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Smurf finds a home

I found Smurf on the side of the road at 6-7 weeks old with her two sisters. They had been abandoned. The sisters easily found a home, but Smurf had a badly broken leg that had been broken about 2 weeks earlier and healed at a 45 degree angle bent out. I didn't plan on keeping her, but with the help and love of my workplace where they let me bring her in and even babysat as necessary, the assistance of my great husband and an awesome local vet, we're doing what we need to do. Smurf may never have a normal leg, but she is such a loving and sweet dog we had to do everything we could to help her. She has found a forever home in my heart and house. My larger dogs let her get away with murder and are so sweet and gentle with her I am surprised at the outcome daily.

Rose Delfin
Hilo, HI

Our Boys

These two gorgeous boys were litter mates at a local shelter. Hemmingways (with their 7 and 6 toes respectively) at 8 months they were full grown and not many people wanted them. One of the shelter employees couldn't dream of them being put down so she took them home until they could be adopted together, they needed to stay together. My only cat, also a rescue, head recently passed at 16yrs old. I couldn't bring myself to get another. Thankfully my husband knew I needed them. He heard about the boys and took one look and brought them home. Some 8 years later we have the sweetest, funniest, most handsome cats ever. Our "Fluffy Guy" and "Little Boy" bring so much love and laughter to our house. I can't imagine not having them. RESCUE A PET TODAY, you won't be sorry. No matter if they are old or young you won't regret the time you have with them. And remember, SPAY & NEUTER!!

Blairsville, GA


Emery was born a stray under an abandoned house in my neighborhood in the summer of 2005. His mother, who would walk beside me on my way back from summer school every day, led me to them one afternoon as if she wanted me to help find homes for them.They were all weaned at that point, after all. My friend Angela and I made it a our project to feed these puppies and help find homes for them. And that's just what we did. One thing I noticed right away was that when we brought puppy food to feed them, one particularly scrawny puppy always stood back and waited for his big brothers and sisters to finish, which usually resulted in him not getting food at all. Emery was the runt of the litter and wasn't very healthy. I knew that he wouldn't last long in a shelter and that it would be hard to find someone to adopt him. I fell in love with him instantly, seeing my timid demeanor in him. I adopted him myself that summer and he's been my faithful companion ever since. You would never guess that he was a runt with how spoiled he is now. He and I are inseparable. He's helped me through some hard times in my life and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Shannon Smedley
Poteau, OK

Long Ride

My Mittie cakes was found when he was a kitten. He was inside either the wheel well or somewhere near the engine of a van trying to keep warm since it was December. He rode about 25 minutes on the interstate to our house where our mom told us she thought she heard meowing coming from the van. Indeed she did hear meowing from a beautiful green eyed little fur-ball. I thank God he managed to hold on! Our favorite thing to do is watch the Simpsons and take a nap together.

Photo: Mittie talking to Maw Maw!

monica hugo
New Orleans, LA

Cleo and the rose

This is a portrait of my cat Cleo titled "Cleo And The Rose."

She died two years ago and I miss her every day. This acrylic painting hangs in my studio facing me. I rescued her after somebody had cut her from the front shoulder to the rear legs. It took me several months of coaxing and leaving food for her outside my studio to get her to come into my home. She finally followed me into my studio where she lived for the next 17 years.

She was the friendliest and most affectionate cat that you could ever want. I have two other cats that live in my home but Cleo wouldn't let them into my studio where she lived and kept me company for all those years. When she died from old age, she took a piece of my heart with her. I will never understand how anybody can be cruel to God's little creatures. I painted this portrait around a month before she died. I didn't even know she was sick but I think she left me after knowing that she had done her job which was to bring a lot of love into my home.

Harold Shull
East Brunswick, NJ

Romeow the snarly kitty

Romeow was found at an apartment complex by my friend after he was left behind when the dog catcher came to take the mom and litter to the pound. He had ear mites, viral herpes eyes, fleas and worms at 5 wks old. I got his medical issues taken care of and planned to adopted him out until I saw that his eyes stayed blue and realized he is a chocolate point tabby siamese. He turned out to be the dominant cat in the house of various rescues that we kept. He babysits & plays with all the rescued litters that we get. He steals things and hides them. He is independant and has his lovey moments where he slobbers all over you as he makes his way to the couch to become a total spud. He is adorable and has a poochy face that he uses to snarl at everyone. He is my baby and I can't imagine life without him.

Susan Thibault
League City, TX


I was riding my bike on a deserted country road closed to car traffic because a bridge needed to be replaced. When I stopped to walk across the bridge I noticed a kitten at the side of the road. I couldn't take him with me and I worried he would end up as coyote chow or a hawk hors d'erve. I came back about 3 hours later and he ran up to me as if to say: "It took you long enough!" I called my wife to tell her I was bringing home a kitten, she knew we were keeping him because I had already decided his name was Spokes. Spokes has made himself right at home with our other rescued friends, 2 dogs and 2 cats

Charles Procner
Mission, KS

Spongie P

After showing a home to a client for the 3rd time. I couldn't bear the thought of leaving the neglected little cat Precious behind. On the last visit to the house I asked the owner if she would need a home for the cat once she moved. The owner practically dump her in my lap.

I took her right to the vet where she had to have her fingernails cut because they had grown into the pads of her paws, remove serve hair balls, ticks, fleas and a long heavy dose of antibiotics to get her tip top.

It took about a year until she felt safe and now after 7 years "renamed Spongie P", is the happiest cat in the world.

Mill Creek, WA

Given a Chance

Silas was born in foster care and spent the first year of his life at the shelter. Though he was born with Cerebeller Hypoplasia, a disorder that effects his motor skills, the staff gave him a chance. I found him on and couldn't be happier that he is now a member of my family. Despite his disability, Silas finds new ways to get in trouble every day. He loves to cuddle with me, my other cat, and the dog. I couldn't imagine life without him.

Chicago, IL

Sweet Sammie

Sammie was left at the No Kill Shelter I volunteer at in NW FL - Hotel for Dogs and Cats - as a small kitten. He seemed fine. As he got older, assorted neurological problems started becoming evident. He is now 8 months old and basically he looks like he has Parkinson's; his body has tremors, his eyes wiggle back and forth and he is wobbly when he walks. He is a manx mix and has been diagnosed with "Manx Syndrome". He also has impaired vision of some type in one eye.

I could not stand the thought of Little Sammie spending the rest of whatever life he has in a Shelter, in a Cage, so Sammie has now come home with me, to be a part of my family with my Part Siamese Chloe. She is not thrilled with this little intruder, but she is adjusting and actually has started chasing him in play, and following him all around the house. I do believe in time they will become friends. When she tells him in kitty talk to "go away" he does, therefore she does not feel threatened by his presence.

Sammie is a happy little guy, doesn't have a clue that there is anything wrong with him, he runs, jumps, plays, and chirps wherever he goes; Sammie is also very small - just under 5 lbs - sometimes he looks a little funny, and sometimes he doesn't quite make it up on what he is jumping up to, but he shakes it off and tries again. Sammie likes to watch TV and look at himself in the mirror. This little guy has a special little heart and has a home with Chloe and me for whatever time he has.

Carole Prosnitz
Navarre, FL
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