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Sweet Liberty

2 months after my dog of 12 years died I decided I had to get another dog. It was so painful seeing other people enjoying life with their dogs . It was like a huge gaping hole was in my heart.

I searched Petfinder for a couple of weeks. I kept seeing this post for a sad faced Aussie mix dog. Finally, I went to go see this sad ,but beautiful girl.

She was nervous (urinated when I first pet her) but seemed happy for the attention. She had absolutely no training at all. She had been adopted and paid for by someone the day before, gotten spayed/shots, then the person had changed his mind ! So, the shelter only charged me $10.00 for this sweet, precious little girl! I got the deal of a lifetime!! I believe she was just MEANT to be in our family.

Her adoption date was last year on 9/11. We named her Liberty. It seemed very appropriate.

We love her so much .She has proven to just be as gentle, loving and smart as they come. She knows so many commands: sit, shake, down, off, up, come, heel, wait, leave it, wave hi, wipe your face ,bow and even some agility commands: jump & through.

All this from a pound puppy. You know the old saying," One man's trash is another man's treasure". Well, I can say that in this case, its very true. Liberty is a priceless treasure in my eyes!

Melanie Nevins
Keller, TX

A Cat Named Biscotti

When I was just a kid, I spied a cat shivering on the roof of my house. I'd seen him around the neighborhood where I lived, but with no collar. He was deathly afraid of humans and clearly was in need of a home but was afraid to come near me. I stayed and talked to him, and tried to let him know I was not a threat. The following day, I sat on my porch when the same cat ran at me, and stole the biscotti I'd been eating from my hands.

For the next sixteen years, he never left my side.

Though he was diagnosed with FIV making him a special needs cat, the thought of such a sweet little guy not having the home he so desperately needed, never entered my mind (especially knowing what his fate would be in a shelter). I took him in, spoiled him in every way, and was rewarded with the most loving, attentive animal I'd ever owned. He began to trust people, and won over the hearts of everybody he encountered with his sweet nature and massive amount of intelligence.

We had to say goodbye to him on June 27, 2010, but he'll never be forgotten. I rescued him from the streets and he rescued me by showing me how rewarding saving an animal can be.

Long Beach, CA


I found Taya, a Rottweiler x at the first shelter I visted 2.5 years ago. She was almost 5 years old and seemed to suit what I was looking for. I met her in the exercise yard and noticed she had a slight limp. I was told she had mild hip dysplasia. This hardly swayed me in my decision - it's not her fault so I would take her home with me. After almost a year in the shelter, she finally found her forever home! Sleeping inside in the warmth has done the trick. I'm glad to say she hasn't had any problems with her hip.

Not a day goes by that I don't wonder how I ended up with such a fabulous dog. I am also amazed that she was at the shelter for so long. Taya is such a beautiful, sweet girl. So well behaved, I couldn't ask for a better dog! She makes me laugh every day and I am so much happier with her in my life. She means absolutely everything to me.

Loren Henny
Perth, Australia

16 years of love and counting

16 years ago one of the most special and precious things came into my life. Foxy is a Corgi mix. Foxy was just 9 months old when he was found on the side of teh road. We took him in and it was love at first sight. There was no way we could turn him away. Foxy captured my heart and has never let it go. He has been through thick and thin we my family and I. He is my little baby boy. Fozy is a momma's boy. He loves his human grandparents,and brotehr. He loves his doggie sister Amber (Husky Akita Mix). He also loves his doggie aunt and uncle Gonzo (Pitbull) and Chloe (Chow Akita Mix). And his doggie cousin Hunter ( Beagle). Foxy loves to play and snuggle. His favorite toy is his froggie. Foxy is a very loving,gentle affectionate dog. He loves to snuggle up with his mommy. Foxy is an old man now. He will be 16 years old on September 20,2010. He is still alive and enjoying life.

St.Louis, MO

Meant To Be

My family rescued a dog in July 2009. He looked almost like the twin of my precious dog, Mitsy, from my childhood. I immediately fell in love with him when I saw his picture on the shelter's website. Aidan quickly became a special part of our family. In March 2010, we saw a photo on the website of the same shelter of a pup that looked like the twin of our sweet Aidan, only a different color. We had to go and meet him! Unfortunately, Aidan and this pup didn't hit it off. We were very disappointed that we couldn't bring the other dog home. Then, as we were walking out, I saw a sweet, friendly face looking at me from within her cage. I had to meet her and get to know her! We took her outside for a walk and to meet Aidan. They got along very well and we knew she was the one we would be taking home. After a few days, Aidan and Callie became good friends and really enjoyed playing together. We noticed signs in Callie and wondered if she could be pregnant. When we took her to the vet, they said she was just in heat. As time went on, we still weren't convinced that she wasn't. All of a sudden one day, she wasn't interested in playing with Aidan or in any dog treats. She also looked like she built a nest area in the bedroom. I decided to make a whelping box and, as it turns out, she delivered 1 puppy that night! The vet confirmed that she was only having 1. Logan became the 3rd rescued dog in less than a year! If it wasn't for Mitsy, I'm sure we wouldn't have our dogs now! IT WAS MEANT TO BE!!

