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Phil's "Mousie"

Our little "Mousie" lived with his feral group in our apartment complex in Miami. Phil had seen him and wanted a kitten. I waited to be sure he didn't belong to someone. But when he sought us out (we lived on the top floor. How did he know?) and climbed our tree, I knew we were his. I put him on the screened porch for the night and I slept by the door with him on the other side, just inches apart. We moved the next day with him in a cardboard box. I helped him 'mark' the new yard and he never ran away.

We moved several times and he never ran away. We had so many adventures over our 16 years, as we explored the woods and our world together. I carried him on my bike, under my sweatshirt like Kanga and Roo. He sat respectfully for my attention. He knew his name, 'outside', 'go home', 'stay' and 'good boy' and came (closer) when called. He was an outside kitty. Even when it rained and snowed, he'd rather be in his (heated) dog house on the deck than inside. At 10 lbs he stood ground against raccoons (me and the water hose as his posse). When he broke his leg I carried him outside. When I broke my leg he demanded I walk with him in the garden. He was the best cat/dog I ever had and when he needed to leave us I gave him his last shot. He purred and licked my finger until he was gone. We still miss him 5 years later.

And now our new Mousie (I've had 4 Mousies) found us. Such a sweet, lap kitty and she sleeps w/ Phil on the bed! Phil's got HIS kitty at last!

Phil & Marianne
Portland, OR

Finding Nemo

A week before Thanksgiving 2003, a coworker stepped out of the office for a quick smoke. She quickly came in and told me there was a kitten in the bushes and he was crying. Our office is on one of the busiest roads in the town. We knew the mother, she was a feral cat and our assumption was that she was moving her babies and was spooked or the baby got separated from her. I walked to the parking lot and heard the pittiful cries of a kitten no more than 3 weeks old. I have to say though, he was fat as a butterball and was clean and flealess. I called for him and he came to my voice and as I scooped him up and placed him to my neck, I felt the trembling kitten calm down and settle in. I knew, right then and there, he was mine and he was going home with me. I taught him to eat and drink that day. I fed him in a peanut butter jar lid and his litter box was a disposable pie pan. He was so tiny! I placed a stuffed bunny, the size of a grapefruit, in with him. That little bunny is HIS bunny and he carries it throught the house and plays with it. He is a special cat, so much so, that I can't even begin to explain in 200 words. In our house, he is "the baby" and he knows it. I can't imagine him not in our lives.

I don't know whether I found Nemo, or Nemo found us. All I know is that he is a very special cat!

Green Cove Springs, FL

TLC stands for Tender, Luke and Care

Our Tail of Love started in march 07, when we adopted Luke.

He had been beaten and abused,

and found himself at a shelter with a broken hip and a broken spirit.

The minute Luke stepped paw in our house, TLC stood for Tender, Luke and Care, and we realized very soon, a dogs love knows no boundaries !

Luke had wrapped us around his little paws in no time, and Life for all of us had a whole new meaning, filled with laughter, devotion and gratitude ! Our Tail of Love could be rewritten each and every day, a tail about a little white dog named Luke, whose spirit is no longer broken, and ours, which will be changed forever !

Sabine Mohrmann-Sabec
Chicago, IL

Kelly and the Cat

On a very cold, snowy March night in 2005, a hungry and sad looking cat arrived at our door. We took him in, fed him, made a warm bed and then proceeded to try to find an owner, as he had no identification or collar. After almost two weeks of searching, we couldn't find anyone who knew him. We had taken the cat to the veterinarian for a check up and he was found to be in good health. We declared him to be "Dusty the Cat" and our responsibility, much to the chagrin of Holly the pooch.

I have a sister, Kelly, who is deaf and visually impaired, and as we had lost our mother the year before, Kelly was very sad. She would tell us in Sign that she missed her Mom, and as the baby of the family, she had had a special bond with our mother. However, with the arrival of the wayward cat, we began to notice a bond developing between Kelly and the cat. We also noticed the sadness leaving Kelly's face, replaced with bright eyes, laughs and smiles. Today, they are inseperable and Dusty is the light in Kelly's life. Where did the illusive Dusty come from, and why, at that time, when Kelly was so lonely and lost? Wherever it was, the two found each other, at a time when they were both in need of love and friendship, and that's all that matters.

Beverly Farrell Renny
Antigonish, NS, Canada

My Princess

It's been a year since I read about JinJin's resuce from a puppy mill. When I read the news article about the resuced dogs tears filled my eyes. My husband asked why I was crying and I showed him the article and picture of 1 sad little dog (JinJin). He suprised me by saying let's go get her.

A month later she came home and has been a blessing to our whole family. There isn't a day that goes by that I see how happy we have made each other.

Shannon D.
Ottawa, KS


I was determined not to get another cat after my last one died, but when I saw Peaches at Last Hope, I knew he was special. He (yes, a male!) had a beautiful face and needed a loving home. He was scared, had been abused, but I knew that he was perfect for me. It took awhile for him to trust me, but he is now the perfect kitty. It's so nice to come home to him every day!

apple valley, MN

Two big rescued dogs

Duncan, a husky/golden retriever mix, was adopted as an adult from the New Smyrna Beach, FL humane society six years ago by my brother-in-law. He's been a wonderful companion. Jethro, breed unknown, was seen being unloaded from a pickup truck about three miles from our house according to a neighbor. After a week, he made it to our front yard. The last thing we needed was a 72 pound dog, but he convinced us he should stay. We don't know his story, but someone took the time to house break him and teach him to sit. He even sits pretty for a treat. He's a gentle giant and a really great dog!

Michele Walker
Waycross, GA

She adopted us!

When she showed up on our porch shaved by pranksters, hungry, and pregnant, we nicknamed her Buzz and it stuck. A local rescue group agreed to help us if we would foster Buzz and her kittens until we could find them all homes. We ended up falling in love with Buzz and her wacky personality. On chilly days she rearranges the pillows on our bed so she can stay warm, and she's always the first to say "bless you!" when someone sneezes. We're so glad she chose us!

Puyallup, WA

In Memory of Mercy

Mercy was just a small kitten that was adopted in Missoula, Montana. Unfortunately, not all homes are "forever homes" with happy endings. In her new home, Mercy was tortured. Her head shaved, her little body thrown against a wall or possibly stomped on and by the time police arrived, her new owner was trying to flush her down the toilet. Her spine was too severely damaged to repair. Her abuser took his own life when police went to arrest him. Mercy's forever home is now with God. My wish is for you to stop and think about Mercy and say a prayer for her and all the other abused animals. May God bless all the animals!

MaryLou Bohenek
Missoula, MT

What a pup!

When our beloved Dutchess had died in July of 1998 we had decided no more animals. My husband was in a funk that we could seem to rid him of. His buddy was gone, his habits of petting her while he opened the mail and a quick nap together in the chair were gone. My daughter and I decided enough was enough. We went to several shelters looking for just the right dog. When we saw Jake, he stole our hearts. I think he saved us rather than us saving him!

Laura Brinker
St. Charles, MO
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