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Lil Badoo

I am an avid cat rescuer and am also a big believer of the TNR (Trap/ Neuter/Release) of stray and feral cats. I rescued my lil Badoo when he was just 6 weeks old. He and his sister were living under a deck in the backyard of a woman who is not fond of cats. The dynamic duo now are 6 months old and live with me. They are 2 of my dearest friends. Badoo is the sweetest and friendliest cat I have ever met. He purrs as soon as I touch him. Even if I just put my finger on his fur, he will get his motor running at full speed!!! His trust and innocence always brings a smile to my face. He's a gentle and loving little soul and I don't know what I would do without him.

Marie Gohn
Philadelphia, PA


My last day at work in Animal Control I meet this little guy. I had been looking for a playmate for my Dachshund Cooper. This was just meant to be. Had my last day at work been the week before I would have never meet Norton. Norton was brought in that day and on his way to the shelter. I saw him and knew he was the one. It took Cooper just a short time to welcome Norton in our home. Now two years later Norton and Cooper are the best of buds. We enjoy him so much and so does Cooper.

Judy Prichett
Littleton, CO

Rambo - Feral to Sofa (Saved three times)

This is Rambo, either dumped or lost near our home in Queen Creek, AZ. When we started feeding him, he was completely wild and we couldn't get close to him. He managed to survive coyotes and feed himself for about a year before he got hurt badly. Could never tell if his right front leg got caught in something or if another animal got him. He was so sick from the infection, we thought he was dead twice. His leg was swollen and so infected it looked like it was going to completely deglove -- but he still got up and moved away if you tried to approach him. I couldn't get any vet in the area to dispense me antibiotics for a feral cat. I tried explaining that he was wild, injured and I just wanted to try to help him. In frustration, I went to the pet store and bought ampicillen for FISH. There was no way to calculate dosage, so I just started squirting about 2 teaspoons in his canned food - he was still eating - morning and evening. I continued to treat him with the fish antibiotics for 4 weeks. Somehow his leg healed and he began walking on it again. I still couldn't touch him, but he would come close to eat. Over the next year, he was again hurt badly in 2 fights, and I finally trapped him. The vet treated all his injuries, neutered him, and removed the remains of one ear flap. He hated me. He stayed in my guest bathroom for a month and I finally got him to let me pet him. We have finally won him over, and though he has hardly any teeth and only one ear, he is content on the sofa!

Colene White
Mesa, AZ

Don't Give Up

We adopted Smokie after reading an ad in the paper. The elderly couple who found Smokie wandering their neighborhood had placed ads trying to find her owner, but to no avail. They and their neighbors fed Smokie and tried to make her comfortable, but nobody was able to adopt her for good.

With great reluctance they placed an ad for someone to adopt her. We went to their home twice before we found Smokie 'at home.' She ran to me and allowed me to pick her up and place her in the cat carrier.

Once home, Smokie would hiss and try to bite us if we attempted to handle her, although when we took her to the vet to get her checked out, I noticed she allowed them to handle her without a problem. I nearly gave up but, after receiving reassurance from a cat rescue expert, we kept working with her. Now, although she does 'go after' us if we pet her too long or in the wrong place, we are learning her 'ways' and she is a treasured member of the family.

Please remember that much of the time animals have been treated poorly in their 'families of origin', have been dumped when folks move, and are confused and sad. They've gone through a great deal of anguish and neglect and just need time and love to assimilate into a new home.

Don't give up!

Sandra Novelly
Las Vegas, NV

My Sweet Willow

Willow was brought to my attention from emails and & a phone call from people that knew I did rescue. I was told she was in horrible shape. A nurse at a vet clinic had seen her when she was brought in to crop ears.Which the vet refused to do as her condition was so bad.She had KC and was very malnourished had fleas and who knew what else.As no testing was done. She was put up for sale on puppy find and looked like death. I called and drove to S.C. and bought her to save her life.She was only 23# .Nothing but skin and bone.She was a scared and sick puppy. After my vets treatment & a lot of care for worms,coccidia,fleas,& malnutrition she has blossomed into a beautiful little gal. Given another week or so and she would have been dead from the worms and coccidia. With good food and a loving home she is flourishing. She loves attention and loving, and will talk to you . She is a doll and I know she is going to be a wonderful little lady. I am glad little Willow came into our lives. She is such a joy.

