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Honeymoon Rescue of Squeaky

We found our little Squeaky while we were on our honeymoon. He was lying lifeless on the sidewalk of a busy road. It turned out he was only a couple weeks old, but very sick and blind. The rescues orgs couldn't afford to take him since they thought no one would adopt him, but we couldn't bear to see him be put down as long as we knew he would still have a good quality of life once he was better. After countless hours, phone calls and $$$ later, we were able to fly back to the island to officially rescue him and take him home to Ohio. Now, we couldn't imagine our family without him. He is just amazing and makes us laugh everyday. Most of the time, you wouldn't even know he is blind.

Adopt a handicap animal . . . they are so special and their spirit for life will bring you an unbelievable amount of joy and fulfillment!!!

Denise Eickmeyer
Newcomerstown, OH

Karl E. Katt

We had a stray cat who decided to take residence on our porch. As the weather started getting colder, my husband made a tent for him so he would be warm. He lined the old branch table with an old wool jacket, blankets, heating pad, and even put up a flap on the front so the heat would stay in there. One day the cat he named Karl wouldn't come out of the tent to eat. My husband took him out and noticed that he wasn't using one of his back legs very much. He called me to tell me he was taking him to the vet. After just putting down one of our 4 dogs, I was concerned about another animal in the house and more vet bills. But once the vet told us that he had been attacked numerous times by other cats, had a fever, and wouldn't have survived his wounds or the cold if we hadn't rescued him, how could I refuse? After numerous stays with the vet, lots of medication and time for his wounds to heal, he has now taken his place with his canine brother and sisters in his new home. We are all very happy he found us!

Kevin and Jennifer
Rochester, NY

Zeus, kings of the dogs

When our Corgi died, we were heart-broken and was unsure we wanted another dog. We went to our local shelter to just "look and see what was out there." No one wanted Zeus as he had one knee surgery already and was looking at having additional surgeries. We decided to take a chance on him and have never been sorry. His knee healed right up with no additional work and he is our fun loving bundle of energy one minute and our lovable snuggler the next.

Dave W.
Austin, TX

Saved From Foreclosure!!

I met my soulmate, Penny, in Sept. 2008!

She is a gorgeous, deep, red Dachshund that was abandoned in a home & left to die. She was dehydrated, starved, & very lonesome. I can not even imagine the heartbreak that she went through waiting for her owners to return.

She was turned over to the Foxy Doxy Dachshund Rescue in Atascadero, CA. The organizer, Stacey, cared for her & started to nurse her back to health. Penny got her name for her rich, coppery coat, which at the time was not as vibrant as it is today. Penny is a sweet & affectionate little girl & that quickly found her many waiting applicants.

Sadly she was bounced around through three foster families trying to find her forever home.

I came with my two Doxie girls, Chloe & Gretta, to our local Doxie meetup & there I saw the most stunning amber eyes I'd ever seen. I picked up this little angel & asked who she belonged to. Stacey told me that she was named Penny & was one of her rescues.

I fell in love at first sight! It seemed she bonded with me right away as well. We looked into each others' eyes & I told my husband that I had to bring her home. Stacey was afraid after all Penny had been through that it might be too soon to go to another home, but I knew she was never going to leave my side.

She agreed to let us try her for the night & that was all it took. The bond between us has grown stronger each day. I sometimes catch her staring at me with what I call 'Love Eyes'. Now a year & a half later I can not imagine my life without her!

Genete Bowen
Santa Maria, CA

Lucky Number 13

His name is Buster Brown now, but when we got him from the Perry Co. Humane Society, the only name he had ever had was #13. PCHS rescued him and over 40 animals from horrible conditions in a single family dwelling; back yard breeders. He was the 13th animal removed from the house and documented. We became his proud parents when he was only 3 months old. We had actually gone to pick out a female around 2 years old, but Buster picked us out instead! Five years later, we still feel WE are the lucky ones!

Connie Wade
Dongola, IL

Reprieve for Tally

I found my 5th cat on at a local 'kill' shelter and decide I had to go get her to be housemates with my indoor cat Tawny (a buff tabby Manx) . When I got there she was so petite, scared and on her last day of life (if I had not adopted her) so I paid my $20 and home we went. I hadn't officially named her but was considering Tally, but on the way home my mom said I should name her 'Reprieve', since I had saved her life. But I decided I never wanted Tally to remember that part of her life so 'Reprieve' was out of the question. She is my little love bug and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. I have since added a black and white tuxedo cat to the mix, Tuffy. Tawny, Tally and Tuffy are the best of friends, but I think her very best friend is my rabbit, Hoppy, and she spends lots of time with him. They sleep together and play. I am not sure if Tally thinks she is a rabbit or Hoppy thinks he is a cat!!!

