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I adopted Bailey almost 3 years ago from the Midland, Texas Animal Shelter. I already had two corgis and I was not looking for another corgi when I found Bailey. Bailey's previous owners left him in his crate in the rain at the animal shelter. I soon discovered the reasoning for the abandonment of Bailey. Bailey has a liver disease that almost killed him. Dr. Myers our veterinarian and I would not give up on Bailey. Dr. Myers put Bailey on a special diet and medicine. Since the discovery of this disease, he has put on weight and has become very active. No matter what we have spent, every penny is worth saving his little life! I think of it this way...Bailey was their loss and he is my Gain.

Shannan and Kennon Williamson
Odessa, TX

Cindy finds a home

Crossing our busiest scariest city street in the middle of the night, Cindy came up to me and immediately rolled onto her back for a tummy rub. When I brought her into my building, she ran up the stairs and straight to my apartment door as if she knew where home was. She has been sharing her gentle spirit with me ever since.

dj orr
bronx, NY


We first came across this beautiful tabby as a kitten born in a garbage can. Before we had a chance to bring her into our home, her mother moved her & we couldn't find them. It took us a year to finally trap her and bring her into the house. Even though she doesn't let us hug or kiss her, Dagmar does love to sit on our laps and gets lots of petting. Her happy purrs make us so proud to have rescued this little girl.

Farmingville, NY

The Crazy cat and the dark and windy winter night

It was a dark windy winter night in a small college town in southwest Michigan, when upon my third (and top level) floor apartment deck sliding glass door I heard a scratch followed by the most pitiful crying I had ever heard. The wind was whipping snow in circles and a mysterious shape with reflecting eyes was pacing back and forth the outside of my door. When I pulled open my door, a handsome young cat greeted me with yeouls and promptly walked into my apartment and started grooming the snow from his fur.

The local animal shelter and I agreed that I could foster him and bring him to adoption days and they would do their best to find him a forever home. After the first three adoptions where the cat I named Kittenus Crazyus flatly (and rudely) refused to have anything to do with any of the potential forever homes, I resigned myself to the inevitable and adopted him myself.

Ever since that day, he has greeted me at the door with purrs and petting demands, kept watch over my sleep from the top of my pillow, and enriched my life beyond compare. I am so happy he found me that dark winter night and I think he is too!

Ann Arbor, MI

A Case of Mistaken Identity!

9 years ago I was walking past a pet adoption event and saw a dog that looked like Petey from The Little Rascals. Before I knew it, I was filling out adoption papers! I later learned that everyone wanted this dog, but she picked me. That was my first dog, Bonza (on the left). 2 years later, a friend from puppy training school was in the pound and thought she saw Bonza in there. She left a message, asking if I had lost my dog. Curiosity got the best of me and I went to take a look. Again, before I knew it, I decided if that dog was still in there 2 weeks later, I would adopt her. That was Possum (right), and that was 7 years ago. They have both made my life so much richer and could never imagine my life without a dog and certainly not one without a rescue dog. They give so much and ask for nothing in return. Sadly Bonza passed away several months ago, She will be forever in our hearts.

Anne S.
Los Angeles, CA


We adopted Wilbur shortly after our beloved Snooper passed away last January, 2009. Snoopper was our beautiful Shar-pei and we decided our next pet would be a rescued one. We decided on another Shar-pei and found Wilbur on line. He was rescued in West Palm Beach, Fl., and needed a home. We immediately fell in love with his sweet little face and look in his eyes that said he wanted someone to love and adopted him to his forever home from the Shar-Pei Rescue, St. Petersbur, FL. He has done very well and so have we. Our mutual love for each other has gotten us all through rough times and now, we will have many more happy days ahead with sweet, loveable, Wilbur. Thank you Wilbur, we love you.

Marlene and Jonathan Weinberg

Marlene Weinberg
Ruskin, FL

How sweet Izzy?

A friend of my daughter was fostering a rescued Shih tzu pup. She emailed my daughter to say she was moving out of state and that the pup needed to find a home quickly. Heather called me, I went to see the pup, and the rest is history! Izzy is so cute and so much fun! He is a little bundle of energy and love. I'm so glad that he found me because he brings so much joy into our home.

Sandy Simkin
Trumansburg, NY

Their loss is our gain

I lost my Golden Retriever, Annie in 2006. She was 14 1/2 years old and the best dog I ever had. I still miss her terribly. I have 2 cats, Teddy and Sophie (both rescues also), so I wasn't sure about getting another dog, however, I just bought a new home in May 09 so I decided it was time to get another dog. My son and I went to the Fairfax County Animal Shelter in VA and found Harlow. She was a stray about 4 months old at the time. She was in the last cage we looked in. We met with her and found out that she loved to chase tennis balls and give kisses. We decided right then and there that we wanted her. She is now about 9 months old and she is a really good girl. The cats however weren't so happy that I brought a dog home but they are definitely getting use to her. She loves to herd the cats (they don't like it, she thinks it's a game and her job). She is an Austrialian Shepherd Mix about 50 lbs. She has lots of energy and LOVES the dog park. She also has a boyfriend - Jackson (a black lab/hound mix). They are inseparable when they are together. We all love her to death - yes even the cats, Teddy and Sophie, albeit they would never admit it. I can't believe she was a picked up as a stray and nobody claimed her but their LOSS is definitely OUR GAIN.

Manassas, VA

Little girl

This is Arwen, a 4 year old tabby point siamese. We 'addopted' her next door to a garage sale. The woman who owned her had just had a baby and threw her out because she was afraid that she "might" hurt the baby!! This is the gentelest cat I have ever known!! She was starving and flea ridden too!

Now she is healthy, flea free, and spoiled rotten!! LOL Our baby girl!!

Ann McDaniel
Dayton, OH

Brother and Sister, Snuggles Forever

This is Angel and Damien and they are brother and sister from the same litter. They were dropped off at the Orphan Save-A-Pet Oasis Shelter here in North Palm Springs as kittens. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence... the shelter sees a lot of kittens abandoned on their doorstep in boxes. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first showed up at the shelter (first of all I wanted to take every last animal there home with me)... The gal that led me into the cat sanctuary took me to where the kittens were staying. I immediately fell in love with them when I saw them... Damien with those big beautiful green eyes and Angel... well she had this little angel-face that became her namesake. The paperwork noted them as domestic longhairs, however, you can't really tell from the picture but Angel has always had that "M" on her forehead, not to mention the two of them have grown up to be just MASSIVE, so I'm pretty sure there's at least SOME Main Coon in there somewhere. The two of them are still inseparable, and I constantly find them spooning and snuggling. They are the most lovable cats I've ever had, and are total mama's babies that follow me EVERYWHERE (and I wouldn't have it any other way.)

Michelle Bergeron
Palm Springs, CA
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