Phenix City, AL

Cutest Puppy

I had taken our newly adopted puppy and my daughters newly adopted puppy down to petco for grooming. When it was time to pick them up I had my husband go with me. The rescue group was at Petco that day. While I was paying for the grooming my husband went over to look at the puppies. After I paid I went over to my husband and he was holding the ugliest puppy I had ever seen. My husband fell in love with him and told me not to put him down. After he went and picked up the other two puppies I asked him what he wanted me to do with this puppy and he said he wanted him. I told the rescue person that we wanted him and she said this was definitely his lucky day. So we adopted another puppy. I took the puppy home trimmed him up and gave him a bath and after wards he was the cutest puppy under all that ugly matted hair. We named him BOOBOO and he has been a blessing to our family. Now when our whole family gets together we have 8 dogs that have all been adopted from Flawdogs. They all get along and have fun.

Imperial, MO

New Kids In The House

In 1992 we adopted two barn cat siblings Dolly and Charlie. Dolly went missing in 1997 and we had to put Charlie to sleep in October 2008. It was a devastating loss as he was an important part of our family & the house just wasn't the same without him. In March of 2009 I went on the hunt for sibling kittens again. It was not easy and I searched high and low in shops and websites. After much frustration I decided to go to every Petsmart I could, we have 10 in the area. At the very last Petsmart right around closing time I found 11 month old siblings and knew right then that these were the ones. It took Bonny and Luc about a week to come out of their shells. They now own the house and are very loved and give love in return along with many gifts delivered neatly at the doorstep now and then. Bonny likes to bring birds and Luc brings rodents.

Dan C.
Clifton Park, NY

Naomi the Puppy Mill Rescue

Late October of 2007 I was called by a friend whose husband works at the Tulsa Animal Welfare about needing groomers and bathers for 50 dogs that were rescued from a puppy mill the day before. There were Yorkies, Schnauzers, Chihuahuas, Dachsunds and Skipper Keys. Professional groomers came to help trim the dogs while my friend and I bathed them, wrapped them up in warm towels fresh out of the dryer and held them until they stopped shivering. When Naomi got to us, the groomer said they didn't think she had ever been held before because she just freaked out. But by the time I wrapped her up in a small pink towel fresh out of the dryer she made the sweetest noise and fell asleep on my shoulder. I knew right then she belonged to me. Since the dogs were evidence to prove animal cruelty due to the conditions they lived, it was 5 months before she could come home. April 1, 2008, she came home to me and started learning everthing there is to being a companion and she is such a lovely little girl. As you can see. Love every inch of you Naomi!!

Ann Marie
Tulsa, OK

Annie Pooch

Annie had been caged at a puppy mill for 8 years making puppies. She was released to the dog pound because she became infected with heartworm. A local animal rescue group paid for her heart worm treatment and put her up for adoption. When I met her she purred like a kitten and I knew instantly that she was the dog for me. She's 13 now, we walk every day, and she's part of our family. Don't Shop - Adopt!

Val Maloney
Milfor, CT

Our Loveable Gypsy

We found her on an email: Needs Good Home. We picked her up, and she was just so happy to have a new family. She became an inside family member. I was hoping she would bond with my g-daughter because of her seizures, but instead Gypsy has bonded with me, and wakes me when my sugar levels have dropped down in the 50s or lower, and she makes sure I get up and eat something. She is so loved, and is a great listener! For being an outside animal, to an inside pet, we've only had to tell her she couldn't use the floor twice. She comes to me and pokes my side when she needs to go outside. She has a fabulous grin when we have been gone for a few hours. Her whole body wags, and she sounds as if she would like to tell us she missed us.

Jan Abney
Salem, MO
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