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It is always such a miracle when we are lucky enough to meet our fur children. I am amazed and happy that in this big world Charles-in-Charge (CC) and I were in the same place at the same time. All Breed Dog Rescue was in my local pet supply store with a collection of dogs who needed homes. I saw CC and fell in love. His mom was rescued from a thrift store and it was later discovered that she was carrying pups and he was one of them. All Breed Dog Rescue in Yucaipa took care of him and loved him until we found eachother. He is such a joy - always happy which makes me happy. He is only a year old, so we have many more wonderful years to spend together.

Joni Kalcow
Moreno Valley, CA

Our little Peaches

We've had many cats before but none like Peaches. Looking around at the shelter we saw many cats. Our little sister Jayda looked at Peaches and fell in love. After leaving the shelter we asked dad if we could get a cat and when dad said yes we were right back at the shelter. Jayda was still playing with Peaches. My mom didn't like orange/red cats. She tried to get Jayda to look at other cats but she refused. Finally we read about Peaches. We learned that Peaches was found abandoned in a trailer as a kitten and was rescued shortly after being discovered. When they let her out Peaches reached into another cats cage and took some food and ate it in front of the cat's face! I just knew we were going to be the best of friends. Now Peaches is in a loving home where she can run around and cause mischief for people and dogs! Peaches is our fluffy little soldier. She had a fractured leg from falling off a roof and had had seven screws inserted and when she wasn't supposed to jump around she still jumped on the couch and chair like a pro. When my mom had to wake me up at 6:45 in the morning, to make sure that she did Peaches knocked over tapes that my dad had on a table along with coins. She also slept in weird places and positions. Places like the sink and the bathtub, with positions like having her body stretched out so it was completely straight with her paws out or on her back with her foot in her mouth. Since Peaches "adopted us" she is much happier now! And deep inside her heart she will always have a special place for all of us.

Mishel Pollard
Muskegon, MI

Hihma - attitude is everything!

Hihma, (pronounced "Hee-maw"), was found a feral at 3 weeks old. She was with her mom (who looked to have a healed-over broken jaw) and playing with her littermate, when I noticed she was dragging her back legs. She immediately stole my heart. I had to scoop her up before she was discovered by a dog, a mean human, or some other horrible fate. To the vet she went and they found no sign of injury, which meant it was neurological. Hihma (Thai for snowball) is a happy kitty who gets along just fine. Of course, she loves her head scratched because she can't do it herself but she has a fierce spirit, pulling herself up a 3-story condo with her front paws! If you were to ask her, she is just like the other kitties in the house -- perfect! Her strength and attitude is something I see and try to incorporate into my own life everyday.

Austin, TX


As a foster for Adopt a Rescue Pet in Las Vegas I was asked to take Grizzly Adams home. He was in need of medication to get him healthy enough for adoption. After about 2 weeks he was well enough to find a forever home. A couple adopted him and I continued to foster others but always remembered my Grizzy. The adoption did not work and I was asked to pick him up after that there was no going back. I knew Grizzy had a forever home with me. Grizzy has seperation anxiety so we have had some hurdles but we will work through them. When I look in his eyes all I see is love

Las Vegas, NV

Bahama Mama..... Turns Jersey Girl!!!

Pam and Steve went on vacation to the Bahamas in 2006,and their vacation ended like no other.

Every night after dining out, Pam & Steve would search for strays, better known as "Potcakes" and feed them leftovers. One dog imparticular stole Pam's heart. Pam noticed this gentle soul looked very sickly with matted hair and very thin. Pam cried all night thinking about this homeless "angel". Leaving her that night was difficult and so they went back in the morning to find her, To her amazement, there she was! Pam and Steve took her home. Once back at the house they noticed, she was very scared and timid. They shaved her down….removing many of the mattes. With that, she would be called "Rags".

There were many hurdles still to overcome. Rags was sicker than they ever imagined. They realized she would need someone to foster her until well enough to travel to the US. Through care, luck and fate, Pam & Steve found a wonderful family who agreed to foster Rag's until she was well enough to travel back to the US.

