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Downtown Kitty

I found Julian as a tiny, starving kitten living outside my office building on a busy street in downtown Houston. He was living in a storm drain. I started to bring food for him and tried my best to coax him to come to me but he was too frightened. I was so afraid he would get hit by a car so at dawn on a Saturday morning my husband and I came downtown and rigged up a trap in a cat carrier. We put some food inside, tied a rope to the door and moved several feet away. It didn't take long for him to go inside the carrier to eat and we slammed the door shut. Of course he was terrified but we were ecstatic because he was safe. We took him home and put him in a bedroom with food, water and a litter box. It took a few days to gain his trust but before long he was a beautiful, happy, loving and very spoiled cat. That was 2 years ago and today Julian is one of a household of 6 rescued cats. He is still shy but everyone who meets him falls in love with him. I don't know how he came to live outside my building but I am so thankful he did and I found him. He truly is the best cat ever!

Houston, TX

My Love

I had never had a dog before but always wanted one.My husband past away in 2005 I was very lonely,I saw an add in the paper about a black lab puppy,i decided to check it out.It was the best decision I have every made,other than marring my husband .She was 7 weeks old,born on mothrs day, I fell in love..She has been nothing but a joy in my life,she has unconditional love and always is happy ,even on my bad days, brings me great joy.My dog(baby) Onyx is now 3 years old and still likes to be held even though she is a 65 pound big baby...The picture is how she walks me up in the morning,big eyes and a cold nose..

Cathy Prescott
Bedford, NH

My Miss Ann

On a cold winter day, my son came in the house and said he heard some animal cries coming out from under our car in the garage. I went to investigate and found 5 newborn kittens, umbilical cords and placentas still attached. Three of them were in a tangled ball from the cords being entangled. I grabbed a towl, wrapped them up and drove to our veterinarian.

After an exam, our vet didn't give us much hope, but told me to take them home, keep them warm and said they would need bottle feeding every two hours at least. Two of the kittens didn't survive the night, but three did. Two black males and one gray female remained. Everyone in the family took turms with feedings and the kittens thrived. The little gray female (named "Trouble Ann" because she was so vocal) wouldn't let anyone feed her but me. Our kittens grew into beautiful sleek cats. Sadly, one of the males (Fred) was hit by a car when he was about 6 when he got out of the house. The other male, Dewey, developed cancer and had to be put to sleep when he was 10. But my Miss Ann continued to thrive. She was always with me. She slept on my head at night (cat hat, as my husband called her) and sat on my shoulder as I cleaned house.

Miss Ann lived to be 18 years old when she developed kidney failure and had to be put to sleep. She is buried in a spot off of our patio where she loved to sleep in the sun. I love you so much Annie and I miss you every day. You were the best friend I ever had. I hope that some day, we will be reunited again.

Lafayette, IN

In Memory of Nate

In June of 2000 we adopted a georgeous Alaskan Malamute named Nate. He was a big guy with a gentle soul and zest for walking. I had not told my husband that I was going to adopt Nate because we weren't planning on getting another dog, it just happened. My husband had no idea what an Alaskan Malamute was and I wasn't about to tell him because I knew how big the snow breeds are. I was watching a segment on the early morning news one morning in June in which the ARL would bring on different pets, mostly dogs and cats. This particular morning they brought out Nate. He had been at the shelter for 2 weeks and they were having a hard time adopting him out because of his size. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. I tried to talk myself out of the fact that we didn't need another dog, but the thought of this georgeous dog not being able to be adopted out only because of his size really made me sad and too, I couldn;t get him out of my head. So I waited a few hours and called the ARL to see if Nate was still there. He indeed was and I was told first come, first serve so I hopped in the car and went to the ARL. Lucky we got there when we did, as another couple arrived shortly after we did wanting to take a look at him, while we had started the process of adoption. We lost our Nate this past spring to severe back problems and old age. We miss him terribly but no that he was a special gift from God that came by way of the ARL.

Malette Kent
Des Moines, IA

Wait for me Poot, I will always love you

Miss you, my grumpy old man, and can not thank you enough for the 19 years of love and companionship you gifted me.

