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K.C. & Trouble Come Home to Rule the Roost

Visiting my vet’s office often during the last month of my Misty’s short life, I watched other kitties being adopted as these two twin girls stayed behind. No one wanted two-at-a-time, and they weren’t gorgeous like the others.

After Misty had been gone a bit, I called the vets and these two were still there. I’d spent so much money on Misty that I could not afford the spaying fee for two! The vet said he’d do it without charge because he knew these girls would be getting the best home possible!

Never one for cutsie naming, one is “KC” (Kitty Cat). When I opened the cage, the second one ran around and jumped onto and fell and became dislodged behind the water heater. Plumbers couldn’t or wouldn’t come to get her out, but our Fire Department did. “Trouble” was immediately named!

They keep each other company and watching them is better than TV!

Susan Perry Dejnozka
Monrovia, CA

Happy Dogs

Having fostered for a rescue for many years, I can tell you that nothing warms your heart more than watching an animal recover from its past. And sometimes, there are just those animals that you can't let go. And here are two of mine. Hopper, the dog on the left, was found as a puppy- full of worms, filthy, covered in fleas, left with the rest of her litter in a yard. Keegan, the dog on the right, had the same family for 6.5 years. One day they decided to move and they didn't want to take him. In the next two years, spent in a shelter, he bounced around going to 4 houses and getting returned 4 times. Finally, his spirit broke and he gave up. He stopped eating, stopped leaving his "bed", just stopped caring. That's when he came to my house. It took a year for him to warm up to me, but it was well worth the wait. As you can see, these are two of the happiest dogs. And I am one of the happiest moms. Adopting a rescue dog is the greatest feeling in the world.

Janelle Chapman
Charlotte, NC

From Mexico to Maine

At the Mayan ruins of Tulum, Mexico we saw a tiny orange kitten being teased by teenage boys on a motor scooter. We left feeling we could not help but we could not get him out of our heads. After a sleepless, tear filled night and with the help of local animal rescuers, we returned the next day to find the kitten. We discovered his eyes were sealed shut. After a good bath and check-up at the local vet we learned he was not blind but needed eyelid surgery. Although the owner of our resort agreed to adopt him, we decided we could not leave without our special-needs kitten. His name is now Tito (short for gatito -- Spanish for kitten). As you can see from his first experience with snow, Tito is now a long way from Mexico and loving life in Maine. Eye surgery repaired his birth defect and he is now unstoppable.

North Yarmouth, ME

Colby, my best friend in the dog world

I had lost a dog two years earlier and was very sad that my family had to move from our hometown. After moving, I knew a dog would help lift my spirits and get me through this tough time. We went to Central Missouri Humane Society and looked for our next best friend. Colby, a lab/sheltie mix, was there and very calm and quiet compared to the other dogs. We picked her because she was so calm and adorable. It was false advertising because when she came to our house, she went wild. :) Through time she has mellowed and become the best companion anyone could ask for. She's 12 and we hope to have her for many years to come. Thanks for rescuing me, my dear, sweet Colby!

Columbia, MO

Oh so Thankful

With Thanksgiving just 11 days away, here is my story of thanks. 3 Thanksgivings ago, my husband and I took a day trip to visit the Hualapai Indian Reservation in the Western Grand Canyon. While at the Visitor Center to get our permit, there was a small grey kitty outside. This slightly malnourished kitty came up to me and rubbed against my legs as I entered the building. I joked to the lady behind the counter, "I love your mascot." Her response was, "Oh, that cat's been hangin' around. You want it, take it." My husband and I kinda laughed it off and went onto the reservation. Well, the whole time there we kept talking about that cat; "How did such a beautiful cat, get left in the desert?", "It doesn't look feral.","If it's still there, we'll take it, even if we don't keep it." After our day of hiking, we stopped back at the Visitor Center, expecting it to be gone. In the parking lot was the Hualapai Animal Rescue truck with the driver hopping into the front seat. We stopped along side and quickly got out. We saw the kitty in a cage in the back along side a dead Rotweiller on a control stick. Rushing over to the driver, we asked, "Could we have that cat?" He replied, "You want it, take it." And we did. Although my husband is allergic and has to take his Omnaris daily, we are so grateful for our girl, Huali. She has brought us so much joy and laughter in the 3 years since we rescued her from the desert. I never thought I would love a cat so much, but she is the light of my life. With those bright gold eyes, who can blame me?

