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Anna Nicole Smith

Annie came into our lives 4 years ago as a young kitten of about 4 months old. We live in a wooded area and have had to regularly rescue abandoned cats, since many people seem to think this is the ideal place to dump an unwanted pet. We have had very good success in placing these orphans in good homes.

Annie had been recently spayed, and we brought her into the house to see if we could locate anyone in the area that had misplaced her. Within a couple of days, she became very ill. We took her to the vet for treatment, testing, a check up, shots, you know - the works! That is when we named her after the famous individual who indicated to the probate judge the reason for her request for a $24,000 month maintenance request, "Because it's expensive to be me."

We brought her back home and her health crashed. She stopped eating and drinking completely. We spent the next 4 days feeding and hydrating her every 3-4 hours, day and night. Her first solid food was a pea from my husband's dinner plate.

Since we already had 3 cats, we had no intention of adding a 4th, but after the ordeal, my husband said, "We saved her life, now we have to keep her!" Annie has an attitude, and we must 'talk to the paw' when she asserts her desires, but she is a sweet and and wonderful companion who follows me around like a dog. She has also brought some excitement into the lives of our other 3 cats, all of whom are seniors, ages 14, 17 and 18.

Linda S
Cincinnati, OH

How a sweet little girl became part of our family...

On a bitter cold and windy evening after a boy scout meeting, my son spotted a little Chiuaua in the parking lot. She was reluctant to be caught, but her eyes were saying "rescue me". Of course I could not leave her there and hope she would make it through the freezing temperatures that night, so after a little coaxing I got my hands on her. After a week of trying to find a foster home or shelter for her, my husband agreed to add her to our "pack". She is the sweetest little thing; she and our Puggle, Lucy love to play together!

Rebecca B
Houston, TX


Growing up I always had dogs around. I love them with a passion. When I moved out of my parents my little Yorkie wanted to stay behind with the other dogs because she was so accustomed to being with them. So I looked on Pets and People Humane Society and saw Buttons. She was so adorable and I was willing to pay for her. When the woman brought her to my house to meet me I fell in love immediately. The woman then told me she didn't want any money. She just wanted this little dog to have a loving home and that is exactly what she has with me. Adopt a dog and save a life!

Oklahoma City, OK

The Most Benevolent Outcome for a Forever Home

Cricket, a black lab/Pit Bull was found wondering the streets of Kissimmee, FL with some deep wounds; one of which went all the way to the bone. Her most benevolent, good Samaritan is a disabled man, named Steve, who owns a service dog.

Steve felt that her cuts were stab wounds or dog bites. He called A Forever Home Animal Rescue, to get help for the dog.

As Lori Masters put seeking a location for her shelter on a back burner, while she called around Kissimmee to find a vet who would work with her. She called for help from her her sister, Andrea Simmons, who’s own vet, offered to treat the dog for a flat fee.

Steve not only drove an hour from Kissimmee to the vet in Orlando, FL but offered the funds he had available, $40. to help pay for her care.

He was her angel, for sure! said A Forever Home owner, Lori Masters.

Still unable to find a suitable location to shelter animals, Lori asked Steve if he can keep Cricket for another week. During that week, Cricket, who is only about a year or so old, went into heat. Steve called Lori again, as he was finding it difficult to care for Cricket, as well as his service dog.

Lori and her A Team of sisters literally prayed for the most benevolent outcome for finding Cricket her Forever Home. Within a couple of days, the phone rang answering the prayer. Someone who saw Cricket on Petfinder wanted her.

"We are so fortunate and happy to have her we've been outside playing with

her constantly she loves playing with the frisbee and tennis ball shes

starting to learn the bring it back part lol heres a few pictures of her

playing out side today."

Lisa M. Smith
Clermont, FL

Sophie the Savior Dog

I found Sophie on Petfinders and knew she was my dog. She came into our lives to help us bring our older dog Bailey out of the fear aggression she was developing after being attacked by another dog. Sophie is a kind old soul at 1½ years old and she is the best therapist I could have gotten for Bailey. She is patient and very happy. She helps Bailey gain the confidence only one dog can give another. We've had her for the best 6 months of all our lives and love her unconditionally.

