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Muffin's favorite thing ever is to play with children, and that is how we found her. She was at our daughter's elementary school at the end of the day trying to get the children to play with her. When she ran under a bus I picked her up and took her home. She was covered with fleas and was in heat. We were looking for a good home for her, but decided to keep her when she made friends with our other dogs very quickly. Muffin was an honorary member of our daughter's girl scout troop and is a champion fetcher. We have had her for 11 years and love her to pieces.

Beth Otto
Albuquerque, NM


Yo-Yo was dropped off at the local pound with a broken front leg and a broken tail. A local rescue group took him and paid for the surgery he needed to fix his leg. We adopted him to keep Ziggy, another dog we had adopted from this rescue, company. They are best buds now and sleep and play together. Their puppy playfulness adds lots of fun to our lives and the lives of our older pack members.

Beth Otto
Albuquerque, NM


A local rescue group bought Ziggy from a back yard breeder who was selling a 3 week old litter on the side of the road. We got Zig from this rescue for our 19 year old daughter who missed our poodle who had died 9 years ago as an old dog. Ziggy is a speedy and playful dog who brings lots of laughter and fun to our home. We can't imagine life without him and his antics.

Beth Otto
Albuquerque, NM

Liam, A sick pup gets the surgery he needs and a forever home

Liam was found walking down a road in our town. A kind soul picked him up and took him to the vet. We adopted him from the vet and fell in love right away. After we had him for a week he went into a coma and we found that he had a congenital liver circulatory deformity. Fortunately he could be cured with surgery. He had the surgery 9 years ago and has lived with us ever since. He is a rascal and a loving member of our family.

Beth Otto
Albuquerque, NM

Amy Schwartz, Queen of the Desert

When Amy walked into our yard one day she was dirty, and covered with burrs. Her coat was bleached by the sun. When we got her groomed we could not believe how beautiful she was. Our vet said that she had been living wild in the desert for a long time. We tried to find her owners, but were unsuccessful. We have had her for 5 years now and she is the alpha female of our pack. Every day she is more loving and tame--she enjoys being a family dog instead of being wild and all alone.

Beth Otto
Albuquerque, NM

Solo - A Dumped Dog Finds a Home

We found Solo walking down our street one day. People dump their dogs out where we live at the edge of town. We took him in and tried to find his home, but weren't able to. We decided to keep him, and he is now our pack's male alpha. He keeps the rescued puppies in line and plays with them to help them burn off energy. He is a very loving, playful, and happy dog; and we are fortunate to have him.

Beth Otto
Albuquerque, NM

Big boy Rocky

Rocky is 100 percent lab. When we got him he was 6 years old and we were his 3rd family. He was way over weight, and had an infection in his paw that took 3 surgerys to fix. I am not sure what his first owner was like but I know the secound one did not do much with him. We have had many dogs over the years but Rocky has got to be the most loving. He is just in love with the world. He is now 9 years (though you would not know it, he is like a puppy that never got old), his weight is down. His foot is fixed and he is very much loved. I do not go very far without him. I call this photo (New door knocker).

Marquette, MI

Eric and Phil

I took our 10 year old dog Bassin to the vet for his annual check up and came home with 2 kittens! Our vet had rescued some kittens that were at the shelter to be put down and was adopting them out. Eric reached and touched me through the cage and I was hooked. Then the girls in the vets office brought Phil from the back. He is smoke gray and looks just like our 16 year old cat Smokey and I had to have him too! The girls at the vet were so excited because they know our animals live long healthy lives.

Eric and Phil came to us when I really needed them. Just a couple of months after my mom passed away. They helped me through the grieving process and still entertain us today! Eric is sort of shy when we have company but loving and affectionate. He loves to cuddle in my lap or lay on top of my computer when I am trying to work. Phil isn't afraid of anything! He will lay in front of the vaccum cleaner. We love having animals in our home. The dog and cats get along great. Even though we have multiple pet beds throughout the house, we are sorrounded by our 4 babies every morning when we wake up. If anyone is wondering how we got the names... they are named after professional poker players. One last thing.... I don't get to go the vet alone anymore, my husband says 4 is enough... for now anyway.

Marietta, GA

Our First Wedding Anniversary Presents - Dodger & Chyna Doll

One beautiful Saturday in September, 2004 my husband & I were looking for laptop computers. Just so happens we were at a computer store next to a pet store that was holding a rescued animal adoption event - outside! Well, of course all the cute little furry pets caught my eye as we were coming out of the computer store - empty handed at that.

As I started 'drifting' towards the cute little puppies huddling together in their makeshift 'homes' John asked, 'What are you doing?'. I simply replied, 'I'm looking at the puppies'. His next words were, 'As long as you are just looking.'

Before I knew it I was drawn to a crate with 9 puppies and started doing the 'oooohh and awwwwww' along with the other 'kids' lining the sidewalk. I reached down and picked out a chubby little brown puppy and started cuddling her, nuzzling her to my neck. I fell in love with her instantly and new she was coming home with us! I could hear John (his words seemed in the far distance) saying, 'We can't have a dog right now the way we work'. I held her up to his neck for him to hold and nuzzle - he melted and I knew I had him at that moment! I heard him say, 'Okay' and smiled.

I was still surveying the rest of the litter, reaching down to pick another puppy up and I again hear my husband say, 'No!' I said, 'We have to have at least 2 so they have each other to play with.' I was adament about it. We came home that day with 2 cute puppies - our FIRST wedding anniversary presents to each other! We couldn't be happier with them & our other puppy & cat!

Karen Griffith
Athens, AL

Ms Cookie

Cookie came to us by way of Pickens Animal Rescue over eight years ago. We were intending to foster her as she was a tiny kitten needing a foster home. Well, one day with us and she was ours. She is the most talkative and intuitive cat I have ever known. She talks to me constantly and amazingly she has always loved vegetables. Crazy for LeSeur Peas. She rules the house and as one can see she is demanding when it comes to attention. I call her my soul mate kitty.

Jasper, GA
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