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My Sweet Teddybear

I had say goodbye to my sweet boy yesterday and let him go over the rainbow bridge. You can run, explore and sniff now to your hearts content! I know you are pain free and can run like the wind again.

Almost 5 years ago to the day Teddy came to live with us. It was fate. I had been looking at Petfinder 6 months before. I saw Teddy's picture and fell in love. My husband wanted a young dog, not a senior so I let it go. Fast forward 6 months. I was at the vet and asked if he knew of anyone who was looking for a home for a Golden to be a companion to our senior Golden. One of his staff gave me the name of a lady who had a Golden she was fostering. I called, we talked and she said she thought the Golden she had needed to be in a single pet home but she had a senior. I said I didn't have a problem with a senior and she emailed a picture. It was the same Teddybear I fell in love with months before. She brought Teddy out for a visit the following weekend and I knew he was home! I am so sad that it wasn't for longer and so greatful we could make his last years happy ones.

I love you my sweet Teddybear - Fly Like The Wind!!

Lynne Zwak
Hull, GA

My Name is Katie

This is my story. My name is Katie Bug. (See the bug on my back?) I was found by a good samaritan on someone's front lawn when I was just a day old. I still had my umbilical cord attached! No one knows where my momma was. I was taken to a local animal hospital where a wonderful vet tech named Jessica saved me. She took me home with her, fed me and loved me until I was a bit bigger. Her family helped me out when Jessica had to work. Jessica's family had a very good friend who they knew loved kitties. They already had 4 rescue kitties! So, when asked if they wanted to give me a furever home, they said yes!!!

So when I was old enough, I went to live with my new mommy, daddy, and my 3 sisters, Maggie, Abby, Samantha, and my brother Lucky. I am the luckiest kitty ever! I have humans who love me, warm beds to sleep in, other kitties to cuddle and play with, plenty of food, water and clean litter boxes. I will forever be grateful for that good samaritan who found me that day, for Jessica & her family who gave me food and care when I was too tiny to fend for myself, and for my mommy & daddy who took me into my furever home!


Katie Bug Croff!

Debra Croff
North Tonawanda, NY


I adopted Cassie 5 years ago from our Local Shelter here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cassie is a Great and Loving Girl and always knows when I am feeling down and out. She has been the best medicine I can ever want and is so good around all my grandsons.

I would love everyone to know Cassie because of her loving ways.

Joan Jaccoi-Daniels
Las Vegas, NV


This is Sammy on the right with his girlfriend Sissy enjoying Christmas presents in 2010. I rescued him from Wayside Waifs in Kansas City mid December. One of the reasons I chose him is because he was very recluse, and he just didn't want to approach any humans at the adoption center. But after I held him, I new he was the one for my Sissy. I was urged to think very cautiously about adopting him because they said he had a social disorder. I asked what they meant, and they said that they suspected he had been abused. That clinched it, I said you just try and stop me from adopting him. After a period of time, he started to show improvement, and after almost 5 years he has turned into one of the sweetest little boys you can imagine. Him and Sissy's relationship is affectionate, and he never shows any sign of aggression! They are living their lives together in my home with access to a big backyard with big trees and squirrels to chase (they never catch one, but it sure is fun to watch), for the rest of their lives! And the best thing is, I was the real winner from this adoption!!!

Ed Ruff
Merriam, KS

Reunited At Last

The summer of my 17th birthday, I was outside chatting with my family. The smallest kitten jumped right into my lap. He was purring and wanted attention, but he was too small. His ribs were showing and I knew I needed to be his “pet parent.” I asked my dad if we could keep him, but he was hesitant. We had a dog that didn’t like cats. “Besides,” my dad said, “That’s the neighbor’s cat. You can’t just take the neighbor’s cat.”

So I marched right over and told the neighbor, “If this fella needs a home, I have a good one.” She seemed relieved. She was trying to find a home for the litter of kittens. I went out right away and purchased the necessities for him.

The kitten, Liam, stayed in my room that night right on my bed. I slept smashed against the wall because I was so afraid I would roll over on him… he was that small.

