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In August of 2009, a friend of mine called and told me one of his friends had seen a kitten being thrown out a window of car that was driving down the freeway. My friend was trying to find a home for the baby and, of course, he called the right person. Grayson came to me about 2 weeks old and shaking. He was sweet and lovable even though he had been through a horrible ordeal. He is now three months old and is healthy and just as lovable. His brothers and sisters are tired out by all of his energy but they love him just the same. He is a momma's boy and I love every minute of it.

Kara Elliott
Houston, TX

Edgar, The Prince of Los Feliz

My sister and I went to the Burbank animal shelter after her beloved kitten Ed passed away. We were told there were no kittens but decided to look anyway. When we walked into the cat room we heard constant meowing. As we got closer we saw the plea was coming from an orange tabby. My sister told me I had to get this cat. I hesitated because I was not allowed pets in my apartment. When we got him out of the cage, I couldn't resist. Edgar has become the mascot of the building and is the official greeter of the neighborhood. He likes to visit everyone and he certainly makes himself comfortable wherever he goes. This picture was taken by my neighbor at her house! He's such a character I can't imagine life without him!

Terri Hoffman
Los Angeles, CA

Miracle on Sierra Vista Lane

My husband Jerry and I lived in a one-bedroom condo in Valley Cottage, NY in the late 90s. During that time, many litters were born in our complex. One litter caught our eye, as the kittens and their mama were hanging out close to our place. As we watched the babies develop in the coming weeks, my husband took up an interest in one little boy, an orange and white tabby, who he named “Leo Junior” which soon became “Junior.” Now he is the biggest “mush,” an excellent lap-cat, giving many kisses. Junior’s mother would come to the window outside and visit Junior on a daily basis. They would kiss through the screen and talk to each other.

But the story doesn’t end there. There were over 1,000 units in our condominium village. One year later, we found a tiny grey & tan tabby kitten suspended in mid-air, hanging from our kitchen screen above our porch. It was the cutest thing, but no mother cat was around. We fed him, and he would come looking for Junior all the time. This little boy seemed to fall in love with Junior! He would cry for Junior until he jumped onto the window sill for a visit. We took him in…

After the usual adjustment, Gizmo and Junior became very close. So close in fact, we started wondering if there was some relation there. As it turned out, Gizmo’s litter had been born nearby, and this one stray cat, Spike, Junior’s father, was also Gizmo’s father. This made Gizmo and Junior half-brothers!!! So in the midst of over 1,000 condos this kitten found his half-brother from the outside looking in!!! These two boys are now inseparable, as you can see from the pictures.

Sharon and Jerry Militello

Sharon & Jerry Militello
Harrisburg, PA

Our Debo...

Debo was one of 8 pitbull pups rescued from a backyard breeder at only 4 weeks old. He was also the only in his litter to survive the parvo virus.

Here he is doing what he loved most... swimming in the lake and fetching his favorite ball.

We lost Debo 5 years ago to lymphosarcoma, but not a day goes by that my family doesn't think of the joy he brought us each day that he was here.

Pitbulls get such a bad wrap because of the people that train them to be violent. Anyone that was apprehensive of the breed and fortunate enough to meet Debo, always had a change of heart. He was a gentle and sweet pet and will be forever missed.

Las Vegas, NV

Don't Blame Me 'Cause I'm Special

I wanted only one cat when I walked into a PetSmart in Florida. I looked over all the cats they had for adoption and found an eight-month old calico named Noel who was quite playful and had dark, beautiful markings. I knew I wanted Noel (who has since been adopted by another family because she turned out to be an escape artist, and when my husband and I went fulltime RVing, we did not want to take the chance of losing her.)

Her 'cellmate' was an older cat--a big, white male with one crumpled ear the adoption folks believed happened during his 'outdoor' days. He was quiet, but friendly. The adoption folks made me a deal. If I would take him also, they would give him to me with no adoption fee. You see, they feared he would not find a home because of that crumpled ear.

