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Puppy in a Bird Cage

This is Hope. She is about 4-1/2 months old. Three weeks ago, I came home from work to find a bird cage in front of my gate. I thought someone had left me a bird. I looked in the cage and found a 4 month old pit bull puppy, she weighed only 10 lbs and you could see every bone in her body. Obviously, someone knew I was a sucker for pit bulls (I have 1 full-blooded and 2 pit/lab mixes, as well as a boxer, rottweiler, and lab mix already). Two days later, I took her to my vet to get checked out and start on her shots. By then, she weighed 13 lbs and was starting to fill out. She is a darling. I took her to the vet this past Thursday for her 2nd set of shots and she was up to 23 lbs. In 2 weeks, she put on 13 lbs. Amazing what food will do for you. She gets along great with my other dogs, and my birds, so naturally, I'm keeping her. I had lost my rottie/shar-pei mix Jaine 2-1/2 weeks earlier from cancer, she would have been 10 on 11/12/10. I had planned to wait a few more months before looking for another dog, maybe a senior golden needing a home, but obviously the Lord felt I needed a puppy now. Hope now has her forever home. Oh, she doesn't want to be a pit bull anymore, now she wants to be a "bed dog." She takes naps with me and getting her out of bed when I get up is like pulling teeth. She'll cry and hide under the covers. So I leave her there until she wants to get up.

Helen Jones
Picayune, MS

Pick Me!

We had lost our 5 year cat and were looking at PetSmart for a kitten to keep our 3 year old tabby company. There were no little kittens but this one champagne colored manx, about a year old, put his paw out as to say "Pick Me". I asked the staff person if I could hold him. When she put him on my shoulder he burrowed in and started purring. I was a goner. As we were leaving the store, the Shelter folks came in we about 10 kittens, but I had my guy. Baxter is the most loving cat I have ever had.

Linda Downs
Modesto, CA

Duffy "Duffmeister"

I had just lost the love of my life Max (11 years old who I had since he was a puppy) June 2010 to lymphoma and I wasnt quite ready yet and neither was Erin his sister (who is 9 yrs old and I had rescued at age 3) to get another dog- we still both missed him terribly and I kept visiting Rescue sites on line (where I had also adopted his other Sister Rudi who we lost in 2009) just to see how things were going and then I saw Duffy who was a 10 year old English Springer Spaniel whose master had just recently died and the family brought him to the animal shelter in Syracuse two days before his 10th birthday and he looked so lost. I knew then he was for me and Erin and I went and picked him up in Syracuse and he is an angel whom I think Max would have loved also. It is like he has always been here and I still miss Max but the pain is not as intense with Duffy here.

Judy Honadle
Niagara Falls, NY

Toodle's Story

This is Tallulah a.k.a Toodle. I came home from work one evening and my soon to be father-in-law said he had seen a dog running around the streets behind our house. We live on a very busy street and I was afraid she would wander out of the relative safety of the dead end streets and wind up on what I like to refer to as the "Bonita Raceway". At first, I was unable to find the dog but Al was insistent that he had just seen her, so I went back out. As I drove slowly along the street, I spotted a dog laying on a door mat in the car port of a house I knew to be a seasonal residence. As I slowed the car, I called out to the dog. Before I had fully stopped the car, she came running over as if she had been waiting for me all day. Long story short, having checked with the local vets and finding that she had a chip but that it was unregistered, it became apparent that we weren't going to find her owners. It also turned out that she had been following people around for three days but no one had taken her in. I called my fiance, who was on the road for work, and told him I had found a dog but I PROMISED that I would find her a home. When my fiance came home for the weekend, Tallulah ran over, jumped in his lap and rolled over in his arms. Game over! She has now been with our herd (2 other dogs and 3 cats) for three years. She is a bit of a wench and she rules with an iron fist but we love her beyond description.

Jacqui and Scott
Bonita Springs, FL

Maggie May

The posting on the rescue site said 3 legged dog, heart worm positive. I like everybody else quickly passed her by with a sadness in my heart. She was not the "perfect" dog we were looking for. But how wrong we all were and I'm so thankful that we were the ones to adopt her when the director of the rescue group asked us to consider her. She is perfect in every way.

She is the most loving dog and just wants to be loved in return. She needs to be close and loves to be touched. Watch out if you stop because she will reach out with her big paw and beg for more. At night when we are watching TV she will lay between us and just rest her head on my husband's shoulder with her adoring big brown eyes staring up at him. She came to us by way of Louisiana where she was in a high kill shelter with her puppies. Thank You to the wonderful people who brought her to New York and to us.

