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Pete & Jamie

About six months after we lost our 19-year-old black kitty, we decided our home was not complete without the pitter-patter of kitty feet. We found four-week-old Pete at a local shelter, but really wanted two black bundles of joy. The shelter asked us to hang tight for a few days while they attempted to locate another. When we finally met Pete, we also got to choose from four other black beauties. But it was Jamie who stole our hearts. They aren’t genetically related, but these adopted siblings have become fast friends.

Sparland, IL


When my husband and I decided to get another dog, we had been to several local shelters before finding Penny. As soon as I saw her sitting in her cage, looking so little and sad, and she looked up at me with those big brown eyes - it was love at first sight and I knew she was coming home with us! Penny loves to be out in the backyard chasing squirrels and birds around or going for long walks thru the neighborhood. She is now our spoiled little girl and I couldn't imagine our lives without her.

Linda Ulm
Nutley, NJ

orphaned kitties

One of the guys I work with told me there were kittens in the wall of our warehouse. They had seen the mother going in and out of the hole to get food for them. A few days later, he found the mother has passed away in the neighboring park and didn't know what to do about the kittens. He could hear them crying. I told him to take them out and put them in a box and I would call the ASPCA. They were so cute, maybe 4 or 5 weeks old. Well, I felt bad dumping them off at a shelter, in May, when the shelters are pretty full already. So, I brought them home to take care of them until they were old enough to be separated. I kept them in my guest bathroom when I was at work to keep my dogs from being terrorized by these crazy kittens! They destroyed my wallpaper and had a blast with the toilet paper! Two months later, when they started to jump the gate to escape from their "nest", I started looking for homes for them. The two littlest ones, who were inseparably from day 1, found a loving home together. I found a wonderful companion for another. Then there was one. And there is still one! Look at that face, how could anyone give her up?! She is so sweet and full of spunk! So much for being just a dog person!

longisland, NY

As luck would have it!

It was 2003 and I had just lost my job, I was a bit down but thought this would be a perfect time to get the pet I have wanted. With my being home I would have time to train a dog and let it get to know me. My Partner(Bob), his son (Rob) and I went to the county animal shelter and looked around but didn't see any dogs that were the right fit. That night Rob kept bugging me about going back the next day, Rob kept on until I finally said yes. The next morning we went back in and to my surprise there was this little matted up dirty puppy, I was in love! She was scared to death, all the dogs barking, the cage, she was shaking so hard. We took her into the little private room they have to see how the we would get along.She became a totally different dog, she was all I wanted and more. My new little girl had come in the night before so it must have our destiny to go back. We had to wait 7 days before we could take her home in case her owner came to claim her. That was the longest 7 days of my life but she was there waiting for us! We brought her home, the first thing she did was run into the bedroom and jump on the bed, she had my heart. Its been 6 years and we just adopted another do from that same shelter. That must have been destiny too, the day I went in was the same day our new girl had come in to the shelter. Another week to wait and another dog to take my heart! There names in order of arrival, Presious then Dixie!

John Ballengee
Glen Burnie, MD

Princess Lelia

With two Princess in the house already, why not one more? Princess Leila was one of three rescues. We got her just before my daughters 16th birthday. The best present for a princess is another princess. No other dog was allowed on the furniture but obviously Royalty has its privileges.

She is also quite the clown with big Bat ears and loves to play with her canine cousin's Ryder, Lilly, Lola and Ella.

Crown Point, IN

Brewster Comes Home

I had just lost my Pug of 16 years. He, too, was a resue dog and I missed him like crazy. One day when I went onto our local Humane Society website to make a donation in the name of a friend who had passed away, I decided to take a look at the doggie photos--and there he was, the cutest little Chihuahua pup of 7 months. I was in love! A week later he came home and joined my Maltese, Camelot (another rescue dog of 12). We are a very happy family!

Sharon Mack
Pittsfield, MA

I Live with Blind Dogs and I Didn't See It Coming!

A small white ball of fur came barreling full speed out the door and ran straight into the fence beside us. From that moment on I knew we had found our dog! We had been searching for a poodle puppy with no luck, till we tripped across Xander on the Poodle Rescue of Houston website. I was VERY weary of a "blind" dog. I had no idea how to live, train or love a dog that couldn't see. Little did I know this experience would end up being so rewarding that I would adopt a second blind dog 3 years later!

Meet Xander and Leonidas! They are both completely blind from birth. We adopted them because we were worried no one else would be able to "see" past their special needs. Adopting a special needs dog is not for everyone. We have had additional vet bills associated with their eyes. Leonidas recently had both eyes removed due to infections and every 6 months we need to have the vet check Xander's enlarged eye. It's hard to discipline a dog for chewing on the rubber sole of a shoe when it tastes and feels just like their rubber chew toy. Experts agree that if a dog loses one sense, the other ones become more intense to make up for the handicap. Xander and Leo are living proof. They have our home completely memorized and mapped out. Yes there is the occasional thud then Xander turns the corner too fast or wide and misjudges the space, but he can still duck under the coffee table so fast when he knows he is in trouble! I had no idea what I was in store for when we brought the first or second ball of white fur home but we never looked back.

Maggie Wessel
Houston, TX

Meri Christmas

2 weeks before Christmas in 1996, this long-haired, literally skin and bones, 6mo old kitten appeared in our backyard. She was what we considered our 2nd Christmas present from God, being the second tuxedo kitty to show up right around Christmas time in need of a forever home. She was so frail that when she purred her whole body vibrated. We named her Meri aka Meri Merlene the Nut and she is my sleeping pill, purring me to sleep every night. The past 12+ years with her have been a blessing and a joy.

Sallie Kudra
Seneca, SC

little angels (with horns!)

We adopted Sadie, a dachshund mix, from our local shelter, in May of this year, right after our beloved Cocker Spaniel, Rosie passed over the rainbow bridge at 12 years of age. Our other girl Tracy (13), an american eskimo was lonely.

Then in October, we saw Sophie, a pomeranian mix, in another shelter, and knew she would be a perfect addition to our family.

These girls make us laugh every day with their antics. Training them is an ongoing process as they sure are stubborn, but worth it every day. I can't imagine life without them!

Rachel Toth
Bethlehem, PA

Sassy Sue!

My step father adopted Sassy as a present for me when I was just 7 years old. I am now 19 & she is already 12! She's definitely a special kitty, in more ways than one! She was at the animal shelter with her mother & brother. My step father adopted her just days before she was going to be put down. He saved her life! She's now -as you can see- a very spoiled little girl! She's my little model kitty, seeing how she poses for cameras & is absolutely beautiful! Our little Sassy Sue enjoys rolling in sunshine, Cotton Candy -yes, the fluffy, sugary kind!-, going to the beauty parlor for fur cuts and -probably more than anything- her food & treats! She's a special girl, & definitely deserves every bit of sugar we give her! :)

Lodi, CA
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