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No Apprehension gets Happy

My husband runs a large off track betting site where people bet on horses and dogs. Because we knew some of the stories of how the dogs are mistreated I suggested we owed it to a dog to adopt one and give it a good life when it retired. Once we got approved to bring one home we were matched with a 'cat friendly' 4 year old racer named No Apprehension. We couldn't have found a sweeter addition to our family! Now, "No Apprehension" was a fast pup. He raced sixty times and took first place 11 times! As much as his name fit his racing career, calling out "No!" to get his attention was not an option. "Apprehension" was out, too. So we called him "Appy" for short. Appy loves walks and gets so very animated when he sees us with the leash.... so in no time at all Appy became "Happy."

Denver, CO

Nootka become Demon

Got Demon (aka Nootka) when he was about 8 months old. We got him from a fellow musher that had been given him 2 weeks prior. He had a name of Nootka, but we didnt know what that meant. So looking like Demon from the movie Snow Dogs we changed his name. He now knows Demon, Mr D, or D as his name(s). After finding out what Nootka meant it would have been more appropriate name for him...meaning free spirit.

It was too late to change it back by the time we found this out. Demon is anything but a demon or a little monster etc...he is the most gentle of dogs there ever was. Caesar Milan would love to have him in his pack...he has calmed down many of our other sled dogs.

Demon was our 2nd rescued at the time. We lost our 1st rescued 2 years ago. We now have a total of 5 rescued, 2 downsized from friends kennel and have since added 3 more and just had a litter of 8 puppies of which we are keeping 4. They are all sleddogs now.

Linda Lawson
Markham, ON, Canada

How Rowdy became Tanner (but should have stayed Rowdy)

Looking for a companion for my other foundling furball, I came across Rowdy at the vet's office/local shelter. Of course, all of the cats were gorgeous and all of the kittens cuddly, but Rowdy walked right up to me and started chattering. Loudly. He got as close to my face as he could, put his paws on my cheeks, and hasn't stopped chattering since. I couldn't leave without him. Well, I did have to leave him overnight to get him fixed, but he's been my constant chattering companion ever since. I named him Tanner because of his beautiful tan color, but he probably should have remained Rowdy because the only time he's quiet is when he's asleep, as in the picture above. He's curled up here in my microwave cover and quite comfortable.

Erin Hardwick
Lancaster, KY

Iris to Ashley

Iris, a Boston Terrier mix, was a rescue I found on a site I subscribe to. She was perfect for my needs because I am disabled and not real active - already housebroken, likes to go for rides, loves to snuggle - but she was not UTD on shots and was heart worm positive. That taken care of I realized I had to change her name because Iris was the name of my aunt who raised my mother and Iris just did not fit this baby in my mind. I could see my aunt frowning every time I called her Iris. I couldn't really think of what to call her, but one day Ashley just popped out of my mouth when I called her and she came straight to me, just as she had done when I was calling her Iris. The name change just seemed to come naturally to both of us and I have almost forgotten she was originally named Iris!

Paula Jones
Jackson, MS

My Munchkin

When we first adopted Munchkin, they had been calling her Callie, short for Calico. At 6 months old she was still a small cat so we renamed her Munchkin. Now, almost exactly 5 years later. Munchkin is full grown and weighs about 15 lbs. Not so little anymore but still our Munchkin kitty.

Cathy Closser
Rothschild, WI

How Zoe Became Eliot

Our precious kitten showed up at our doorstep (as most of ours have, since we live in the country) and we immediately fell in love. "She" was so furry and sweet, completely made herself at home, did the little "tippy-toe" thing that all our female cats had done. So we named her Zoe. A few days later when I looked more closely, it was obvious that she was a he! So we named him for one of our favorite poets, T.S. Eliot. Whether she OR he, Eliot has completely captured our hearts! (I even think our three big boys, also products of the doorstep, like him now. :)

Jennifer Scoggin
Valley View, TX

How Harley became Angus

I am the manager of a doggy daycare and had always been a "big dog" person. Well not too long after I went to work at the doggy daycare a pug named Crash came to stay with us for 10 days and I fell absolutely head over heels in love with him, to the point that I cried when he left us. We had 4 big dogs at the time and I sheepishly asked my husband if maybe we had room for a pug in the pack. He was extremely opposed to it. He thought they were the ugliest dogs he had ever seen. However, because my husband has a hard time telling me no when I found "Harley" on he reluctantly agreed to go meet him. Of course we ended up coming home with him. Since my husband did not want the pug and the pug clearly did not know his name to be Harley, I suggested that my husband name him. My husband is of celtic descent and we decided that "Angus" was a really cool name. Well, three pugs later we have Angus, Pete and Seamus in addition to the four big dogs and my husband and Angus are INSEPARABLE. He often says he's never loved a dog as much as he loves Angus! We are a true rescue household, 6 of our 7 dogs came from shelters or! This particular photo we call "cheeseface" which is the face Angus makes when we have cheese. We have recently decided that according to pugs, "cheese is love"!

Wendy Cook
Oklahoma City, OK


A co-worker friend of mine actually adopted Boots and found out he was alergic to cats. He asked me if my partner and I wanted to be Boots forever home and we agreed. We have never been happier. Boots is a great cat and we are so lucky he found his way to our home!

Brookline, MA

Inherited Cat

My Dad passed away in March 2007 just 5 days after my birthday and 3 yrs after my Mom passed. This cat had adopted my Dad and became his constant companion. Cat actually belonged to the neighbors so we never knew his name. My Dad called him Papadeaux (poopie doo). When I "inherited" the house and its contents, I decided that the name HAD to go. Being a very quiet and caring, affectionate boy, I renamed him Kiyoshi which means quiet one (in Japanese) as his quiet presence soothed my father's loneliness after my Mom's passing and brought a little bit of joy into Dad's life. Kiyoshi has been a joy for me and helps me remember every day how much a pet can bring into our lives.

Kimiko Simpson
San Clemente, CA

Frago and Jesse Photo's

Hello Everyone,

I have posted all the photo's of Jesse and Frago on my Facebook page,!/album.php?aid=31647&id=100000864712175

Thank you all for your support and kindness.

Frago, Jesse, and Jim

James G. Violante, .

James G. Violante
Parkertown, NJ
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