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Our Winnie

We got our girl Winnie an 11 month old St Bernard when she came into the shelter where I worked. She was very clean but found on the streets. She was scared & growled at the kennel staff so she was deemed unfit for rescue or adoption so her only option was to wait out the 7 day hold for her owner then be put down. I brought her over for a health exam & she laid her slobbery head on my shoulder in relief. We have loved her ever since. She will live out the rest of her life with our family on our land she has made her own. Thank you for choosing us Winnie

Temecula, CA

Bella, who rescued who?

Never had my own dog before but I always wanted one. Stopped by Petco to get food for my cat Smokey and there was a volunteer from the Human Society holding a chihuahua mix. I just wanted to take a look at her and she gave me a kiss and that was it, I was in love!!

I came home with food for my cat, food for dog, anything a dog needed and Bella.

She has filled me with unconditional love and loyalty, always glued to me, never leaves my side, she rescued me!

Vicky and Bella Savannah
Honolulu, HI

My 3 rescues dogs

Bebe (terrier) was 8 months now 12 years, Youky (blond yorky) was 2y now 8 and Bouky was also 2y now 4.

Carole Lynn
Gatineau, QC, Canada

A Very Merry Christmas - after all!

I always wanted a cat, but I live with my mother and sister, and I could never convince them. My mother said it would be to much trouble and my sister thought she was afraid of cats. Not even cute little kittens would melt their hearts.

So in 2013 Christmas Eve, I was having the worst Christmas ever, had a terrible fight with my boyfriend and we were still upset with each other when we got to my home after a Christmas party. I went to open the gates so he could park the car and there she was, hiding in my garage. So small and scared, she hid behind some tires, afraid of us. I was instantly in love with her, but I knew, as did my boyfriend, that I couldn't keep her. So he said, "that's ok, I'll keep her then", and it made our night better.

She stayed at my house until December 26, when we took her to the vet. There he said she would be ok with the proper care, but she was still too young to be vaccinated. Also, she couldn't be around other cats till the vaccine. As my boyfriend already had a kitty, I talked to my mom, and she let her stay here for one month, till the vaccine day. My sister was travelling, so when she came back home one late night, Khaleesi (that's her!) was here. I thought she would be really upset, but when I woke up the next day, they were both playing together and in only a few days she was also already in love with Khaleesi. During the month, my mother saw how much we loved her, and allowed her to stay.

It wasn't such a bad Christmas after all! At all!

Petrópolis - RJ, Brazil

Forest Kittens

This past summer while visiting friends in another town, we decided to go for a hike. While we are driving through the woods looking for trails near the road, my friend yells "KITTY! There was a cat back there! Turn around!" We end up in a gravel pull-off and see a cat sitting next to the road. She comes up to us and starts meowing and rubbing up against our legs. Then, before we know it, another cat emerges from the woods, then we see more cats! Turns out, there were two mama cats and their nine babies that had been abandoned in the woods.

My friends and I are all crazy cat ladies, so we knew we had to help. We brought them back with us, fed them, washed them and called around to the shelters. None could take them until a week later, so we called everybody we knew to ask if they wanted a cat. Eventually, we found a couple friends who would take them, so I took them back to my house until I had time to drive them six hours to their new home.

While the cats were staying in my garage, I was trying very hard to not get attached. However, being a cat-lover whose 18-yr old family cat had just passed away a couple months earlier, I could not resist. I grew very fond of the two little runts who needed a little extra TLC. I begged my boyfriend (who is slightly allergic to cats), if we could keep them and he relented, under one condition. He only ask he get to name them. So, now I'm a very happy cat mom with my two spoiled boys, Lucifer and Beelzebub.

Alexandra Dominguez
Manhattan, KS

Summer surprise

At the end of June, one of my coworkers approached me at work to tell me they heard a kitten crying in the parking lot. A few people were worried she'd get hit by a car since she was hiding under one of the lumber carts we have and they had been unable to contact the SPCA as they had already closed. Remembering I had cats at home myself, she asked if I would try to grab the kitten. Finding her was no problem. She was very loud, despite how tiny she was. And so very scared she was very defensive when anyone approached. After the coworker grabbed me a pair of gloves, a manager also came out to help. We moved the cart, only for her to run under a riding lawn mower, where the manager cornered her and I grabbed the 'vicious' thing. Took her a minute of gentle rocking, but she calmed down enough for me to cradle her and place her in a box, where she went home with me. After several attempts to find her a home, she decided that we're her family and while she's still scared to death of everything new, she adores my two cats, dog and ferret like they were always her own. My one coworker dubbed her Cosmic Creeper, after the black cat from Bed Knobs & Broomsticks, and Cosmic has stuck to her since.

