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Saul the New York Boy Who Lives In New Zealand

Saul is our New York boy (grey and white) who travelled all the way from the Big Apple to our homeland in New Zealand. In this shot he's with our Australian rescue boy Mac (now buried with honours at our NY property). We are the United Nations of fur kids - Yankees, Aussies and Kiwis. Saul was found by our Australian born Golden Retriever - Walter - and I rescued all his siblings and got them fabulous homes, his Dad was neutered and found a loving home and his Mum (Lenny who I named after my fav detective on Law & Order) is still looked after by Forgotten Felines in NY (she's so smart you just can't trap her!). He's now joined by Kiwi rescue felines Seamus and Angus, plus has a Burmese Princess named Bella and a choc Labrador protector Chase. We also had a magnificent NY rescue dog - Hudson a choc Lab, and they all came back to NZ with us, alas we lost Huddy from prancreatitis far far too soon, but let me assure you he had a fabulous seaside life here and we mourn him greatly. We adore Saul, we love him as much as we love the USA. Keep rescuing people, regardless of race or nationality, animals really don't care about that nonsense. Cheers Julie Clayton-West, NZ

Auckland, New Zealand

His Royal Cuteness Holland Fuzzipants

My boyfriend and i were moving into an apartment together, and decided we wanted a pet. He wanted a lizard, i wanted a bunny. We went to our local Humane Society's open house, and there found Hollin. There were quite a few buns, all little and cute and shy, but he was unfazed by all the visitors. He was 1.5 years old, and had been born at the shelter, so was used to the commotion, i guess.We loved his tough attitude, and when i went back the next week to meet him at a less hectic time, i completely fell for him! My grampy helped liberate Holland in WWII, so i changed Hollin's name slightly as a tribute to him. My boyfriend insists bunnies need cute last names, and since Holland gets "pantaloons" when he "periscopes", Fuzzipants suited. Rabbits are also very regal and often need titles, and when by boyfriend's dad dubbed him "His Royal Cuteness", it stuck! Holland is now 4, and our loving, secretly-snuggly grumpy old man bun:) His little "sister" is fairly skitish, but he's still unfazed when people come visit us, especially since he might get a treat;)

Virginia Reddin
Charlottetown, PE, Canada

From sea to shining sea

Ali flew 3000 miles from New York City to Los Angeles when she was just a puppy to find her forever home. When she arrived, she had a passion, and still does today, for crowded city streets and concrete sidewalks. It took her quite a few months to enjoy hiking trails and forest paths. She always liked the beach though. Here she is soaking up the sun at thirteen and going strong. The decision I made to adopt her is still probably the best decision I've ever made. She just makes life more fun.

O. Mtntop
Los Angeles, CA

To The Mooch

About a year after moving into our new home, I noticed a cat hanging around outside the house during the evening hours. I asked my neighbor if she knew who the cat belonged to, and she said she had never seen the cat before. I didn't think anything of it. I figured the cat was prowling around the neighborhood at night and sleeping the day away at her own home. About a week later I discovered where she was my garage! At that point, I suspected she was probably dumped in our neighborhood. We decided to adopt her. Mooch readily embraced the transition of living inside along with eating all of our food. She is now a welcomed addition to our family in which none of us can imagine life without our loving couch potato.

Great Falls, MT

Princess the Hemingway from Key West

Princess was adopted as a kitten 11 years ago from a Key West family. Her "forever" family went into foreclosure and couldn't take Princess and her two 12-year-old kitty housemates with them when they moved. Princess was the first to be heading to the local pound. When I heard about it I couldn't get them out of my mind. The next day I ran over and rescued Princess and her two friends, Brother & sister, Ricky and Lucy. We are now one big happy family. I sleep surrounded by furry friends.

Clearwater, FL

Sharing The Love

We found Polly a few years ago thru Pet Finders and special angels in Denver ,Colorado. She had been rescued from a shelter in a town near the Kansas-Colorado border. Lucky Us !!

