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How Cammi rescued ME!

Heartbroken, after putting Gus, my first dog, a Blue Heeler to sleep in July, 2007, a friend reached out to me by sending daily emails with Petfinder listings of dogs up for adoption. "I'll never get another dog," I swore...Until I saw Cammi's beautiful scrappy photo on my computer. She was a petite Red Heeler- at CA Underdog Rescue all the way down in Fresno, over 250 miles away! "Too far," I thought, but as the days wore on, I could not stop thinking about her.

A 3-hour drive and a few days later, I loaded up Cammi into my car with her new collar and leash, full of anticipation.

Cammi had been found at the side of the road in a ditch, pregnant, sick with a respiratory infection and covered in ticks. She was taken in by the resuce, treated and prepared to deliver her puppies. Unfortunately, her pups were born with the same respiratory infection she had and they did not make it. Consequently, I learned that she too had a broken heart when we met. Our bond was immediate and it was like she already knew me.

The 2 of us drove down Interstate 5 together; both knowing the healing process had begun; my heart full of joy.

Two years later, Cammi convinced me to adopt again; fastforward to Sammi, another Red Heeler rescue, and the rewards have been never ending!

Kelly Sullivan
Windsor, CA

How a Vermin Became a Herman!

In the middle of September 2009, two little girls came to my house carrying a skinny, small, yet still extremely friendly cat. They asked my boyfriend and me, "Is this your cat?" Being the owner already of a very smug and spoiled rescue cat, I melted at the sight of this little kitty! We said, "No, he isn't ours," to which the girls replied that their grandmother would keep him.

Fast forward to exactly one week later! My boyfriend heard a "YOWL!" outside on my deck. My fat cat, Patches, was howling at the sight of -- yes -- the skinny little kitty! We ran out to soothe Patches, and the other cat rushed to us and began rubbing against my legs. Despite things he must have gone through, he was still trustful and hopeful of people. And, it was obvious that "Grandmother" wasn't going to keep him.

I told my boyfriend, "Well, if we don't find his owners, we have to keep him." We searched in the neighborhood, but no luck. In the meantime, my boyfriend joked, "He's kind of full of vermin, so that could be his name!" I objected, and we compromised upon "Herman."

Herman (AKA Vermin, or The Verminator) is now a growing kitty with a beautiful fluffy coat. He loves to "love on" just about anyone, and even looks at his big sister Patches adoringly! As for Patches? Well, the only kitty is making an adjustment...and they are both in their forever home to stay.

Cynthia Akers
Emporia, KS

Fritz Rescued Me

My baby of 18 years, Dewey, passed away this past summer. His death left an unimaginably huge hole in my heart. I still have my other 18-year-old, Ditto, but Dewey [being polydactyl--having extra toes] always held a very special place in my heart.

A few days after Dewey passed, my best friend went on a mission to find me another "special baby". She haunted every website she could find looking for another orange long-haired polydactyl kitty. She told me of her efforts one day, so I decided to look at the Petfinders website myself.

I came across this photo of Fritz, and fell in love with his inquisitive little face. I contacted the shelter, and ended up driving 150 miles to meet Fritz, but that was the best road trip I ever took. Fritz came home with me that day, and has been the best cure for a broken heart I could have hoped for.

Beth Stireman
Citrus Heights, CA


Squinty came to me when she was a pregnant stray in September 2001. I pondered whether I should take her in or take her to the shelter. It took me a few weeks to win her trust, but after I did, my mind was made up that she was staying put at my house. She was the best cuddle-cat I've ever had. Squinty had 5 kittens (by C-Section). I kept two of the kittens (Callie & Chloe) and found good homes for the other three. She clearly showed some behavioral signs of being abused by humans, but I didn't know the extent until I had to take her to the Emergency Clinic due to some kidney problems. The doctor found two BB's lodged by her hind leg when he took x-rays. Unfortunately, the doctor gave me the grim diagnosis that Squinty was in renal failure and I had to put her to sleep. Callie also had some unexpected heart problems and passed away about 9 months later. I am glad to have had them as pets, they were the joy of my life and I am thankful every day that I still have Chloe. She has such a fun personality and we are very close. She sits with me in the chair and I cannot go to sleep until she comes to bed.

Carla Houseman
Des Moines, IA

Our lil'Stormycat

We adopted Storm in April 2006.

She was about 4 months old and underweight due to a digestive problem. We traveled over an hour just to "take a look", but I knew as soon as I held her that she would be a perfect cat. She stayed comfortably propped on my shoulder despite the sights and sounds of the bustling adoption center.

Her name was Autumn, but we changed it to Storm when our trip took us through wind, rain, hail and sleet (in April!). Her digestive issues cleared up, but she remains small - under 9 pounds. This does not stop her from opening any door that isn't latched by either pushing it with her front paws or hooking a paw under, or around, to pull it open.

She has a fascination with bathroom sinks and loves to bat around crushed tinfoil yogurt tops. She also plays "tag" with us in the house, greets us at the door when we come home and constantly entertains us with her crazy antics. I am happy to report that my husband, who had never owned a cat, is now a cat lover for life!

Next stop - a dog

Kate Amari
Allentown, PA

Sweet Sandy

After being saved by a local shelter that rescued her from a euthanization list at a California holding facility, I found Sandy on in September 2009. She was scheduled to go up for adoption in a few days so I made sure I was the first one there. I saw her, she saw me, and it was instant love. She is 5 years old and is a cross between a Terrier and Whippet. Sandy is my shadow at home and loves to be right on my lap or snuggled up to me whenever I sit down. She has the sweetest personality and just needs lots of love. I couldn't have asked for a better companion for my other dog or for our family. Go adopt today!

Karen L.
Gilbert, AZ

Running in the rain

I first saw Sadie running across my yard in the rain. Something about the way she acted made me realize that she was homeless and alone. It took me a while but I finally befriended her and found her hiding place and her kitten. A good home was found for the kitten but Sadie and I bonded and I could not give her up. She sleeps on top of me every night.

Stacey Snyder
Hamilton, NY


Sweet little Celine was surrendered to the Humane Society pregnant with eat mites and fleas. There she caught the Upper Respitory Infection and had her 5 babies who also caught the infection. I got the call the day after that she was very depressed there so I came to pick her and unforunately, 4 babies (one didn't make it through the night) up to foster. The kittens and Celine were very sick. I had to bottle feed and give medicine to them all to help them make it...but very sadly, they were too weak and the last survivor passed away 2 weeks later. Celine could now work on getting herself better and luckily she did:) Celine is now my forever kitty and has made good friends with my 3 ferrets she loves dearly! And we couldn't ask for a better friend ourselves! Love you Celine and I'm so glad I got blessed with a beautiful sweetheart like you!:)

Oshawa, ON, Canada

Our Prince Toby

Eight years ago, Toby was found wandering in a Texas playground and brought to a local Texas human society rescue group. Toby had severe heartworm disease and was given a 50/50 chance to live. We sponsored his heartworm cure and then adopted him. Toby is about 12 years old now and lives the good life with us in Arizona. Our other two dachshund rescues treat him like the handsome little prince that he is.

Marge and John
Mesa, AZ

My lovely girl

She was 2-1/2 years old. She was waiting for me at the shelter. I looked at half a dozen other cats but I had to have Her. She is now 9 years old. We have a mutual adoration society. She lets me know she loves me by wanting me to rub her belly, usually on my computer desk. There are so many 'older' animals waiting for a good home. Please adopt one. I am retired and could not afford more than one cat, at $100 in 2003. I know it's more now. I wish I could adopt and afford them all!

E. Mommaerts
St-Laurent, QC, Canada
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