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Harley's Miracle Recovery

We start with a beautiful little 3 year old Bare Eyed Cockatoo named Harley. He had previously mutilated air sacs under both his wings. When he was brought to us he was mutilating his legs. He came to us with blood everywhere, hunks of flesh missing and pretty angry.

We started what would be months of vet care and home care. Harley ended up in a huge collar, on antibiotics, pain medicine and having both legs bandaged. We changed his bandages 3 times a day and he took his medication 2 times a day. We went back and forth to the vet with little Harley. Whenever we took off the collar, back for his legs he went. Next, Harley was on Prozac and an endorphin blocker.

After 6 months, Harley is off all his medication, out of his collar, no longer mutilating himself and playing and talking up a storm. His legs are fully feathered and he is loving flying around the house and life. Harley is like a different bird than the little guy that came in that we weren't sure we could save.

Donna Kristosik
Lexington, GA

my 2 chows

I had a rescued chow for 15 yrs until he passed away. I have been looking for another one to rescue for some time now.A great lady named Petra foung these two in a bulletin and they needed saved or they were going to be put to sleep. Well, I called to see about getting one. They said they had to go together because they had always been together they are 12 yrs old. So, I thought oh well, whats one more ,so I was willing to take both ,BUT they were in Ohio and I live in Ks. The nice lady I talked to names Selest, said she de see about getting them to me. She got in touch with Robin and she was wonderful and made it happen for us. She contacted a place called Pilots n Paws. they are wonderful they are great people wanting to help dogs get to their fur ever homes. they do this out of their own pockets and their own time. I now have my two boys and they are great, I love them and there are no words to thank all the wonderful people that helped me. My chows Bear, and Rosco fit right in here with my little rescued mutt Baby. we are one happy family

sherry patton
Ft. Scott, KS


My fiance and I were in Maryland because he was competing in a firefighter combat challenge. That morning on the way to the challege, the cars in front of us stopped to go around something. There in the middle of the road was a 4 1/2 week old kitten. I jumped out of the car, scooped it up and went to a house across the street. The man asked if I wanted it and said to throw it over in a corner of the lawn. We couldn't bear to leave it, so even though we're from CT, we took the kitten with us. We didn't know what to do because we were at the challenge the entire day, but knew we couldn't just throw the kitten to the side. At the challenge, I walked up to a tent for help. Miraculously the lady there had a mother in law who worked at Luna's House Rescue Shelter. She took the kitten from me and took it to the shelter. She promised it was in good hands. It had a bath, will have all it's shots, be spayed and be adopted to a good home. They thankfully do background checks on the person adopting. The kitten was named Fiona. I am so thankful for Noelle and for Luna's House.

Middletown, CT

What a trip

This is Trip's story. She came to us about 2 1/2 years ago. She came out of nowhere with a collar and a name tag that said simply, TRIP. My husband was sitting in a chair and she ran right up his leg, up his chest, circled his head and promptly bit him on the ear. It was love from then on. She comes and goes as she pleases (she taught herself how to use the doggie door), she is both indoors and outdoors but spends her nights indoors. We weren't quite sure why she was named Trip but we figure it's one of two reasons. Number one she is always underfoot and trips you up and number two her antics are just amazing, she is a real trip. She brings me presents every so often, so far I've been given a mouse and a baby bird. Yeah me. I always say thank you and then get rid of them when she isn't looking. She is a wonderful addition to our family!

Granbury, TX

Beautiful Belle

I've been fostering kittens for 2 shelters for many years. But when I lost my own cat, Smokey, to cancer recently, I just couldn't deal with any felines in the house for a little while. So when the email came saying that there were 2 puppies who needed fostering - one with a leg in a cast and one with an amputated leg - I thought we could help. By the time I offered, both puppies had been placed in foster care.

But the next day a call came from the shelter. The amputee was not doing well in the foster home, would I still be interested in taking her? YES!

Her name is Belle. While the first foster was a good one, there were children in the home. It was children in her original home that played too rough and broke her leg. Belle was not able to make the distinction between those children and the kind children in the foster home. She was just not comfortable there.

Since the leg had received no medical attention for several weeks after being broken, it could not be saved. The shelter veterinarian amputated. Now we were able to provide a place she would be loved and protected while she recovered from the surgery.

