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My boy Sneakers

I was devastated when my 14 year old Eskie Nick died.. Every day, he, the cats and I took a walk up the long driveway and back. He was so much a part of my day to day routine. There was a big empty spot in my life. I searched the papers, with not an eskie to be found. I even tried my local shelters. I had had eskies since I was 16, and they say every person has their breed. And getting on in years myself, I thought a rescue might be right for me, puppyhood wasn't something I really wanted to deal with.

I looked on one of the local shelter's site, and there was a link to Petfinder....lo and behold.. Eskie Rescuers had lots of eskies in need of homes, and they offered transport for those who aren't close to their area.

I immediately fell in love with Sneakers pics and descriptions, he had a georgeous smile, and I really needed some cheering up.

Little did I know that at 18 months, he had more energy than Nick ever did. It didn't take long for him to get me moving...alot. Every day he has to show me his zoomies, and wow is he fast. He's cleared the yard and half the fields of shrews, and I'm constantly filling holes and washing his feet. It's good for me. He's an absolute clown. He did come with a few issues, but we've worked through most of them, with the help of a year of obedience at the local pet store he's learned that every person he meets is a new friend.. he's mister personality...and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world...He's definately given me much more that I have ever given him. He has so much enthusiasm.

Connie Senn
Floyds Knobs, IN

Purrfect love

I found "Kami" while helping my friends in their search for a dog. Kami was under the cat beds, hissing and scared to death. I found out that the kitten had been left at St. Francis Animal Shelter in Buffalo Wy, along with her littermates and the ferral momma kitty a month prior. I watched people coming in and going out with the "perfect" cuddly kitten and Kami remained, hidden in the corner. I picked her up last Friday and she was scared to death, tensing every time I touched her, we are 4 days post adoption and what a lover!! Chases you down for cuddles, harrasses the other pets and lets you know how things are to be done! Who knows what happened to this little girl and how she lost the left side of her face but I do know we could all learn something from her. My favorite question on the application? Why did you pick this cat? Because nobody else would...I'm the lucky one!

Dana Fauber
Kaycee, WY


One summer day I was at a board meeting at our local animal shelter. A tiny furry orange puppy kept nipping at my toes under the table. I asked the shelter director why this pup was not in the normal adoption area. She said that after being found running down a rural dirt road and brought in that she had almost died, and the staff had gotten so attached while she was nursed back to health that they wanted to know the person who would adopt her. I knew then I had to take her home! It's now been 11 years and Marli (named after our shelter director!) has brought so much happiness to us with her adorable personality that we cannot imagine life without her! She also adores her two "sisters" who also found a forever home with us!

Julie Ruff
Columbia, SC

Rescued from the Road

Last October just before Halloween, I was coming home from a yoga class around 9pm and saw two little bodies running down the side of the road. This is a very busy, very dark road. With the help of another woman from class, we stopped traffic to catch the little black one (now named Spooky) because he kept running out in the middle of the road, obviously terrified. The little orange one (now named Pumpkin) had run into the tall grass to hide. Once I was able to catch the little black one and get him in my car, I went to look for the little orange boy. I called out to him and he mewed to let me know where he was. As soon as I picked him up, he latched on with his tiny claws and started purring. Needless to say, they had my heart from the start.

According to my vet, they were only 7 weeks. They are now a year old and bring such joy to my life. The night I found them was our first ice storm of the season, there is no way they would have survived the night. I'm so glad I was at the right place at the right time.

