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Pink Nose

We obtained our wonderful Alex when he was just a very young puppy. He had burns on both back legs from being kept in a crate for long periods of time, and was quite scared of virtually EVERYTHING when we brought him home. But now, he scampers around with our two other doggies...they all have such a great time together...and keeps all of us on our toes!!. He has the cutest pink ears and nose, loves to roll in the grass, and gladly accepts belly rubs!!!

Long Beach, CA


We got Bernie as a stray from the Humane Society after our wonderful therapy dog Phil passed away. We had two other homebody dogs but were looking for someone to share adventures with us. Bernie is the guy. We arrived at the shelter just in time because someone else asked for him but the woman behind the counter said "sorry, he is already taken" (by us). We love our crazy boy and know we have given him a better life than he had out on the streets.

Trisha Paultz
Newark, NJ

Our Little Girl

We found Molly, a Yorkie-Poo, on, and we immediately fell in love with her wit and spunk. We spoiled her a little and she came to think she owned the place. Around 6 months she developed a hip problem, and before she was a year old had 3 hip surgeries (two on the right and one on the left).

The breeder offered to "replace her" and people often asked why we'd spend so much money on a dog instead of putting her down or giving her to a kennel... We had never even thought of giving her away and my wife nearly broke down at the thought of the breeder's replacement offer. Two years on and Molly is still the queen of the house, and if you didn't know her you'd never know she's had work done on both hips. In fact, on a few occasions she has jumped onto our tall bed which happens to be about 26 inches higher than her shoulder height.

Minneapolis, MN

Rescued Kitty

Ajax or "Jax" came into our home about 5 months ago. He was brought into a clinic to be euthanized. Jax is a very happy and healthy kitty but he had belonged to an elderly woman that had passed away. Her son was unable to find a home for him and due to his families allergies he was unable to keep him. I knew someone who worked at that clinic and she called me and told me Jax's story. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take him home! His sweet temperament and pretty blue eyes were just to much to resist. Jax is about 7 years old and my other cat Apollo just turned 8. The two of them get along wonderfully and are inseparable.

Sterling Heights, MI

My Darling Little Cat Misty

This is my Darling little rescued kitty Misty. She is a wild kitten who's mommy was sadly run over. I found this beautiful bundle of joy hiding in the shrubs in my garden and just couldn't resist her little face, and immediately took her in. She has been bottle feed and loved from day one. She is the most affectionate cat ever and loves hugs, kisses and tummy rubs. She is my little ray of sunshine & makes me smile every day when I get home & I couldn't imagine my life without her. She truly is a gift from God.

Samantha Pearse
Durban, South Africa


This is my little nonsense, Pyra. Rescued from the SPCA in Tzaneen (4 hrs from Johannesburg) by my sister. This picture is so apt as she is such a fiesty little girl and is so full of life and love - she is now 5 yrs old and lives very happily with my husband and I and our other 3 beautiful cats.

Paulette Russell

Cape Town

South Africa

CAPE TOWN, South Africa

KC Dia

This sweet little guy is such a "Momma's Boy!' I adopted him from the Chicago Heights Humane Society, IL in 2007, when he was just a little baby...

When I first held him, I knew that I had to have him! That was on Sat. 2-10-2007. I was told that he & his brother were found tied in a pillowcase, on the front lawn of the Shelter.

After filling the proper papers & consulting with a rep of the Shelter, they gave me the OK to be his new 'life long Mommy.' But, 1st he had to go to the Vet to be 'fixed' before I could take him home. I was supposed to get him from the Vet's on Tues, Feb. 13th, but we had a nasty blizzard hit us here in NW Indiana that day and I couldn't possibly make it the 30 some miles to the doc's to get him! The next day, (Valentine's Day), my boyfriend gave me $80.00 & drove me there to bring him home! I just couldn't wait to hold him, again!

I have an older kitty, Kiwi, about 3 yrs old, then & fixed, that is a total 'diva', and as soon as KC came home she suddenly 'grew feathers!' & hid on top of the cabinets! (What a chicken!)

We had to work out some 'sharing issues' with KC, but, now they are 'busom buddies'!

The last inch & half end of KC's tail was at some time broken, but the fluffyness of his fur hides it, although, I wish I could do the same to who ever is responsible.

It's taken a while, but, he loves giving head buts & he wants an opposible thumb!

Yeah! That's my KC Dia! :-) & I luv him & Kiwi, too!

Hammond, IN


We had adopted Diego, a small black Chihuahua, at 7mos from Napa Animal Shelter, and had him only 13 months when he passed away unexpectedly. I was devastated and missed him so much, I went back to the shelter having already picked out another dog. BUT, when we saw Wiley his little snaggle tooth "snagged" us! There was a short time when we were trying to decide if we would keep Wiely or not. We found out the hard way that he suffers from seizures and after careful deliberation we decided to give Wiley as good a life as possible and hope for the best. As you can see, (and with meds) Wiley is doing just fine. Wiley Coyote is part Chihuahua-Terrier(orist). You can see why we call him that by the picture (October 2010). Home from work one day, he didn't meet me at the door as normal. I found Wiley in his bed chewing his green football up. Then he saw me and bingo, photo op! It's hard to be mad at that face. Wiley has quite the personality and his antics keep us in stitches.

Mary Smith
Napa, CA

Meet "Dash"...

When I met Dash for the first time and took him into the quiet room at the pound, he went to a corner underneath a table, sat and simply shook as he looked out the window. It was heart breaking seeing how frightened he was. He didn't make a sound the entire time. Getting him to come out from underneath the table was no easy feat. But eventually he did. I had him sitting in my lap petting him knowing all along he was the one I wanted to adopt. Its an amazing feeling when you "connect" with a pet, they really do become a part of your family. I don't know much about him as the pound found him running the streets and classified him as a stray. But now Dash has a forever home where he gets lots of love and attention, is well fed; has a buddy (golden retriever, who he bonded with right away) to hang out with during the day and seems to be adapting to his new surroundings quite well. He is already house broken and leash trained. He is still a bit skittish, but getting much better. He follows me around as I get ready for work and is extremely excited to see me when I come home. He is an absolute blessing and I couldn't be more pleased to have him around. If you want a loyal friend for life, visit your local pound and save a life by adopting a pet, you won't be disappointed you did ...

Vermilion, OH

It's a Long Way Down

This little eight week old kitten was hanging on to a dead branch of a tree that went straight up approximately sixty feet. The fire department that was a stones throw away refused to assist the little guy. It was Halloween Sunday and no one could be reached that had a bucket truck.

This poor kitten hung to the branch for over seven hours until it was dark outside and he fell to the ground. We tried to catch him but couldn't. He ran into the woods and was trapped two days later. He was so happy to be back with his mommy and siblings in a nice warm house.

He is currently in a foster home waiting to find a family that will give him plenty of love and keep him out of trees. (-:

Lisa Gemmel
Hamilton, NJ
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