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Best of Friends

Rocco & Casey are both rescue pit bulls, around 2 years apart. They do everything together: play, eat, snuggle and relax. We love them so very much and it just warms our hearts to see the two of them together, enjoying each other so much.

Toni C.
Virginia Beach, VA

Growing Up Rylee

Children from the neighborhood knocked on my door one afternoon and handed me a tiny and obviously, very ill little kitten saying they had seen someone throw her out of a car window.

She was diagnosed with rhinotracheitis and put on medication to be dosed throughout the day.

Unfortunately, I worked but my father, ever the kitty lover, stepped in and took over her care.

We share her for a time. At least until Rylee let it be known that living with Grandpa was more to her liking than living with me and my 9 other cats.

After all, at Grandpa's house, she was The Queen not just another member of the pride.

Rylee is now 18 months old and has developed into a beautiful young lady and a wonderful companion. Always there to put a smile on your face with her antics. And constant company for my Dad.

What a lucky day for us, when Rylee was literally thrown into our lives.

Pat Bernard
Seminole, FL

Mortician turned companion

Fuzzys Mortician was his racing name. When he was 5 he was retired and sent to a vet clinic to be a blood donor. They found him a home after 2 years there, but 2 years later his guardian passed away. Foster care found him and then I did! He is now nicknamed "Mort" and at 9 years old he is the best companion I could ask for, aside from my two cats whom he gets along with fine. The position in which he is laying in this picture means they feel safe!

Jodi Chemes
St. Petersburg, FL

Beautiful Jamila

Abandoned at the shelter on Friday and picked out by me on Saturday, you wouldn't think she would remember. But Jamila definitely had abandonment issues! As a Birman mix, she is naturally reserved and a bit reserved, anyway. In fact, when she purrs, you felt it rather than actually heard it. It took her about two years to decide if she would REALLY be friends, but now after 5 years, she is finally becoming a 'cuddly cat'. Still a princess, here she surveys the garden just after we moved house.

Alice GD
Pretoria, South Africa

Kayce the Walmart Kitten

We found Kayce sitting on the side of the road by a Walmart in Kansas City. With three adults, we managed to rescue a very frightened and very ill kitten. She was only 7 weeks old and had been living off of garbage from the strip mall. She had 5 different parasites and was having difficulty digesting food (though she tried to eat just about everything she could get her paws on). After a visit from a very kind vet in Kansas City, we drove Kayce down to live with my parents who had been mourning the loss of their 17 year old tabby. After some serious TLC, Kayce is now thriving in Austin, Texas, and over several months of treatment, she is now a healthy, happy, and spunky teenager. For all of us who helped rescue her, Kayce is living proof that there is still hope for good things in this world and that we can come together to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals...and that they can have a profound impact on our lives in return.

Erica Holley
Seattle, WA

Jewels for My Birthday!

I received a very special birthday present in 2004, a new litter box and a card that read, good for 2 kittens! Two days later, I went to find a shelter with kittens.

There were several kittens in the cat room at Intermountain Humane Society in Pine, Colorado. Onyx knew he'd come home with me when I picked him up for the first time. Every time I left him in his cage to see the other kittens, the little black cat with only a squeak for a meow would climb up the door of the big metal crate only to fall off into his water bowl. After several rounds of this show, his plan worked and I stopped looking at the other kittens. He hooked me! But he was all alone and I had really hoped to rescue a pair of siblings. Luckily, I found out he did have a sister, a 'tortie,' but she was at an adopt-a-thon for the day. When IMHS called and found out she hadn't been adopted yet, I was thrilled. "She's mine now!" I told the volunteer at the shelter, followed by "What's a 'tortie?"

Onyx and Topaz were reunited a few hours later and have firmly placed themselves in our lives and our hearts!

Bailey, CO


2 years ago we found a small kitten hiding in the shadow of our new apartment, she had no mother and was very shy. She reminded us our of cat that died the year before and warmed our hearts right away. We agreed to name her "Shadow." We couldn't get another cat for her company, so she choice a doll instead, everything she sleeps with that same doll.

Anchorage, AK

My best friend

This is Shiloh, a rescue Golden Retriever/Collie cross. He was also my best friend & was at my side as a service dog for over 8 years. I lost him at the age of 13 years when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in May of 2008. I am lost without him & have not found another rescue that could be a service dog yet. Maybe that day will come. I am a disabled vet & diabetic. I know Shiloh will be waiting for me to be able to play again when the time comes.

Michael Old Turtle
Great Falls, MT

My Beloved Samba

I adopted Samba at age 5 in 2000 from the Scottsville Animal Shelter outside of Rochester, NY. She was very shy at first and scarred inside and out. Abused for years by her drug-dealing owners it took some time for us to truly bond. She never got over her fear of men though.

She lived with me for 9 years and we were rarely separated. From the first she was an all-around, well behaved dog. We took long walks every day until my arthritis forced me to fence in my yard and let her have the run of the background which she enjoyed and "kept watch" over. It was amazing how well she knew me and when I was feeling down.

She saved my life and the life of my best friend one wintry day when we were on the road to a friend's house. The roads were icy and just before we surely would have collided head-on with a truck that had spun out of control and crossed the median, she started fussing and whining from the back seat. I slowed down and started to pull over when we saw the truck loose it and end up in snow bank right in front of us. If I hadn't slowed down when I did, we would have crashed no doubt about it!!

Earlier this year I had the very difficult and sad decision to put her down. She was not well and, although I had already spent thousands on vet bills, I knew she would not have wanted to go through more suffering. I kept some of her fur in a locket I always wear and her ashes have a special shelf in my house.

She is still always with me and I love her.

Rochester, NY

BooBoo and friend

My cousin wanted to get his aging mother a cat since she had to leave her home and move in with us. So off to the SPCA we go and BooBoo cought my cousin eye and after holding her fell in love. She is so incredible, loving and a talker. She loves an old doll I have on my dresser and likes to snuggle with it for a nap. She has become a part of our lives and brought joy into our home. My aunt has since passed away but having BooBoo helps. I have always adopted a 'family member' from shelters and ALL have been wonderful additions to my home. It's almost like they give you extra love because you took them home.

Desert Hot Springs, CA
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