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Annie Pooch

Annie had been caged at a puppy mill for 8 years making puppies. She was released to the dog pound because she became infected with heartworm. A local animal rescue group paid for her heart worm treatment and put her up for adoption. When I met her she purred like a kitten and I knew instantly that she was the dog for me. She's 13 now, we walk every day, and she's part of our family. Don't Shop - Adopt!

Val Maloney
Milfor, CT

Our Loveable Gypsy

We found her on an email: Needs Good Home. We picked her up, and she was just so happy to have a new family. She became an inside family member. I was hoping she would bond with my g-daughter because of her seizures, but instead Gypsy has bonded with me, and wakes me when my sugar levels have dropped down in the 50s or lower, and she makes sure I get up and eat something. She is so loved, and is a great listener! For being an outside animal, to an inside pet, we've only had to tell her she couldn't use the floor twice. She comes to me and pokes my side when she needs to go outside. She has a fabulous grin when we have been gone for a few hours. Her whole body wags, and she sounds as if she would like to tell us she missed us.

Jan Abney
Salem, MO

My Sulley

On June 12, 2007 all I could think about was getting to my lawyer's office to sign off the papers to refinance my house. As I drove towards home, I came to an extremely trafficked area of road. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a little dog running towards my car. I slammed on the brakes! In my head I thought "Oh my God! Where did he come from?!" then "Oh no! I can't take him home!!!' But I stopped, and as I opened my car door, this tiny Shih-Tzu leaped up and licked my face!! I scooped him up, took him home & asked my tenant to please watch him. (I already had a 6 yr old Bloodhound/Shepard at home named Maxwell) For the next few days I posted flyers, visited websites, etc. trying to find this poor animal's home.

Finally it happened. A friend recognized the dog. We found the owners and they didn't want him. How they didn't want him was beyond my comprehension!! I called a friend who volunteered at a local rescue and she helped me with neutering, shots, etc. I gave him the name Sulley, from the movie Monster's Inc. Within 2 weeks, Sulley was my dog. We just celebrated his 3rd birthday. I adore this animal more than I ever imagined! My Maxwell was put down due to severe illness in March, 2009, a pain I never thought I could get through. But I have my Sulley (Thank God!) He's my heart and he knows it.

Today is November 12, 2009. He's been right by my side since then ...and thru the Grace of God that's where he will be always.

Debbie Terracciano
Margate, FL


This is Sybil. What can I say about her except that she is one of the most perfect beings I have ever been blessed enough to meet. She came to me when was 2 weeks old after being found in a bin with her sister. Only Sybil survived: after some weeks of careful care, even then it was clear that she was as survivor, it was obvious she would be fine. Due to some complex care needs she came to work with me for the first six months of her life and then as we seemed to attract complex care cats she stayed home with them to assist in their adjustment. There is a bond between us that even I find hard to navigate. Her intuition and care is extraordinary. Suffering from a chronic illness myself, Sybil is always with me to pull me through. Her ability to pin point an issue and genuine kind (but tough!) soul has helped us all form the powerful family unit that we have. I am thankful all day every day for her being in my life.

Wangaratta, Australia


This is Frida. Like my other three cats she came to me in a very bad state. It was six months before she would stay in the same room as me: the day she jumped onto my lap, winked at me and ran back under the couch I cried knowing she had come through another stage of her healing. Today she is unrecognisable from the frightened kitten and, while not a natural lap cat, continues to develop her trust by sleeping on my lap; these days those sleeps are not fraught with nightmares and repetitive (heart breaking) behaviours. If you met her you wouldn't know where she began and thankfully where she is going is very far removed. She is one the biggest joys in my life. Please consider adopting a cat with complex needs - it is more than worth it.

Wangaratta, Australia


This is Eva, She has been with us for two years now. Eva is a survivor of some truly horrid experiences (as are my three other cats) and from them I have seen and experienced the power of true love. Eva is now unrecognisable from the scarred scared broken little cat she was; even though mostly blind she owns the house and their large enclosed garden. She shows love, trust and a strength of spirit that both breaks and swells my heart. Whatever fears anyone may have in adopting physically and psychologically 'damaged' cats please bring them into your life: there is nothing like the relationship you will form with them!

Wangaratta, Australia

Saving a Cat Off The Streets

Rufus came to us after someone moved and left him behind. He used to hang out in the bushes when we took our kitties out for the afternoon. He would sniff at each one when they went in to visit him. Eventually he came out and introduced himself to us and it was then that we saw that he was severally undernourished and suffering from a really bad oral infection.

So after a visit to the vets, some antibiotics and extracting the bad teeth he was right as rain. He went from a 6 pound kitty to a 13 pound cat in under a year and he made the last year of our other beloved rescue kitty, Tom, as well as the other six kitties, a time of joy and happiness.

Stephen Parkinson
Junction City, OR

Now a Cat Lady

This little kitty was left behind by his people when they moved away. He showed up on my doorstep underweight and malnourished. Being a dog person, I didn't know the first thing about cats and didn't want a cat. I desperately tried to find him a home but to no avail. Seven years later, Omar still lives with me and owns my heart. Not only Omar, but we've added other kitties - Cooter, Punkin and Mysha. Omar magically turned me into a full-on cat lover!

Melissa Helmenstine
Everett, WA

Trouble follows

In 2007, I lost my baby Charly of 21 years. I knew I'd get another cat eventually, but not so soon. I took Mama, a feral, in because she's FIV+ and would be put down if taken to a shelter. Before she came to me she had a litter of kittens, of which Trouble was one. I was only supposed to have Trouble, Mama's favorite of the litter, long enough for her to adjust to her new home, but they've both been with me since July 2008. Having Trouble at first was liking having a 2-year-old human, but now he brings more joy to me than I could have ever imagined. They both do.

Falls Church, VA

Mercedes the Pound Pup

It all started with a friend sending me a picture. I saw this beautiful puppy and called the Henderson Animal Shelter immediatly. They still had one puppy!!!!! I learned, on that call, that someone dropped off their pregnant Chihuahua and she had a litter of 3 puppies there at the shelter. I couldn't stand the fact that these puppies were brought into our world in a crate at the pound. I told the lady on the call she was mine site unseen and went and got her within the hour. I have had her since May 29th of this year and she has brought joy to our lives everyday since. She is litterally one of the kids and my daughters even call her 'sister'. We dress her and she goes on vacation with us! Can't imagine life without her.

I asked my husband what he thought of another dog and he wasn't thrilled with the idea.... He loves cars, so I brought her home and handed her to him and said "Can't get mad, I bought you a Mercedes"

Donica Brutting
Overton, TX
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