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I'd just lost Cassie after 15 years. The last thing I wanted was another kitty. , but I passed a pet store I liked and decided to just look and I swear I heard the word rescue in my head. There was a beautiful feral calico kitty 12 weeks old. I asked to hold her, she was terrified! But when I held her she looked up into my eyes and she squeezed her eyes shut & I knew it would be alright. We brought her home & couldn't touch her for over a month. Slowly we were able to gain her trust. I remember the first time she got petted. I used a peacock feather down her back and her head came up as if to say Hey! That feels good. It didn't take long after that and you wouldn't believe it was the same cat, so very loving to everyone, but she was very sensitive & had bad reactions to most medicines. We called her our "Bubble Kitty". She had special needs & we did everything we could think of to keep her safe and healthy. About 4 years ago she had dental work done and a vet gave her Metacam pain medicine causing renal failure. We pulled her though that. Then beginning of April 2009 she seemed to get, we thought lazier, we took her to the vet and they told us our baby had Leukemia. Within 2 weeks she was gone. It broke our hearts she was only 9 years old! We cried buckets. I can only think and hope that because we took so much care with her because she was "sensitive" that helped her live to be 9 years.

Burbank, CA

Copper helps heal a wounded heart

Copper came to us from a no kill animal shelter on Dec.2,2009. Our other cat was departed from us only 2 days before, but it felt like I had just lost a child. My heart ached beyond belief. On December 3rd I went to the thrift store that is owned by the shelter .It helps feed the animals and pay for their spay or neutering.I told the lady I had just adopted a cat from their shelter a day earlier. She asked if it happened to be Copper and I answered yes that it was Copper.

She told me that she was cleaning his cage earlier that same day and told him that he was going to be adopted soon; not knowing that I had called the shelter to make arrangements to meet and adopt him. When I went to meet him I was told he may not be a lap cat and was shy , but that he was a very loving cat. He sat on my lap today and stayed with me at the foot of the bed most of the night.

The first night without our old cat was the hardest. Oddly enough Copper seemed to know just where to lay and when to to come to bed. It seems like a match made in heaven.

kingman, AZ

Lionel and Daisy

When I decided to look for a furry companion, I knew exactly what I wanted: 1 doxie, housebroken, about 8 years old, living in New England. I searched and searched and, while I found so many adorable pictures, I didn't find my dog. Then I saw the photo of these two wonderful critters. They were senior dogs, not housebroken, lived in VA and had to be adopted together. And I didn't care.

Due to an imminent move, I knew it would be best for me to wait about 6 weeks before adopting them. When I contacted DRNA, the wonderful woman there told me that they didn't hold animals and, after a year of no interest at all, she had several families looking at my Lionel and Daisy. Four weeks and three home visits later, she emailed me again and told me she thought they must be waiting for me because since I had expressed my interest in them, they had started behaving badly with other families. We arranged for a pickup between Virginia and Massachusetts. It was love at first sight. Since they were already seniors, I knew we were on borrowed time, so I asked them for three years.

Daisy gave me a year and a half; Lionel gave me three and a half. He even wore a tux to my wedding.

Everyone talks about how much they needed me. Few people understand how much I needed them.

Meredith M.
Boston, MA

TAPS: Private. December 1992- December 2009, a great friend.

I went to the FT Lewis, WA vet and walked by the cages of animals that needed adopting. This one lab-rotweiler mix spoke to me - take me home! I got him that afternoon. When I put him in my truck I said you shall be known as Private. He travelled with me to 30 states and many times to Mexico and passed away on 2 December 2009 at 17 years of age.

A 17 year old dog has had a lot of experiences. I have many tales about him and I could write a book of about him. He touched the lives of thousands of people and will be remembered by many as a dog that was more like a person than a pet.

One of the many stories includes the first day that I had to leave him at home. I could not leave him in the house without a dog door so I chained him to a Dog Loo with water and food. He broke his new collar, but did not leave. He just did not want to be chained up! When I returned from work at FT Lewis he was sitting in front of my garage door where he saw my truck leave that morning wagging his tail. If he could speak I am certain he would have said - well here I am and you don't have to chain me up.

There are many more great stories about that fantastic dog. He was laid to rest in my back yard so his spirit will be with me always.

