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My little gift from heaven

My son and I were visiting my parents and from outside we heard this desperate deep bellowing meow. We walked around the neighborhood and to our surprise; up in a tree we saw a skeleton thin,coco/tan kitten no more than 7 wks. old, hanging onto a pencil thin tree limb. I climbed the fence under the tree and as I struggled to reach her she jumped to me and clung to my hoodie. I cradled her shaking abused body as we walked back to get her some food and water. Extremely dehydrated she only wanted water and growled/choked as she drank it. After a few minutes she started to play with my son, chasing him around. As we started to leave she followed us attempting to jump in the car with us; it was obvious she wanted to stay with us. Reese is now a healthy 2 yr old that loves to play with her older brother Neko (also a rescued cat). She is extremely frightful and shy but also very affectionate. Our family wouldn't be the same without my baby girl.

dori h.
Indianapolis, IN

Meet Rupert & Jr

Rupert and Jr were rescued from a "cat lady" in town. I fell in love with Rupert (black & white) and my husband wanted Jr (female and looks like her father whom we call Bull Dog). There were so many kittens running around the lady's house but these were the only two with no tails. Both came to live with us when they were 6 weeks old. That was 3 years ago. They have since grown into beautiful adult cats.

Ann B
Lucedale, MS

My Baby Turbo

Turbo was rescued from his mother at age 4 weeks. He was given to me as a Birthday gift from my sister. He was VERY little and looked like a bat. He is now 22 lbs and the apple of his daddy's eye. He loves to be rocked in his daddy's lap. He also does not know he is a cat. We have called him Baby most of his life.

Ann B
Lucedale, MS

Meet Bosco

Miss Bosco is a Pixie Bob. She was rescued from a litter that was freezing and starving. She is now 7 years old and quite the queen of the household.

Ann B
Lucedale, MS

My little one, Yuna

I rescued Yuna from a vets office where she stayed for 2 months after coming from living 5 years in foster homes. I thought I really didn't want the heart ache of losing another pet in the years to come. But the deaf, little lady needed me as much as I needed her. I knew nothing about deaf cats, but after some research, I realized that cats really only listen to what they want to anyway. I've taught her sign language, which she caught onto instantly. It's been 3 1/2 years and she makes me laugh everyday.

Patty Zimmerman
Brunswick, OH

Responce to Frago & Jesse Homecoming

Hello Everyone,

I received your e-mails & will add everyone to my list. If for some reason you don't receive photo's & video by Christmas, please feel free to contact me once again. So far, I have over two hundred requests, so if you get lost somehow, just contact me again. I will post on this site that Jesse is home giving an idication as to when you should receive e-mails from myself. I cannot thank all of you enough for your support and interest. I want to bring attention to Terry Millburn, along with her friend, & her niece who have been instruemental in raising funds doing numerous fund raisers, not only for Frago, but for all 12 animals that were sent home. Jesse & Frago will be going to visit her to personally thank her, without whose support, Frago may not be here. It costs $3500.00 to get an animal home.

I have also had requests from you to donate money to Frago. I appreciate this, but we are doing fine and I am sure your local organizations could use the help. You may want info for Terry that manages her local shelter & could probably use donations, or you could donate to the afghanstrayanimal site that brought the animals home, as there are more troops there that also have dogs that need funds. Thank you all again, you are all in my, Jesse, & Frago's hearts for your support. I have met many wonderful new friends & will never forget you or this experience. God bless all of you!!

Much Respect, and my love goes out to all of you.

Frago, Jesse, & Jim

James G. Violante
Parkertown, NJ

My beautiful girl, Floyd

This is a picture of my beautiful baby girl, Floyd.

I had wanted to have a cat since I was about 3 or 4 years old, or as long as I can remember. When I turned 18 and moved out of my parent's home, I found a friend who had a litter of kittens that she would be taking to the humane society if they weren't adopted.

About a week after moving in to my own apartment, I took Floyd home.

She was the runt of the litter, and the only kitten with any pink on her nose - my favorite band at the time being Pink Floyd, it only made sense to give this cute little girl a "boy's name'.

Floyd has been with me my entire adult life. I am now 32 years old, and Floyd passed away three weeks ago, in my arms. I am so lost without her, but I know she had a wonderful life - if her life was made as good as she made my life, then she was a very happy and loved little girl.

I now volunteer at our local feral cat shelter, and will find a new friend to have at home with me one day.

But for now, please do what you can to help animals in your area feel love and care, and adopt from your local shelter, or volunteer for a day to play with the animals!

Angela Borman
Fitchburg, WI


I was devastated when we had to put down Joe our 6 year old German Shepherd/Malamute mix due to a spinal injury. He was the sweetest, most gentle dog you can imagine. It was 2 years before my daughter convinced me she found the perfect dog at the local Humane Society shelter. It was a large reddish brown, skin and bones, depressed and very dirty hound that was found wandering the streets. My heart went out to him. We brought him home that day. To our surprise our vet informed us he was a 2 to 3 year old pure bred Red Doberman whose ears and tail had never been altered. At least he had been spared that pain. Levi was extremely head shy, terrified of loud noises, hands, brooms and small spaces. 12 years later he knows he is much loved, no longer depressed, has learned to play and will gladly put his head in your hands to scratch behind his ears. He is still afraid of loud noises and brooms but in the last year has started going into small areas! Levi turned out to be the best ever puppy sitter. He let our rescue puppy Red Ed crawl all over him and chew on his face and ears. When he had enough Levi would simply pin Red Ed to the floor with his huge paw. Levi is now on thyroid meds and pain meds for his hips but every morning Levi and Red Ed chase the evil squirrels out of the yard then sleep the rest of the day. In the picture our rescue cat Ron has taken over Red Ed's bed.

Pomona, CA

Meet Bo Jangles

Hello my name is Bo Jangles, Bo for short! I was adopted from a rescue shelter when I was six weeks old. My Mom and siblings (there were six of us) were abandoned in Friday Harbor and luckily were taken to a wonderful shelter to be raised until we could be adopted. I have a wonderfull family and a new sibling to play with!! His name is Edward and although he is older than me....we get along great!! I love my new Mom and I love my playtime...but most of all I love the LOVE I have everyday! My wish is for all animals to be adpoted into loving homes and enjoy what I enjoy everyday!!

Big Kisses to everyone from Bo!

Kirkland, WA

Frago & Jesse

Jesse left Afghan. & is in Russia for a few days, next stop Indiana, then home around 12 Dec. We have our camera's ready for the re-union. We are putting Frago in a room so Jesse can great his three little doggies, then the re-union. I just can't wait!! I will e-mail anyone interested in seeing video or photo's, just send your e-mail address: Thank all of you for your support during this trying time. We have come a long way since Jesse rescuing Frago from his beatings & torture. Frago has filled out nicely and is a gentle loving pal. After saving Frago, he would run away from everyone, was starving and had wounds from beatings, plus being shot at. Frago now runs up to us for his constant hugs and kisses and massages. He is full of love and will be a huge surprise to Jesse to see what Frago has turned out to be. He is loved by everyone and is a big hit. I am giving a talk at a combined veterans club with Frago Friday evening. They all want to meet Frago and all of them will be passing the word to donate to this site and the AfghanStrayAnimal site that got Frago and eleven other dogs from Jesses' unit home. All twelve will be re-united shortly. Thank you all again for your kind words and support in this venture.

Jim, Frago, & Jesse

James G. Violante
Parkertown, NJ
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