I said yes right away. And am I glad I did! W.C. (for white cat) has been my best buddy for over eight years now. Now a senior citizen, he is still the most wonderful cuddler and I dearly love him.

Does the crumpled ear bother me? Not at all. I think it adds character to a wonderful feline who might have been put down because he is not 'whole' in some folks eyes. To me, he's simply special.

Sandra Novelly
Las Vegas, NV

One Happy Piggie

My boyfriend and I went to a chain store to get a guinea pig, we told the attendant that we wanted a guinea pig, he said he could save me a lot of money, so I asked him how. This attendant went to the back and got this thin pitiful looking guinea pig, we were instantly in love. We got him a brother and called him Gizzi. Gizzi has been with us ever since, both of them are the center of our lives :) Gizzi loves heavy metal and watching us on the computer while his brother loves watching tv.

Arden Balon
Regina, SK, Canada

one happy dog!

I had gone to the local animal control to pick up a dog for a rescue group where I volunteer and I saw him. I went back 2 more times to see him, he seemed so sad and alone, at first he wouldn't even wag his tail at me. But I couldn't get that face out of my mind. I paid the ransom and tried to find him a home. Times are tough and it didn't happen. So I brought him home. His name is Romeo. He is always happy, loves to cuddle, and his butt is spring-loaded! We're still working it out (his canine sisters lose their patience with him and his feline brothers wonder why he won't leave them alone) but I'm hopeful.... and when I get home from work to that happy smile, I can't believe my luck!

Tucson, AZ

Lil Badoo

I am an avid cat rescuer and am also a big believer of the TNR (Trap/ Neuter/Release) of stray and feral cats. I rescued my lil Badoo when he was just 6 weeks old. He and his sister were living under a deck in the backyard of a woman who is not fond of cats. The dynamic duo now are 6 months old and live with me. They are 2 of my dearest friends. Badoo is the sweetest and friendliest cat I have ever met. He purrs as soon as I touch him. Even if I just put my finger on his fur, he will get his motor running at full speed!!! His trust and innocence always brings a smile to my face. He's a gentle and loving little soul and I don't know what I would do without him.

Marie Gohn
Philadelphia, PA


My last day at work in Animal Control I meet this little guy. I had been looking for a playmate for my Dachshund Cooper. This was just meant to be. Had my last day at work been the week before I would have never meet Norton. Norton was brought in that day and on his way to the shelter. I saw him and knew he was the one. It took Cooper just a short time to welcome Norton in our home. Now two years later Norton and Cooper are the best of buds. We enjoy him so much and so does Cooper.

Judy Prichett
Littleton, CO

Rambo - Feral to Sofa (Saved three times)

This is Rambo, either dumped or lost near our home in Queen Creek, AZ. When we started feeding him, he was completely wild and we couldn't get close to him. He managed to survive coyotes and feed himself for about a year before he got hurt badly. Could never tell if his right front leg got caught in something or if another animal got him. He was so sick from the infection, we thought he was dead twice. His leg was swollen and so infected it looked like it was going to completely deglove -- but he still got up and moved away if you tried to approach him. I couldn't get any vet in the area to dispense me antibiotics for a feral cat. I tried explaining that he was wild, injured and I just wanted to try to help him. In frustration, I went to the pet store and bought ampicillen for FISH. There was no way to calculate dosage, so I just started squirting about 2 teaspoons in his canned food - he was still eating - morning and evening. I continued to treat him with the fish antibiotics for 4 weeks. Somehow his leg healed and he began walking on it again. I still couldn't touch him, but he would come close to eat. Over the next year, he was again hurt badly in 2 fights, and I finally trapped him. The vet treated all his injuries, neutered him, and removed the remains of one ear flap. He hated me. He stayed in my guest bathroom for a month and I finally got him to let me pet him. We have finally won him over, and though he has hardly any teeth and only one ear, he is content on the sofa!

Colene White
Mesa, AZ
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