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5 Pounds of Joy

I had almost given up on finding a small, male dog as a companion to my mother's miniature Daschund. After three weeks of seemingly unending grief from the loss of my previous dog, and weekends of visiting pet store adoption areas, my mother convinced me to try the Humane Society animal shelter one last time. As we walked in to the shelter, I saw the lady behind the counter holding a very small and trembling Chihuaua mix. I was told that he had been brought in that morning by his owner who stated she was going through a divorce and "didn't want anything to remind her of that man". I immediately asked to hold him and spent the next 45 minutes getting acquainted. After much thought, I finally decided to take the chance that he would get along with my mother's dog, and took him home. At 18 weeks, he was thin, had a dull coat, had not had any of his shots, and had to be coaxed from under the tables. Thankfully, he and Katy hit it off immediately and are best buddies. Not liking the name he had been given, I immediately changed it to Desi. He is very sweet, loves to be held, but can have a temper. (Don't surprise or bother him if he is sleeping). Now Desi rules not only my house, but my mother's as well, and has changed from 5 pounds of joy to more than 6 pounds of pure delight!

Sheila Foster
Irving, TX

The Steel Panther

When my boyfriend and I moved out, I wanted a dog more than anything. I have always had dogs and knew I needed a furry friend at my new place. Since our place was too small for a dog, we decided on a cat. We wanted to save one so we went to PetSmart, where the Last Chance Rescue puts their cats and kittens up for adoption. We found P-Kitty, just a 10 week old ball of grey fur, chasing his tail in the cage. Rescuing him was the best decision of my live. He greets me everyday when I get home, plays fetch, does tricks, begs for people food, sleeps with his favorite toys and goes to bed with me every night. He thinks he is people (or a dog) and is the most fun, loving cat I've ever met. I am so glad we found each other.

Carolyn Devilbiss
Pasadena, MD


I found my golden bear Laddie on a rainy day in December in Houston! He was following a lawn maintenance crew on a busy main street! When I asked the crew if they knew where he lived they just shook their heads.As I turned back to my car I could no longer see him. When I checked around and under my car he was huddled there trying to keep out of the downpour! I bent down and called him and he came right to me, all muddy and wet! He was overjoyed to get in the warm dry car.

After checking with the neighboring vets and leaving a notice with the local shelter I took him to a groomer and had him bathed and then to my vet for his ear infection and then I purchased a crate because we had cats at home!

Laddie was looking a lot better but I still had to overcome any objections from my husband! Of course the minute he saw Laddie and got him out of the crate he was in love. I continued to search for his owner the next day but there was no response. My husband said to get him neutered and then we could keep him! He is the most loving, social little guy I have ever had. He is our "LITTLE PRINCE".

I have great difficulty ignoring the plight of all the abandond animals in our area! I have had to add two more little guys to our home but Laddie is the great love of our lives!


Love Always

I adopted my baby Sinbad from a local Pound back in Feb 1996 when he was 2 months old. Sinbad was the only dog of all the dogs in the pound who ignored me which made my decision to adopt him that much easier (I'm stubborn and don't take no too easy). I adopted Sinbad and had the honour of having him in my life for the next 14 years. Sinbad passed away on the 7th of December 2009 and although tears are streaming in my eyes as I submit this story of him, I want people to know how important an animal truely is to ones life. Sinbad saved my son's life as well as mine when I was severly beaten by my ex. Sinbad was not trained to attack as he was only one years old but when he smelled blood from the attack he turned towards my ex and lunged at him protecting my unborn son and me. Sinbad had shown his loyalty through thick and thin and I am blessed to of had him in my life. There were other times when Sinbad protected us,such as when we had a cougar in our yard and he went nuts scaring it off allowing our cats time to run in the house as well as my son and I but the thing that Sinbad did the most to make us love him was just being him, A loyal loving dog that no matter what happened in our life ,he was always there for me to hug and to let me know how much he loved us.Rest In Peace beautiful Baby

Victoria, BC, Canada


After waiting 3 long years Lambchop, a Black Lab mix, finally has what every dog wants and deserves...a loving home. I rescued Lambchop about a year ago after what started out as an email link turned into the adopting of a wonderful best friend.

Although I wasn't planning on getting a pet I was curious about the Petfinder website. Lambchop was the first dog listed on my search and 6 days later he was mine. We've been inseparable ever since making up for lost time since Lambchop had little love or attention his first 3 yrs. And while he's still a little shy, Lambchop now enjoys the things all dogs do: hiking, swimming, going to the park and playing in the snow. He's such a great companion and I can't image a day without him. He reminds me everyday just how lucky I am.

Sarah H.
Columbus, OH

Kitty knows what`s best

I was visiting a farm in Nebraska where most of the cats where runover or killed by preditors.

Despite the fact that Cyrano would not allow anyone else to touch him he came up and layed down at my feet and laid his head on my shoulder when I picked him up.

He now lives in a condo in Arizona.

Bev Fisher
Mesa, AZ


This is BO he was rescued from The Louisa Humane Society.

Bo was a great dog .

He saved our life one night our landlord had turned on the baseboard heaters Bo smelled the wires starting to burn and alerted me to the heater.I turned the heater off if it had not been for Bo the trailer we were in would have caught on fire.

I believe GOD gave him to us for this reason.

Bo passed away in Feburary 2009.

Morehead, KY

Adopted sisters

After losing my female of 11 years to cancer I couldn't decide if my male of 10 years was lonesome. However I knew that I was lonesome for another kitten. After visiting Forgotten 4 Paws, a local rescue, I was introduced to two beautiful sisters. I was not sure I wanted a total of three cats but when I heard their story I had to take both of them. They are part of a litter of five and were for the most part feral, being rescued from an abandoned house. They were very shy and the rescue organization explained to me that they would need quite a bit of love and affection to come around, but they were confident they had the potential of being very lovable kittens. Well they have been here since the first of October and have made remarkable progress and give my 10 year old male a run for his money every day. I must admit I wasn't sure if I had done the right thing at first but now I can't imagine my life without them. They are a wonderful addition to my family and I love them very much. Thank you to Forgotten 4 Paws in Lancaster, Ohio for loving and caring for your cats and kittens as much as you do. You make such a difference in the lives of countless pets and families.

Susan Kleinline
Pataskala, OH

Stray Kitten

Note: This has a very sad ending.

I was at my friends house when I heard a small "meow". I look over and see a kitten no older than 2 months old. but when i see him i see a major problem. His leg is snapped, you can see the bone and flesh. he is dirty and you can smell the rotting flesh. We took him inside and he didn't eat much.

We took him to a vet ad she looked him over. The leg couldn't be saved so it was either amputation or to put him down. It was a super tough desision but we didn't have enough money so we put him down. I plan to be a vet because of the animals, to make them happy and to make people happy when you see their faces light up when i bring them their animal. I hope all people that have animals treat them well and cherish them close.

Cheyenne, WY

Eva and her boxes

After my kitty of 13 years passed, I didn't think I would want another one any time soon. We already had another cat and two basset hounds. But it didn't take long to change my mind. Eva was a stray that ended up at a cat rescue. She was wild and independent, not receptive to human interaction. Now, she really enjoys attention from people & gets along great with our other pets. Her favorite toy is empty cardboard boxes. Rescues make wonderful companions.

Palm Harbor, FL
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