Pat Horowitz
St. Petersburg, FL


Bogie was about 4 months old when he was noticed by a caregiver in a feral cat colony behind a high school baseball field in 2000 that he was not well. His eyes were shut closed because of the crusty cake around them. The caretaker needed a place to keep him until he was better. . . and I offered my support. Bogie was FIV+ and the vet suggested putting him to sleep. I felt that was not an option. I kept him separated from my other rescued cats for about a year, But as my rescue efforts increased, I didn't have the room closed off for just one cat. Because of his gentle, docile nature, I cut him loose with the other cats. He is now 11 y.o. He shares a 16x20ft shed with a fully enclosed, attached, 11x16ft pen with 5 other cats, after all these year, are still FIV negative. His buddy is a 17 year old, 16 lb.neurotic Maine Coon. He joys his days cat napping under the sun. He loves his daily morning dry treats and gets a treat of Chicken of the Sea tuna in the evening. He has heating pads whenever he wants additional warmth. Yes! He is a real special, and very special guy. I have no regrets, none whatsoever, giving this little guy a chance, regardless what others concern about cats with FIV. I hope he stays healthy and happy for many years to come. My message is this, I hope every one gives an “imperfect” animal a chance. Gratitude comes in very small package. Oh yes, he is leash-trained.

East Bay_Pinole, CA


Lucky was lying next to an empty food dish in the feeding area of a well-cared feral colony. He was very undernourished. I purposely brushed against him as I hurried to replenish the dishes with fresh food and water. I had on a leather biker jacket and gloves to anticipate any unfavorable reaction from him, but he gently brushed against my arm. I decided to take him home so I dumped the stuff out of my backpack to make room. He didn't resist when I put him in. It was hot that day so I laid the pack under the shade until I was done. I had over 10 rescued cats, all needing a home so I released him, not taking him because I didn't have room. As I sat under the bush, with a heavy heart, I knew that he may not have another chance, so back into the backpack he went, and we rode back to my work place. The next 3 hour was a challenge, he made such a fuss in my lab and almost escaped out of the covered box. After work, securely zipped in, we rode home in the 4pm commuter traffic. He was squirming all about, on my back inside in the backpack. I was stroking him off/on, praying that God would give us safe passage home. With his vet needs met, fattened, and endless XOXOs, he was ready for a home. However, that was not meant to be, as my hubby fell in love with his charms. For the very first time, he said, "I want him". End of story! I LOVE this nutty cat!

East Bay_Pinole, CA

Miss Lilly

On a cold day in January, Lilly was found outside in - 6 degree weather, cold, shaking, hungry and so matted up you could see where it was pulling the skin on her tummy. Well what can I say? we could not leave her out there. The neighbor brought her to us and asked us if we wanted her. Without hesitating we said yes, we called the groomer and had her groomed and took her to the Vet right away. Now Lilly will never be cold, hungry or scared ever again. She has a forever home with us.

We highly recommend adopting a rescue animal.

Joanie Counts
Girard, PA

My own orphan Annie

While working in her yard one morning,a co-worker of mine heard a strange cry coming from under a bush. When she investigated, she found a tiny, half-starved, flea-bitten calico cat. She coaxed the cat into her garage, fed it, and took it to the vet. With a little arm-twisting, she convinced me that I would be the perfect "mother" for this little orphan. For fifteen years now, Annie has owned my heart and my home. Thank you, Chris, for the best present I ever received!

Sherry Andrews
Winter Park, FL

The Day Gypsie Was Born

Gypsie and her brother were born one night in a junked-out car at my wife's workplace. Their mother didn't have any milk and they would have died. My wife brought them home every night and bottle-fed them every few hours, then took them to work every morning and "kitty-sat" them. We became foster parents to the kittens. When they were a few weeks old they were promised to other animal lovers by Pam's employer. When they were old enough, Smokey Joe (Gypsie's brother) went to a wonderful home. I fell in love with Gypsie and could not part with her. She became a part of our family and found her forever home with our other loving pets. Gypsie will be 7 years old in March, 2011. She and her sisters are loved so very much.

Phoenix, AZ
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