Catherine Poe
North Huntingdon, PA



We moved here from Utah in Dec. 07. Utah had been our home our entire lives, that is where our family resides.

We purchased a home in Corona in April 09. Our children are grown. Our animals were our family.

In Oct., our beloved cat Simba, passed away after 17 years. He was a rescue from a shelter in Utah.

In Dec., our beloved German shepherd, Stormy, passed away at 11.5 years old. Stormy was rescued from her former owner, a police officer in Utah. She was four when she was rescued. We missed her greatly and began a journey to find another special friend.

Three weeks after Stormy's death. I visited West End animal shelter on January 5th, 2010. While there, I saw a beautiful, young, German shepherd named Hannah, who looked as if she had had puppies recently. I inquired and was told that Hannah was a 2 year old, wasn't available until January 14th, she had 10 pups and was due to be spayed.

That evening, I mentioned Hannah to my husband, he said he had looked her up on petfinders twice. January 14th, 10 am, I go to see Hannah. She is happy, healthy, a little skinny but seems to like me. I adopt her. Changed her name to Savanna, (Savanna = Save Hannah) She loves rides in the car. She really enjoys her new environment. She up to her ideal weight. She is friendly and happy. We love her and she is spoiled. She loves shopping at Petsmart and Petco. She usually picks one toy. She has a basket full of toys in the home and the yard.

Thank you,

Cathy and Savanna

PS give all the dogs and cats kisses and hugs from me and licks and slobber from Savanna. ;)

Corona, CA

Friends from death row.

Bronx, then 18 months old, was on the euth list for Denton county in Jan 09 when a volunteer posted his story to a local pet rescue list. I'd always wanted a rottweiler, and I wanted a dog that was good with cats, so I took one of my cats in a carrier to visit with him. He sniffed the carrier and went to see what the dogs were doing. He was already 18 months old, so we had many adventures in the first few months, but he has done well. My grandchildren determined I needed a kitten, my cats were too old, in October 2009. So we went to the Fort Worth pound on half price kitten day. Which does mean 2 for the price of one if you have small children with you. Alex adopted Bronx shortly after he arrived, he shares Bronx's food and his nap space on the love seat.

Fort Worth, TX

Two strays become best buddies

I found my shy little pointer trotting down the street in front of our house in the sleet on a cold January day. She came right to me when I called, and has been the most gentle, well-mannered dog I've ever owned. Then my daughter found little Moxie, abandoned in a box next to a dumpster behind a store. We named her Moxie because she was such a feisty little thing, scared of nothing. Even when very tiny she loved to play with all of our big dogs, and here she is curled up for a snooze with Emma.

Amber Lipari
Columbia, SC


Sassy tested positive for Feline Diabetes during a routine blood test right after we found her in 2001. We were told that there was no cure, and no one knew how long she would live, but with proper care and medicine it could be quite a long time. We knew she still had so much love to give, so we gave her insulin and care. She made it through 2 serious diabetic episodes, losing her teeth and going blind, but still managed to be our cat we knew and loved.

Sassy (and her brother George who left us on July 14, 2008) had been with us though a lot of heartbreak 9 years of the struggle of infertility and 2 miscarriages, not to mention the struggle of life, but they were always our faithful companions, and never left our side.

Sassy's last day on earth was July 9, 2010. She had been steadily losing weight, refused to eat, and lay almost motionless most of the time. We were convinced that the end was near and hoped she was in very little, if any pain. She couldn't walk, couldn't eat or drink, but she still ate up the constant petting and soothing words.

Sassy had been our "baby" for 9 years. We loaded her up and took her into see the doctor and as we had suspected, it was her time. We held her while the doctor gave her the shot and watched her eyes close. She looked at us as if to say, "My job is finished.......and I can go now."

RIP Sassy…….we will never forget you.

Brookfield, WI

Christmas cat

This is Noel. She was found on Christmas day in an incinerator at the hospital where I worked. Her tail had been broken and she was covered with fleas. She had been thrown in the incinerator, as there was no access point that would have allowed her to crawl in. A janitor looked into the incinerator before starting it and saw here there. Knowing that I loved cats, he brought her to my office and she spent the day there, and then a friend took her until I could get my home ready for her. She lived for 18 comfortable years with her other adopted sisters and gave me such joy and peace. Please rescue, and if you can't provide a permanent home, there are rescue orgs out there that can. And thank you for donating with your click to the Animal Rescue Site!

Carolyn Schwulst
Tucson, AZ
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