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We adopted Snow from a shelter in 1995 at age 1 - he had been previously adopted 4 times and returned for various reasons. I believe he was waiting for us.

After a slightly rocky start and with patience and love, Snow was a wonderful member of our family and gave us so much love. He was our protector, our funny, loving dog for 14 years. He left us in March, 2009 as his body suddenly grew weary and was giving out on him.

Our hearts are still broken but we have so many wonderful memories and pictures of him. We did adopt another dog after 3 months because the house just seemed so lonely and quiet with out our Snow. I know in my heart that Snow would approve of us rescuing another dog (Tucker) and I know he is now out of pain and waiting for us at the end of the Rainbow Bridge.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Tia One happy kitty

I adopted Tia back in October. She was part of an 18 or so cat colony living at a local high school. I had recently adopted 3 other kats from the colony, after they had been given shots, and socialized. 2 of those kats, sophie and teddy appear to be the mom and uncle of tia, the other kat magic is simply one of the colony. They have formed thier own clic within my kat colony, which used to be my home. Anyway, Tia is all over the place, constantly leaving the rugs in disarray and my books and or remotes on the floor. She gets along with all the other kats, but hasnt warmed up to me yet, but that may only be for a short time more. She hasnt done anything out of the ordinary as of yet, but given time im sure she will. She just loves being in a home and gets to go on the terrace and watch seagulls and sleep in the sun when its out.

long beach, NY

Turbo formerly known as Turn-up

Adopted Turbo about 4 years ago with another kitty named Buddy. They were not siblings, and the rescue service said they were not able to place them so I took them both. Turbo had been placed prior but had run away and been recaptured, so his name at the time was Turn-up because they never knew where they would find him. Turbo as he was renamed has found his forever home. He is like the bouncer at a bar, he is big but loving to all of the kats but Kirbo. Turbo likes to make like he is a toughie but he took another rescue of mine named rascal as his little buddy and sleeps with him and nurtures him like its his son. Turbo is a meower when it comes time for feeding, and he gets a special treat of boiled shrimp about 4 times a week. I toss them to him and he tries to catch them, but more often than not he drops them and rascal tries to steal them. Turbo only comes to me at feeding time, but thats not a problem, he is about 20 lbs. of male cat that likes his space except when the gang of cats decide its time to roam around the house, than he is the 2nd in charge to Eby, who is the mayor of the kats.

long beach, NY

Rusty's Tail

Rusty had been adopted and returned twice to the foster who rescued him from Houston Animal Control. My best friend knew I wanted a companion for Sheba, my Border Collie mix, and found his picture on He was described as sweet and affectionate, but with serious trust issues – a dog who couldn’t be around children and needed diligent monitoring around strangers . Although Rusty was wary of people, he liked dogs. I wasn't interested in a "problem child" but my friend kept forwarding his picture to me until I took notice. There was just something about that face! A meeting was arranged. Yes, love at first sight exists! Rusty found his forever home. His tail never stops wagging. The love in his eyes is impossible to miss. I’m not sure who is luckier…Rusty, Sheba, or me!

Toni McFarland
Houston, TX

Cowboy Eddie

We found our Chihuahua, Eddie at Beaks & Noses in MA. He was there longer then any of the other pups due to his deteriorating health. Now he is happy & healthy reigning as boss in his VT forever home.

Rutland, VT

My Dylan

In December 2007 I was milling through our local Humane Society page and found Dylan (previously Charley). I read his story about how his owner had given him up because his buddy had died. My first thought was that poor baby, his buddy dies and then his owner gives him up!! I knew then I had to have him. When at the Humane Society Dylan was very timid and stayed to the back of the cage. I knew then to that his life wasnt the best either. I took him home that day and he has never been the same. He has come out of his shell quite a bit but I knew that day when I seen him he was meant to be my baby and has been and will be until he is no longer with us. I think we rescued each other that day.
Sioux Falls, SD

Dixie and Bluebell

My Dixie (terrier pictured) had been tied to an oil barrel in someone's back yard very early in her little life, as a pup. She was thrown food and given very little water. Finally after weeks of watching the poor little dear, a neighbor asked if she could have the puppy. She then gave it to a friend she knew,which was a woman that I work with, who emailed the story to several friends and I emailed her back immediately. Dixie is the sweetest "indoor" girl. She is a lap dog and my little shadow. Blue, my other sweetie in the picture, is a rescue from the Jackson County Animal Shelter, she was so timid and scared and I just had to have her. We are not sure what kind of dog she is, but she has the sweetest heart and whines when you pet her. She has many anxieties that she contends with daily. We don't know what her life was like before she was with us, but she is a happy girl now and loves sleeping on my bed! These two buddies play constantly! Please adopt from a shelter and give a great home to a fuzzy friend in need!

Tuckasegee, NC

Moms little buddy

My friends's mom that was working at a rescue and had been trying to convince us to take a dog home. Although my mom never wanted a dog, she finally gave in and took Toto in. He was pretty ugly when she got him, but he looks great now!

My mom is 79 years old, and Toto was over 10 years old, so it was a good fit. He follows her everywhere, and is the best thing she could ever have gotten. She is so glad she finally said YES...he makes her so happy and she loves him so much. She says she cannot imagine her life without him (and I think he feels the same way too!)

eastpointe, MI

Pickles' story

This little tortishell was only a year old when she was rescued off the side of a highway, cold, tiny, and underweight. She was taken in by our local animal shelter, and desperately needed a forever home. My husband and I, though we already had two cats of our own, decided to adopt her, and name her Pickles. Two yeas later, in April 2009, she had an upset tummy and lost her appetite. One day of not eating turned into 4 or 5, and she started turning jaundice. We rushed her into the vet where she was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. The diagnosis was serious, and left us with very few choices; we could have her put down, or we could try to save her. We decided to have a feeding tube inserted, and for six whole weeks we fed her through the tube every three hours, and brought her in to see the vet every two days. Her feeding tube was removed six months ago today, and she is back to being herself; a happy, care-free little kitty. There is no cure for fatty liver disease, but we monitor what and when she eats every single day, to make sure she doesn't stop eating again. She's our little Pickle Monster, and we love her to pieces. She is extremely affectionate, and sometimes I think she knows we helped save her life. She is actually sitting on my lap, purring as I type this.

Karen Fisher
Sudbury, ON, Canada

Chew the cat

Little Voodoo was living on top of our house and we didn't know it. We would constantly hear something running across the roof at night and we thought it was a possum. One day, as I was looking out the bedroom window a black streak went by, falling down onto the grass. Looking up at me was a little dirty, flea ridden black kitten. I took him in, cleaned him up and fell in love with him. His nickname is "Chew" because he'll eat anything!

Tasha Hardy
Toluca Lake, CA
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