She is being treated for the heart worms and will be retested in June. Most times I forget she is missing a leg, when I hear her charging through the house chasing the cat. We will never know what happened to her leg, but when people ask we like to tell them she wrestled with a gator, and if you think she looks bad, you should see the gator! She is ours and we are hers and I often wonder who rescued who!

Sue U
Rochester, NY

My sweet bundle of chocolate!

Southern Pines Animal Shelter in Hattiesburg, MS, has always held a warm spot in my heart ever since I lived across the street from it during my college days. Animals would always end up in our yard that people dropped off during the night in front of the shelter. One morning, the sweetest chocolate lab puppy showed up at our door with big, sad eyes, barely any hair due to mange, and a rail-thin body except for his stomach which was swollen with worms. It was love at first sight. I wrapped him in a towel and took him across the street to the shelter where the wonderful staff gave him the necessary medications to get on the path to wellness. They also gave me instructions and medication to ensure he'd stay on that path. Bastian, as he is named now, went through a rough recovery process, and even developed a severe case of rickets during his first year. He is now a happy, healthy, completely loving 8-year old. Weighing in around 90 lbs he still loves to sit in my lap like he's done all his life, and I can't imagine my life without him. We moved to NYC a year ago with my fiance and Bastian has loved every minute of it. We go to the park every morning where he gets to run off-leash, and we even experienced snow for the first time this past winter.

New York City, NY

Our Angel

When Cheyenne first showed up in our yard he was hungry, tired and scared. We named him after Jason Robards character Cheyenne in the movie Once Upon A Time in the West. He's got the same puppy dog eyes. He never had human contact before we started caring for him. He has turned into a handsome loving boy who is very intelligent and gentle.We taught him how to sit and beg and he acts more like a dog than a cat. He is such a joy to hold and kiss every day. My husband thinks he gets more hugs and kisses then he does. We love him so much.

Destin, FL

Cinnimon Spice and Everything Nice we call her Cinny

I volunteer at our animal shelter, Cinny and her mother whose name was Beautiful were found tied underneath a house by wire coat hangers and brought to the shelter in March. I could never get either of them to walk on a leash because they had been tied up. Our shelter filled up in July and many of the dogs had to be euthanized. Beautiful was one of them, it broke my heart. I went to check on Cinny after this, she came to me, put her nose and one shoulder and paw on the other and we sat in this position with me weeping for about half an hour. I tried to leave but I knew I could not leave without her, I called my husband and told him I needed to foster Cinny, we have 2 senior adult weimaraners and one senior chocolate lab, so a one year old dog would upset the pack, BUT...I did it...she is apart of our family, my other three dogs adore her, she is the pack clown and has put new pep in my older dogs step because she is so joyful. She loves me in a way none of my other dogs do. She loves life, she loves us and I cannot imagine life without her! We love our beautiful Cinny Marie!

sissy alderson
clarksdale, MS

The Family

I found four little kittens in my friend garage. I love cats and couldn't have any because the apartment I lived in was a no pet apartment. I ended spending the better part of the day holding and cuddling them. When I returned the next day they all were gone. The momma had moved them. I didnt give it much thought untill a month or two later when we found them in the bushes. They were waiting for the momma to return. I ended up catching them all and was going to take them to the shelter. Well the shelter had over 75 cats and kittens. They were overloaded and putting most of them to sleep. I couldnt take them there. I took them to my apartment just until I could find good homes for them. I did Mine! We all ended up moving to a new place and today I can't imagine living without...Noche, Teddy, Nibbler, and Sophie.

Chriss England
Cookeville, TN

Adopted Sisters

Flat-coat Retreiver Morgan le Fay (the wet one) was a Petfinder treasure who was one day away from heaven. I knew as soon as I saw her she was my forever girl. Giant Schnauzer Fur Elise (the skinny one) was one of nine sibs dropped off at the local shelter because Mom was pedigreed but Dad was not. Both Morgan and Elise are playful, affectionate, and protective. We raise puppies for Canine Support Teams, and my big girls have been foster sisters to three handicap assist trainees.They help me teach each new pup how to grow up to be strong, confident, and loving companions.My rescue puppies are the biggest and best blessings any mom could have!

Nancy (aka Doggie Mama)
Sun City, CA
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