Pam told me the story of "Rags." and explained she was unable to take her. Pam already had a dog. My husband Brian and I agreed to welcome Rags into our home with open arms.

With great joy, Rags joined the Armstrong Family on Oct 31st 2006. Rags has brought us an abundance of pleasure. She is the sweetest dog, with a kind heart. We don't know her "true" background, nor do we know how old she is, but we do know one thing, Rag's has brought more joy to our lives than we could have ever imaged, and I truly believe that she was put on this earth for us.

Somerset, NJ

Sweet as chocolate....

We found her on Her name was Cocoa back then and she was rescued by Dawn's Canine Rescue in New York State from a kill shelter in Tennessee. We got her when she was about 9 weeks old. Soon we discovered that Cocoa was the perfect puppy, a smart, loving and adorable dog - getting along perfectly with our 3 kids and our rescued cat - so smart and fast learning that we decided the name Jackie to be more appropriate. Today (only a few months later) Jackie is a full member of our family - we could never imagine not to have her !! And thanks to dedicated people like Dawn and the people from Petfinder Jackie has found a family and a future ! Thank you !

Rita Buehler
Louisville, KY


Snoopy is hunting dog,as a puppy less than a month old he was left all alone in the small cage in the yard close to my workshop.He was crying so loud for couple of days before I find him.He was so weak and skinny.From the moment I put him in my pullover he slept for days..Man who left it there came to me to ask his dog back.We where arguing about two months until he finally took the dog from me and put it in the same cage.It took me lot of trouble to find the place he live and take back the Snoopy.He is wonderful dog!

Midnight was unwanted, less than a month old Kittie thrown in a basement to hunt the mouses with two rottweilers around it!It was so quiet and skinny.I took him home.I didn't know how they are going to react on each other,but I was so happy to see that they love each other from the moment they met.Midnight is very special cat.He is gentle and calm full of love for everyone.Never scratch,never fight and always close to Snoopy and us.They never make mess in the house,they kiss us for good night and wake us up in the morning with hugs and kisses.They play together sleep together,eat together..I wish all the people could be so lovely and gentle like them.

Athens, Greece

A blessing

Five three week old little puppies were found in the parking lot of a pancake house and were brought to me. When I saw Beethoven I knew he was sent to me. He has brought joy and laughter into my and my 13 years old Broomhilda's life.

Miami, FL

Runt of the Litter No More!

Our little Mittens had been a mere 2 weeks old when someone left her in the vestibule of a Wal-Mart, one Saturday morning just over 6 years ago. A bunch of folks looked at her, but she fell asleep on my wife's shoulder; we were hooked and took her home.

Nursing a baby kitten is not exactly easy, but she was worth it!

Our vet said she may have been the runt of her litter, but that's not true any more. She is full-sized now, and a real princess!

Winsted, CT

My little Wolfie

We recently had to find a good home for our two cats because of my husband's allergies and we're devastated by the loss. It was fate that little Wolfgang became ours! A week after missing the kitties I walked into my husband's office and said "let's look at NE Humane Society's website, I want a Yorkie" and there he was, "Harry" -- turns out he had just gone up for adoption that morning! My husband was not so convinced.

That afternoon, when pulling up to a restaurant for lunch, I said "after this let's go meet Wolfie" but my husband was still hesitant.

I eventually convinced him to go to the pound and we walked in the front area, which is usually a busy mix of people and potential pets milling around, but it was empty. Then one girl walked out of the visiting rooms with a tiny dog in toe. I said, "Is that Harry by any chance?" and she said "Why yes, I'm just taking him out to go to the bathroom." Out of all the dogs in the entire place, Harry was the only one in the entire front room!!

That sealed the deal, fate had been throwing out signs and I read them all. Turns out he was a rescue from a puppy mill and had been kenneled all day and night of his little three-year life. Flea bitten and infected we are loving Harry Wolfgang "Wolfie" back to health.

Michelle Bruckner
Omaha, NE
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