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We love our Sugar!

My fiance and I adopted Sugar, from the Friends of Animals Pet Shelter in Cloquet, MN. We had decided one day to just take a walk and see what kind of dogs were in the shelter. The first time I saw Sugar I knew she was the one. She was laying in the back of the kennel on her blanket sleeping and when she heard us step up to the kennel she jumped up and came to greet us. We went to visit her everyday for over a week until she was available for adoption. When we finally got to take her home, we knew she had chosen us. She loves to cuddle, and I get the feeling that she thanks us everyday for giving her a loving home. Our lives are so much richer now that we have rescued a loving animal and she has rescued us!

Danika Summers
Cloquet, MN

She Picked Me!

One stormy day, our garage door was open on our ranch in Texas. My mom suddenly saw something moving on the side of the car in the garage, and there was this beautiful coon hound dog. She looked like a big puppy but had her breasts full of milk. There was a big bump on one side of her also. There were no puppies around and she was not used to passing underneath the fences on a ranch. The vet had said that she had recently had puppies, that she had been abused as well as most likely abandoned, and that she was about 8 months old. We put up notices to see if anyone had lost her. A year went by and no one ever claimed her, so I had her spaded and claimed her myself. She picked me out of the many ranches around us. We have gone through a lot of great moments in the past 6 years we have been together. I am so lucky!!

Houston, TX

Our Jasper

This is Jasper, our adopted cat from the North Attleboro, MA animal shelter. We found him on Petfinders after we decided to get another family member. He had been found wandering the streets in the bitter cold of January, cold and hungry, and brought to the shelter by good samaritans. Bringing him home has been like bringing sunshine into the house- he is just about the happiest, funniest cat we have ever had and he loves 2 of our other 3 cats ( all girls). He thinks life is pretty good!!

Linda Zaitlin
Harvard, MA

My Little Louie

We adopted this sweet little puppy from a shelter in Corinth, NY called Adirondak Save A Stray. He was in a large pen with 4 other puppies. All of the other puppies were black and brown in color and Louie was the only light haired puppy in the you can imagine how he stood out. He locked eyes with us and we knew at that moment that he was meant to be our little baby!!

Louie is 1 1/2 years old and he is such a sweet pup. We can't bare the thought of not having our morning licks and pounce. Or when he cuddles up next to me on the couch. We love him so much and are so blessed that her found us!!


Ballston Lake, NY

Danielle Dagnino
Ballston Lake, NY

She Pciked Me!

Luna came to me when she was about 8 months old and had already had puppies. One stormy day, our garage door was open. We live on a ranch in Texas. My mom suddenly saw something moving on the side of the car, and there was this beautiful coon hound dog, that looked like a big puppy but had her breasts full of milk. There was a big bump on one side of her also. There were no puppies around and she was not used to passing underneath the fences on a ranch. The vet had said that she had been abused as well as most likely abandoned, and that she was about 8 months old. We put up notices to see if anyone had lost her. A year went by and no one ever claimed her. She picked me out of the many ranches around us, and has been with me for 5 years. I am so lucky!!

Houston, TX

A pretty girl

This is Sassy. About a year ago I got a call from my grandaughter telling me she had been seeing this kitten every time she visited her friend at an apartment complex. She knew it didn't have a home because it was so skinny and so hungry. She kept telling me how pretty she was and how sweet. I really didn't need another pet but I said bring her to me. I agreed that she was pretty and she really was skinny, but I named her Sassy because that is what she was. She didn't want to be touched and growled every time you tried to pick her up. I just waited and let her take her time and she is now coming and getting on my lap. That made my day the first time she did that. She is a comic. She keeps us laughing all of the time because you never know where you will find her. There is not a box or a sack that she has not been found in. I am so glad my grandaughter brought her to me that day because she is a true gift. All animals need a chance. If you can please adopt. They are what makes a house a home.

