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Elvis, our shelter boy

We weren't looking for another dog. We were at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center looking at Sea Lions. The Laguna Beach Animal Shelter was right next door, so we had to go "look". Well, one look at Elvis and we became a 2 dog, 1 horse family! He's been the best little addition. He and our other dog, Shelby, hit it off from the start. We can't help but laugh at his antics!

Ginny Williams
Irvine, CA

Not a purebred

My husband and I love dogs, especially Maltese. We told our son that we wanted another puppy. A couple of days later, my son called and asked if we wanted a 5 pound, 5 month old Maltese mix. The people that had her got her from a rescue home, but couldn't keep her because their dog wasn't getting along with her. She was offered to several other people, but no one wanted her.

We don't know why because this 10 pound (so much for 5 pounds!) special dog has captured our hearts. When we got her, she was absolutely filthy, matted and overgrown with hair. No one knew whether she'd had her shots, so a trip to the vet, as well as a trip to the groomer, turned her into the charmer she is today. From her looks, we think she is a Maltichon, part Maltese and Bichon. My husband insisted that her name is Chloe and she seems happy with that. She has fit right into our family and is so sweet and absolutely special! She looks at us with such love, knowing that she has found her forever home!

Woodland Hills, CA

My Dog Vinny

Vinny came to our family a couple years after our golder retriever passed away. After going to the local SPCA almost daily just looking at the dogs trying to decide what one was good for our family we found Vinny. He was a very scared and skinny pit bull. He had come to the SPCA as a stray and you could see almost every rib bone. After bringing my mom in to see him she instantly fell in love like I did. We brought him home and it was like he had been here forever. He ran around the house chasing the cats and his ball. He still has a little bit of anxiety when we leave him alone for more than a couple hours but he's been getting better. Vinny is the most lovable, loyal, crazy hyperactive dog ever. He has his crazy moments when he tucks in his tail and takes off running through the house or back yard. There is never a dull moment with my crazy Vinny.

Brookhaven, PA

Lots to Love

When I started looking at this website I couldn't wait to have a rescue of my own to share. I didn't care what kind of dog I got, or what size. I just wanted a dog to love. In March of this year I found my love in the form of a Weimaraner who I named Libby. Libby has had several lives. She was Sadie for 3 years when she was used for breeding, and was kept on a very short metal chain which she chewed through...She was Pearl with her foster mom for a year and a half where she lived with close to 20 dogs. She had fresh wounds from a scuffle with a Chow when I adopted her, but I could tell she was such a loving, sweet girl. We bonded instantly, and she has been such a joy to have around. She's a large dog at 70 pounds, but that does not keep her from climbing into my lap whenever she's invited! I know she is grateful for finding her forever home, and enjoys the peace and comfort of a house to herself. Whenever she looks at me her backside starts wiggling and her ears turn down and out. She is somehow able to forgive and forget what bad experiences she had and move on unlike most humans. I am so blessed to have her in my life, and am sold on adopting adult dogs!

Athens, GA

Stray dogs are dogs too.

Bailey was found at 4 and 1/2 months old wandering the streets of texas. She was only 13lbs and so skinny and tiny we could see all her ribs and she just looked so unhappy and unhealthy. Now, at 7 months old, she is healthy and doing great. When we got her in september, she had heart worms, tape worms and a mite that was giving her a skin disease. her skin isnt perfect yet, but she is so healthy that she has gone through 3 collars since september! We love Bailey so much and we are so happy we were able to find her and take her off the streets and give her a loving home and a healthy life. I wish that there was a way to make everyone aware of these amazing animals that dont have homes that could be given homes if more people would go to shelters instead of puppy stores. It was one of the best decisions we have made to adopt bailey from the streets and i would encourage everyone to find their perfect pet at a shelter rather than a store

Colorado Springs, CO

Mystery - Living All Nine Lives

We had lost our beloved Chloe, a marmalade tabby, the day after the vet had given her a poor prognosis. While I was at the vet's I had noticed a forlorn gray cat in a large cage where they generously kept animals while trying to find homes for them. I told my husband about her and suggested that, although she couldn't replace Chloe, we now had an empty space in our home and hearts for a cat in need.

