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Dixie and Bluebell

My Dixie (terrier pictured) had been tied to an oil barrel in someone's back yard very early in her little life, as a pup. She was thrown food and given very little water. Finally after weeks of watching the poor little dear, a neighbor asked if she could have the puppy. She then gave it to a friend she knew,which was a woman that I work with, who emailed the story to several friends and I emailed her back immediately. Dixie is the sweetest "indoor" girl. She is a lap dog and my little shadow. Blue, my other sweetie in the picture, is a rescue from the Jackson County Animal Shelter, she was so timid and scared and I just had to have her. We are not sure what kind of dog she is, but she has the sweetest heart and whines when you pet her. She has many anxieties that she contends with daily. We don't know what her life was like before she was with us, but she is a happy girl now and loves sleeping on my bed! These two buddies play constantly! Please adopt from a shelter and give a great home to a fuzzy friend in need!

Tuckasegee, NC

Moms little buddy

My friends's mom that was working at a rescue and had been trying to convince us to take a dog home. Although my mom never wanted a dog, she finally gave in and took Toto in. He was pretty ugly when she got him, but he looks great now!

My mom is 79 years old, and Toto was over 10 years old, so it was a good fit. He follows her everywhere, and is the best thing she could ever have gotten. She is so glad she finally said YES...he makes her so happy and she loves him so much. She says she cannot imagine her life without him (and I think he feels the same way too!)

eastpointe, MI

Pickles' story

This little tortishell was only a year old when she was rescued off the side of a highway, cold, tiny, and underweight. She was taken in by our local animal shelter, and desperately needed a forever home. My husband and I, though we already had two cats of our own, decided to adopt her, and name her Pickles. Two yeas later, in April 2009, she had an upset tummy and lost her appetite. One day of not eating turned into 4 or 5, and she started turning jaundice. We rushed her into the vet where she was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. The diagnosis was serious, and left us with very few choices; we could have her put down, or we could try to save her. We decided to have a feeding tube inserted, and for six whole weeks we fed her through the tube every three hours, and brought her in to see the vet every two days. Her feeding tube was removed six months ago today, and she is back to being herself; a happy, care-free little kitty. There is no cure for fatty liver disease, but we monitor what and when she eats every single day, to make sure she doesn't stop eating again. She's our little Pickle Monster, and we love her to pieces. She is extremely affectionate, and sometimes I think she knows we helped save her life. She is actually sitting on my lap, purring as I type this.

Karen Fisher
Sudbury, ON, Canada

Chew the cat

Little Voodoo was living on top of our house and we didn't know it. We would constantly hear something running across the roof at night and we thought it was a possum. One day, as I was looking out the bedroom window a black streak went by, falling down onto the grass. Looking up at me was a little dirty, flea ridden black kitten. I took him in, cleaned him up and fell in love with him. His nickname is "Chew" because he'll eat anything!

Tasha Hardy
Toluca Lake, CA


Feb 2006, This little angel was lost and left out in the cold on our street in the country. When I saw her, I called for her and she ran over and rubbed and loved as if she knew she found a new home. I fed her but we already had two in the house and didn't know if we could feed another mouth. We had to go out of town over the weekend and upon our return this little girl had taken refuge under our home in the crawl space. As we heard the mews, my heart melted and at that moment I made her a bed out of a laundry basket fillled with blankets, set inside a box for shelter and topped with a tarp to keep the snow out in the corner of our deck/home until I could take her to the vet. Since then she has been the pride and joy of our lives and has brought the youth back to both of our eldest Choo (12) and Bailey (12). Her name is Chiana or Chi Chi for short and reminds me everyday of what a blessing truly is when you open your heart and your home.

Michelle Burton
Nashville, TN

Racing Rescues

Tiva, Chevy and BJ were all rescued by their moms in different ways. This past summer they joined to together to form team "Racing Rescues" and compete in a USDAA agility team event outside Dallas, TX. They placed 3rd overall for a bronze medal, outpacing 19 teams some including World Team members. Their moms couldn't have been prouder!

Anne Alexander
Dallas, TX

Our Gang

"Our Gang" are all rescues. They are four footed bundles of unconditional love! Everyday they find a way to brighten our lives and we do our best to brighten theirs.

Carol Drake
Boiling Springs, SC

Maxie gets a life

My friend and wonderful cat had just died. The next week while looking for directions I found Max living in a pile of railroad ties. She was very much pregnant, though so emaciated I didn't know until I got her to the vet. I thought she was a small kitten. Tail as thick as my pinky. Half her nose was chopped off and her face was split from her lip through to her forehead. She wouldn't come with me and I left. Down the road I turned and went back and she got in the car. She mornfully cried her heart out to me, telling me all her story all the way home. Pressing herself between my leg and the car door. My heart was broken by the sorrow pouring out of this little cat kid.

Once home she ate 2 chicken breasts and a slice of ham and drank nearly of a cup of water. Than it was off to the vet to get looked over. Than for me it was off to the store for cat food and a littler box. A few weeks later we had kittens and they were all wonderful, though one was lost at birth. She was a wonderful caring mother. What fun we all had! All have equally loving homes of course as I just could not take proper care of more than one cat.

We've moved since that time, recently to a very large yard and fields and a wooded area. We picked it with Max in mind actually, and this is Maxie at her new home where she will live out her life. Needless to say. there are not enough words to tell how wonderful it's been having Maxie around 5 years later.

T McHugh
Ontario, NY

Just like a Pumpkin!

It was the end of fall and this cat came crying up to me from the woods in my backyard. She was skinny, no hair on her tail and crying like crazy. I opened the door to my car and she jumped in and curled up on the floor on the passenger side. I dashed into the house to get a can of cat food from my other cats and she gobbled it up; every drop of it! She weighed only 3 lbs; today she is 10 lbs and brings me so much happiness! The cries are now loud purrs!

Cleveland, OH

Ruthie Jade

We were looking to adopt a Great Dane and I came across Jade's story listed on the North West Florida Great Dane Rescue site. (

She was left abandoned and was found with ticks and fleas. The story kept me up all nite and first thing the next morning I contacted the rescue. After sending in a small application fee and having my house checked out by our local Humane Society, we were approved. We drove up to get our new baby ( 22 hr round trip drive) and it was the best drive of our lives. She is loving, a ball of fun and the biggest couch potato around. Thank you Jeannine for allowing us to become Ruthie Jade's parents. (Renamed after my mom)

Sebring, FL
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