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My rescue family

I've been rescuing critters for as long as I can remember, always picking up strays, thinking I'd find them a good home and they end up staying. Four of my five current " furry children" are rescues. Whiskey, a yellow lab mix was a sickly, 4 week old abandoned pup when I found him. He was near death, but with lots of love and attention he's become quite the handsome and devoted boy. Squeak, Tater and Trouble, all females, were all tiny stray kittens who found me - one in middle of the road (Tater), one in a box at the supermarket (Squeak), and one malnurished and abandoned at the door of my vet (Trouble). The only non-rescue in the bunch is Hannah, an English Setter given to me as a "gift," and she sure is. Whiskey looks after "his girls" and we're all one big happy, furry family. Trouble is the newest member and seems to be fitting in quite well - she's the kitty pictured with Hannah and Whiskey.

Wendy Koons
Salmon, ID

Rebirth of Chi Chi, Male Eclectus Parrot

Chi Chi lived at Foster Parrots in Rockland, MA but on February 24, 2006, Karen from Foster Parrots called to say Chi Chi was dying. I could not let him die alone. As a volunteer, Chi Chi and I became close though he was considered 'unadoptable' because of his orneriness.

I went to the hospital and held him. For the first time, I noticed that he had very fine green eyelashes. I wiped away tears. When we told the veterinarian we were having reservations about euthanasia, he said "Take him home."

I did. It took several hours at first to syringe feed him and with a full crop he looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. His head was always in the same position and his posture was off.

Still not knowing precisely the cause of the illness, I tried to think of what might be a good recipe of food. I made a concoction and fed Chi Chi by syringe for several hours each day. He began to perk up though he could not bite or walk.

I tried some physical therapy. Each day he got a little stronger.

Since we took him home for 'hospice', Chi Chi had not said anything other than an occasional pathetic groan until one day, after months of therapy, we heard "Heeeeeellloooooooooooooo" and "Meeeeeooooooow" and a beautiful trilling sound. We knew even if Chi Chi died that day, he was happy.

His Majesty Chi Chi has been with our family almost 4 years now. He continues to get stronger and, though still headstrong, is a loving family member.

He clearly knows what he wants and will gladly let us know when he is displeased. I just love that little green curmudgeon. I think it is safe to say, he loves us.

Dr. James P. Coady-Hahn
Quincy, MA

Living the Life of Riley

It was 2003 and I'd just lost my 3-year old Beagle to severe epilepsy. After having lost him at such a young age, I didn't think I was ready for another dog, but I found myself browsing anyway. When Riley's photo came up, I knew he was the dog for me. Here was this enormous, 150-pound Newfoundland mix, posing in the photo with a cute, fuzzy blanket and a tiny stuffed animal turtle in his mouth. He was the epitome of the term "gentle giant".

Riley had been adopted 4 different times from a local shelter, only to be brought back within a few days each time. He’s incredibly sweet and loving, but also has a stubborn streak, and would use his size to his advantage when he didn’t want to do something. When a local rescue group (for whom I now volunteer) stepped in and pulled him out of the shelter, I filled out an adoption application for him. I knew he would be a challenge, but I also knew he belonged with me.

Six years later, he’s now almost 9-years old, a senior citizen for his size, but he’s still going strong. As you can see, he’s getting pretty gray, but it doesn’t stop him from chasing bunnies and deer in our yard like a puppy. The highlight of his week is when he goes swimming at a local canine fitness center. He also thinks he’s a lap dog, and often climbs up on the ottoman and sits on my lap when I’m watching TV. He still has his stubborn moments, but the joy he’s brought to my life far outweighs any baggage he brings to the table. Riley may not be perfect, but he’s the perfect dog for me!

Howard County, MD


I found Peanut while exercising early one morning. I glanced up the driveway of a local college and wasn't sure if I saw a kitten or a small tree stump. Well it was an adult cat who was nothing but bones and fleas and she was curled in a ball. I brought her right home. She was so thin you couldn't even pet her as every blade of her spine was visible. The vet estimated her to be about 4 years old. It took about 6 weeks before she did anything but eat and sleep. I named her Peaunut because she was so tiny. 8 years later and she is a bushel of Peanuts and a loyal friend who has never forgotten how I rescued her. She sleeps on the other pillow on my bed at night and never asks for anything, she's just happy to be loved.