However, by the time she was scheduled to be spayed (only a few days), she had stolen our hearts. My husband suggested that we adopt her since she got along so well with our own dog, Tilly (also a shelter adoptee). They are quite the pair. Belle is 8 pounds, Tilly 88! IsaBelle (I call her since she is Chihuahua mix), Tilly, my husband, and I are now one very happy family!

Susan Gilbert
San Leandro, CA


Hi, my name is Samantha and I am a young lady at about 2 years old. I found my furever home in August of 2008. I ran away from my old house because they didn't take care of me. They didn't even come looking for me or answer the found ads that my mommy put up. When I showed up at my new home my whole back end was shaved. Mommy says I looked so funny. I came to this house because there were other doggies to play with, I used to cry at night cause I was so lonely. Mommy and Daddy could hear me cause I was on the other block. I live with 2 doggie sisters, Coco and Puff and one doggie brother, Jesse. I have a kitty sister named Trip, she doesn't like me very much, but I really like her. She's fun to chase. Mommy says I'm a real good girl. I never chew things up and I've never had an accident in the house. I do have a bad habit of bringing home dead critters for mommy. She screams for daddy to come take them away. I'm happy here and spend most of my days inside. I have a doggie door that I can use anytime. My mommy and daddy love me.

Granbury, TX

Cukoo for CocoPuffs

January 2001, Coco, on the right and Puff on the left, were found huddled next to the dumpster outside my work. It was freezing cold and they were so scared. Their former owners got two Mastiffs and just threw my girls out to survive on their own. My daughter and I coaxed them over with corny dogs, they were terribly hungry. At first we thought they were sister's but as time has gone by we're hard pressed to believe that they are mother and daughter. Fast forward to present day and they have never known cold or hunger again and they never will. Puff is a definate daddy's girl and Coco's fav food is pizza, she knows her flatbox. They are the first two of my 5 furbaby rescues.

Rebecca Kelty
Granbury, TX

You can't stop at one.

This is my Prince. We adopted him from a local rescue in 2002 that recently had to close their doors due to the economy. He is the smartest dog I've ever had. He has brought our attention to other injured or abandoned critters. We now have 5 large dogs, 2 mini doxies and 2 cats. All are rescued one way or another. They all get along and have 5+ acres to run and play on. And that they do. I can't imagine life without any of them.

Okanogan Highlands, WA

Abandoned at foreclosed house with broken bone & open wound

An email was circulated among some rescue folks about a dog that was abandoned at a house that was unoccupied (foreclosure). The photos weren't all that clear so I went out to see what I could find out...worried that we shouldn't take on another dog into our rescue program but something made me go.

After 2 trips and some help from the foreclosure agents that just happened to show up while I was there, Clementine (her new name) was rescued from the house!

Once at the vet:

Poor Clementine was so matted that she had to be sedated to cut her hair off and when her hair came off the vet found a terrible surprise. Clementine had a large gash on one of her front paws that was so infected...that had maggots in it! The bone is actually exposed! An x-ray was done and one of her bones in that paw is broken.

She's on the mend now. She had the expected parasites and ear infections. Her wound was so bad she had to have daily applications of a special bandage to help encourage it to heal- and about 4 weeks later that is totally healed. But.....we hoped her broken bone would heal with a split but it looks like she will be undergoing surgery to repair that in the coming weeks.

Clementine is a total sweetie. She's out of a terrible situation- no telling how long she had been neglected. She's heartworm negative- the vet suspects because the mosquitoes couldn't get to her through her matted fur! She's adorable, about 25 lbs but underweight, and very, very sweet but shy- as one would expect based on her history.

Houston, TX

Little wet mop walking by gutter of country road

A few years ago I was doing a job about 2 hours away from home. I commuted everyday. I often came home near dusk and one day I saw a cute little mop walking by the country road that led to the house I was working at. I noticed that he was a puffball but in need of grooming and worried that its owners were not taking proper care of him by letting him go wandering down a road. Two days later, it was pouring and thundering and already dark when I headed home. I was going slowly and recognized the same little dog walking in the gutter, head down, totally soaked, looking miserable. It took me 2 seconds to decide, stop the car, get out and call to him, hug him when he came, check he had no collar, and put him in the seat next to me for the long drive back home. I have many dogs, but Pablo is all visitors' favorite because of his friendliness and antics. And he is definitely an essential part of my family and happiness. He has ruled since he arrived.

Melba Lajara
Trujillo Alto, PR
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