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My Amber

She was about 2 years old when I walked into the local humane society looking for a cat to take home. I was on the fence as to whether to get a kitten or an older cat, but Amber made up my mind for me.

Amber sat huddled in the back of the cage, looking angrily out at me. She looked extremely unhappy to have other cats in cages around her, but I took a look and was sure I wanted her, despite the deep growls and hissing. I really didn’t think about it much at the time, but who knows what would have happened to her if I hadn’t taken her home.

More than fourteen years later, our vet calls her “the little panther.” The older she gets, the less tolerant she gets of other people, but she shows me love every day. I’ve had all kinds of nicknames for her, but they have all been affectionate ones because she’s still my little girl.

Plymouth, MA

Sweet Savannah Girl

I was looking for a small cuddle dog and found Savannah at Animal Control in Savannah, GA she was due to be put down in 2 days and I just had to have her. She may not be small but she's definitely a cuddle dog. She also surprised us by finding out she was pregnant and 5 weeks later we had a litter of 10 beautiful puppies. We were able to find good homes for 9 and kept 1 and he's our Tater. What love they have brought us.

Joyce Cooper
Bluffton, SC

Finally Found My Mojo

As a sufferer of extreme allergies I couldn't have a pet, but I wanted to understand the animal/human relationship. Against all advice, I began looking for a small, white, fluffy dog. Eventually, a little white face appeared on an internet search and I knew I'd found my pup.

The following day I drove 2-hours to a rundown shelter, where Mojo and his brother had been dropped by the family who'd raised them for their first 8 months. They were abandoned, confused and scared. I considered taking them both, but wasn't sure my allergies could handle one.

Mojo cowered when I lifted him from the crowded cage he shared with 3 other dogs. He was so terrified he threw up 3 times on the drive home and lost control of his bowels when we walked in the door. He was filthy, his eyes were caked with gunk, so I bathed him and made him comfy. We promptly visited the vet and groomer, and within 2 days we were in love. I struggled, but my allergies gradually wore down.

That was 3 years ago and now Mojo is the world's most loved, confident, popular, spoiled, stubborn dog. He runs, plays, eats healthy food and treats, sleeps in comfortable beds, has 2 toy boxes, and lots of doggie friends. He is the sole object of my doting and affection - he even gets tucked in at night.

Now I understand the love between pet and human. Mojo has opened me to learning about the innumerable forms of animal suffering, abuse and misuse. Because of him, I have rescued and fostered other dogs, and become an animal rights activist. He has changed my life, I have changed his. My only regret is that I didn't take his brother, but fortunately, he got adopted too.

Kelly Kinnard
Tampa, FL

OMG Let Me In!!

Millie showed up one night, scared to death of a tom cat that was chasing her and starving--you could feel every bone in her little body. We took her in and she ate, and ate and ate, and then slept for two days. She was so grateful---when we fed or held her, she would lick our hand. We took her to the vet to check for a chip (none) and found she was not yet a year old, but healthy in every way. We had her spayed and now she is a ball of fire around the house, playing with everything and she is a great companion for our other two rescued kitties.

Patti & Tommy Bullock
Lancaster, KY

Princess Tracy

Tracy was rescued from an abused home where she was left in the backyard inside a hot metal doggie house in the middle of summer in Florida with warm water and lots of flies around the whatever food it was left there for her. At that time she was no older than 6 months old. To make things worse she was at the mercy of the young kids who live there. I rescued her and she became our princess. From the time she came to our home 15 years ago my mom and I have tried to compensate for that hard beginning she had by giving her all the love she deserves, keeping her safe, warm and fashionable. It took a long time for her to recover from that nightmare. We can see she did by the way she demonstrates her love to us all the time. She learned to trust again but she still doesn't like children around her. Who could blame her!

Suzannah and Mom Ilda
Miami, FL

Big Blob of Love.

My Shepard was 15 when she passed away and it broke my heart, she was my girl. Eventually, with time and prodding from my husband, we visited the local SPCA to bring another dog home for our remaining lab. Bell caught my heart and although my husband wanted a small dog, he gave in. Bell was big, clumsy, goofy and beautiful. She fit right in and has been my biggest fan since; no dog has ever loved a person more. When I come home she runs figure 8's around my legs, her backend shaking like nothing I have ever seen and a big smile wrinkling her face. She is always happy to see me and would be content to stay with me all day, I am the one who leaves her. At night she rests her head on my feet in front of the couch, every morning she does yoga with me. She walks and plays off the leash when we go out, constantly aware of where I am and what I ask of her, ignoring the cats, dogs and people that cross her path; she only has eyes for me. She knows we saved her and her gratitude and unconditional love she gives us in return. The bond with Bell is an undeserved blessing, a hunk of happy. No one deserves the love pets give, no one is the person their pets think they are, it's motivating and humbling. My husband laughs at us, we are both well aware that he does not have the energy or canine ability to greet me every time I appear with his whole body wagging and a grin from ear to ear. He's just as hooked on her as I am.

Go rescue a dog, it will improve your mental well being.

Lisa Crawford
Dallas, TX

Handsome Hugo

Hugo had been shuttled around from shelters to homes most of his life when we found him through a GSD rescue group. He has severe thunderphobia and I think people just didn't want to deal with it. He is the most loving happy shepherd we have ever had. Plays tennis ball till he will drop, wags his tail at the sheer thought of attention. He is "happy Hugo" all of the time. We adopted two GSD's at the same time, and he has bonded with us and with his "big" sister. She keeps us all sane. We've had them both for 3 years now (he's going on 6 and she'll be 8) - I don't know what we would do without them. If you are looking for a dog - please check your local shelters and rescue groups, there are so many just waiting for that second or third chance.................

Kris V.
Michigan City, IN

When I found Bear Lee, he was "barely" a handful of fur!

I heard a cry from my shed. Inside, lying all by himself in the wheelbarrow was a white ball of fluff that "barely" filled my hand. He was hungry and dirty, but was immediately scooped up, fed and gently cleaned by hand. Well, Barely has grown up to be quite the man of the house. So big in fact, that I had to alter the spelling of his name. Bear Lee thinks he is big and bad, but he will always be my baby!

Mary Lippa
Austin, TX

Our Sweet Little Man......

While paying our Dog License for our Dog Redford at the local Animal Services, my Mother and Daughter saw a timid but adorable chi-terrier mix. by the time I got down there later in the day He was gone. We were sad and dissapointed, but in my heart of hearts I knew he would be ours.

We patiently kept checking status updates, and he was returned, only to be taken again and returned again. Our name was next on the list and as soon as we were called we immediatly went down and picked him up. Finally Ours!!!!!!!!!!

He had a few isssues we needed to work with him on, but Love brought him around and what an amazing dog he is. Prince "Easton" is my little baby boy. He follows at my heels everywhere and cuddles in the crook of my knees when I am asleep. He is an amazing dog, with endless love and kisses for us, He makes us laugh with his antics and takes away the blues of a hard or stressful day.

Julie C
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Baby Bowie

Baby Bowie was left on a parking lot. Fortunately my sister was going for a walk when she saw him. It was a very hot evening in July and Bowie was only 5 days old. He wasn't even in a box and he was all by himself. I volunteered to foster him until he was ready for adoption. Needless to say that at my home he found his forever home. Today Bowie is a handsome boy who loves to go for rides in the car, walk on a leash and visit pet stores. He enriches the lives of all those who know him, including myself. I love him so!

Plantation, FL
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