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Our Lulu Girl

Our Lulu, (AKA Pooky, Lulu Girl, & Lulu J. Girly-Girl), was such a special cat, a beautiful calico. She was living next door to us in a house full of students, who were not taking care of her, so she came to live with us. Since they have had not gotten her shots or spayed, she had Feline Leukemia. The vet said we should just put her to sleep right then. We said no thanks and brought her home.

That was over 10 years ago. She hated our other cat, Baxter, SO much so that we had to keep them separated, but we still loved her (and him) like crazy. Once Baxter passed away, she became the total queen of the house. In Dec. 2013 she was diagnosed with lymphoma, a common occurrence for cats with Feline Leukemia. Again the vet offered to put her to sleep. Again we declined and brought her home. She struggled for awhile but then went into remission and had many good months of catnip, treats, lap-sitting, and fighting through the patio doors with the outside cats on our deck. Yesterday, on Oct. 22nd, 2015, she finally decided she had had enough and died in a pool of sunshine on on our living room carpet.

She may have hated all other cats, (an overabundance of tortitude), but she sure loved people, and they loved her. She had SO many friends and now we all miss her so much. She was a total Daddy's Girl. We are so glad she came to live with us. She was really special.

Susan Hurst
Oxford, OH

Cyprus Pride House Animal Rescue. Cyprus

June & Michael are a wondeful British couple who run Cyprus Pride House animal rescue based in the Troodos Mountains near Limassol. They have dedicated their lives to help the sick, injured, abandoned, abused & neglected cats and dogs in Cyprus. Its very hard with limited funds to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome these lovely deserving animals. All of the animals they rescue are so loyal & loving even after their terrible start in life.

Cats , they have rescued cats that have been hit by cars, resulting in broken bones and many other injuries. Many cats have cat flu, worms, diarrhoea or infections, which can often result in a cat losing its eyesight. Some are simply starving to death. Kittens are thrown onto the street or in dustbins, too young to survive alone, or left hungry and scared after their mums are killed by cars. They have hand-reared so many kittens, some from just hours of them being born and even straight from the corpse of their mother who got killed on the road.

Dogs, Cyprus is also overrun with stray dogs. The shelters are full and struggling financially – and many healthy dogs are destroyed every day as there’s no room for them. It’s a very sad situation.

Once the animals in their care are 6 months old they are sterilized, and then fully vaccinated before being prepared with a pet passport so they have the best chance to find a new home. Over the years June and Michael have had great success in rehoming over 1000 cats and dogs in the EU and in the UK, all for a minimum adoption fee.

I am a great supporter Of CPH, having adopted a little grey tabby kitten from them in July this year. Miracle is now 8 months old and is a wonderful addition to our family even though she is a live wire. The process of adopting her was so easy with June and Michael's help.

I just wanted to highlight the wonderful and amazing work that Cyprus Pride House do in Cyprus.

Debra Jacobs
Harrow Weald, United Kingdom

My Little Fatty

Fatty (who really wasn't fat) was our daughter's cat and she kept moving into these apartments who wouldn't allow cats. She would have friends take care of him at times and then she left him with a friend who ran a junk yard. Well this friend decided to just leave fatty outside all the time. Needless to say, when she went to find him he was in bad shape and there was nothing more than that we take him to the vet and get him fixed up. After we had him and got him mended we told her she had to take her cat back, we already had 3, and take care of him. She said ok she would have to take him to the pound. Well that settled that, after spending the money on the vet and taking care of him over the weeks we weren't about to let him go to the pound. He is now going to be our cat. He was more inside than outside cat now. I can't remember what age he was when we got him but he lived to be 18 and I know we had a good 12 years or more with him and he was the greatest. Adopt a black cat they will bring you good luck.

West Jordan, UT


i adopted Skyla from a friend who couldn't keep her. she has been my Halloween kitty for the past 7 years. she grew up around a dog and had to learn how to be a kitty again. she loves to be combed and petted, she wags her tail like a dog while this is happening. it has been a joy to see her change from a scared cat to a cat who will let you know when she wants something very badly. she loves drinking Italian Spring water from my cup. she also loves licking my nose. she is an expressive kitty, a joy to be around. black cats definitely rock.

kathryn denise
gaithersburg, MD

My Little Maui

My sister had called me to come over because she had a cat problem. She heard this kitten yelling at the top of his lungs somewhere under her pickup. There were a couple of pit bulls circling her truck also interested in the yelling. I chased away the dogs and found him cowering on her spare tire. When I reached under to get him, my sister told me he will tear you up. I got to him and pulled out this little purring ball of black fur. I called all over trying to find a shelter to take him since I already had 6 cats at home. No luck. Went home, handed him to my husband while I called more shelters. When I came back into the living room, he was sound asleep in my husband's lap and my husband told me he is not going anywhere. He got his name because all the way home he was "mauw-mauw-mauw . I asked him if he like the name Maui and he mauwed even louder. He is now 18 pounds, a beautiful solid black kitty with golden eyes and oh so lovable, except at the vet. There he turns into the cat from hell. But home with us he is our sweet boy, safe inside with lots of love all the time. When the vet checked him out he told us he was about 4 months old and perfectly healthy. That was in 2006. He is now 9 years old and a solid member of our family. We are down to 4 cats but I never regret answering my sister's call for help with her "cat problem".

