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Felice Noel!

We lost a kitten in the spring. It was a long while before my husband was ready to consider another cat. At the shelter, he and my son both fell in love with the orange tabby kitten, who is about 8 months old. I told them they had to give the calico a chance. She was out of adorable-kitten stage and would have a harder time being adopted. Just then the calico walked across my husband's shoulders and purred. We looked at each other. My son said, "I have $60 saved, and I'd rather spend it on a cat than a video game."

So we brought them both home. We named the orange tabby Felice and the calico Noel, because they are our Christmas gifts to each other. Noel is about 18 months old. She has claimed the role of mama cat to Felice, holding her down to bathe her. They both love to snuggle and they both love to play, especially together.

Tifton, GA

Home for the Holidays

Charlie was days away from "the inevitable" when I rescued him from animal control. I was waiting until after the holidays to adopt after losing my best "furry" friend a couple of months ago. Charlie's only been with us for a few days now, but his calm, laid-back attitude and soulful expression make him the best Christmas present I could ask for. He got a home in time for the holidays and I got a pal for years to come.

Please consider rescue - you just might find yourself being rescued in the process!!

Karyn Tiffany
Temple, GA

Frago Video

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for your support and kind words. I hope I haven't left anyone out with my e-mails. I have counted 962 e-mails that I have sent out, forgive me if I missed you or if I sent you an e-mail twice. I have finally converted three short video's of Frago & Jesse during their reunion and one video from Jesse showing Frago running around outside the compound and running into the barbed wire. Forgive Jesse's friends language while he was filming. Frago still has a couple of scars from this incident. This sweetheart is attached to me and is a constant loving companion. He now takes up the entire bed while sleeping, half the night he is cuddled so close to me that his head is either under me or on top of me. He rolls over and all four of his paws over thrown over me. Oh well, what can I say, he loves me. He gets excited for Jesse and always looks for him, but comes back to my side and stays with me. It seems like he has been with us all of his life, just totally loyal and loving.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, or have a happy holiday season for what ever your beliefs are.

Frago, Jim, & Jese

James G. Violante
Parkertown, NJ


We were looking for a Lab mix (we had lost our old friend Samson at 14 years). I found Sunny on Petfinders at the Lindsay CA pound; his little face behind a chain link fence broke my heart. I had to wait almost 2 weeks for my husband to return from a business trip so we could go get Sunny - Lindsay was pretty far away. I begged the people at the pound to give him his puppy shots - they finally did. We brought him home and have loved him so much ever since.

Judy Williams
Caliente, CA


This young lady appeared in my driveway about 2 months ago. She fell into my arms purring as I picked her up. After eating her weight in food, she proceeded to announce to the rest of the kitties (I have a small family of rescues) that she was here to stay. She keeps them on their toes - a busy, busy, affectionate girl!!

Katy, TX

Our Christmas Angel

We adopted our precious Veronica two weeks ago because our other adopted Cocker, Jack, needed a companion and my husband Lloyd and I both wanted another fur person in our lives

Before being welcomed into our home here in Alaska, she was rescued by Camp Cocker in California. She is 10-years-old, is missing one eye and can't hear very well. However, she is an absolute delight with a sparkling personality and an exceptionally loving nature. How lucky we were to get our playful Christmas Angel in time for the holiday.

Carolyn McClintock
Big Lake, AK

Pickle the Miracle Dog

I work at an animal specialty clinic. One night a 12-week old Pit Bull pup was brought in with multiple stab wounds and its throat slit. The owner was on crack and freaked out and attacked the pup. Two women finally got hold of it, after they also were cut multiple times on their arms, and brought the dog to the emergency clinic after which it was transferred to us. The doctors did not see how the pup could live, but decided to try to save her. She made it through the next day and captured all of our hearts. By the end of the week she was up and around and by two weeks, she came home with me. She is now 2 years old, likes hiking in the mountains, her 3 sisters and playing with any human or animal that passes by. She also enjoys coming to work with me and socializing with the doctors and technicians who worked so very hard to save her life. It is amazing that she does not hate humans for what they did to her, but has instead turned out to be a wonderful companion to young and old.

Kristen Hartman
Denver, CO

My Rescue Dog Max

I found Max on After watching all of his siblings get adopted, I knew he was meant for me. I wondered how anyone could resist his sweet little face. Thanks to Tiny Paws Rescue and his foster home Dancin n Pracin Furever, Max has been a big part of our family for 5 months. I couldn't ask for a more loving, sweet, and smart puppy. Max recently graduated from puppy class and is now working hard at mastering the Intermediate class. Adopt from a rescue-you'll never regret it.

Jan Reffett
Roscoe, IL

My pal Sparky

I found Sparky (actually I think he found me) at a no-kill shelter on Long Island, NY almost 13 years ago. I had had to say goodbye to my previous friend sometime before and went to the shelter just to look around. There were many other dogs barking and yelping for attention but this good looking Border Collie/Husky mix was just sitting patiently in his cage. I stopped and 'asked' him how he was doing. He looked up and came over to the cage door. I put the back of my hand out so he could sniff it to check me out. Apparently I met muster because he stuck his face through the cage and licked my hand and I knew he was going home with me. He was a confidant, a companion and great listener and my pal since then. I had to say goodbye to him a week ago (12/12/10) and it's tough dealing. But I have many pictures of him and many great memories of my buddy. I'm not ready to go looking yet, it will be awhile, but I know when I do I'll look for another shelter dog.

Woody Kaplan
Randolph, VT


We are the proud owners of two shelter rescues... Our 3 year old Lab Mix Kida is the Big Sister and Mama Dog to 8 month old Zeus. Kida first came to us from a life of abuse and abandonment... she was afraid of men in particular. Now she never leaves my side when I am bedridden, sleeping at the bottom end of my hospital bed, growling when anyone she doesn't know gets close. Zeus was abandoned, but we got him almost immediately, so he has a zest for living that charms us all. He will compete with Kida and jump up on the bed the minute she takes a latrine break. These rescued doggies have rescued me from loneliness and despair. I wish I could save them all.

John W. Cassell
Albuquerque, NM
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