Love to all my animals - Molly, Saiah, Tawny, Tally, Tuffy and Hoppy (and to my 'Pudge', who I lost in October '09)

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."

Michelle Layne
Orange Co., VA

My Valentines Day Gift of Love

Mischief came to me after his owner passed away following a long battle with cancer. I was alerted to his needing a new home by a vet tech that simply couldn’t let such a great cat be put down because of no fault of his own. This beautiful, diabetic cat, which started out so terribly scared, shy and aloof, has blossomed into quite a comedian and cornball. Valentine’s Day will be our two year anniversary. Truly, he’s been the best Valentines Day present I’ve ever given myself.

Amanda Ladyha
Chaska, MN

Best Buddy Ever

One day I was driving home from work when I slowed down to stare at what I thought at first was a little lamb, frantically sniffing along the curb at a half-run, going down the street. Its fur was matted 4 inches thick with filth, and his nose and legs were black with it even though all his fur is white. I stopped to take a look at him, and he ran up to a house where a man had just gotten out of his car. He explained that this little dog had shown up in the neighborhood right after a huge rainstorm that had flooded many parts of the city, making it difficult to pass from one area to another. He had befriended the man, but would not come into his home or yard because of the man's german shepherd. So I took him home. It took my husband and I over 2 hours to carefully clip away all the excess hair and finally, give him a bath. We instantly fell for him, and were crushed to learn from the Vet that he a very bad case of heartworm, so bad that there was a risk he may not survive the treatment, which was going to be very expensive; but he likely wouldn't live much longer without it. Well, we had fallen hard for this gentle, smart, funny little guy and couldn't turn our backs on him at this point, so we decided to go ahead with the treatment. He came through just fine, and has turned out to be the best Buddy ever - in fact, that is his name!

Ann Harlan
Houston, TX

They rescue me

We have recsued all three of our dogs, first Chamera (far left) she was left in a small kennel for 18 months, forced to live, sleep and eat in her own waste. She was a broken dog when we first got her, now she is living, loving and trusting she has came so far. Next came Maggie (far right) I am not sure of her story but I got her from a shelter, she has scares and a torn ear, she is the energitic one of the family keeping us on or toes, she is so much fun. Next we get Roxy (middle) she also came from an animal shelter, although she did have a loving family for a few months before she came to us, she had a sad past, when she first come to us she would cringe every time someone moved, and she loved to run away, now she is the best one to stay in the yard and she is such a lady. All three of them teach me so much on a daily basis, they truly have shown me how to love unconditionaly, I feel that they have rescued me and continue to do so everyday.

South Ogden, UT

Our Best Friend

It was August 2005 and we were at the PetSmart with our twin boys. They were having kitten adoption day and had lots of tiny kittens in cages. Our boys were very excited about a little kitten named "Rousso". My husband had never had cats before...always dogs. He said, "You can get him, but I don't know anything about kitties!" Rousso was 5 months old and adorable! When we got him home, we found out he was sick with Ringworm! We also found out our son was allergic to cats!! We made the decision to keep Rousso and we made sure that our son was safe and comfortable with him as well. (He has since outgrown his allergies!) Our twins renamed him "Tiger Rousso" and he is our best friend. We bathed him and gave him medicine that cured his ringworm. You could tell by the look in his eyes that he was appreciative! His fur had to be trimmed back with his ringworm, so when it finally grew out, we found out that he is a Maine Coon! Our boys love Tiger Rousso and give him "rides" in the laundry basket through the house, and he plays soccer with them too!! He even fetches balls when you throw them for him!

He has also been through major surgery when he accidentally swallowed 12" of blue ribbon...needless to say, we never keep ribbon around anymore! Now he is our "Blue Ribbon Kitty"!

My husband who knew nothing about kittens now has a new best buddy! Tiger Rousso has him wrapped around his little paw!!

We have since adopted another kitten named Dolce who is also his best friend! We love you Tiger Rousso!!

Pittsburgh, PA
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