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Kew Kat

I found Kew at the RSPCA animal adoption center, on the mid north coast of New South Wales, Australia. He had been adopted once as a kitten, but the dear lady couldn't keep him. Sadly, Hummer (his original name) had been at the center for 6 months since she brought him back. He was 18 months old when he chose me on the day I went in to look for a cat.

On the way home, my car broke down. I had to be towed to a service station, in a town called Kew, so that became his name. Even though he hardly knew me, he laid quietly in his carrier through it all. Finally, after hours and hours, we arrived home. He met our dogs and our other cat, and fit in as if he had always been part of our family. He has been our sweet loving Kew Kat ever since.

Burrell Creek, NSW, Australia


Three years into our 6 year stay in Pattaya Thailand I came home to the cutest little puppy. In Thailand there are hundreds of stray dogs and I knew he was one of them. After a while he started coming around our house more often. I started to bathe him, had him neutered, got him shots the whole time knowing he might not be back the next day. Well this went on for 3 more years and when it came time for us to return to the USA we had to bring him with us! So now Blondie has lived in Texas, California, Arizona and now Colorado. I always tell everyone we didn't rescue Blondie, Blondie rescued us!

Alice Poulsen
Golden, CO

Hammer & Buster

Hammer is the yellow lab mix and Buster is the beagle mix. I got Buster in 2001 from a shelter when he was around 1.5 years old. He was sitting in his cage, his little white paws turned inward and he had terrible, deep scars on several parts of his body. I fell in love with his sad face. The shelter representatives said he may have been caught in barbed-wire at a young age and the scars never healed correctly.

We adopted Hammer in 2006 from a rescue that was overloaded with animals and eventually was shut down. He's an extra-large yellow lab mix and a very sweet guy. He has a "full-time job" in an insurance agency with his human father where he greets customers all day when he's not napping.

Kara Bennett
Martinsburg, WV

Desert Cat

My husband and I were driving from Arizona to California and noticed this black cat walking along the side of the freeway. We were miles from any homes or any sort of town. We pulled over and scooped her up hoping that she was microchipped. Fortunately for us she wasn't. We brought her home and named her Dezi. She is a very fun and playful cat and we enjoy having her around to love. This picture was taken on the day we brought her home.

Melinda Flynn
Los Angeles, CA

Story of the Blue eyed dog

Well the story starts with myself and my three dogs and 4 cats. I was never looking to add another member to my fur family but one cold November day in 2008 I was on my way home from our local Good will store where I had spent over an hour deciding if I should buy this antique bear. Thank goodness that the timing was just right for me to see a thin black dog on the side of the road trying to cross a busy intersection. She was so thin and scared and ran the opposite way from where I was standing. I ran franticly into the convenience store where I purchased some beef jerkey. Hoping this would coax her to come to me, I tossed it to her, but she wanted nothing to do with me. I left sadly but did not give up completly. The next morning I drove to the area, frightened that I would see her dead on side of the road. Amazingly, I saw this black dog curled up on a corner of a road exactly in the spot that I stood calling her. I got out of my car, she lifted her head and stared back at me. I noticed she had one blue eye. I didnt want to scare her into the road so I put down some scraps. I went back later and she had eaten them but there was no sign of her. I called the shelter the following Monday and by fate the animal control office had just received a call about a dog matching this description. Could this be her? I gave them my number and asked if they would call me if it was. My phone rang about an hour later, she has been mine ever since!

Bonaire, GA

How Draino got his Name

We travel in an rv and had lost our last rescue cat at the age of 18( we adopted her at the age of 9 yrs).

A mechanical problem returned us home after a departure so I took the time back home to make a donation run to the local shelter. There were 2 cat "senior specials" and the male chose me! I called my husband and he said sure so "Orlando" came home.

At the time he was estimated to be 7 yrs old. I didn't like the name given to him at the shelter and my husband believes cats name themselves, so we watched him for clues as to his new name. About 3 days after his coming to live with us, we loaded back up into the rv and off we went. He adjusted wonderfully to travel but we found that he liked to lay in the sink,so Draino had his name as he liked to lay in the sink and do nothing.! Even at home we would find him in the bathroom, sleeping in the sink and loved it when we would turn the water on for him.

Draino made many, many trips with us and traveled all around the country and Canada too.

Our Draino crossed the Rainbow Bridge in early November 2009 about 6 short years after we got him. He is missed terribly and I know that his spirit remains in our RV as we continue to travel.

Sylvia Hatcher
Satellite Beach, FL

Sweet Harley

About a month ago my 12 year old Boxer passed away. I miss him so much! I started looking online at the shelters in my area, & found this adorable face I couldn't resist. I adopted Harely 1day before he was to be euthanized. He is a 1 year old Golden Ret/Anatolian mix, & is huge. He was never trained to have any manners, but is very smart & learning fast. He suprises me & makes me laugh every day with something new. This picture gives you an idea of some of the silly things he'll do.

Debbie Provence
Grand Prairie, TX

Baby Casilda

Hello I live in the city of Lima, PerĂº, a big city with all the big city problems as any other; at PerĂº we have public and private shelters and people is being educated to care and protec animals in danger, lets just say they everybody is trying hard. I alrready have 5 dogs all of them rescued from the street or from danger situations; this is the story of Casilda. The last puppy of 5, a breed of cocker spaniel and everything else, nobody took her because she was too small and had an hernia; she arrived home 2 months old and full of energy. Still very small after 5 years but rules the house, with a lot more energy, always a puppy, hugs people when they are upset. If you dont tell the other 4 dogs... I must say that I love her a lot!!!

Thank You

Lima, Peru

Sophie's Tale

We've always been a "dog family" and upon losing both our beloved Labs within six months of each other, we knew we must get another dog for our family. That began our search. We found Sophie through, after spending countless hours online looking for the right dog. When we met with her caregiver in the park, she showered us with kisses. The wind started to blow and the trees rustled and I just knew it was my Buster and my Jordan agreeing that Sophie was the one. Heaven sent! She is a true blessing, such the spoiled little princess, but how can you have a dog and not spoil him or her? We are so thankful to everyone at for bringing such a lovely dog into our lives.

Michelle from Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ


I found Alice in the PetSmart adoption center four years ago, and they told me that when they found her, she was so covered in mange that her eyes were almost closed. Now she's the most beautiful cat you've ever seen and my good companion.

Ann Siljegovich
Plantation, FL
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