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Lucky Calico

They say it is good luck when a calico chooses you. We were lucky one morning when a little calico kitten showed up on my father's back porch. My father said she was probably dumped out of someone's car and that people dump pets in the area often. She was skinny, had gooey stuff coming out of one of her eyes, and was very scraggly. My father gave her water first, then some milk, then graduated her to some tuna. He told my son that he had a visitor on the back porch. My son was instantly attached! The tiny kitten purred incessantly! We called home and described the kitten to my husband and kept him up-to-date with photos and phone calls. My father said we should take the kitten home. After 3 days, my husband relented, and my son and I took the kitten to the vet to be checked before we took her home to our other cat. We traveled with her in the car with us for 1000 miles to get home. She traveled well and still enjoys riding in the car. As you see from the photo, she went from scraggly to gorgeous! When we fed her quality food, her fur grew in and she became healthy and happy! We love both of our kitties very much! They are now very good friends!

Great Bend, KS

Dancing Girl

A friend called on a blistering August afternoon to say that our rabbit rescue had received a momma rabbit from a local shelter. She had just given birth to four babies. Could we foster? Yes. She was thin and panting with heat, but settled her babies before exploring. When she discovered that she was safe, she began dancing from one side of the room to the other. I sat and watched, and cried to see her joy. Her four boys went on to new homes, but Ginger stayed - of course!

Jeanette Doty
Norman, OK

Cookie Bear

Eleven years ago my sister called and told me that her neighbor across the street had moved and abandoned two dogs. When she discovered them they were starving. She and a friend began to feed them, then the city animal services picked one of them up, but was unable to capture the months old dog that became our Cookie. Since Cookie's experience with humans had been so painful, she only trusted other dogs. My sister exhausted all efforts to gain her confidence. She finally "tricked" Cookie into her house by bringing one of her dog friends in. She called me to come right away with a kennel. The little dog was terrified. It became obvious what had happened to her. She ran when my husband began removing his belt, she hid from the broom. She is now the matriarch of our three other dogs, (including Shelby, her elder). She has mothered two young males we adopted. When I brought her home and looked at her emaciated body, so fearful, and realized her will to live, I said, "She is one tough cookie." That's where she got her name.

Mary Jo
Memphis, TN

at least 1.5 days and 80km travelled under my car bonnet

One cold stormy evening i heard what i thought was a cat meowing. it sounded as if it was coming from my car parked in the drive way. but i had just driven home from work so i thought that was impossible and whenever i turnt the outside light on it stoped so i thought it was the neighbours cat trying to get inside because it was raining... Until, the following night i was on smoko(break) and i heard the same meowing... i told the manager on duty my concerns and he gave me a few minutes to cheak... Sure enough there he was. BUT he was a kitten.. he paniced and ran wedgeing him in one of the tightest spots... i tryed to get him out for almost 2 hours.. i couldnt do it on my own.. RACQ were called and he removed the wheel and the plastic guard behind it.. and all i could see was his tail.. he was stuck... 5 or 10 mins later we figured out which was he had to come and he was free at last... i decided to keep him, he is a real character and now full of life.. no burns, cuts or scratches...the nxt day i took him 2 the vet for a cheak-up i found out he was no older than 4 or 5 weeks old and weighed in at only 700grams. All he needed was his needle, worming, and lots of small meals to bring his weight up.. he put on 200grams in the first few days.. i still cant get my head around how he survived... i was driving along the highway and everything.. i named him Pinto after all he was in my Nissan Pintara... lol..

Found on 1 Nov 2009

gold coast, Australia

Keena because she's brave

Keena was thrown out of a car window into someones backyard with her leg broken in two places. The police were called and they brought her to the veterinarian where my daughter works as a tech. The vet(s) operated on her leg, spayed her and gave her shots at their own cost. It was a bad break and you can see it healed crooked in the picture. But she's ok.

Everyone at the vet was already fostering too many animals, so I wound up being her foster mom. That was two years ago. She's incredibly gentle and friendly. She put her nose right on a bunny hiding in the grass and watched it run away without even chasing it. She's cute and comical and we love her.

