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My Curious Gift

This is Curious Tut he was a gift to me. This little ball of fur saved my life and I saved his. His mommy kicked him out and the Maintenance Man at my apart brought him to me and asked if I wanted to try and save his life, well sure I did so I went to work.

My relationship broke up after 20+ years and I was in a real depreation but Curious gave me something else to think about.

He grew into a beautiful handsome cat, I named him Curious bc he stuck him nose into any and everything and Tut bc he thinks he is Tut. He saved me and I saved him. Everyone where I live said I was throwing my money down the drain but no way it proved the right thing to do. Save a Kitty or Puppy and you will have a very loyal pet. I know I do.

Junction City, OR

Lacy's Legacy

We first saw Lacy when she was in the "Lost & Found" section of the Delaware SPCA shelter. When we returned a few days later, she had been moved to the "Adoption" section and was curled up on a little blanket. Someone there must have thought she was special because she was the only dog with a blanket. Even though Lacy was at least 10 years old and had numerous health problems, we brought her home and started to pamper her. She loved being loved! When it became too difficult for her to walk, we got a stroller for her and she thought she was a princess in her carriage. She loved going everywhere with us in her little stroller. Lacy was with us for almost 3 years, during which we were able to give her a warm and comfortable home where she knew that she was greatly loved. What she gave us was priceless - and we have now focused our efforts on rescuing more senior dogs!

Sara Lang
Wilmington, DE


Lani spent the first four years of her life abused in a Lancaster, PA puppy mill living in a 2x2x2 foot wire mesh cage where she received little care or contact. She was going to be killed because of “poor productivity”. The Delaware Puppy Rescue rescued her. She was afraid of everything, malnourished, all but five of her teeth were rotten, and her fur was so matted with feces that she had to be shaved to the skin. Her foster family gave her the name Lani that in Hawaiian means “Noblewoman.” Lani would live up to her name. When we adopted Lani she expressed no emotions or feelings, she was uncomfortable when handled, she was afraid of most sounds, she made no sounds, she did not know how to go on a walk, and she did not know how to play. However, Lani has a strong character and she was not ready to give up on life. Lani learned not only to go on walks, but she enjoys long walks. She expresses curiosity in her surroundings. She moves around without fear in our home and when outside, and she has learned to trust people. After 12-18 months she no longer jumps at every sound. During this time Lani discovered that she could make sounds, she barked for the first time! She now enjoys the touch of a human hand. Between 18-24 months Lani has learned to express emotions and developed her own character and personality. Lani can become excited and she will “race track”, but unfortunately she has not learned to play . . . her puppy hood and its lessons were lost permanently. On February 9th Lani celebrates three years with us. We have learned a lesson about life from Lani – a lesson valuable to all humans.

Key Largo, FL

Poor Maggie

Maggie & her son George were found running down a major freeway. Their foster mom narrowly dodged a semi truck to get them into her car. After further evaluation of the dogs Maggie seemed to have been used for fighting, she has scars all over & most her teeth were broken by pry bars. She is the most sweet, loving, & caring pit youd ever meet. Most people that meet her say they'd trust her with their children, but unfortunatley maggie thinks making people happy means she needs to attack other dogs. So she is currently being trained to be nice with other dogs & even let another pitbull sit on her while licking eachother! Thankfully George got loose before being trained to fight & loves his fellow pack members! Moral of Maggie's story is that just because someone at first taught her bad things doesn't mean they'll always be a bad dog! Thanks!

Auburn, WA

My Fourth Rescue Dog- Bentley

Sadie, a lab/greyhound mix was my first. Abused and dumped. I adopted her at 14 months and she lived to 11 years. Lost her to cancer. Sarah, a black english cocker was next- neglected with eye and ear infections, we adopted her as a puppy, she died at 14 years old, warm and loved. Sophie was third, a black lab doberman mix. Starved to 39 lbs. at 15 months old. After I had her a while, she weighed 80 lbs. She died at 8 years of copper toxidosis/liver failure. All 3 of these dogs were spoiled rotten and loved as my children. Bentley, my fourth, is a full blooded boxer who was severly beaten around his head as a young puppy. He was seized by animal control for abuse at 4 months, and was placed with another family that didn't understand a special needs dog. They had him about 7 months, when I adopted him. He is terrified of new people, but always seems to be touching me. He is spoiled absolutely rotten- he sleeps under the covers in the bed (sometimes not leaving me with much bed!), gets anything he wants, and is just as sweet and loving as any dog I have ever had. He has been with me for about three years now, and I couldn't consider myself luckier to have him.

