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I began donating blankets to the shelter in Oct 06. Taylor and another Shih-tzu were together in a large cage. Taylor sat while the other dashed around. I noticed In Nov. that Taylor was alone. By Dec she'd been placed in a small cage in the cat room. The shelter was packed with animals but I had 2 other dogs so I didn't adopt any. Then my Aunt Bev died in Jan. '07 & I chose to adopt Taylor, claiming her as a "gift" from my aunt. While talking to the attendant about her adoption, a woman entered our room, saying a dog was dead in her cage. I followed the attendant to find Taylor lying down with her eyes narrowly opened. She slowly sat up and looked around. Her side teeth had been removed in the past month so her tongue constantly hung out. She had dry-eye so could barely see. She desperately needed grooming. She licked her paws repeatedly due to anxiety and they were dirty. The attendant reported that she'd been in several shelters for 2 years. It took awhile to settle in but she now loves her pals and since cared for properly, is perky and very appreciative. She sleeps with me every night and greets me with the other two when I return home. Thank you, Aunt Bev.

Deborah Cogill
Brick, NJ

My Herd

We adopted Hooch after he was found with a broken leg and no tags. A year later we heard about Xena. She was only 4 weeks old and about to be sold to a religious sect with a puppy mill, so we bought her. And Murfee..Well his original owners could not handle all his energy so we adopted him after fostering him for 3 months. I could not imagine a day without my little clowns, they give us such joy and so much to laugh about.

Karen Newberg
Boulder Junction, WI


Last November, my sweet baby girl of 13 years (Charlemagne) had sudden heart failure and passed away leaving me with a pain and void in my heart that was unimaginable. She left behind her brother & companion (Napoleon) whom I clung too and the two of us grieved deeply together for our loss. Almost a year later I ran across a face that 14 years prior, stole my heart. It was Napoleons face to a "T". I couldn't believe I was seeing his unique face again in the eyes of a 3 month old 650 miles away from my home. That didn't stop me. One day I jumped in the car and made the trip. The gals at the animal shelter were all shocked that I would make such a journey for this little guy but it was the best trip ever. I see so many of Charlemagne's characteristics in this little guy that I know it was the right choice and Nap has a friend to keep him company again while I'm at work. Quinn has been a great cure for a broken heart, a great family member and a welcomed companion for Nap.

Caroline Davison
Wenatchee, WA

Samson - Hardest working cat I know!

I adopted Samson, and his sister Delilah, from the Lake Humane Society in Mentor, OH in September, 1995. They were in the same cage together but were not litter mates. I lost Delilah to renal failure two years ago, but Sam loves to be the king of the castle. Sam also likes to supervise when I am working at home. Here he is checking his Facebook page on my laptop looking for messages from his girlfriend. I would love to add to my feline family, but unfortunately, Samson will have none of that nonsense. For the time being it is just the two of and we we couldn't be happier.

Beth Madorsky
Mentor, OH

Lilly & Sooty, Summer Holiday Cats!

My brother and I went out to Crete to work last summer and rented a small apartment. The apartment stood on a hill and at the bottom of the hill there was a large dustbin for the surrounding area. One day we went to drop off our rubbish and we heard rustling and a croaky noise coming from inside the bin. Bearing in mind it was plus 30 degrees and not the nicest smell in the world we peered in and could see the rubbish moving and kittens head popped out! She was very skinny and dehydrated and meowing for her mother constantly. I sat with her on my lap for hours giving her little pieces of chicken and small saucer of water. She lived with us for three months and became our cat. It was so much stress finding a way to put her through quarantine and get her home safe. We went to a internet cafe about 30 mins away and finally found a woman who lived in the middle of the island who Lilly could stay with and fly home with in 6 months. Then, the night before we were due to leave we heard a car outside the apartment at 3am. We thought nothing of it at first then a few minutes later lots of loud kitten cries and scrabbling and we found that someone had left a tiny kitten on our door step! It cost £2000 in total to get them home. We had to get lots of sponsorship to get them home, but I'm glad we did. Right now Lilly is on my lap. A world without animals would be very dark indeed, and I'm glad that we could help them. We've just rescued a dog now too..I can see this becoming a habit!

London, United Kingdom

Meet Kilo

Separated from his feral mother and siblings, Kilo found safety in a potential client's BBQ grill. While at their home one day, I came away with not only a remodeling job but this little guy. I told the vet about the BBQ, she said "I could tell by the grill marks." He weighed in at exactly one kilo.

Lynn Aspatore
Walnut Creek, CA


After we had to have our old Boston put to sleep, we said we'd never get another dog. One day I said I wanted to go to the shelter "just to look." Cholly was tiny and sick but one year later, he's grown into his name, Cholly Knickerbocker, Dog About Town.

Linda Hunter
Savannah, GA

how to mend a broken heart

My 18 year old calico Patches went accross the Rainbow Bridge in my arms in June. I was devastated since I'd had her since she was 6 weeks old. But I wanted to wait until the right time to get a new cat.

In October I was visiting a friend who volunteers for Street Cats in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We went to visit the kitties as we always did - so I could have my 'furball fix'. There a grey tabby named Treasure stole my heart - I picked her up & she immediately started purring. She & her brother Guiness were found under a deck in a suburb of Tulsa. After I lost Patches I had decided that when I got new cats I would get two so they could keep each other company. So, as my friends told me that Treasure & Guiness would be perfect for me - I decided to adopt them. Treasure was at the screen door between the boutique & adoption area - stretching up as if to say 'you're out there and I'm in here - what's wrong with this picture?'

But there was a glitch - there was an application to adopt Treasure. So, I went ahead & filled out the application and told my friend if they were meant to be with me - it would happen. She called me 2 days later - the adoption on Treasure had been cancelled - the people had adopted elsewhere. So, Halloween weekend I drove 440+ miles & brought my new kids home. They barely meowed during the 7+ hour drive and have completely adjusted to their new Texas home. And I get the unconditional love I'd been missing for 4 months.

Karen Q
Bryan, TX

Last Stop

My daughter was out shopping and stopped in a pet food store. In a cage looking for a home was Shizue. The tag said she was 15 years old. My daughter was moved by this beautiful cat's plight and took her home. Shortly after she met the man of her dreams who happened to be allergic to cats and Shizue came to my house to blend in with the other 3 we had. She was no where near 15 when my daughter found her and we decided the card was a typo. When I got Shizue, I told her this was her last stop. No more being shuffled from place to place. She was with us for about 10 years and she passed away a month ago after a brief bout with cancer and is sadly missed. So never pass a cage in those stores because it may be an animal that needs you or more importantly, that you need.

Jane Morris
New Dundee, ON, Canada

Who needs a tail!

About 2 yrs ago shortly after christams of '07. Jazz came into our lives. She was barely 6 weeks old and was found hanging around the back alley of a mechanics shop. She was very curious and definitely seeking attention. But she had been very abused. Her tail was cut off, she had cigarette burns all over her legs and body, her ears were full of tar, and she had a bad case of worms. As terrible as it all seems we took her home and started to care for her and give her love. We cleaned her up as best we could and after about a week. We discovered she wasn't a black kitten but a black and white spotted kitty. She was a very lucky kitty to find a loving home and family. But after all she had been through she deserves it. She has been with us for almost 2 yrs now and we couldn't think of life without her. She has turned into a very loving, playful and fun companion for our whole family. She has become one of the best cats I've ever known, even without a tail.

Glendale, AZ
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