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Baby Casilda

Hello I live in the city of Lima, Perú, a big city with all the big city problems as any other; at Perú we have public and private shelters and people is being educated to care and protec animals in danger, lets just say they everybody is trying hard. I alrready have 5 dogs all of them rescued from the street or from danger situations; this is the story of Casilda. The last puppy of 5, a breed of cocker spaniel and everything else, nobody took her because she was too small and had an hernia; she arrived home 2 months old and full of energy. Still very small after 5 years but rules the house, with a lot more energy, always a puppy, hugs people when they are upset. If you dont tell the other 4 dogs... I must say that I love her a lot!!!

Thank You

Lima, Peru

Sophie's Tale

We've always been a "dog family" and upon losing both our beloved Labs within six months of each other, we knew we must get another dog for our family. That began our search. We found Sophie through, after spending countless hours online looking for the right dog. When we met with her caregiver in the park, she showered us with kisses. The wind started to blow and the trees rustled and I just knew it was my Buster and my Jordan agreeing that Sophie was the one. Heaven sent! She is a true blessing, such the spoiled little princess, but how can you have a dog and not spoil him or her? We are so thankful to everyone at for bringing such a lovely dog into our lives.

Michelle from Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ


I found Alice in the PetSmart adoption center four years ago, and they told me that when they found her, she was so covered in mange that her eyes were almost closed. Now she's the most beautiful cat you've ever seen and my good companion.

Ann Siljegovich
Plantation, FL

A cat who talks to much...........

Our Dotty was rescued from a local animal shelter, just as our Dog Taco was. She was very shy and timid when we first brought her home and did not like to be picked up or held at all!

Today she is a very vocal, outgoing and a curious young lady. We've nicknamed her "Lota Chatter". She loves the other dogs and our male cat Junior. It's really amazing how very attached we've gotten to each other in the last year. Today she will not leave my side, sleeping or just doing things around the house. We call this unconditional Love.


Doris Gosney
Phoenix, AZ

We Took a Chance

This is Chance, a friendly and intelligent border collie. My boyfriend and I were driving my truck through a Lowes parking lot after we had picked up supplies for our house remodel. It had been storming fiercely for the last few days and the weather was just horrible - a mixture of freezing rain and wind. Upon exiting the parking lot, I spotted this little guy on the loose. I quickly stopped the truck and called him over; the poor pup was so timid and drenched to the bone. We agreed to take him to the vet and since then have adopted him into our home. He's the best dog I've ever had.

Lorna McNerthney
Paducah, KY

Luv is the Pits

SadieBelle was rescued from a kill shelter at 3 months old. We had just adopted a female Am.Bulldog and didn't want another girl especially since we knew we wanted another "bully breed" dog. But the moment I saw her picture online, I fell in love. For a week I looked at her picture probably no less than 5 times a day until I caved. I drove without telling my hubby (or my other dog) to the shelter an hour away just to "look at her." The second she saw me, she bolted toward me and jumped in my lap. She was covered in ticks and smelled of urine. I knew I wasn't going to let her sleep one more night there so I adopted her right then. Turns out this little 4o lb pitbull has changed my life. She is my soul mate, my best friend, and my 4 legged kid wrapped in beautiful brindle fur. Since getting SadieBelle we have laughed out loud every single day. My husband adores her and my dog, Shelby, thinks she's the greatest partner in crime she could've asked for. She is the most devoted and loving creature I've ever known. She is happiness incarnate. And she is simply, the best decision I have ever made.

Menoka Bernardo
Fleming Island, FL

Neo Elvis

We picked up Neo Christmas Eve 2005. He was my Christmas present that year. We had just gotten to Japan 3 months earlier and wanted to adopt a new friend. Neo and his brothers and sisters were found in a box in a gutter by a group of college students and as a community project they found homes for the 6 little balls of fluff with families on the local Air Force Base. Neo was shy at first and a few cheeseburgers and a lot of coaxing later he bacame my best friend. He is now 4 years old, very spoiled and living the good life in San Diego, CA.