John Brown
Colorado Springs, CO

Princess Jazmin and her followers

When we came back from our vacation, we came home to our wonderful children, Bonnie & Clyde (orange cat) and Chester. I adopted Chester from a no kill shelter in Las Vegas, we moved to Northern Nevada and thought that he needed a brother or sister and we ended up with Bonnie and Clyde (brother and sister that their mom was a calico but there dad was some kind of large wild cat). Clyde is a small tank well that what we think anyway. He is about 30 lbs and the vet said he is healthy. Anyway when we came home we had a knock on our door from a friend. Some kids found this little princess in their truck engine. She was about 2 lbs and had or did have at one time a broken leg. We took her in she did not look more than 4 to 6 months old. She was so precious. We named her after Princess Jazmin from Aladdin. Well about a month or so later Princess Jazmin blessed us with 6 precious kittens. She was a great mom and raised her wonderful children. She loves to help mommy in the kitchen with dinner and she loves to be with us all the time. She is one of the greatest things to happen to us! We love her so much! We were blessed that she came into our life. If she hadn't she wouldn't have been able to have her kittens and survive in the wild. We are happy that we said yes!

Cat L
Elko, NV

Sometimes trust takes a little more time...

Ellie came to me in January 2008, when I fostered her and two other very small kitties that had been caught as strays by the SPCA and were pretty wild. All needed "socializing", before anyone would consider them for adoption. Ellie had apparently been severely traumatized, and just didn't like or trust people. Luckily, she loved cats so we allowed her to mix with our other two cats and she seemed happy, even though she wanted no part of us. We always showed her love and respect, but did not try to force her to accept our touch. After a year as a foster, she still did not want us to touch her, and we realized her potential for SPCA adoption was very small; so we decided to adopt her ourselves.

Its been another year now, and although she still is very skittish and definately cannot be picked up, I am happy to say she craves attention now and will run to me when I am in certain "safe" (defined my her) locations in the house (currently only on the couch!!??) and roll around on my lap, show me her belly and even lick me. I know she loves me and is fighting her old instincts/memories because she loves the love I give her unconditionally. I am honored to be loved by this little girl (now Elenor), and look forward to witnessing her ongoing journey towards trust.

I tell this story to encourage others to look at the shy, timid, mistrusting souls residing in some shelter cats, and consider (if you have a quiet home) spending some time and love convincing one of those kitties that the world isn't all bad. It is so rewarding watching an injured soul heal, and maybe for the first time, feel love.

Charlottesville, VA

Princess of Neena's

My Daughter lived and worked in Nashville in 2008. We found Roxy online to live with her so she had a sweet little Princess to meet her at the door. I had said I would never have an inside dog, but after my Daughter was injured and moved back home, she brought Roxy with her. Roxy and her brothers and sisters were within one hour of being euthanized, but a lovely lady rescued them and we were fortunate enough to adopt Roxy, who was thought to be the calm, laid back one of the litter......wrong! Roxy has more energy than 3 puppies and we love every minute of it. Roxy is now Princess of the house and gets along great with her big sister, Cherokee (13 ), our outside dog that followed my husband home when she was a puppy! I truly believe that Roxy has helped extend Cherokee's life. Even though there is 12 years difference in age, they play like puppies. Roxy loves to snatch papers, credit cards, and especially money left laying around and trade them for treats and she watches Nascar and football on TV! How could anyone even think about euthanizing such a precious Princess?

Linda Hobbs DeMets
Dunnellon, FL


We had been looking for a dog at the local shelters for a few weeks when Emily stole our hearts. She was the only dog at the rescue center that day who was not barking, and she gently licked my hand through her crate. That was it. We fell in love. Three years later, she still makes us laugh on a daily basis with her antics. She likes to run on the beach, devour her jerky treats, and most of all sit on the couch and watch for intruders. She does not like it when we make her wear hats, but made an exception for this photo shoot. We are so grateful to all the wonderful people at the rescue organization who looked out for her and gave her a second chance.

Megan M
Aptos, CA

The little run-a-way

My daschund mix, Fini, ran away from his neglectful home and into my arms (literally!). His previous owner didn't care for him or his brother and his brother was eventually hit and killed by a car. Fini has been such a wonderful addition to our family and provides so much love to me. Anytime he sees a child, he has to go up to them and be their immediate friend. My 7 year old nephew loves Fini and Fini loves him back. I can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't been at the right place at the right time for Fini to have run straight into my arms and my heart.

Jennifer Utter
Rocky Mount, MO
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