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Hit By Car Finds Love

In July 2010, a woman came into the vet clinic I work in. She witnessed a cat get hit by a car. She brought him in, mangled and shocky. Immediately I took him in the back to see the vet. We took radiographs, which he didn't even seem annoyed with. After looking at the radiographs, we realized that his right back leg was shattered. The woman who brought him in couldn't afford his care or keep him. I asked the vet what we could do to help him. She said we could amputate his leg. So we did; and we neutered him. Now, months later, he is thriving, loving life with his 4 month old brother and doesn't realize that he is missing a leg. In the future, I plan on having him certified as a therapy cat; his docile personality is perfect for traveling to visit those in nursing homes and hospitals.

Moral of the story? Help those who can't help themselves.

Visit your local shelter or humane society to find the next member of your family.

Stacey Gunberg
Palm Coast, FL

Love comes to us

Roxy showed up at our house covered in fleas and ticks, and every rib showing. I tried to find her owner, but after a week, no one claimed her. My kids named her and she just won our hearts with her soulful eyes and the sweetest disposition. She has been with us now for 5 years and she is now an 80 lb lap dog.

Fran Rose
Lucama, NC

Sweet Casey

My fiance and I adopted Casey in December of 2008. She was a rescue from a high-kill shelter in La Junta, CO. Casey stole our hearts immediately. She is a sweetheart who is OBSESSED with fetching...she'll fetch for hours. Balls, sticks, toys...anything! When she was approximately 6 months old we thought there was something wrong with her eyes, so we took her to a dog opthamologist. We found out that she is blind and probably has been since birth. We had no idea!!!! To this day, she is the best fetcher in the neighborhood and the snuggliest pup ever!!! We can't imagine life without her, and encourage everyone to rescue a dog!

Littleton, CO

Rescued a beauty

My husband and I went looking for a dog at our local shelter after our dog Maggie died. I wasn't really ready to get a dog, but we found a rather plain looking brown dog. She was 2 years old and house broken. The shelter put me on the phone with her foster mom and we decided to take her home. She was shy at the shelter, but on the way home she snuggled up to me and she has been my shadow ever since. As you can see, she is not plain at all. She is a beauty and we love her. She loves to chase squirrels, kayaking, riding in the car and singing (really).

Luanne Hetz
Ballston Spa, NY

Cocoa the Bulldog

One day I decided to visit our local shelter, Animal Welfare League, in Punta Gorda, FL. While "just looking" a shelter worker saw me and asked if I had a pet at home. I answered yes, an English Bulldog. The worker said they had just gotten in a Bulldog and asked if I would like to see her? I said "sure" (figured why not, I'm not going to adopt today.) When Cocoa was presented to me I fell in love immediately. When the worker told me that she was 13 years old, it just made me love her more. Cocoa was an owner turn-in and it broke my heart to think that someone could get rid of a pet that they had for so long. Needless to say, she came home with me that day. Cocoa, now 15, is still the love of my life.

Janet Van Sant
Punta Gorda, FL


Camouflage walked up to me in our back yard, and literally fell over, nearly dead from starvation. She weighed less than 2 pounds! I fed her a little tuna, and warm milk, and over the summer she became a permanent part of our household. Her name is now shortened to Cami, and she is a delight to us every day. She is about 12 pounds of sweetness, and loves her belly being rubbed.

Kathy Saylor
Crawfordville, FL

Best Friends

I'd like you to meet our dog, Harley Quinn (My husbands favorite comic book character), and our cat Simi (THE Simi it's a name from my favorite author).

Harley is a German Pincher. Someone must have paid a LOT of money for her. But we found her at the local shelter. What made me stop in front of her cage was the fact she was very thin, and very scared. She would not come up to the door. She just hung her head and sat in the middle of the pen. She would not react to our voices. She needed LOVE.

Every time you would reach to touch her she'd pull back thinking she was going to be struck. For the first year she would not even play. She had SEVERE separation issues too. All we could do was love her no matter what. A couple years in, she turned out the be the BEST dog anyone would want. She loves kids, she's clean, never has an accident, is a good guard dog. And she is the best cuddle buddy you know. She never even smells like dog, she smells like corn chips.

One of our older cats died (We really miss Kira), and I adopted Simi. She was most likely born in the shelter. She was scared of everything, she didn't know she could jump or climb like other cats. She'd spent her entire young life in that tiny cage. Harley stepped in and protected the new kitten. Simi slept on Harley & played with Harley. Now I have to take them to the vet each year TOGETHER. So Simi isn't too scared.


Who said dogs and cats don't mix?

Christine Hannigan
North Port, FL


Our main focus is arctic breed rescue. One day while pulling a pregnant Malamute from the shelter, I saw this tiny girl, alone in a big kennel run. Pipin is a 10+ yr. old miniture Dachshund. I thought I could find her a forever home, but after having all her teeth pulled at the vet a couple of days later, it was clear to us that ours would be her forever home. Here she is pictured with the only husky we allow her to get close to. She's the best little girl ever!

michelle breinholt
Coalville, UT

Bubba and Bella

My family and I had just put down our long time feline family member Freddy because he suffered from an incurable form of cancer. He was a huge part of our lives and we were all extremely devasted but also had a kitten that we adopted a few months before we found out about his illness named Henry to keep us busy, however he is very active and Freddy always hated to play with him because of his age and declining health so neither one of them were very happy with the situation. After a couple months since his passing we felt we were ready to find a playmate for Henry and we found a cat online at the local SPCA who looked exactly like Freddy. We just had to meet him and luckily he was the same age as Henry. We all fell in love at first sight with this huge cat with giant paws that looked like our old boy but there was a catch, in order to adopt him we had to take his sister home too. We slept on it and the next day Bubba(one of Freddy's old nicknames) and Bella were ours so now we have three playful, sweet, and very entertaining cats. I suggest to anyone to adopt from their local shelter and save a life... or two.

Roseville, CA

Little Miss Miracle

Muffit is 14 years old and had been turned in to my vet as a 3 month old stray when I found her. A year and a half ago she suddenly lost 2 lbs! My vet took an x-ray and said she had cancer and gave her 2 to 3 months to live! He said there was nothing to be done but to take her home and make her comfortable. Muffit is still alive, and well and pretty playful for her age. She seems to be just fine! Each night, we have a ritual. I get in bed with a good book, and she sits on my chest and gives me lots of kisses, then curls up next to me and falls asleep. .I have every hope that she will continue to live a long and happy life.

Pixie Fontechia
Cadiz, KY
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