Jo Fanning
Red Oak, TX

Lucky black kitten

I wasn't feeling well, the rain had not let up all day and it was getting dark outside. I was driving down the road on my way to work when I see a black streak through the heavy rain on my windshield. I slam on my brakes hoping I don't hit it, Throwing the car into park and running into the rain I see huddled there with a look of terror on its face a tiny black kitten soaked all the way to her skin, my husband said no more pets but I couldn't just leave her in the rain so I scooped her up and dried her off my a sweater in my car. She made the trip through the store in my purse to get kitten food and a new litter box then I took her home and called in sick to work to take care of my new baby. Hubby wasn't happy but he knows me and he would never tell me not to save an innocent life. She has been here few months and I feel she was meant to be ours We named her Onyxia after the dragon in World of Warcraft and her beautiful black fur. we call her Nixi for short. She is my wild child for sure she can tear through the house in 5 seconds and stands up to her 2 25lb Maine coon brothers. She can very sweet when she wants to be but spends most of her time destroying the toilet paper and chewing our fingers, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

texas city, TX

Our Boy Gargoyle.

In 1999 my cousin, who was struggling with addiction, asked me to look after her five year old cat while she got herself together. I was reluctant at first but opted to take in this little guy. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made throughout my life even though Goyle came to us a shy and scared cat who struggled with his own fears, he learned how to love us and we learned how to love him. Over the next 16 years, yes he lived to be 21, he became a intricate part of our family. When people asked if I had kids I would tell them yes and a cat, as Goyle had become one of my babies too. This kind and gentle soul only wanted love and kisses and he gave us many years of joy. Sadly just last week we had come to the conclusion that Goyle's time had come, he was struggling with kidney failure, and although he was in no pain, he was uncomfortable. We took him to our emergency vet, hoping beyond hope, that something could be done for him. Sadly the vet informed us that our baby was dieing and the most humane thing to do was euthanize him. As he lay on the vet's table, I couldn't help but to break down in tears, this was the most humane yet heartbreaking thing my family and I had ever had to do. I still come home expecting him to be on the stairs to greet me after work, and then it hits me that he's gone, but I just have to bow my head and know that he is in a better place and that his spirit will forever live with us. My baby,Goyle, is gone now but he will never be forgotten. We love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow~~~forever our boy Goyle.

Vanessa Mills
Whitby, ON, Canada

Not what I wanted, but what we needed

When I started dating the wonderful man who is now my husband, my teenage daughter became a master saboteur. She didn’t want him in our lives.

My daughter talked often of getting a large dog but I had reservations. First, though we had a fenced yard, our house was small and I feel strongly that pets are family and should not live outside. Second, our little dog, Oreo, has such an alpha personality, I did not know if he would accept another.

My daughter studied rescue websites and grudgingly worked with my fiancé (to work on me) about possible dogs to adopt. I agreed they could go look at dogs with some parameters: they had to take Oreo with them to make sure they found a good match, they needed to look for a medium dog, and I did not want a puppy but it needed to be a dog young enough to go running with my daughter.

They found a dog at a local shelter that was more than happy to let Oreo be the boss, but he was HUGE! When I came home that day, I was introduced to a senior St. Bernard - Black Lab mix, named Findley. From his scars, he had not lived an easy life.

Findley was the best thing to happen to our family. My daughter fell instantly in love with him and through Findley built a close relationship with her stepdad. He is my husband’s best friend.

After almost three years of loving our Findley, we received word from the vet that at the grand age of twelve he is starting to have problems and soon we will need to say goodbye. For now, we are treasuring each moment with Findley, giving him all the belly rubs and love he deserves.

Janine Carbis
Spokane, WA

Rescued by a dog...

Our first puppy was hit by a car in June of 2015. We were utterly devastated by the loss of her, and our family missed having a doggy so very much. Trapper came home from the shelter a month later.

He is much more social than Boodle was. Boodle was afraid of men, and Trapper's tail almost wags itself off when men come around. He is hard to get out of bed in the morning, esp if there hasn't been time for his 15 minute Good Morning Massage.

But my favorite thing to discover about him has been that someone before us must have loved him. I don't know why he was abandoned, but someone loved him. How do I know? I know this because our 60 pound dog loves to sit on our laps, and even better- he loves to be picked up and held like a child on my hip. The first thing he does is kiss my cheek in thanks and away we go. I'm sure it looks as ridiculous as it sounds, but it makes me laugh to think that someone else must have done this for him also.

We will always have a dog in our family now, always a doggy from the shelter. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that help to give animals another chance!


Bloomington, MN

Double Trouble

When my fiancee and I chose to adopt a new cat, we knew we wanted a pair of adults. The adoption counselor at the shelter told us that it was wonderful that we were interested in adult cats, but they really needed people to take some of their kittens. They were smack in the middle of kitten season, and new pet parents kept scooping up the moms, leaving the litters behind. So we began to explore the possibility of welcoming a pair of babies into our home. As we began to look around, we noticed that all of the kittens were sound asleep, except for one. We could see a pair of wide, gold eyes scoping us out. With eyes much too big for her head and an adorably alert expression, she looked like a lemur in a tree. Her brother was snoozing happily behind her. It didn't take much time before we fell in love with the pair and opted to take them home. The day we took them home, we put them in separate carriers. They both cried and pawed at the carrier doors, trying to get to each other. We put them together and they finally calmed down. When we got them home, they immediately tore out of their crate and began their reign of terror. They played nonstop for about 6 hours, before finding their way into our bed to sleep between us. In the year since we found them, they've spent every day snuggling each other, every night snuggling with us, and every morning knocking things off of shelves to get our attention for food. They're an enormous handful. They've ruined lots of furniture and broken many glasses. But they are the most loving, affectionate cats I've ever known. Not a day goes by without a hundred head bumps and scratchy kisses. Every 2 AM wakeup to clean up a shattered spice jar, every shredded armrest, and every guilty look are all totally worth it. Walter and Perry are the absolute best, and I look forward to continued troublemaking for many more years to come.

Brooklyn, NY
Pawsitively Beautiful Handbag
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