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Happy Henrietta

Henrietta was a sad kitty. She couldn't understand why the new, allergic spouse had ousted her. But she was suddenly relegated full time to the basement in the winter and outside in the summer, with little human contact. A concerned friend told me about her and how much she needed to have a family. After a brief meeting, I couldn't resist her beautiful markings and enthusiastic purr, so she came home with me. Some adjustment time was needed to deal with a kitty brother and her first dog, but she soon learned to ignore the other cat and adopted the dog as her very own. Six years later and Her Ladyship Henrietta is the VERY vocal, lapsitting, dog nuzzling mistress of the house.

Eileen Harris
South Hadley, MA

Sophie the mommy cat that loves to get scratched

I adopted Sophie back in June 2009 from courageous cats cat rescue in NY. She had been part of a colony of 18 or so that was trapped and neutered. Most were socialized and put up for adoption. I had adopted her brother (we think) teddy in May as a mothers day present that I ended up keeping. Teddy wasnt making much progress so I decided to adopt Sophie to see if it would help and it sure did. The 2 of them were always together and sophie loves to stand on her back paws to get pet. She doesnt like being picked up but now her brother Teddy loves to get pet and rolls over to expose his belly for rubs, but he sometimes swats at me to stop when he has had enough. I than went and adopted what we believe to be sophies kitten (Tia). She is a lovely cat, had her about a month but has not warmed up to being pet yet but she is an eater. They are all long hair and get along as though they are a gang looking for trouble.

Long Beach, NY

how we were found by stella sprinkle

One afternoon my daughter brought home a muddy skinny kitten from the playground. Some kids were repeatedly throwing him down the slide when she intervened. I had made a "no more pets" rule a few months earlier after loosing a very beloved pet rat. So off we went to the shelter the next day, hoping he would find a good home. At 3 am that morning she had a terrible dream that he did not find a home and we were up all night in tears, waiting for the shelter to open. We were there when the doors opened in the morning to retrieve the kitten and 5 years later this spoiled cuddle cat is my daughters constant companion. He follows her every step and I have never been so glad to break a rule in my life.

Carol Pompee
Holly, MI

Starbucks and Golden

On July 4th, I found a kitten on the porch eating the dog food. After a few months, we found out she was pregnant. She gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens on September 21, 2008. I noticed right away that one of the kittens, Starbucks, a brown and white tabby, wasn't nursing. I then took it upon myself to save her. She became like a child of my own. I went to the store and got kitten milk formula, and I fed her with a needleless syringe. She appeared to be healthier, so I decided I would go to bed. When I woke up in the morning to check on her, my mom stopped me and told me that she had died that night. She showed me that they had put her body in a little jewelry box and wrapped her in a little cloth blanket. I was crushed. My baby had died

I had gone to school the next day, and it ended up being too much for me, so my parents let me stay home. On that day I noticed that another kitten, a grey and white male, was also sick. I got out the formula and I fed him in hopes of saving him. We had brought the kittens in after the death of Starbucks. I decided to return him to his mother for a while. I went downstairs later to feed him, and I saw his body lying on the floor secluded from the other cats. His little body was so cold. another one of my babies had died. we buried him with his sister in the front yard. I anmed him Golden after the Robert Frost poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay".

I have learned from them. I know how it feels to lose a child.

Scottsburg, IN

Cooper's Ordeal.

Cooper was rescued from an Animal Hospital where he was forced to live in a Kennel for 23-24 hr's, for a little over 3 month. He was hardly bathed (when he was it was with a cold water and hose), or givin attention, lived in a his own urine and fecus's when no staff was working weekends. Let me just say this, I could go on with the abuse he endured!!!!!

He would piddle everywhere when let out of his prison & just scream when forced to go back in & worst thing he was sometime givin left over food from the sick animal.

I as an a animal lover could not handle this anymore it broke my heart and I would hear the echos of his crying before I fell asleep at night, that is when I made endowendo after endowendo about his situation towards the Veterinarin.

FINALLY one day I was offered to buy him which I did in a second flat. They said that they were tired of bathing him, and they is why they were selling him to me.

