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Alice is ready for Christmas

Sept. 2004 Alice was abandond in Bradenton, Fl. after the 3rd hurricane came and was seperated from her litter. She appeared at my door in the early hours, hungry, scarred and stinky. She was taken to Pet Smart for adoption and their facility was full. The Vet on duty told me that she was not three weeks old and did not even weight one pound. After her examination we purchased all the kitty items and headed to our new home in Evansville, In... It has been 5 years now and Alice is a healthy, happy and dominating cat of the house. She is spoiled rotten and loves the Christmas lights, ribbons, etc. She has been a blessing and if I cross her path, my plants pay dearly.

shirley a becker
evansville, IN

Bruno's Second Chance

You wouldn't know this was the same 6-7 week old kitten that I found on the Bog Trail in San Bruno Mountain State Park east of Daly City, CA, only three days before I took this picture. It was cold and windy, and light rain was whipping around. I almost didn't get out of my car...

Fortunately I got out and started walking, photographing plants along the way. I happened to look up the trail, and there he was, huddled on the path. I actually took a picture of him right then, thinking he was feral and would run away.

He couldn't though. He was starving, dehydrated and cold; barely able to drunkenly wobble away from me in fear, too weak to even hide between the tufts of grass off the trail. Once I caught him, I stuffed him under my jacket and he just melted against me. He never hissed, growled or scratched me.

We sneaked him into our hotel room and slowly fattened him on warm goat's milk, and later mixed in baby food meat. He couldn't eat much for a day or so, but he ate really often. It was a close call, and I am certain he wouldn't have made it another night.

That was 18 months ago, and Bruno is now a gorgeous full grown cat. He adores our two dogs and our other cat, Mini Cooper, who has played big brother to him since Bruno was little. He is the sweetest, and most gentle of felines, and has the softest coat to snuggle against...

Of course, I still indulge him in his love for goat's milk.

Karen Zimmerman
Tujunga, CA

Jada, My Best Friend!

My husband found an abandoned and terribly sick puppy on the side of the road as he was coming home from work one night. She looked to be about 7 weeks old, starved and shaking with fear. We debated on what to do with her, thinking we cannot possibly house another animal, as we already had 6 dogs. But when she looked up at us with those beautiful green eyes, that's all it took, she had us hooked. We immediately named her Jada as representation of those beautiful jade-green eyes. Although they turned brown a few weeks later, the name stuck. For 2 months, my husband took Jada to the vet for weekly treatments for worms and mange. She has grown to be so beautiful, so sweet, so loyal, very smart, but most of all, my best friend. She has so much love to give, and I feel so lucky to have her. She has gone to work with my husband everyday since the day we got her. I always joke and say, "Who'd of ever thought this homeless, mangy, stray dog would someday have a full-time job?" And this is my rescue story of my best friend, Jada.

Brandon, MS

Wonton the wonder dog

January 2007 we were at a friends house for a meeting across town. The temperature was in the single digits & so windy. Our friend saw a tan dog & thought it was the neighbors dog. He got the dog to come to him. It was not the neighbors dog! His wife had just made 100+ wontons. The dog was thin & freezing. So our friend fed him some wontons. He made a joke that Wonton was his name. My husband finally put him in our mini-van after retrieving him from behind a dumpster where he had gone. We could not take him to the humane society as it is legal to own a pit bull or pit bull mix in Omaha, but if one is dropped off there it will be euthanized. They do not adopt them out. We made all efforts to find the owner. Tried to find him a home as we already had 2 dogs. No luck. Well, the day came that I took down the fliers I had put up & I knew Wonton was home. Guess he knew it all the time!!!

It's been almost 3 years now he has been with us. You never know when a Wonton the Wonder Dog will find you & your heart.

Omaha, NE


Here is a picture of our boy MOOSE... not too long ago he was chained to a post, being staved, attacked by other dogs, and his days were numbered. He got too big for the owner to handle and she did not realize there were other options for this big boy. Through caring people, MOOSE found his way to us and is now living the life he deserves. He has completed our family and we love him dearly...