William Snider
El Paso, TX


Goldie was born on the 20th of May 2008. I found her and her litter under my window, wet and covered in mud from the rain. I looked for mom but did not see her. I got the kittens into a box and took them into the house so I could clean and dry them. Then I put the box out on my porch so mom could get them if she was so inclined. I really wanted to keep the littlle orange one. I have two other tabby cats that are rescues also. Well, mom came and took just one kitten, the orange one. I was heart broken, fearing that I would not see the little kitten again. On Fathers day, I was in the back yard feeding the strays that come for a regular meal. I heard a kitten crying in my garage. I had no idea how it could have gotten in there. I opened the door and went searching. Much to my surprise, there was little orange ball of fur just begging to be picked up. It was my little lost kitten. I quickly picked her up and took her in the house. After a bath and good drying, I just held her and could not believe that I had her back. She has been with me since and is a constant source of joy and entertainment.

Glen Swem
Orlando, FL

Rocky Rescue

Took this sweetie after a friend gave him 2 my son. Family got him for Christmas but they were just 2 busy & the charm wore off. They gaave him 2 my son who already had 2 small dogs & Rocky was "the odd man out". He said 2 me "Mom, try this on for size". 24 hours later, Rocky had my heart & now sleeps with me & has pretty much taken over the household. Love him so & I really needed him in my life. Animals are special & I wish I could adopt all those sad little faces I see at the shelters.

Jan Ekblad
Green Bay, WI

Saving Sable

It was three days before our local shelter, Huntsville Animal Services, was going to close for the winter holidays. A plea went out on local TV that there was a mother dog who had one puppy left from her litter. The puppy was getting older and had to be taken if a home was to be found for the mom before both of their time at the shelter was up.

We went to the shelter asap and found the most colorful little fluff ball puppy. She was so happy to see us she threw herself against the front of the cage and wiggled with joy.

We adopted Sable right then and there. She is the sweetest, most gentle dog we have ever had. Playful, loves children, smart. She has been our treasure and pleasure for years now. And yes, her Mom found a forever home too! I love happy endings.

Becky Stover
Huntsville, AL

Our Funny Valentine

Valentine, the Jack Russell, was in solitary confinement locked in a kennel cage for her first year. When we heard her heartbreaking story we decided to rescue and foster her until a good forever home could be found. While teaching her to be housebroken we fell for her charms and couldn't let her go.

We will always be so happy to have made the choice to live with a lively, spritely Jack. She is now ten years old and has always loved snugglying under the covers, long walks, having an acre of woods to explore, swimming into the cove to retrieve her beloved tennis balls and when not waiting for the mailman to arrive she enjoys simply relaxing.

Virginia Beach, VA

Sweet Girl would not leave her friend!

My son came home one day in 2008 talking about a couple of puppies that had been dumped between our house and his girlfriend's house. One of the puppies had been hit and killed by a car and the other one would not leave its friends side. We were supposed to have our first freeze of the year that night and he was worried the puppy would be cold. When he told us the story, we knew we had to give the puppy a home. Sandy (named because my son's girlfriend was playing Annie in her school play at the time) was happy to see my son and his girlfriend and did not hesitate to get into the truck with them. We wonder every day how someone could have dumped such as sweet little puppy. We are glad to have her as part of our family now.

Scurry, TX


We got Sydney on December 1, 1996. The shelter said that she was found behind a trash can. She was severly malnurished and there was signs of abuse. Her muzzle was tied and there the marks from the rope were still there. We took her to the vet who said to feed her whatever she wanted. She had a bad cough and I slept on the couch with her almost every night until she got better. One day she finally barked and we heard her voice. It was so cute! Then I did so range of motion for hee weakend legs and sang "Wheels On The Bus to her." She still remembered that song after all the years. Sydney loved the sun up until the day she passed, which was November 29, 2009. She was such a good girl and had the best personality ever. I miss her so much but I know she is in a wonderful place with her sister. I keep reading the poem "The Rainbow Bridge" and look forward to seeing my lovely pets when it's my time. It is just amazing the bond between the owner and it's pet. The love that Sydney gave me will be in my heart forever.


Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, CA
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