Tina Finnell
Glendale, CA

Easter gift

On Easter Monday 2008, Sylvester and his 4 siblings were dumped at the local cat shelter, where I work a couple of days per week. He was just 4 weeks old. The shelter wasn't even open and the man simply put a cardboard box full of kittens on the doorstep, not bothering to use the after-hours facility within easy reach. Luckily, the shelter's president was around and ran out to talk to the man and rescue the kittens. To late to speak to the man, she brought Sylvester and co inside.

Next day, I heard the story and when the staff wondered aloud who to send the litter to for fostering, I willingly put up my hand!

Well, they stole our hearts and one of Sylvester's brothers went to a friend, whilst the others were adopted through the shelter. But we just couldn't part with him! My partner said 'Can't we keep him - he's such a nice boy?' So, his forever home is with us and our other 3 other rescued cats.

Now Sylvester is almost 2 and a lively boy with the longest tail, the softest fur and a really cute black spot on his nose pad. He makes us smile all the time and we love him to bits: our little Easter gift!

Tanya Marwood
Perth, Australia

Orphan Annie Finds a Home

It was a cold, dark, wet November evening, when we heard a desolate sound outside our kitchen window. We turned on the porch light and saw a tiny kitten, sitting in the garden crying. Although we already had four other cats, it only took one look from tiny Orphan Annie to capture our hearts. Now she's just part of the family and best friends with her brothers, Merlin and Jack.

Carol & Paul
Eagle, MI


In August of 2009, a friend of mine called and told me one of his friends had seen a kitten being thrown out a window of car that was driving down the freeway. My friend was trying to find a home for the baby and, of course, he called the right person. Grayson came to me about 2 weeks old and shaking. He was sweet and lovable even though he had been through a horrible ordeal. He is now three months old and is healthy and just as lovable. His brothers and sisters are tired out by all of his energy but they love him just the same. He is a momma's boy and I love every minute of it.

Kara Elliott
Houston, TX

Edgar, The Prince of Los Feliz

My sister and I went to the Burbank animal shelter after her beloved kitten Ed passed away. We were told there were no kittens but decided to look anyway. When we walked into the cat room we heard constant meowing. As we got closer we saw the plea was coming from an orange tabby. My sister told me I had to get this cat. I hesitated because I was not allowed pets in my apartment. When we got him out of the cage, I couldn't resist. Edgar has become the mascot of the building and is the official greeter of the neighborhood. He likes to visit everyone and he certainly makes himself comfortable wherever he goes. This picture was taken by my neighbor at her house! He's such a character I can't imagine life without him!

Terri Hoffman
Los Angeles, CA

Miracle on Sierra Vista Lane

My husband Jerry and I lived in a one-bedroom condo in Valley Cottage, NY in the late 90s. During that time, many litters were born in our complex. One litter caught our eye, as the kittens and their mama were hanging out close to our place. As we watched the babies develop in the coming weeks, my husband took up an interest in one little boy, an orange and white tabby, who he named “Leo Junior” which soon became “Junior.” Now he is the biggest “mush,” an excellent lap-cat, giving many kisses. Junior’s mother would come to the window outside and visit Junior on a daily basis. They would kiss through the screen and talk to each other.

But the story doesn’t end there. There were over 1,000 units in our condominium village. One year later, we found a tiny grey & tan tabby kitten suspended in mid-air, hanging from our kitchen screen above our porch. It was the cutest thing, but no mother cat was around. We fed him, and he would come looking for Junior all the time. This little boy seemed to fall in love with Junior! He would cry for Junior until he jumped onto the window sill for a visit. We took him in…

After the usual adjustment, Gizmo and Junior became very close. So close in fact, we started wondering if there was some relation there. As it turned out, Gizmo’s litter had been born nearby, and this one stray cat, Spike, Junior’s father, was also Gizmo’s father. This made Gizmo and Junior half-brothers!!! So in the midst of over 1,000 condos this kitten found his half-brother from the outside looking in!!! These two boys are now inseparable, as you can see from the pictures.

Sharon and Jerry Militello

Sharon & Jerry Militello
Harrisburg, PA
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