands of dollars and she likely would not surpass nine months. I was studying medicine at the time and luckily one of my professors agreed to treat her.

Her mother had received good nutrition while pregnant and that was the only thing keeping her alive. She was so sepsis. The cat who attacked had ear mites which were passed to her and responsible for her "craziness". Her body had been pierced and organs compromised, but she was too sick for surgery.

That was fifteen years ago. Today, she is the most gentle and loveliest cat.

Every time I sat on that bed having decided I had to let her go, I'd sing a song sung to me by my mom.....and she'd be instantly calm and sweet. It always gave me enough space and time to rethink my decision. It's no coincidence she came into my life on the one year anniversary of my mother's death.

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Monkey aka MonkeyButt

I was walking a husky and a chow mix for a client (I’m a pet sitter) when I noticed a woman in her driveway with a little unleashed dog toodling around at her feet. I asked her to make sure her little dog didn’t run up to my big dogs. She said he wasn’t hers, she was on her way out and he was covered in fleas so she didn’t want him in her house. By this time the dog had seen my dogs and bolted. He stayed in view for a while and I saw him go up to two other people. He was clearly asking for help but they each shooed him away. Heartbreaking. Then I lost sight of him. I got my dogs back to their home, then drove around and around until I spotted him. He came right over. He was dirty and scrawny and his back end was raw and half bald from the chronic fleas. I told him, “You’re just a little monkeybutt aren’t you?” I put him in a crate I always keep in my car. He put his chin on his paws and heaved the biggest sigh his little self could heave. He was not microchipped. The vet estimated about 3 yrs old. I posted him on our local lost/found sites but no one came forward. My plan was to bring him back to good health, get him neutered and then find a good home for him. I am a cat person and wasn’t prepared to take on a dog with my 7 day a week pet sitting schedule. But Monkey had a plan of his own! He’s been with me for a year now, he gets along with my cats and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Joan B
St Petersburg, FL

Two unlikely cats

Oliver was a sad pitiful kitten siting in a cage at a pound in Mississippi. He was born with all his legs deformed, eye & upper respiratory infections, and was unable to meow. I took him home so that he didn't have to die alone in the shelter. My vet did not have experience with handicapped cats. Oliver was not expected to live to see his first birthday. This year, February 7, 2016, Oliver turned 7 years old! He had water aerobics to help his legs and has survived two strokes (he was 4 & 5). After Oliver's first stroke I decided to get him a friend so he had company and would maybe be more active. I was put on a list with the local humane society (in Tucson, AZ) to adopt a handicapped cat. I was called about a cat that was turned in as a stray and did not have front legs. Of course it was a perfect fit and Oliver and Joey love each other! Oliver is now 7 years old and Joey is going on 4 years old. The manager at Petsmart told me about your show today when I took my cat's in for their annual dental cleaning and said that I should contact you about my two cats. I hope to hear from you and hope you have a great day!

Cortney Adams
Tucson, AZ

The case of Bobtail & Galaxy

We purchased tickets to see you in Singapore on 26 Mar. That week, I was trying daily to trap my community cat Bobtail who had gone into the drains due to a leg fracture. On 26 Mar afternoon, I got a call from her feeder that she was spotted in the drain. I immediately rushed down to lay the trap again. It was a waiting game and I knew we weren't going to make it to your show. Lo and behold, a tuxedo kitten entered the trap. I've since gotten her sterilized and released. I've named her Galaxy in your honour as we were on the way to see you. On 27 Mar, 2 days before I had to fly to US, we managed to trap bobtail. Her fracture is healing well and she's being cared for in her fosterer's home. I hope you'd come by Singapore again in the near future so I can finally see your show.

Shelby Doshi
Singapore, Singapore

Rowena the Miracle Kitten

It wasn't long after I got to work one day that a coworker announced that she heard the sounds of a kitten in the bushes. Being that it was a slow afternoon, I decided to go outside to see for myself. Sure enough, there was a tiny little black and white kitten hiding there, screaming for her mother, who was nowhere in sight. I decided to try to help her and dug through the bushes. After 15 minutes or so of chasing her around, she let me get close enough to grab her. I brought her inside, where my manager found a large box and a bowl of water for her, and I set her inside to be safe while I called my father to come take her home.

He took her home and gave her a bath and a can of wet food, which she gobbled, then fell asleep so hard that we feared she wouldn't survive the night. The next day we took her to see our vet, who judged her to be around 9 weeks old, but severely malnourished and dehydrated with the tip of her tongue burned from licking hot concrete, and she also had a tapeworm. She didn't have an issue with taking her medicines, as if she knew they would make her better. We gave her the name Rowena. A few weeks later we found out she had eaten some plastic while homeless, which required surgery to remove.

Now a year old, she is in amazing health and the staff at our vet clinic call her a miracle cat. She has helped us rescue other homeless kittens by being a foster mother for them. She is such a sweet cat who purrs so hard anytime she cuddles with us or her adopted babies.

Mallory White
Corinth, TX
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