It was a hot, late August midnight in 1990, and I was recovering from surgery, very depressed. One of my roommates came home in mid patrol, bringing me a 'pick me up' gift. A tiny tuxedo kitten, its eyes barely open. Covered with more fleas than fur, half his face covered in with pus and infection. I worked an hour to get his face clean -- his left eye was so badly infected I cried, but he never did. Bathed, defleaed, and tummy full he slept in my hands till morning came with its trip to the vets. They saved the eye, but it was useless behind opaque scar tissue- like a blue moss agate.

He was an old fart, a curmudgeon from the first - acerbic, and self righteous but he never met an orphan kitten he didn't love - grooming, cuddling, teaching them 'the rules' -- a wonderful 'mother' but also judge, jury and wielder of the strong right paw -- they clawed the furniture, he'd sprint over and swat before I could scold!

He never complained if he didn't get as much 'me' time as the others, content to sleep by my pillow each night, happy with whatever attention he got.

Late August 2009, I ended up in the hospital for eight days and walked out on my own, frantic to get home to him. He had been slipping for weeks, his appetite and energy low. I got to hold him all night as he slept, all but comatose in my arms and the next morning we got a ride to the vets. He didn't come home with me and my heart is breaking.

Houston, TX

One of our foster rescued "Angel"

This little girl is Angel. We pulled her and 16 other cats that day from our own County hi-kill facility. Of the 17, the oldest cat was 1 year old and 12 were only 5-6 weeks. Angel spent most of her foster time on my wifes shoulder and hiding in her hair. We are a, what you might call, a "private" Rescue or cat orphanage. So far we have placed 58 cats and fostered 44 in great new homes. This is an expensive venture and it takes most of each evening as well as almost all weekend to clean hairballs. However, we would not change one thing as we love doing it. I only wish we could help more. Most people do not run the numbers but should know the facts. Every single time a child born in the U.S.A., there's an average of 15 dogs and 45 cats born. Do the math. What happens to them?

Please do your part in preventative population control.

S Stewart
Hoschton, GA


We adopted Gwenny from the Humane Society six months after we had to put our last dog down. We had pets for 30 years, and decided to take a "break" before adopting another pet. We lasted a whole 6 months, decided that we needed another dog in our lives. We found Gwenny while visiting the Humane Society. What a wonderful companion! She goes everywhere with us, and loves just being with us. She is very loveable, and keeps us laughing with her antics. She is also very smart, and a wonderful addition to our family.

Bob F.
Austin, TX

A Christmas Rescue

It was only days away from the first Christmas after my divorce and my children would be spending the holiday with their father. For the first time, I was not looking forward to Christmas. While in the mall, I noticed the local shelter had an "annex" in one of the store fronts. The duplex were we lived only allowed cats and I had always been a dog person but I decided to look any way. Looking at all the sweet faces, I knew I needed to take home a companion that day. With help from the annex staff I picked out an 8-9 month old female who I named Samantha. She was the best Christmas gift ever. Sammy was my constant companion during the holiday and the kids loved her when they got home. That was 12 years ago this coming December, and even though we have added other pets to the household, she is still The Queen. I will always remember it was Sammy that rescued my Christmas.

Stockton, CA

Kaiser & his frisbee

This 2 yr. old german shepherd was found hungry & scared wandering the streets of New Haven, Ct. A rescue league called us but I was leaving on a business trip to Germany so we decided to wait and think it over. Of course, during my trip, I was approaching everyone and asking them what they named their shepherd. The day after I came home, Kaiser became a member of the household. He makes us laugh and the way I described him at the beginning and even now at 11 yrs. old......he is all boy and then some!!

Hebron, CT

The Day That Changed Our Lives

I first saw Abby on my way into a store to pick up food for our three cats. She was up for adoption through Austin Pets Alive. At 12wks she was around 20lbs and so cute hanging out in the little pen outside the store. I told my husband about her and he agreed to back and see her. We both said we were just going to LOOK at her. The second he picked her up and she made those sad little pitbull eyes at him, she was ours forever. She's a 65lb bundle of joy now and we can't imagine our lives without her!

Brigid Cregar
Cedar Park, TX
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