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Meet Mimi

In 2005 my kids and I were volunteering once a month to clean litterboxes and feed about 15 cats at a local shelter. Mimi, a glossy young tuxedo girl with loads of charm and personality, had been forced to live outdoors by her owners. She had already given birth to one litter of kittens and was found to be pregnant again when she was abandoned and then finally spayed by the rescue's vet volunteers. To this day she is terrified of thunderstorms and we imagine it reminds her of the bad old outdoor times. Other than that, though, there is not much that gets in her way. She is smart enough to "unlock" her sister cats' covered food bowls, after emptying her own; brave enough to chase a fox away from our property; and she does not suffer fools gladly, as evidenced by her impatient sigh (for all the world, like a person) and thumping muscular tail. Thankfully she forgives easily too, and licks our hands as if we are the wayward kittens she once mothered. Here she is, owning our deck. She is a force of nature and we adore her. Viva Mimi!

Ellicott City, MD

Jack, the one-eyed cat

I saw Jack at shelter in April 2006. At first sight, he looked sickly and a little disheveled. He crawled right up to me, as if to get my attention. I knew he had been through alot and he was a survivor. He came home with me that night, and we've been taking care of eachother ever since! He is the best companion ever!

Lauren J.
Salt Lake City, UT

Lost and found

It was several years after the death of our beloved Border Terrier that my wife asked I wanted another dog. We are both retired and wasn't sure if another dog would be a good idea, but did decide that if we got one it would be from a shelter this time and not a breeder.

We had looked at one shelter when a friend, who knew we might be looking, gave us a call. She had caught a small dog that was running loose in the parking lot at her store and asked if we wanted to look at it. The first thing my wife said when she saw him was, "Thats the ugliest dog I have ever seen in my life". He was skinny and dirty and quite a bit nervous but seemed friendly enough. We decided to, at least, take it home, clean it up, and see if we could locate its owner.

After putting ads in the paper, posters around town, notifing the police and both vets in town with pictures I even took him to both schools in the area hoping some of the children could identify him. When we had no response to all the effert we guessed he was abandoned.

I guess you might say that he found us because Dooley (the name we gave him) has been with us for a year now and is my constant companion. When I'm home he is hardly ever more than three feet away from me (laying ih the computer chair next to me right now).

Phil and Sandy

Philip Dersam
Dt. Clair, MI


Two years ago I had lost my Collie and within a week was slowly sliding into depression from a lack of doggie love and kisses. Even though my husband begged me to wait until after vacation, i just had to have another dog. I was on Petfinder constantly looking. One day i saw "the face". Days later we had our dear Jedd. But Jedd was lonely without his shelter pals. I had started volunteering for Jedd's shelter, Animal Angels No-Kill, and was beginning to have a good rapport with many of the dogs. My husband came with me one day and we walked back and forth past the pens with me giving him personality briefs on the ones i thought would be good for Jedd. This one little black and white mix sat back in the corner of his pen, in his box away from all of the other barking, jumping dogs, just watching us with his half black and half white face. Only the tip of his tail was moving. On the second trip through, Ken pointed and said, "that's the one". From the moment we took him home, he and jedd have been best buds, and his "happy" tail has never stopped moving. My husband loves all of them, but Happy is "his" dog. They sleep and play together and act like two kids. And, he won't serve Hap his food without "warming" it up in the microwave. He is spoiled. Since then, we adopted a collie from the same shelter and they are the best trio i have had in the past 21 years.

I love my "kids".



Ligonier, PA

Meet Addie

We adopted Addie 12 years ago. We had no intentions of getting a puppy that day but we fell in love with those adorable long ears!! She waits patiently at the front door every school day to greet our two sons when they get off of the bus.

Jennifer Bacso
Dyer, IN

A Beautiful Ending

China was on death row after her owner died, and was saved just in time by the Angels for Animals rescue in Cliffside, NJ. When we read China's story on we knew she belonged with us. At approximately 18 years old she had a heart problems, mobility problems from a past injury, desperately needed dental work, and her tongue had been cosmetically cropped. Despite all this, China opened her heart to her new family and we couldn't help but fall in love with her. Sadly, only 2 months after moving in with us China's frail heart gave out. Though we didn't know her long, China will always hold a place in our hearts.

Adair Moran
New York, NY

Vee, the dog that moved a lot

Vee was found on the street in 2006, not older then one year. The founder was suddenly allergic to Vee and gave her to a more or less homeless guy. He moved from address to address and then left and dumped Vee on the street. He told someone to put her down.

I took her in to see if she could handle 3 cats and that was no problem. One cat became her friend. It took her awhile to realize that this was her permanent home. She was so proud to get her own bowls and a basket and a blanket. Very possessive about her possessions. So much fun walking on the beach, swimming in the ocean as she follows me through the waves and she has all the spectators in laughter when she start barking at me to come back before she dives in to bring me back.

She loves car rides and as soon I pick up the car keys she start jumping and running down the street to find the car. Everything is fine as long she can come along. She found her own abandoned starving kitten, who is now a lovely cat and would have died as I wouldn't have found the kitten, hidden away under the bushes. So Polly's life saved by Vee, Two abandoned animals. What a great story.

Alice Tromm
Tavira, Portugal

My Foxy Roxy Rae

December 2006 Roxy was found around a dumpster in N. Minneapolis, brought to a shelter were a friend of mine was picking up her cat that had gotten outside and found. Immediatley she said she would take her. She was only 5 months old at the time and very much a stubborn pitbull puppy. My friend lived in an apartment and after Roxy chewed the balcony blinds she called me in tears not knowing what to do. She has been with me ever since and it the sweetest girl I have ever owned. She even likes cats!

South St. Paul, MN


When my cat and the love of my life - Junior - died, I thought no one could fill the hole in my heart. My daughter found Angelo at a pet supply store which donated space to a local shelter. I told her that I wasn't ready, but after a week I couldn't get Angelo out of my mind. When I inquired about him, I was told that after the abuse he'd been through, only a special person would be "allowed" to adopt him! I was asked a million questions and my veterinarian had to vouch for me! Now, Angelo spends his evenings on our couch in front of the fireplace! I can not imagine my life without him. It is definitely true that best way to "rescue" a broken heart is to adopt a rescued pet!

Salisbury, MD

Miss Lily Hassinger LIVES!

I was a volunteer dog walker at the local Humane Society. I had lost my best friend (dog) when he was 11. I was lost without him so my volunteer work was therapeutic. That is when I met my girl! As I walked down the corridor of caged canine, she was the ONLY dog who didn't beg for my attention. She sat quietly w/ a pitiful look on her face. She was not able to be walked as she had not passed her Temp Test. I asked about her & when she was tested, she failed the "flank" test where they pull on the hind quarters to see if the dog would react. This girl had cuts and bruises & I'd likely be irritated too. Her ears were bloody & she was sad. I begged them to let me foster her but her fate was to be the NEEDLE.After much pleading, she was cleaned up by the vet & retested. She passed!!! She's the VERY BEST DOG EVER! Her estimated age at the time of adoption was aged 2.I cannot believe how smart she is. She is loving, precious, knows all her toys by name, runs on the treadmill & comforts me when I have a migraine. I even bought her a Jeep! I cannot believe that the world was almost without her. My life is more wonderful with her in it. The picture I am attaching was taken ONE Month after she came Home! Thank you God for letting Lily be a part of my life, and thank you, Humane Society, for giving her a second chance. I will ALWAYS "rescue" when I adopt a new pet/family member.

Lisa Hassinger
Camp Hill, PA
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