David and Linda

Florissant, Mo.

florissant, MO


I saved every penny I had until i was 15 and i had earned enough to get my first horse ever. Thunder had been abandoned numerous times when he came to me and we both were going through hard times in life when we met. We both hated the world and everyone in it. Thunder and i have been through a lot. He's put me in crutches twice, given me a concussion, broke my tail bone, kicked me, stepped on me, head butted me, thrown me more times than i can count...and even almost killed me once. Through all the pain i was determined to win thunder's heart and his here we are 5 years later. Before thunder was diagnosed with EPM i had gotten my dream horse after all. My hard work paid off and a year ago i was able to ride him with nothing more than a halter while i jumped him as high as he would let me. But now he can hardly stand without falling down, much less run and buck and jump--all his favorite. I volunteer at Horse Feathers Equine Rescue in Guthrie, Oklahoma--where Thunder has been for the past 6 months--when i can. Thunder was there for me when I lived in the darkest hours of my life. I can always depend on him to be standing by the fence waiting for me to call his name. I worked hard to earn Thunder's trust and more importantly his love and with the help of Horse Feathers i can pay back the dept i owe this magnificant horse. Thunder is my best friend. He gives me kisses and hugs for treats, sure, but he gave me his heart for nothing.

Krystal Kelly
Guthrie, OK

A Friend for Killer

we decided when our dog passed away to get another cat to keep our cat "Killer" company, so we went to our SPCA in Roanoke to see if we could find one. My son and I spent quite a while with the cats, but once that little black and white paw came out of the cage to tap my son's cap, the decision was made. We brought Nikki home ,she was 4 months old and very shy, except with Killer she immediately took to him, two years later when he comes in after being outside of a night she hugs him around the neck like it has been forever since she last saw him. We are thankful for the SPCA and would recommend to anyone to think about the rescued animals when looking at getting a pet.

Roanoke, VA

A gift from heaven

We had just lost our beautiful 12 y/o Border Collie - Kelpie cross girl to cancer, she was adopted by us from an elderly lady who could not give her the exercise she needed. After her passing, I felt it was time to adopt another dog. We went to the Blue Cross Animal Shelter in Wonga Park, Victoria, Australia, as they have a good reputation and do not euthanize their animals. After looking around, a couple of dogs caught our eye but then we saw James, an ex-farm dog who was surrendered when the owner sold his farm and James wasn't wanted by the new owners. Their loss is our gain. James is so smart and full of energy, he could chase a ball or frisbee all day long. He follows us around the house and is very affectionate, he is full of love and kindness, he would not hurt a fly. He gets along with our four cats as if he'd known them from birth! James is an absolute gift from heaven and I really do think he is a reincarnation of our previous dog, they are so similar.

Do yourself a favour, adapt a dog today!

Croydon, Victoria., Australia

His name is Buud

He is a scruffy little dog with an attitude. He came from the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter in Metairie, LA.

One Friday evening Maxine and I saw an announcement of an adoption event at a feed store. When we got there we were an hour late and were informed that all the dogs were already spoken for. We weren't disappointed as we didn't expect to adopt that day. There were so many cute dogs we spent our time looking at all the adopted pups and talking to their proud new owners.

A lady came up to me and asked if I had gotten a dog. I replied that I understood all the dogs were already adopted. The lady told me, "Well, this little fellow wasn't." When she put him on my lap, I almost fell out of my wheelchair. You see, this exact dog has been with me in my dreams for years. When I tell you the dog in my dreams is the dog I adopted, I mean he's the exact dog and I dreamt of him the night before we went to the adoption event. Buud is truly our dog.

Buud and I Are In Training

Buud now knows how to sit, stay (sometimes), down, come (when he wants to), and heel. We don't say heel, we call it wheel. You see, I'm a quadriplegic in a wheelchair which makes Buud's training a little unconventional. I'm training Buud without the ability to reach out to touch him. He is learning with only my voice to guide him. It may sound impossible to train him this way but Maxine and I are doing this together and Buud is very smart.

The day we met was a magical day. Every day since has been enriched by Buud's presence.

Ben Mathews
Metairie, LA

Bodie and Doyle

We'd recently lost our beloved Stu after over fifteen years and while I wanted to wait at least a few months my husband was having a hard time not having a dog around the house. He'd scour, sending me pictures and links of all these wonderful animals, hoping I'd give in. Of course, I did. But I wanted puppies this time. So he kept looking and finally found two we thought would fit our needs. They were two brothers from a litter of seven, Lab-English spaniel mixes dropped off by the owner of the mother. We were at the foster home the very next day.

Well, they didn't turn out to be what we thought they were. They're more Beagle-Springer spaniel so they're not as big as we thought they'd be, and Bodie (the black one,) tends to howl instead of bark, but we wouldn't give them up for the world!

Gilda Felt

Kentwood, Mi.

Gilda Felt
Kentwood, MI
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