Cynthia Revis
Greenfield, IN

My Boys

I was with my husband (Adam) at his dads, right next to his dad lived his aunt. His aunt had many cats and kittens. Adam picked this beautiful male kitten. We named him Leon and took him to my fathers house, where I was living. Adam and I moved with his mom and we left Leon with my dad for awhile. Then we went to live with his aunt and my dad fell in love with Leon so i gave Leon to him. Then that night at his aunts this adorable black kitten was looking at me. I immediatley fell in love with him. I named him Kissy Face because he was so cuddly. He was the only one allowed down stairs where me and Adam were living. He slept with me every night and he was the perfect kitten for me. A few weeks later there was an orange and white kitten that his aunt wanted to keep, they were getting rid of all the other cats and kittens. The reason she wanted him is because he had a hurt paw. So I took him down stairs with Kissy Face. Then I decided to keep him and named him Crush. Adam's aunt was ill and Adam went to jobcorp and I moved back with my dad. I was leaving Crush and Kissy Face there for a few days. When I came back I was too late. Kissy Face was killed, he was only a few months old and I still cry til this day. I took Crush and he is now living with me. He is very loved and happy and his paw is back to normal. I wish Kissy Face was still with me and he will always will be in my heart.

Charles Town, WV

My Little TaterTot

Feb-1991: I called a number in the newspaper that advertised Rotty/German Shepherd pups for sale.There were 3 puppies in that nasty garage in Mt Vernon IL when I visited the place. All 3 were jumping all over me and running around, healthy and fat, but none of them 'spoke' to me. As I was getting ready to leave, the people said "We have one more but you wouldn't want her". I said I would like to see her. They drug her into the garage on a leash, nails scraping the entire way, she was skinny, small, dirty, and scared to death. She tried her best to crawl under the car as far as she could to get away from them.

I instantly knew She was the one. I took her home and cleaned her up, fed her pet milk mixed with soft dog food and bathed her.

She stayed under the kitchen table for 2 weeks except to go out, then all of a just could not separate her from me. While bathing her, I had noticed little bumps under her skin on her head, I started picking at them with tweezers and pulled out bird shot! I took 7 shots out of her skin.

Sadie was 6 weeks old when I rescued her in 1991, now in 2009, she is 18½ YEARS old. Sadie is the absolute best dog I have ever known.

She will not be with me much longer due to old age health issues, but I am so thankful that she rescued me and loved me for over 18 years and was always there for me. She has been with me through everything good and bad, and I would not have made it without her. I Love you Tater.

Lora Speiser

Lora Speiser
Salem, IL

Aria & Yoko - Orange Wing Amazon & Cherry Headed Conure

These two Birds have endured harsh abuse and torture.

"Aria" an orange wing Amazon and "Yoko" a cherry headed Conure were kept in a cage sized at 14" X 14" X 18" for possibly 16 years after biting the owner. They had endured many infections without treatment. The birds were never named or allowed to come out of their cage, and almost found themselves dumped in a creek to live or die. Instead their future was blessed the day when a local pet store manager purchased them for a measly $100 to get them from their owner.

Clearly they survived only for the others company. When Aria and Yoko came to us, Aria could only hold onto the perch with her beak on the ride home while leaning onto the side of the cage to avoid falling. Both birds were plucked of feathers. Aria's beak broke off and was so thin that when our Vet scratched it with his fingernail it caused bleeding.

Within a year both her of Arias eyes had to be removed because they were swollen, had tumors and one eye collapsed and causing constant pain. Yoko had a hole in her chest where you could watch each pump of her little heart. Yoko has a cataract in her right eye but the other is healthy. Yoko is now Aria's seeing-eye companion.

For the past 4 years both birds lived together at the sanctuary in a 3' X 10' X 6' environment and are currently doing well. Each passing day, offers interaction with the pair, loving care, curiosity and a whole new world of interests. Aria and Yoko will remain permanently with us to live out their lives in comfort. We love them as they are!

Thank you everyone that supported our rescue.

Haw River, NC


I found Cindy on the side of a busy highway. She was a 10 pound puppy. She would approach the road, and then run away frightened by the passing cars. I stopped and called her to me. She came running. All the way home, she stood on her hind legs so she could kiss me on the cheek to thank me for picking her up. That was seven years ago and she is now an eighty pound show off.

Thibodaux, LA
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