Cathy Long
New London, CT

Lucky Buddy

My husband found Buddy one night, all huddled in a little ball, near the door of our church. He was so pathethic looking! Covered with mange, he looked like a little lizard. His skin was grey, rough and scratchy. The only hair he had was red and on the tips of his ears and tail. His stomach was distended and his eyes were runny and sunken. The vet asked if we wanted to put him to sleep since he was so sick. The members of the committee that met that night at church paid to have him treated. A couple of days later my mother arrived for a visit and fell in love with the little guy. She wrapped him in a towel and held him day and night. When she went home the next week, little Buddy went home with her. My mother passed away last month with Buddy lying on the bed next to her. He is now back with us and is a constant reminder of the joy that he brought to my mom!

Rona Fleming
Garland, TX

Riddick - aka Ridiculous

When my son wanted to adopt a puppy, I convinced him to go with what I thought was an older dog instead. Imagine our surprise when we took Riddick to the vet and found out he was only about six months old. That's when his name was stretched to Ridiculous. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with heartworm, but we caught it early and treated it successfully. He's now the clown of the house, always up for playing and hugs. He had a rough start in life, but he seems to know that he has found his forever home and he loves it -- just as much as we love him!

Kristie Reeves
Jacksonville Beach, FL

Diesel's New Home

I had just put my beloved Schipperke, Bear, down for health reasons and cried for 2 days straight. I was volunteering for a local dog event that same week and Maricopa County Animal Care and Control was there with a new batch of puppies. Diesel was on his hind legs looking at me through the cage barking. I knew right away he was going home with me that day. I went back to my area and got my checkbook. Within a matter of minutes, he was mine. He's been spoiled ever since.

Diane Arment
Scottsdale, AZ

The Littlest One

Kai came from our local Humane Society. She was the runt of the litter and the only red one in the bunch. She climbed into my daughter's lap and sat patiently while I completed her adoption papers. She rode home sleeping on my daughter and has been a blessing for the past three years. I could not have adopted a better dog! I encourage all to check with their local shelters - rescue dogs are the BEST!

Kristie Reeves
Jacksonville Beach, FL

My Dumpster Puppy

Babie Girl just turned 11 years old in October. My son found her and her sister Jennie at the dumpster at our local park. He hides them in the back of his El Camino for several days- taking care of them without me knowing it. At the time I was determined not to have any pets, but my determination to not have pets ended with seeing their beautiful faces. He named Babie and I named the other Jennie. Jennie was not in great health to start with --and so she passed within a few days of being with us. Babie is my best friend and her name says it all she is my "babie". She addicted to tennis balls and her squeaky toys. There are always toys lying around the house. She is a finicky eater and a miss priss.

Arcdhale, NC

Pound Puppy to Lap Dog

What can I say about Mr. Martie? When my chow passed Babie Girl needed a new friend so off to the pound I went. It did not take long to spot this handsome face. I was told he was about 8 months old and had been a street dog prior to being brought to the pound 4 months prior. He had kennel cough so they had to isolate him and treat the cough. I went back a few days later and brought him home. Babie Girl says it was not love at first site and it took several days for things to settle down between the two. I belive he had been abused or run off so much, as he was very hand shy and when i would pet him he would duck his head like he was afraid. Mr. Martie has since turned 11 years old and is mommy’s 100 pound lap puppy. When he needs a little extra attention he crawls right up into my lap regardless of what I may be doing. He has the most expressive face, loves children, and is constantly knocking things off the tables with his tail. He loves his afternoon walks with Babie Girl. His favorite place to sleep is in the bay window, but he needs a little help now geting into the bay window and into bed at night. To this day he eats his food like he is never going to get anouther bite, results of being a street dog i guess. He is mommy’s little boy.

Archdale, NC
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