Grantham, NH

Bo the toughie with an attitude

I adopted Bo and her sister Bim about 8 years ago. They were found in a field left to fend for themselves as small kittens. When I first got them they did everything together, Bo being the adventurous one and her sister Bim following at arms length. At the time I had two other female cats, and these 2 were always wrestling and running around like elephants. I have now grown my kat household exponentially, all are well fed and happy, but Bo is the queen, she hits the boys, and they know to stay out of her way when she walks by or wants a particular spot. Her sister Bim has a different personality, more of a player that hangs with the boys that she likes. One of my cats, the first one owned doesnt like cats and Bo is the only one that dares go near her, she will head butt her and than move away, but she always walks away unscathed in that the other cat is about 20 lbs. of cat hating fur. Not sure how or why she got like that, so she has her own room at night, and being that her name is frack and her sibling is frick, I call her frack attack.

long beach, NY


Elvis met me at the end of a driveway to a homeless shelter, for humans, in Maryland 8 years ago. He had crawled onto the property and been nursed back to better health by the residents. They couldn't keep him so I brought him home with me. After months of vet visits and medicine he was happy healthy boy. He filled my home and heart with love for 8 years. When he died of cancer in July of this year, he went to heaven knowing he was loved and that there are good humans in this world. I miss him dearly, but he is in my heart forever.

Kate Hansen
Chatham, MA

our dog needed a buddy... or two!

We had one dog, a little chihuahua-terrier mix. And although we loved him dearly, we decided he needed a buddy to hang out with during the day while we were at work. Saw a pic on Petfinder of a litter of JRT mixes that had been dumped at a shelter locally and were being taken care of at a rescue. Having a soft spot for fiesty terriers, we visited them. Well, long story short, we couldn't make up our mind, ended up with the biggest boy and the only girl of the litter. Now, our three are inseparable! Even though Max and Jackie have outgrown Jackson by over 2 times his size, he is still the "big brother" and they were a great start to our "family" which now includes a baby boy that wants to play too!

Springboro, OH

Brownshoes & Sneakers

These two are kittens that were born under a pile of wood and metal in our back yard. We live in a neighborhood where there are a large number of stray cats and when spring came around we saw these two tiny kittens coming out from under the pile to play in the sun.

We started leaving food out for mom and her twins and pretty soon the kittens' were curious about us. Mom did her best to warn them that the "big creatures" were dangerous but it wasn't long before she was sitting on the sidelines, watching the braver kitten playing with a long piece of grass that my husband was teasing him with.

Both kittens had obvious Siamese blood in them & both had the most incredible light blue eyes, but one had the dark feet nose and tail and the other was the same but with white feet and a white stripe on his nose. My husband named them Brownshoes and Sneakers and the mom we just call Momma. Momma still stays out of arms reach but she's getting braver after watching the kittens playing with us and getting petted. They all show up at the sound of the back door looking for attention and, in Momma's case, something to eat!

The kittens are fully tame now and as soon as we can afford it, we'll have them neutered and get them shots. Momma is still afraid to be touched but we're working on it and hopefully we can convince her to trust us as well.

Judith Baker
Canyon Lake, TX


I was so up set when I had to put my dog Tyce down due to Cancer. I started looking at our local SPCA website a few days later and saw Charlie.I was going out of town for a week, but I decided to go down and look anyways. I told him that If he was there when I got back in a week, I would take him home. Sure enough, I walked in a week later. And there he was! We've been sharing long walks, and MY bed ever since :)

Lakeland, FL

Cool Hand Luke!

In July of 2008, my significant other bought a house in a small town in Texas to add to his collection of rental properties. At the closing, the realtor informed him that the owner had left a dog in the back yard and intended to call Animal Control to pick it up because he "couldn't take it to his new house." Paul immediately called me and described the dog, a Great Pyrenees. My gut reaction was, "Oh, no he's not calling Animal Control." We decided Paul would take the dog to the local vet clinic for a checkup and shots, and then bring him home to live with us and our other 2 dogs and my horses.

It turned out that Luke, who was then named "Luther", was heartworm positive, covered in fleas, ticks and matted fur, and seriously under weight. Paul confronted the former owner and got him to pay half the vet bill. Luke came through his heartworm treatment just fine, has gained 35 pounds, and is now 125 pounds of pure fluffy love! We renamed him Cool Hand Luke for the Paul Newman movie because of Luke's six years of neglected backyard imprisonment. He's my big baby, and this year his love helped me survive breast cancer.

Debby Cody
Cedar Hill, TX
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