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Lost Pup Rescued from Drowning

Dec. 27, 2008, Macy a five/six week old red Siberian Husky was rescued from an ice cold creek, in the middle of our property. We were drawn to her by her shrill crys of desperation, in attempt to get out of the creek. We have no idea how she get to this isolated spot. She was hypothermic and in need of HELP. We saved her from a cruel ending!

Macy was added to our pack and is a great addition to our lives. She is now near full grown, a beautiful red husky with the most gently personality.

Len & Gail Troman, Alabama

Len & Gail Troman
Attalla, AL

Magic & Teddy

Magic & Teddy were feral from a colony of about 18, I adopted Magic back in April 2009, where he was up for adoption at a petsmart thru Couragous Cats Rescue. Magic was withdrawn and didn't like anyone but they had a slogan on his adoption card that given time, Magic could become magical. Well, he looked adorable so I took him, and after 5 months he finally let me pet him and he loves it. He is still jumpy and is quick to bolt, but he loves playing with the other kats, and loves affection and has developed a jealous streak. I adopted Teddy(Grey) in May 2009 but didnt take him home till June. Teddy was a grumpy dude, would hiss at me but now he loves belly rubs and is constantly trying to duck Magic head butts when I am petting him. Magic doesnt appreciate me petting Teddy when he is there so the competition is on and Magic is pushing and head butting till I pet him, he actually bites me to get my attention and will hit teddy but teddy takes it in stride and will lay out with belly exposed for the massage that he deserves, but when he's had enough he takes off with Magic in close pursuit.

Long Beach, NY

Asia with the stunning blue eyes!

We first met Asia at a Meet and Greet event held by Save A Dog - a local rescue organization. She had literally just arrived from a shelter in Kentucky where she was about to be euthanized - and when we knelt down by her she melted into us and thus melted my heart! She's a character - and queen of the house!

Karen Goudey
Ayer, MA

Oreo and Napolean

In 2006 an employee brought one of the trailers at my husband's work into the garage-- later that weekend another employee came by and found a litter of young kittens. It seems mom put her babies in the trailer to keep safe and warm, but was separated when the trailer was moved. My husband and I are well known for being cat rescuers and the next thing I know we are running around taking care of a litter. The kittens needed to nurse more often than every few hours and they latched onto the runt of the litter. He ended up having a few surgeries before he could go to the bathroom on his own. I named him Napoleon (he was a little guy who thought he was big stuff) Fast forward a year --We meet Oreo… is back and has had another litter. One day they find a small kitten horribly mangled lying in the doorway - we don't know how she made it there but I like to think that even though mom was scared of humans she knew we would help. Off to the vet and it wasn't good, she had lost part of her tail, a few toes and if she survived she would never walk right. We didn't give up and did everything we could to let her know she was loved. Napoleon was obviously BIG BROTHER - they ended up sleeping together and Napoleon protected Oreo like a brother-- he didn't let other cats near - he licked her -- let her lay on him -- kneed him, anything she needed he took care of. Unfortunately Oreo didn't make it and went to live on the Rainbow Bridge but she always has a spot in our heart and Napoleon still thinks he's big stuff.

Anne M. Gorton
Kirkville, NY

Finding Gordy

After losing 2 dogs to cancer within 6 mos. of each other and spending 4 mos. trying to recover, I went to my local SPCA and found this little guy! When they brought him into a "screening" room, he stole my heart! Gordy had been a stray so nothing was known about his background, but that doesn't matter! What matters now is that he knows he is loved completely and so am I. And when he wants me to stop working, he just puts himself in front of my camera!

Sheli Scott
Honey Brook, PA

My Good Looking Fellow

While walking my two other dogs this fellow was sitting at the back of my neighbor's car. He had a ragged red collar and had scratches/bites on his front paws. He was only a puppy and my neighbor planned to call Animal Control. I figured he would be put to sleep since he had something. I took him to our Emergency Vet to find that he had sarcoptic mange - they dipped him twice and I brought him home. The vet felt he was at least 8 week old. Now seven years later he sleeps with me every night and is one big mama's baby. He thinks he is a lap dog - all 100 lbs of him! Would not want to be without him.

Karen Nichols
Beaumont, TX

She Saved Me...

Back in 1992, we had lost our cat, Kitta, and made my father go from shelter to shelter looking for her. Unfortunately, we didn't find Kitta but while looking through the cages, my father was hit by a tiny calico paw. He was smitten. He came home and told us about the kitten. We picked her up the following day.

She was supposed to be a gift for my mother on Mother's Day but she had plans for me. Piggy became my best friend and confidant. I was 13 years old and desperately needed to be loved and give love. She was my angel become reality.

What wasn't known to most people was that I was having a difficult time in my life. My father was an alcoholic and my life was a living hell. No one knew this but Piggy. When life seemed it's cruelest, Piggy was there to make me feel better. She taught me that life was worth living. She taught me about hope. And most importantly, she taught me about love - unconditional love - something I had not experienced until she came along. What a wonderful gift she bestowed onto me!

Piggy passed away last year but she left her mark in my heart and I will be forever thankful to her. She saved me. I know that she is watching over me - my guardian angel.

Animals give love so freely and expect nothing in return. See, there ARE truly angels among us - you don't have to look very far!

Please consider saving an animal - they will repay you in so many ways.

Rochester, NY

Doggy Diva- Freeda-lay

I was working the Front Desk @ a Realty Company, one evening when another agent called the front desk and requested an all call to the agents at the office. She was desperately trying to find a home for a little Chichi Chua. her family will no longer be able to keep her. They loved her enough and wanted someone to care and love her like they have done for all the years. I have never had a pet, but once she told me Freeda's story I was crying, I will take her! She delivered a frightened and depressed little dog to me. I wrap her up like a baby and for the next 30 days my daughter and I showered her with love and affection while her depression and anxiety fade away.

Freeda has been a fixture in our heart, home and the neighborhood, she is the Diva Doggy around town, and everyone knows her by name. She even has a pet name Freeda-lay from Santro -pay:)

A Williams
Silver Spring, MD


Dodger was found shut in a building at a construction site where he had been living for almost a week without food or water. After being rescued and taken to a shelter, this sweet boy had to battle Geardia, dehydration and put some weight on his short stocky frame. Today Dodger has gone from a frightened, sickly puppy to a healthy active little athelete who has found his place as a top performer in the agility ring. He has been able to make up for a rough start in life by getting everyone he meets to fall in love with his spunky, happy personality and his handsome smile. He has found his forever home with our family and we have been given the forever gift of having him in our life.

Shelley Sheets
Lakewood, CO

An Angel Sent from Heaven!

Bella was in a city shelter and about to have puppies when the rescue group was asked to pick her up as the shelter couldn't care for a mother and puppies. She was saved from being put down literally at the 11th hour. When I saw Bella at the adoption drive, it was instant chemistry. She loves wrestling with her big brother (a border collie) and cuddling anytime she has the chance!

Coppell, TX
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