San Diego, CA

My rescue family

I've been rescuing critters for as long as I can remember, always picking up strays, thinking I'd find them a good home and they end up staying. Four of my five current " furry children" are rescues. Whiskey, a yellow lab mix was a sickly, 4 week old abandoned pup when I found him. He was near death, but with lots of love and attention he's become quite the handsome and devoted boy. Squeak, Tater and Trouble, all females, were all tiny stray kittens who found me - one in middle of the road (Tater), one in a box at the supermarket (Squeak), and one malnurished and abandoned at the door of my vet (Trouble). The only non-rescue in the bunch is Hannah, an English Setter given to me as a "gift," and she sure is. Whiskey looks after "his girls" and we're all one big happy, furry family. Trouble is the newest member and seems to be fitting in quite well - she's the kitty pictured with Hannah and Whiskey.

Wendy Koons
Salmon, ID

Rebirth of Chi Chi, Male Eclectus Parrot

Chi Chi lived at Foster Parrots in Rockland, MA but on February 24, 2006, Karen from Foster Parrots called to say Chi Chi was dying. I could not let him die alone. As a volunteer, Chi Chi and I became close though he was considered 'unadoptable' because of his orneriness.

I went to the hospital and held him. For the first time, I noticed that he had very fine green eyelashes. I wiped away tears. When we told the veterinarian we were having reservations about euthanasia, he said "Take him home."

I did. It took several hours at first to syringe feed him and with a full crop he looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. His head was always in the same position and his posture was off.

Still not knowing precisely the cause of the illness, I tried to think of what might be a good recipe of food. I made a concoction and fed Chi Chi by syringe for several hours each day. He began to perk up though he could not bite or walk.

I tried some physical therapy. Each day he got a little stronger.

Since we took him home for 'hospice', Chi Chi had not said anything other than an occasional pathetic groan until one day, after months of therapy, we heard "Heeeeeellloooooooooooooo" and "Meeeeeooooooow" and a beautiful trilling sound. We knew even if Chi Chi died that day, he was happy.

His Majesty Chi Chi has been with our family almost 4 years now. He continues to get stronger and, though still headstrong, is a loving family member.

He clearly knows what he wants and will gladly let us know when he is displeased. I just love that little green curmudgeon. I think it is safe to say, he loves us.

Dr. James P. Coady-Hahn
Quincy, MA

Living the Life of Riley

It was 2003 and I'd just lost my 3-year old Beagle to severe epilepsy. After having lost him at such a young age, I didn't think I was ready for another dog, but I found myself browsing anyway. When Riley's photo came up, I knew he was the dog for me. Here was this enormous, 150-pound Newfoundland mix, posing in the photo with a cute, fuzzy blanket and a tiny stuffed animal turtle in his mouth. He was the epitome of the term "gentle giant".

Riley had been adopted 4 different times from a local shelter, only to be brought back within a few days each time. He’s incredibly sweet and loving, but also has a stubborn streak, and would use his size to his advantage when he didn’t want to do something. When a local rescue group (for whom I now volunteer) stepped in and pulled him out of the shelter, I filled out an adoption application for him. I knew he would be a challenge, but I also knew he belonged with me.

Six years later, he’s now almost 9-years old, a senior citizen for his size, but he’s still going strong. As you can see, he’s getting pretty gray, but it doesn’t stop him from chasing bunnies and deer in our yard like a puppy. The highlight of his week is when he goes swimming at a local canine fitness center. He also thinks he’s a lap dog, and often climbs up on the ottoman and sits on my lap when I’m watching TV. He still has his stubborn moments, but the joy he’s brought to my life far outweighs any baggage he brings to the table. Riley may not be perfect, but he’s the perfect dog for me!

Howard County, MD
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