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Our Family's Double Blessing

What can I say about Blind Dog Rescue Alliance of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA? I say they are responsible for bringing unlimited love and compassion into our home. About a year ago, we lost our dog, Clifford and were just devastated. We had another dog, Kaylee, at the time, who was 13 years old. We looked on to try to find a dog to fill the void left by this loss, and, as we were looking on 2 separate laptops at the same time, my husband and son chose a dog which turned out to be the very same dog that my daughter and I were considering. We figured that must be the one for us, and we have never been more right. That dog was Adam, our beautiful and loving pointer mix that we adopted in April of 2010. Later that year, our family suffered yet another terrible loss - our dog, Kaylee passed away. We could see that there was something missing in our home - Adam seemed lonely without Kaylee. Again, our family began a search on to find a furry friend for my daughter and to keep Adam company. We found that in our beautiful beagle bulldog mix puppy, Theia, whom we just adopted from Blind Dog Rescue Alliance as well. Their volunteers helped us choose a dog that would be a perfect fit for our home and they absolutely succeeded. Adam and Theia have made our house a home again and I just can't imagine what my life would be like without them. Blind dog Rescue Alliance took care of transporting Adam to us from Wisconsin and were extremely dedicated to caring for Adam and we are so grateful for that. We have become a better family since adopting these two loving blessings!

Susan Stein
Bensalem, PA

Oreo, the 10- year- old Cocker Spaniel

When my friend Dottie and my husband reached the 110th Street pound, they found Oreo, the 10- year- old cocker spaniel. The dog’s howls had finally brought police to the Upper East Side apartment where her owner lay dead. In the darkened room of the pound, away from dogs on display for adoption, the attendant shone a light at the curled up dog. Oreo looked up. Dottie wanted to cry. The little dog was thin, hair hanging like a blanket, toenails too long to let the dog walk. “You’ll take her?” the attendant asked incredulously. “We’re taking her,” my husband replied. Now, months later Oreo is fit and she’s very special. And we’re so happy she’s ours.


New York

New York, NY

Roxie's Tale

I was picked up and taken to the Humane Society of Central AZ in Payson, AZ, USA to be saved from a home where my owner was literally caught in the act of drowning my seven puppies. Luckily he was stopped in time to save one of my seven babies and he was taken to jail. He was later released due to an old law on the Arizona books that drowning animals is not a crime, because it is “not hurting the animals”.

Fox News came to our small town and interviewed the judge about this law. It was unfortunate, but she had no choice but to release him. They tried to find him for an interview but he was no longer living in the trailer park where we had been. They also took pictures of me and my son and aired our story on the Phoenix news.

My son and I are both very happy now and live in our forever homes. We are so grateful to the Humane Society of Central Arizona for making us safe and warm with our new families. I love to play with my other adopted brothers and sisters and I know that my human mom will always provide the love and shelter for me that I deserve.

Debbie Foster
Payson, AZ

The angel at the park

I was driving home in tears, we had just lost our family's weenie dog Philly & were having a hard time coping. I drove through a park that we frequently see loose dogs at, people tend to let their animals run pretty freely in that neighboorhood. I stopped at the stop light and something unusual caught my eye, a large white dog that was laying on the curb and looked like she was barely breathing. I jumped out of the car and she came right up to me, looked deep into my eyes and placed her paw on my arm. As if she was saying, "Help me!" I took her home and we made her a palace in our garage immediately. I was concerned because our other 2 furry children DID NOT like her, so, a few days later she was adopted by a couple that we knew. When they didn't decide to keep her, she came home forever. She is our angel and reminds my boyfriend and I of our sweet Philly in so many ways. The best thing about it is..her 2 brothers adore her now as well! If you see a loose dog, STOP. You may be driving past YOUR angel.