It was hard at first, he would hide on us and the little guy did not even know how to play or act like a dog. I am happy to report that Cooper has been with us for over a year & now acts like a dog. Everyone just love him very much and he turned out to be the perfect dog, We love him very much and we are happy that he is part of our paws family. FYI I left that job soon after I rescued Cooper's.

Yolanda Bergeron
Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Happy ending for Engine Kitty Amputee & family

A couple of months ago, a little feral kitten climbed into my car engine to get warm. I turned off the car in time to save her life but not her front leg, part of an ear, and her tail. That night I set out humane traps and caught her mom, dad and brother & took them in to get them fixed and vaccinated. Mom and Dad were released & are being cared for with food and winter houses. Little Brother became Cassidi's nursemaid. Cassidi and her brother won the hearts of a loving family and now have a loving forever indoor home. Just a reminder that every life is worth saving, and with TLC many feral kittens can become wonderful indoor pets. Please check under your hoods when it's cold out-it could save a life! And practice TNR!

Judy Wood
Springville, UT

Our Wild Child

I found Molly walking the streets all by herself on my way to work, small enough to fit in my hand with it starting to rain. I pulled over and scooped her up and took her home to my boyfriend. Since we already have two cats, a beagle, and a very small apartment, we were going to take her to our wonderful no kill shelter where I sometimes volunteer called Little Victories. Well, she became a member of our household in no time and we could not bear to part with her. She is our wild child and stays in "trouble" with our other pets but we all love her!

Huntington, WV

Finding Rupert

My wife and I had returned from visiting the local fireman's carnival in our small Maryland town. As we exited the car my wife said, "do you hear that?" Well, at 57 years old, my hearing is not what it used to be. Again, she shushed me and said she thought she had heard something. I went inside our home and a few minutes later my wife came in and said there was a very small kitten under the wood pile behind our home. She said she tried to grab it but he was frightened and would not come out. So she went and got a flashlight and went back to try to get the kitten. Well, when she left to get the light, the kitten had come out to follow her. Upon her return she was able to pick him up. He was shivering and scared and quite small and thin. As someone who really knows animals, my wife determined that this kitten could not be but 6 weeks old. We took him in, and for the next week posted flyers with a picture of the kitten stating that we found him and to please call. No one called. So Rupert became part of OUR family and we could not be happier. He is so special. The only cat we have ever had that plays hide and seek, tag and fetch. He is such a fun companion. I am so thankful that my wife has better hearing than I do and was able to hear Rupert's cries that evening. Now we are blessed with a wonderful addition to our family.

West River, MD

Engine Kitty

My mother and her neighbor had found a kitten in a car engine. My mother called me for help and told me of this kitten's situation. Tink had a very bad respiratory infection and my mother couldn't keep him because she had 7 cats of her own and I only had 2. So I went and got Tink, and prayed all the way home he would make it.Took him to the vet and got him medicine. Today, Tink is doing well and we have a special bond. He is the love of my life. He is my Casanova.

Jen I
Leesburg, IN

Bike Ride

My fiance and I were biking through a wilderness reserve. We had already biked an hour when we saw a gray cat crying by the trail. It came to us purring. I couldn't leave it so my fiance reluctantly agreed to take him with us. The cat stayed curled up in my lap, even in the rain for an hour while my fiance went back for the car.

Already having two cats at home we knew he couldn't stay with us. Over the next few days we tried every shelter we could find. All of the regular shelters told us they were full and were euthanizing any new animals, all the no kill shelters were full but said we could get on a waiting list, so we did.

When I took him to the vet she said he had been someone's pet since he was neutered and very affectionate but had probably been 'released into the wild' a couple months ago since he was so skinny. He had no microchip and online lost pet ads never turned anything up.

We fell in love with this gentle cat, unfortunately my male cat, Oscar did not. Our quiet home became a war zone and over the weeks it only got worse.

Recently my parents separated and my mom now lives with my aunt leaving behind our pets. I coaxed my aunt into taking the cat for my mom, my aunt already has a Himalayan that resembles a polar bear and a feral cat they take care of.

My mom and her new cat, Alex keep each other company and are both a lot happier. Peace is restored in our house. We have not gone on a bike ride since my fiance is afraid of what else I'll find.

Warren, OH
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