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Our First Wedding Anniversary Presents - Dodger & Chyna Doll

One beautiful Saturday in September, 2004 my husband & I were looking for laptop computers. Just so happens we were at a computer store next to a pet store that was holding a rescued animal adoption event - outside! Well, of course all the cute little furry pets caught my eye as we were coming out of the computer store - empty handed at that.

As I started 'drifting' towards the cute little puppies huddling together in their makeshift 'homes' John asked, 'What are you doing?'. I simply replied, 'I'm looking at the puppies'. His next words were, 'As long as you are just looking.'

Before I knew it I was drawn to a crate with 9 puppies and started doing the 'oooohh and awwwwww' along with the other 'kids' lining the sidewalk. I reached down and picked out a chubby little brown puppy and started cuddling her, nuzzling her to my neck. I fell in love with her instantly and new she was coming home with us! I could hear John (his words seemed in the far distance) saying, 'We can't have a dog right now the way we work'. I held her up to his neck for him to hold and nuzzle - he melted and I knew I had him at that moment! I heard him say, 'Okay' and smiled.

I was still surveying the rest of the litter, reaching down to pick another puppy up and I again hear my husband say, 'No!' I said, 'We have to have at least 2 so they have each other to play with.' I was adament about it. We came home that day with 2 cute puppies - our FIRST wedding anniversary presents to each other! We couldn't be happier with them & our other puppy & cat!

Karen Griffith
Athens, AL

Ms Cookie

Cookie came to us by way of Pickens Animal Rescue over eight years ago. We were intending to foster her as she was a tiny kitten needing a foster home. Well, one day with us and she was ours. She is the most talkative and intuitive cat I have ever known. She talks to me constantly and amazingly she has always loved vegetables. Crazy for LeSeur Peas. She rules the house and as one can see she is demanding when it comes to attention. I call her my soul mate kitty.

Jasper, GA

Coco Came to Church!

Coco arrived for Sunday School one Sunday morning in March 2005. When our morning worship service was over, she left the fenced playground area where she had been sunning and walked toward several ladies of the congregation, passing at least two of them by until she reached me. She stopped at me and sat at my feet, looking up into my eyes, begging for a home. The gray around her mouth and her worn front teeth told me she was an older dog and the huge clumps of matted hair hanging from her ears told me she'd been on her own for quite a while. Coco, our sweet Boykin spaniel, has been happily with us for the past five years! She has delighted us with her 8:30 bedtime when she tries to "round us up" to go to bed. When we do, her soft breathing and gentle snoring provide a soothing background for us as she sleeps by our bed! Thank you, Coco, for being our special gift from God that Sunday morning!

Nancy C. Townsend
Florence, SC

My Girls

Chelsea, my Sheltie came first. She was very abused and hid under my bed. But with LOTS of love and kindness, she is now my best friend and follows me every where. Chloe, my long coat Chihuahua came from a breeder. I got her at age 3, and she had already had 4 litters. As you can see they are inseparable. "My girls" and I go to a local nursing home once a week to bring some joy to the residents. However, with all of the attention and petting, I think "my girls" enjoy it more than the people there. Rescue or Adopt. You won't regret it. It's the true definition of unconditional love............

Gayle S McCray
Michigan City, IN

Our Dave :)

We found Dave, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi on It was love at first sight. As soon as I saw his sweet, little face, I knew I had to go adopt him. The people at the shelter were definitely looking for a good home to care for Dave. They warned us that Dave had health issues, but knowing that made me want to love him more. We brought him home where he met our other Corgi, Tommy. They became friends and brothers. Shortly after adopting, we began to notice more of Dave's health problems. Our vet discovered that he had Cushing's disease. His liver was slowly losing function. As sad as this was, we made the best of our time with Dave. He loved sitting on the sofa, chewing bones, and most of all...eating! He was the calmest, kindest animal. You could just tell he had a good heart. Last Friday night, his health declined to the point he couldn't stand. I sat with him and said that he had to promise to go live with God when he left us and that he wouldn't hurt or be sick any more. I told him I would meet him there one day and that I would always love him. The next day, Dave went to live with God. Although my heart is aching and will forever, I know that Dave had a good home with us and is in a better place now. I also would encourage anyone to adopt a shelter animal that needs your help, even if it will be a challenge for you. Every animal deserves love. I know that I will never get over the loss of Dave, but I will be able to adopt other animals and love them in his memory.