Janet Davis
Weatherly, PA

Shelby Dog

A woman I worked with asked me if I knew anyone who could take her dog. She had gotten her at the animal shelter and her husband didn't want her in the house. They had no dog house, so "Shelby" was having to stay in the backyard exposed to the elements in December. She was four months old at the time. We already had a dog and a cat in a small duplex, but my husband and I decided we should take her, When my husband picked her up it was sleeting and she was out in it with no place to find shelter. He said when he put her on the seat of his truck she sat up and smiled and looked so happy to be going with him. At first she ducked and yelped whenever my husband or son leaned down to pet her. We are so glad she has been our beautiful Shelby Dog for the last twelve years. She's mixed Chow and Dachshund, and shows both her "ancestors."

Mary Jo
Memphis, TN

Mighty Max

My husband Al and I already have the perfect dog named Eddie. She is a 12 year old Australian Shephard/Border Collie mix. I had been surfing the net looking at possibly adpoting another dog. My heart just longed to love and care for another animal. I came accross a website that sheltered the most deperate of animals located in Ocala Florida. They only house the animals for 3-5 days before euthanising. I immediately downloaded one of the dog's photos and showed it to my husband. We felt an immediate bond with him, just loooking at his picture. Tanner (as was his name then), was just skin and bones. A beautiful Golden Lab/Golden Retriever mix.

He was to be euthanised Monday morning at 8:00 AM, and I thought "I have to contact them or somehow prevent this from happening." I called at 7:00 AM, and was able to speak with a person who works there and they held off until Wednesday, so I could drive 2.5 hours to see him. The conditions at the shelter were just terrible and he was as frightened as I have ever seen an animal. As we were getting aquainted with him, the 'dog catcher's' truck pulled up and unloaded another batch of helpless dogs. It was then we realized that we had to take this one life and save it.

We brought him home, bathed him fed him, changed his name to Max and have since loved him with all of our hearts. Max always seems to be smiling now, (look at his photo). He has enriched our lives so much. 2 precious pups have made my life worth living. I hope that your's make you feel that way too!

valerie romas
tampa, FL

Kizmit's Story

We didn't plan to go out again after spending an evening with one of my husband's relatives visiting from out of town. We decided to pick up some ice cream for a treat before bed so we headed to the convenience store. We didn't notice anything unusual on our way to the store but as we crossed the street on our way home I heard a kitten's faint cries, my husband didn't so he was somewhat bewildered as I crouched down and a tiny kitten came running into my arms from the shadows cast by an area church. When we got home it was heartbreakingly obvious that this kitten was in rough shape, her most pressing needs - a bath and a good meal. Once the kitten was clean and dry we offered her some cat food but she wouldn't eat the food we had so we carted her off to the local 24 hr store where we found canned food to would tide her over til morning.

We joke that she was praying for a loving new home that night, her name comes from the fact that it really was kismet that she ended up with us. We weren't looking for another cat (we already had 3 spoiled kitties). Our plan - we were going to foster Kizzy until she recovered from the abuse, neglect and abandonment suffered at the hands of some cruel human. A veterinarian diagnosed a concussion after Kizmit suddenly lost her ability to walk a few days after her rescue, she was terrified of sudden movements, raised noises/voices, children and adults. In spite of her traumatic start Kizmit took an amazing leap of faith that night and trusted us as a reward her prayers for a loving, permanent home were answered that night.

Ray and Ali
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Abby, my Angel

I took Abby in to my home in Sept of 2005. She was flea infested and very thin. But the most loving dog I ever met. Before she could come home with me she went to my vet for a full check up. Thank God all that was needed was frontline to rid her of fleas and her shots.

Sorry to say that in Dec. of 2007 Abby was diagnosed with mouth cancer and went to the bridge Sept 13th 2008. Her remains are now in my living room along with one of her toy's, a pic of her and a few other thing's.

I miss her more and more everyday.

Donna Warnick
Red Lion, PA

Jack's Story

This is Jack aka Monkey,

I adopted Jack at the Lower Keys Friends Of Animals in Key West Fl. I had 2 K9's of which one had passed away leaving the other in need of a friend while I was working. What a friend Jack became to Andy then Madison then Max and Belle. It was all ways so fun to have him around.

Jack always thought he was a K9 with really good jumping abilities.

Jack and I were together for almost 14 years.

He went to Heaven in June 2009 but left so many beautiful memories in my mind.

I was blessed to have known him.

What a good boy. Missed so much but remembered always.


Anderson SC

Anderson, SC
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