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Meet Zorro

Two days before Thanksgiving, we lost our orange tabby, Mango, to old age and it didn't seem like it would be a happy holiday. Our neighbor, Karen, told us about 4 motherless kittens her friend Lori had found. 2 had found homes, but the two little males were still headed for a shelter. Lori brought them up on the day before Thanksgiving for Karen, Mike and I to meet. The runt of the litter was a tiny, all black kitten with caramel eyes. We offered to foster him over the long weekend to see how we all bonded, but it was clear the first night that he wasn't going anywhere. We named him Zorro, and he has burrowed his way into our hearts with his purrs and his comical antics. Zorro has made our house a home again and has helped to ease our pain. As our newest family member, Zorro helped us to have a very Happy Thanksgiving and he got to pig out on turkey too. As it turned out, his brother, Lucky, was adopted by Karen and lives next door—perfect for play dates!

Nancy Walker
Kent, WA

two rescue dogs who rescued me

I found a young Rio,one bitter December evening in 2004 hovering outside a local grocery store, frightened, thin, wounded and desperate. I had lost my dear Casper almost a year before and was still grieving for him so much. I was not ready for another dog. However, Rio was covered in fleas, terrible bite wounds, had both eye and ear infections and broken toes and my heart broke for him. I took him to the vet and after surgery on two feet, neutering and many antibiotics, he recovered. He was a much bigger dog than I was used to but no one ever claimed him so he became mine. Three years later, I saw a beautiful black puppy on Petfinder from New Hope Dog Rescue in Saskatoon, Sk. in Canada. They asked that this special needs pup have a very quiet home with another dog who would give her confidence. She was a feral puppy born to a feral mother who had been captured from a rural area up north. It was like having a baby coyote in the house. She was terrified of me. But she adored my Rio and became his shadow. Over time both Rio and Sasha recovered from their physical and emotional wounds and in the process became the main source of joy, laughter and comfort in my life. I thank God every day for the amazing gift He gave me when he brought them into my life.

Shelley Stone
Leader, SK, Canada

Lost & Found in the garage

I returned home late from the airport on April 1st two years ago and found this sweet lil' 2-month-old pup in my garage. I left the garage door cracked so my other two dogs could get in as my pet door wasn't installed yet. I called all my friends thinking they had dropped the stray off at my house knowing I wouldn't say no, but they all denied it. Charley found me all by herself. She's the smartest, sweetest dog who loves her big sister Jersey and the neighbor cat Sox and loves to ride in the boat and keep watch over everything!

Branson West, MO

Hopsie (Big Red)

Hopsie was put up for adoption by Poodle Rescue in Dallas when it became clear that her high energy puppy-self was not the perfect gift for an 86 year old shut in. We adopted her and she has lived with us and our 2 other small poodles ever since - 14 years! Over the years she has become a Certified Companion Dog, a Canine Good Citizen and is certified by Therapy Dog International. Hopsie has participated in many rescue dog shows but she is happiest at home with friends and family.

Spokane, WA

I found Reginald (Reg) under the house on a cold Nov. day. He

was about 3 wks. old. I had planned to keep him until he was 8 wks. old and find him a permanent home but soon realized this is his permanent home!

Kim Childs
Fife, WA

Louie in Washington

We adopted Louie from the shelter in Sacramento,CA 8 years ago when he was 7 - thanks to a pic on He has been a well loved family member for the last 8 years and he has been living the good life here in Washington - with long runs in the woods and trips to the beach. Now days he spends more time sleeping by the fire and watching the world from the backseat however he is still the curious boy and MUST check out the snow when it comes!

Karen @ Kelso
Kelso, WA

Hit By Car Finds Love

In July 2010, a woman came into the vet clinic I work in. She witnessed a cat get hit by a car. She brought him in, mangled and shocky. Immediately I took him in the back to see the vet. We took radiographs, which he didn't even seem annoyed with. After looking at the radiographs, we realized that his right back leg was shattered. The woman who brought him in couldn't afford his care or keep him. I asked the vet what we could do to help him. She said we could amputate his leg. So we did; and we neutered him. Now, months later, he is thriving, loving life with his 4 month old brother and doesn't realize that he is missing a leg. In the future, I plan on having him certified as a therapy cat; his docile personality is perfect for traveling to visit those in nursing homes and hospitals.

Moral of the story? Help those who can't help themselves.

Visit your local shelter or humane society to find the next member of your family.

Stacey Gunberg
Palm Coast, FL

Love comes to us

Roxy showed up at our house covered in fleas and ticks, and every rib showing. I tried to find her owner, but after a week, no one claimed her. My kids named her and she just won our hearts with her soulful eyes and the sweetest disposition. She has been with us now for 5 years and she is now an 80 lb lap dog.

Fran Rose
Lucama, NC

Sweet Casey

My fiance and I adopted Casey in December of 2008. She was a rescue from a high-kill shelter in La Junta, CO. Casey stole our hearts immediately. She is a sweetheart who is OBSESSED with fetching...she'll fetch for hours. Balls, sticks, toys...anything! When she was approximately 6 months old we thought there was something wrong with her eyes, so we took her to a dog opthamologist. We found out that she is blind and probably has been since birth. We had no idea!!!! To this day, she is the best fetcher in the neighborhood and the snuggliest pup ever!!! We can't imagine life without her, and encourage everyone to rescue a dog!

Littleton, CO

Rescued a beauty

My husband and I went looking for a dog at our local shelter after our dog Maggie died. I wasn't really ready to get a dog, but we found a rather plain looking brown dog. She was 2 years old and house broken. The shelter put me on the phone with her foster mom and we decided to take her home. She was shy at the shelter, but on the way home she snuggled up to me and she has been my shadow ever since. As you can see, she is not plain at all. She is a beauty and we love her. She loves to chase squirrels, kayaking, riding in the car and singing (really).

Luanne Hetz
Ballston Spa, NY
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