The dog actually got along with the cat and they became good friends. However, time rolled by, I went off to college, and the family dog passed away. It took a few months, but my dad wanted to get another puppy. Liam was not happy. He hissed and hid when the puppy was around. I knew he would be happier at my home. I was afraid he would not handle the change well, but within a few days, he became my “mojito”cat. He ran and played up and down the stairs. He has been the best friend and companion I could ask for!

Kokomo, IN

The Kitten Under the Car

One of the neighborhood cats had kittens under my dad's old car the summer I was eleven. I have three sisters (aged 18, 16, & 11 at the time) and once the kittens were old enough, the four of us were out there a lot cuddling the three kittens that would come close. We'd named all of them but mom put her foot down over and over again - no cats. Our dog was enough for one family.

One night when my Mom was at a night class, Dad grabbed us kids and told us we could choose one kitten to keep. Well... four girls couldn't choose just one kitten so we asked Dad to make the decision. Dad being Dad, he asked which kitten looked healthiest. That was a little gray and white kitten named Princess 'cause she was so uppity. So we brought Princess home. She stayed in my big sister's room while us girls went out to buy supplies. When we got home, Dad had already broken the news to Mom. My mom loves to tell that story - she came home from class, walked in the front door and there's Dad sitting at the kitchen table with a little smirk on his face. She took one look at his face and just said, "How many?". And he laughed and laughed.

Princess lived about 15 years - long past us girls moving out and getting pets of our own. The picture is of both the family pets - Xmas '05 - two years before we lost PJ and 9 years before we lost Princess. It's been around a year and I still cry whenever I think about her. I look at my own rescue cat and think of Princess and how she'd crawl under the covers and curl up to cuddle. She never forgave my sisters for going off to college, she always loved Dad best, and she was a real snob but I miss that cat so much some days.

Cedar Falls, IA

School cat

My sweet Nubs was a rescue and release cat so she was obviously feral! She was living under one of the portables at my school. Two of my co-workers trapped her and took her to the vet just to have her checked out. One co-worker decided to keep her. I told her that if she became too much for her to let me know and I would take her even though I had another adoptee at the time and knew that my Elvis would not like another ruling his territory! Well, it looked as though my co-worker could not take care of her as she had a cat and two dogs in a very small apartment and every time she opened the door Nubbie would run out and catching her was a chore! I came and picked her up and brought her home. For two days she hid behind my quilt holder and do nothing but hiss! Eventually, she came out of hiding and started feeling her way around my house. As expected, Elvis did not like the competition and made it apparent every day! She would get her licks in though, so she wasn't too awfully abused by Elvis :). They both came to an agreement and Nubbie has been with us for 9 years! Elvis has since gone onto the rainbow bridge (and I miss him every day) and now my sweet Nubbie has the rule of the roost! Her being a feral cat did nothing to change her sweet demeanor and she is a blessing every day!

Jacksonville, FL

Our Winnie

We got our girl Winnie an 11 month old St Bernard when she came into the shelter where I worked. She was very clean but found on the streets. She was scared & growled at the kennel staff so she was deemed unfit for rescue or adoption so her only option was to wait out the 7 day hold for her owner then be put down. I brought her over for a health exam & she laid her slobbery head on my shoulder in relief. We have loved her ever since. She will live out the rest of her life with our family on our land she has made her own. Thank you for choosing us Winnie

Temecula, CA

Bella, who rescued who?

Never had my own dog before but I always wanted one. Stopped by Petco to get food for my cat Smokey and there was a volunteer from the Human Society holding a chihuahua mix. I just wanted to take a look at her and she gave me a kiss and that was it, I was in love!!

I came home with food for my cat, food for dog, anything a dog needed and Bella.

She has filled me with unconditional love and loyalty, always glued to me, never leaves my side, she rescued me!

Vicky and Bella Savannah
Honolulu, HI

My 3 rescues dogs

Bebe (terrier) was 8 months now 12 years, Youky (blond yorky) was 2y now 8 and Bouky was also 2y now 4.

Carole Lynn
Gatineau, QC, Canada
Purple Paw Trimmed Polar Fleece Jacket
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