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Kaito the Kat formerly known as Velcro

Kaito as I call him was adopted late August 2008. He was adopted at a crafts fair at the Long Beach boardwalk. Anyway, I was in the mood to adopt a kitten, but the adoption people told me they had this kat that was about 6 months old that needed a home, his name was velcro because he would hang onto you when u picked him up. So I adopted him and he is a kat that loves to play. He is constantly wrestling with other kats and he only hid for about an hour when first came home with me. He loves to eat, and he actually broke the top penthouse off of one of the 6 foot cat trees by launching himself off of it. His favorite thing is going on my terrace and watching the seagulls perched on the roof, he has the weakest meow i have ever heard but he is definately a character. Every morning when I go up the stairs to change the litters in the back rooms he comes flying up the stairs and launches into the cat trees. He luvs to purrrrrrrrrr and is always the first cat to come up for breakfast and dinner and loves his evening treats.

long beach, NY

Teddy "Bear"

Teddy was adopted back in May as a Mothers day gift for my mom. Her favorite cat had been put down a few months earlier with throat cancer and her other cat wasnt the most friendly. I brought teddy as a suprise and my mom wasnt too pleased. She said he was ugly and Teddy hid in her basement for a week so I was told to come get him. So, I have had teddy ever since and he has come out of his shell, loves tummy rubs and head butting with one of his siblings (magic) whom I adopted the month before adopting teddy bear. Teddy used to hide under the couch, the recliner but now he sleeps on the recliner and is always there for the rubbing of the tummy in the kitchen. I also adopted one of his litter mates who's name is sophie. She is a beautiful long hair with brown, white and beige markings. She loves to stand on her back paws to be pet but being picked up isnt her thang. Anyway, Teddy, Magic and Sophie have adjusted great and since than we added sophies kitten (we believe) Tia. She is still getting used to me, no petting yet but she is very curious and loves to eat.

long beach, NY

my oreo cookie

My dog oreo (now 10 years old) was adopted from the TN animal shelter by my daughter and son. She is very kind and loves people and all other pets. She has developed so much trust through our love and caring, she expects everybody to be nice including all other dogs. She gets surprised when a dog barks at her for no reason. She maintains our daily schedule of exercising every evening (cold or a warm day) by reminding us of taking a walk everyday.We just love her very much!

Johnson City, TN

Love at First Lick

5 Yrs ago, while working in the backyard around this pool, my father was bent over pulling weeds when he felt doggie kisses behind his knee. When he stood up and looked behind him he saw this beautiful girl grinning up at him. He went in the house and called me, needless to say Honey Bunn has become the love of my life and is the apple of her grandparents eyes. She still likes to visit the backyard and of course she learned how to swim so she could spend more time with them. She is as sweet as her name indicates.

Stephanie W. Smith
Pomona Park, FL

Maggie & Molly

I was on the highway on the way to the chiroprator for back pain, and 2 dogs ran in front of my car. I pulled over to pick them up. The smaller one, Molly, who was just a pup at the time ran to me and I put her in the car. The other, Maggie, ran away and wouldn't come close. I tried flagging down cars, but when they heard I was trying to catch dogs, they just left. I tried to catch her for 45 minutes and wasn't able to until I thought to crack open the window of my car. Molly started whimpering, so Maggie then came to me and lay on her back. I couldn't lift her with my back pain, so I flagged down a pickup and the guy helped me put her in the car. Both dogs were in bad shape and the vet said that in a few more days they would have died, if they weren't hit by a car first. They had no tags or collars. I could have found a home for them each, but I wouldn't separate them since I believed they might be mother & daughter, and no one wanted them both, so I kept them and have come to love them dearly as does my little cocker spaniel that I already had.

Irene Schmoldt
Branson West, MO

Best Mother and Uncle

A scrawney little tabby who was obviously a mother kept coming to our house for food. We feed her well and tried to follow her to find her kittens but no luck. After about two weeks of coming for food, Mama came with four kittens about 4 weeks old, and a grown male who looked to be her brother. We brought them all in

and the kittens are now fat and sassy. Mama has been spayed and Edgar (her brother and maybe kittens daddy) has been neutered. The kittens (black one is male, calicos female) are now ready for adoption. I want so badly to keep them but I foster so many, and can't keep them all. Mama and Edgar will stay as they are not likely to be adopted. By the way, if you need a kitten sitter, Edgar is available. He cares for all the kittens just like Mama and has since they arrived here.

Jean Dokken
Oklahoma City, OK

Quiet No Longer

We got Roxy from the SPCA in Parksville (she was the "dog of the week"). She had had two litters of puppies before she was 18 months old. When we got her she was underweight, nervous and very quiet. Ten months later she is healthy, happy and, as my husband says, "Barky barky"! She talks up a storm, loves her walks, and is a bit of an escape artist. We can't imagine our lives without her.

Marny Beaton
Chemainus, BC, Canada

Saving Sadie

Ten years ago while I was employed as a fugitive recovery agent in Nashville, Tn. and searching for a bail jumper in a park known for drug users, I first laid eyes on a feral pup living in a storm drain. It took me two full 8 hours days to catch her. I named her Sadie. She was terrified of everyone and everything, including the refridgerator! I got interested in search and rescue and everyone I met said Sadie could never be a search dog.We went on to become Unit 26 of the Logan County KY Search and Rescue Squad, with Sadie having mastered four disciplines of SAR. She is retired now and living in southern CA hoping we move back to KY.

Granada Hills, CA

K.C. & Trouble Come Home to Rule the Roost

Visiting my vet’s office often during the last month of my Misty’s short life, I watched other kitties being adopted as these two twin girls stayed behind. No one wanted two-at-a-time, and they weren’t gorgeous like the others.

After Misty had been gone a bit, I called the vets and these two were still there. I’d spent so much money on Misty that I could not afford the spaying fee for two! The vet said he’d do it without charge because he knew these girls would be getting the best home possible!

Never one for cutsie naming, one is “KC” (Kitty Cat). When I opened the cage, the second one ran around and jumped onto and fell and became dislodged behind the water heater. Plumbers couldn’t or wouldn’t come to get her out, but our Fire Department did. “Trouble” was immediately named!

They keep each other company and watching them is better than TV!

Susan Perry Dejnozka
Monrovia, CA

Happy Dogs

Having fostered for a rescue for many years, I can tell you that nothing warms your heart more than watching an animal recover from its past. And sometimes, there are just those animals that you can't let go. And here are two of mine. Hopper, the dog on the left, was found as a puppy- full of worms, filthy, covered in fleas, left with the rest of her litter in a yard. Keegan, the dog on the right, had the same family for 6.5 years. One day they decided to move and they didn't want to take him. In the next two years, spent in a shelter, he bounced around going to 4 houses and getting returned 4 times. Finally, his spirit broke and he gave up. He stopped eating, stopped leaving his "bed", just stopped caring. That's when he came to my house. It took a year for him to warm up to me, but it was well worth the wait. As you can see, these are two of the happiest dogs. And I am one of the happiest moms. Adopting a rescue dog is the greatest feeling in the world.

Janelle Chapman
Charlotte, NC
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