Niagara Falls, NY

My Guy in the Tuxedo

I'd like to tell you the story of a kitty...

Once upon a time, a little girl found a kitten living in the bushes next to the front steps of her house.

The little girl immediately fell in love with the kitten and named her Allison.

She asked her mom if they could keep her, but her mom said they couldn't.

They did the right thing, though, and took her to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

It was then that they discovered that Allison was, in fact, a boy so they changed his name to Alex.

They also discovered that Alex had a bad case of ear mites.

The Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley contacted the veterinary program at Minnesota School of Business in Richfield to see if they could help him; they could.

While being treated by the director of the veterinary program at Minnesota School of Business, MSB & the humane society thought it might be a great idea to try and find Alex a forever home by posting his picture outside of the registrars office.

I saw that picture on the bulletin board outside the registrars office, went back in, and asked what I needed to do to get that kitten; Alex was approximately 5-months old at the time.

The next day, I showed up to check him out in his cage; he was on his back, furiously playing with a little, blue mouse toy.

I wrote them a check to cover his adoption fee.

I had no carrier, and they didn't either, so I carried him out in my arms, put him in my car, and took him home.

I renamed him Methos, but never forgot his original name; Methos is his first name and Alex is his middle name.

That was 12 years ago this month.

Rescuing him was absolutely THE best decision I've ever made.

I love my little tuxedo guy.

Minneapolis, MN

Spoiled husky

It was a Saturday morning when I saw on my facebook’s newsfeed the picture of a beautiful husky. The local dog shelter was begging urgently for a foster home for the weekend because of the heat wave. I didn't want pets in the house at the time because I just had moved in by myself and I was a bit intimidated by it. But I kept thinking about him, and I kept going back to check the post and see whether he was adopter or fostered. After a while, I decided to call and ask about him.

The girl from the shelter told me how they found him abandoned on the streets. He was in the shelter for 8 months, and after his best friend was adopted, he went into depression and hadn't eaten properly in weeks. With the high temperature, his situation was getting worse. On the Friday before I got him, she found him lying on the ground, thinking he was dead. She hold him in her arms when she realised he was barely breathing.

I went immediately to the shelter to pick him up, but he looked nothing like the picture I had seen. He was practically a skeleton dog who could barely walk. After I fostered him for the weekend they asked me if I could foster him for a month till he got better so he could travel. They were going to send him to Germany to get adopted where the weather is colder and he would have been happier. Maybe I was being selfish for wanting to keep him in this warm country but I just couldn’t give him away. I kept thinking how he would have felt abandoned again and I was petrified of how long it would have taken him to be adopted in Germany. He would have gotten over me eventually, but I would have never gotten over him. All I know is that now he’s a happy, healthy dog who loves long walks and chilling on the couch with me! He could not have been more loved.

Nicosia, Cyprus

Forever in my heart.

This beautiful creature is Kholee and she was found running along a highway. She was scared which in turn made her aggressive.And I knew she was not a good candidate for adoption so she came home with me.Being a Vet tech I understood her anxieties and told her that I would help her and make her life wonderful. It wasn't easy and at times I wanted to give up but I would look at her and my heart would melt.We rescued eachother when she was barely 1 year old.Kholee and me became soul mates and remain that way to this day. Kholee left this physical world at 18 years old.Her passing has left a huge hole in my heart and when it heals .I will rescue another.Such joy and pain in sharing our lives with animals.I wouldn't change that for anything in the world.Adopt or rescue .It will change your world.

cathee molnar
Burlington, NJ


My becker is the most precious to me. She was going to have a bad end, my grandma woudln't accept her at her home so she would be in the streets, (here in Mexico a life of a cat that hasn't home is go to the streets) the little black cat, was given to my family thinking it has a he, but her life changed, as soon they new her sex she was going to be thrown away; but there I was ready and I wouldnt let her out so i took her to my house.

I thought Ela, my siames, would have some problems with her but at the contrary they felt sister at time. Becker survived Ela, I really loved her but she made me feel better, i let her have her babies for the first and only time. She has three precious kittehs that i love and i thought they were many but no. I can have them for the time they want to be with me. I love my becker for giving me the love and the three things to go on for. :)

Erika Rodriguez
Cortazar, Mexico
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