Trish Mascarenas
Goshen, IN

Pinka was running for her life

This is Pinka, now about 12 years old. My sister and I found her running down the middle of a busy road when she was about 18months old. She was emaciated and hairless, just pink skin, and showed signs of recently giving birth. We stopped and coaxed her into the car. After a fruitless search to see if we could find her home and her puppies, Nancy took her home and showered her with love and affection, and later had her spayed. She is now Nancy's "best girl" happy and healthy, the love has been returned 10 fold and she has assumed the role of loyal protector. Definitely our "best girl" !!

Cedar Vale, Australia

Milo, my heart

My college roommates desperately wanted a cat and I, being a poor college student, couldn't afford one so I was extremely "hands off" on the process and just went along for the ride. Well, we came in looking for a black, male cat, and instead were drawn to the biggest, gray tom in the place. We reached our hand into pet him and he flopped down on his back and that was it; he was ours. Ten years later, I no longer am in contact with my college roommates but still have my sweet Milo as there was no question from either of the roommates who he would be with as he had been my shadow from day 1. He loved ME from the first and the feeling was mutual and absolute. He is the strong manly man of my house. He's the one who kills mice quietly and with much dignity while his younger brothers have failed miserably. He's quietly sat by during times of pain and times of joy, and just been MINE the whole way through. He's really the child of my heart and I will be lost without him. That is why we have a pact that he will outlive the oldest living 100 years. :) I thank every day that my roommates wanted a cat, as I ended up getting, what I feel, is truly my soul mate.

Minneapolis, MN

Three babies

Shy was my first rescue dog I adopted while working at a Humane Society. She has been my favorite thing to come home to no matter where we lived for 6 years now and we couldn't be happier. Kingston was adopted by my roommate almost a year ago. He and Shy are the greatest of friends. Sebastian came to us after losing his mom and trying to survive on dog food for a few months. He's been such a great addition to the family. He loves the dogs and they love him. My life is so much better because of all three of them. Thanks animals!!

Cory Semonsen
Oakland, CA

Hi - I'm Junior!

I was thrown over a seven foot fence and abandoned to an enclosed yard.

I couldn't see, only had half my teeth. I was so scared and starving.., but a burly biker rescued me and I now have a forever home and a name ! .., and the loudest purr my human as ever heard. He told me so..,

Help rescued animals - they’re worth it - just look at me !

Chelan, WA

My Precious Katya

She was curled up in the back of the cage at the Humane Society – looking so thin and scared. Her fur had the most unusual markings and beautiful coloring, shades of brown and black and peach on a white background. She was cross-eyed, with beautiful blue eyes. She looked at me, but wouldn’t come to the front of the cage to talk to me.

Katya had been living with a couple who had four male cats, and she had to share their litter box. Can you imagine using the same bathroom with four unruly bachelors? To express her displeasure, she pooped on her owners’ desk. They didn’t want her anymore, and took her to the Humane Society.

I came back three times to visit with her. On the third visit she allowed me to hold her. Then she put her little nose into my neck and whispered, “Please take me home, I need a safe haven.” It was love, love, love!

We adopted each other that day.

Katya is now healthy, happy, and playful. She has a lot to say about everything. She enjoys her toys, and watching the birds. Her favorite toy is tissue paper. She loves running and diving into it and rolling around in it.


Marilyn Bender
Tucson, AZ
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