We discovered the gray cat had been in that cage, awaiting a home, for 18 months. Not only that, it was the second time she had been returned to the vet, as she had urinary problems and was prone to accidents. She came home with us nevertheless and promptly took up residence under our bed for about 10 days, hence her name, Mystery, because we couldn't get to know her.

She finally emerged from hiding and from her shell to fully join our rescue family (4 dogs and 4 cats). On cold nights she burrows under my husband's pillow while he sleeps and she has learned to play, which keeps us entertained as we see a now 10-year-old cat acting like a kitten. As you will see from the photo, she is also known as "The Bag Lady".

It goes to show that "rejects" are as capable of bringing joy to a household as the "best of breeds".

Margaret Eaton
Cadiz, KY

Our Road to Rocky

After many months of being without a dog we decided to visit the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. There were so many lovey dogs that day but only Rocky (then Banjo) kept our attention. He was rescued from a kill shelter before being brought to HSTB. In our interview he gently kissed our 5 month old daughter on the cheek and sat on command, we knew he'd be perfect for our home. We weighed the pros and cons of bringing a new dog home with our young baby by giving it thought overnight. We have no doubt that returning the next day and taking him home was meant to be. He's such a joy in our lives. He loves his tennis balls and soft baby kisses!

Diana U
Tampa, FL

My baby

After our first dog was put down because of bone cancer, my family began looking for a new dog. I had known our first dog my whole life, so it was strange not to have a dog. We found plenty of good dogs at our SPCA, but they all were adopted before we could adopt. Then one day my mom and brother found a dog. I went with my mom a few days later to pick her up. She was by far one of the strangest looking dogs I had seen, but somehow also the cutest. Daisy has made life so much fun at home and I love her so much. She loves our whole family and is very protective of us all. She is my baby.

Rachel Gentzler
Thomasville, PA


I had just had to put down my elderly cat of 19 years that had been with me since I was in 2nd grade. I had recently gotten married a year before and with all the new transitions it was hard to lose my lifelong friend. It was about a month later that I noticed this gray and white cat wandering around our apartment complex. His back was full of sores and the hair on his back was very thin. I didn't know what might be wrong with him. My husband and I didn't have any extra money for vet expenses, but after about a week I just had to take him in. It turned out he has a skin allergy problem. With some financial help from my parents we are treating him and helping him get well. I know he is a gift from God, to help me in the loss of my previous cat. During the winter, because he doesn't have all his fur, he gets cold easily and ALWAYS wants to cuddle on our laps. He's so sweet and I'm so glad we chose to take him in!

Emily Williams
Columbus, OH

Sweet Licki

Licki was part of a litter of 5 five week old kittens that were found in a trash bag in a ditch. I got the call to arrange a pick up 90 miles away. After a 2 1/2 hour trip they made it to my house where they devoured several cans of fancy feast and got baths. The first two were adopted together and the next two were adopted a couple weeks later. That left Licki which we had already been calling "the little old man kitty" because he had crossed eyes and a face that looked like a grandpa. His favorite buddy was his sister Zoe who was the last to get adopted and Licki was very shy and didn't want to play with anyone else. After 3 weeks Zoe got returned because the boyfriend was "allergic to cats" and Licki could not stop following her around giving her welcoming kisses. We ended up keeping Licki and Zoe and they are the best pets you could imagine. Licki has always licked everything. He licks all the furniture, the toys, us and anything else that looks tasty to him. His eyes can't be fixed but he sees just fine. He is as soft as a chinchila and the sweetest kitty ever. Anyone who has the money, the space and love for cats should consider rescuing them. The joy that you get from it is unimaginable.

Susan Thibault
League City, TX
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