Lindi Morris
Abilene, TX

Torn Between Two Lovers

We already had two dogs and a cat the day I got the call. My husband, Mac, is a dog walker at Burke County Friends for Animals in Morganton, NC. A female Border Collie/Aussie mix was in trouble. Reba had developed severe mastitis. She was in so much discomfort that she lay curled up in a corner without the strength or inclination to compete with her kennel mates for food. We took Reba as a foster to our own trusted Vet. He prescribed antibiotics and ran tests on the mammary fluid. Reba responded well to the antibiotic, but her belly remained grey and abnormal looking. A partial mastectomy followed. Happily, the tissue tests were non-malignant. Meanwhile, Mac was smitten and considered changing Reba’s status from foster to adopt. However, as Reba gained strength, weight, and confidence, Skye (our 7 year old Aussie) challenged Reba for her place at Mac’s side. Reba was not inclined to accept Skye’s dominance. After repeated injuries, we concluded that we were not to be Reba’s forever home. Mac was truly torn between two lovers. Like most men, my husband does not cry easily, but he did the day he returned Reba to BCFFA. He visited Reba when he went to walk dogs at the shelter. At home, he would become moist eyed when talking about her or looking at her pictures. Meanwhile, with a clean bill-of-health, Reba had become vigorous, shiny coated, and eager to please, i.e. adoptable. There was soon rejoicing when we heard that a Lady Up North had seen Reba on-line and had chosen her. Travel arrangements were made (Thank you, Teddi !) The tears became tears of joy when we got pictures and news of Reba, now residing in Massachusetts with her new friend (pictured).

Janet Rylander
Morganton, NC

a story about my dog

my dog found as stray in lynnwood then a womale take she to paws

nice paws help animals and injured wild animals

i like rescues and shelters for animals

sho, WA

Nothing like a good Coco...again

I grew up always having a dog around. I just hadn't been able to bring myself to find another best friend since losing my last dog, Cocoa, several years ago. About now you may be thinking I spelled the name differently between the title and the last sentence but, no they are both spelled correctly, read on.

I had re-connected with an old high school friend on facebook and he was involved in volunteering with Taichung PAWS rescue in Taiwan. They had just recently sent Coco (no "A) to Seattle in an effort to get her adopted. She had been living on the streets of Taiwan and was in pretty bad shape with bite marks, a bad case of mange, and severe fear and behavior issues.

I went to meet with her Motley Zoo animal rescue foster Mom in Seattle and it was pretty much love at first sight. She was very nervous meeting new people but was soon tentatively laying at my feet letting me rub her belly. She was still a scaredy-cat but she had decided I might be OK to take her home. Oh, and with the name thing how could it be anything less than true fate!

She came home with me that night and has grown to be a happy, loving, and content part of the family.

Bremerton, WA

Joe's Easter Story

In 1986 I was working for the Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia, PA when I came in to work on Easter Sunday after switching with a co-worker who wanted the holiday off. I was shocked to see the kennel card turned up on the cage of Joe, an elderly cat who had been surrendered to us the week before. He was to be euthanized the next day!

When my shift ended, I took Joe home as my new foster. A month later, I brought him back and we decided to feature him in the window that day. Later on, a woman came in who wanted to adopt Joe. As Joe's foster mom, naturally I was wary. But our director assured me that this lady, Peggy, was a wonderful person, who did a lot of work raising funds for shelters.

Peggy adopted Joe, and took him when she moved to Canada. She kept in touch with me, sending cards, letters, and pictures.

When Joe had been brought in to our shelter, he had been abandoned by college students when they went home for spring break. The people bringing him to us didn't know his age, but they guessed he was 6 years old. When Peggy took Joe to her vet, it turned out he was much older.

A few years later, when Joe's health began declining, Peggy spared no expense for "my Joey", as she called him. She even had a special sling made for him when he could no longer walk, so she could carry him with her everywhere.

To think that Joe would have died that Monday, if I had not switched shifts with a co-worker. And so, Easter Sunday 1986 became the start of a new life for an elderly cat who previously had no hope!

Annette Ravinsky
Philadelphia, PA

Dori chews her bone

Dori was one of nearly 600 dogs seized in Puppy Mill Raid in Western Washington 2 years ago. This precious girl lived her entire life in a wire bottom cage in deplorable conditions.

When the first group of seized dogs was ready for adoption, we applied & were accepted. We met her & her foster family (bringing along our recent rescue Frieda to make certain they would get along). We took her home that night where there was quite a bit of scuffling between the 2 girls. But by the next day, they were cuddling together in bed & are the cutest sisters now.

Dori is the sweetest & most social dog ever! Not only is this odd for her breed ( dachshund) but especially surprising considering her background in the Puppy Mill. She is known as the social butterfly on our neighborhood & runs to greet everyone especially babies & toddlers in strollers. She especially loves her squirrel & loofah squeaky toys!!

We love her so much & she makes us laugh every day. She has completed our family!!

Denise Beard
Seattle, WA

My Fair Ladies

Three years ago I found Samantha at the SPCA of Texas. I knew we wanted to rescue another dog and Indy fell into our laps from Paws in the City. Now I am blessed with two amazing rescue dogs (who love to be on the furniture). I highly recommend to anyone thinking of adopting looking at their local rescue shelter.

Victoria George
Dallas, TX
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