And then little Sophie!! She was almost dinner for coyotes. My son was giving golf lessons on the driving range of our local course when this 'streak' of white whizzed by and landed in a nearby pond. He headed off the coyotes that were chasing her and fished her out of the water.

Weeks later and no owners to be found, Sophie joined our family and Polly and Sophie became sisters!

Albuquerque, NM


Darla, my warm, courageous and self-preserving cat started out with a difficult life. At the age of 3 weeks, a woman found this tiny furball being buried by a Doberman Pinscher who thought she was just a tiny piece of meat. The woman brought her in and tried to nourish this 3-4 ounce little kitten who really had no strength and little interest for life. But the woman was persistant. She saw that Darla had a skin covering her eyes, and upon bringing her to the vet, was told that she would never see. Unwilling to believe this, the woman rubbed a salve over Darla's eyes for days until the skin came away, and Darla's huge ET eyes came into view. She sees perfectly today.

Afraid of other cats, and thorny when it came to people, I first met Darla at five weeks old. Not expecting much, I stepped into the room and before I could make a first move, this grey and white puff ran over and jumped up on my shoe and proceeded to stay there. Well my heart was taken, and she became mine.

Today, 15 years later, Darla is still the light of my day, and is a very happy, healthy, and contented girl. Having gone back to school, she is my favorite "study-buddy" and we are, of course, the best of friends. Love truly does come in the form of a furry package with four paws.

Nancy Shiner
Windsor, ON, Canada

The Karelian class clown !

I read about Archie in a local community newspaper in a Rescue Organizations advertisement. He was a 1.5 years old at that time. At 9 months after being well cared for through puppyhood, his owners took him in to the vet to be euthanized for killing one (or more) or the chickens on their farm, not having researched the breed. He was rescued, as the vet would not perform the task and the local 'angel' was called.

Archie spent the next year living on a farm with 13 other dogs. When he came to me... he was truly a "whack job"! Would eat and drink water until he threw up, would cry ALL night being in his crate in the next room, and had to be touched ALL the time. Separation anxiety was palpable.

Now today... He's taken obedience 1 & 2 (a few times!) and mostly, he brightens the day of ALL he comes in contact with. When I share stories with friends, as soon as I say the word "Archie", everyone erupts into laughter because they know that an unbelievable story is to follow !! I could and SHOULD write a book as there are that many tales of his adventures.

He's the centre of attention, the cause of much, unbridled hilarity and even though he came into our lives (his sister Maggie, and I) a damaged, tragic and awfully disaster-laden boy...

I would not change that decision, now 6 years ago, to adopt him for ANYTHING in this world ! He is truly a comedian and an original, gift from God.

Mission, BC, Canada

Pinky and Hardy

Hardy our brindle pitbull was abandoned as a very young pup. Dropped off behind a strip mall in a cardboard box. We adopted him through our vet's office. He fit in nicely with our two Labrador Retrievers. When our oldest Lab passed away I was flipping through Petfinders and ran across a pic of a Deaf American Bulldog pup. We went to meet "Que" at the Mutt Hutt in Cleveland and it was love at first sight. To make a long story short, we adopted Que through Project Noah. Que became Pinky, because he looks a lot like Pinky from Pinky and the Brain. Although it's been a challenge having a deaf dog, Hardy is great at being Pinky's ears. We have since lost our remaining Lab. Thank goodness for our "vicious" bully boys, their love has made the hurt a little more bearable. Because we all know pitbulls and bulldogs can't hold their licker! They now have a nice big yard to romp in, next to a pasture full of cows. And their very own dog door so they can go out and bark at those big funny smellin' critters anytime they want!

Theresa J. Dearden
York, PA

My World Traveler

When I found Murphy he was just one-year old, but he had spent that entire year moving from one shelter to another, and had lived in a kennel for so long he didn't even know how to run at full speed. He's made up for lost time, though, as he's now been to seven countries in the past nine years. I can't imagine travelling through life without him.

Cinebar, WA
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