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Little RIcky - Not Adoptable

We had come to adopt another dog but he peeked his little head out from under a desk and stared straight at my husband. My husband asked to see him and was told he was not adoptable. He had heartworm, Pneumonia, and severe nerve damage from being attached by a large dog. But he had spunk and we took him home that day, where he proceeded to chase (AND CATCH!) one of my chickens, which I had to pry from his little jaws. There was nothing wrong with this dog and we had him for 9 very active years when, in his final 2 weeks, he suffered from a brain tumor (causing seizures), breathing issues and 90% blockage of his spinal cord, due to the injuries he sustained as a puppy. He passed in my husband's arms, which is where he always wanted to be and we miss him dearly every day. No, he was not adoptable. He was a gift.

Rixeyville, VA

My kitty foster..

Could a dog person get along with a cat ? Well, foster and see. My son in-law carried and brought him to my home after the Dumb Friends League volunteer chose him for me. I didn't see Thomas for 3 1/2 weeks. He ate, drank, used his litter box. I called for help, behaviorist tried, volunteer tried. I get a call someone saw his pic online, wants to adopt him. I'm told best for him and they have another cat better suited for me; this will happen tomorrow. I grudgingly agree :( That night I talk to the air in my bedroom saying "Thomas someone wants to adopt you BUT, if you want to live with me and this is your home you must give me a sign". That night while I lay in bed reading he jumps up/walks across my dresser-ok a sign. He then jumps down and up to my chair with my large teddy bear who he nuzzles-sign 2. I go to sleep to wake up to Thomas sitting on my nightstand looking at me -sign 3. I now wake to use the bathroom, he follows me in. He puts his face in my hand..I pet him for many minutes, he follows me to my bed where I say "ok come on up", he does. I call the shelter to say "no one is adopting him but, ME"! I have now shared my bed and life with him for 6 years :)

Did G-d intervene? Does Thomas understand English; I'm pretty sure he does ;) Anyway..he's mine and I'm his !

Thank you


Linda Serio
Aurora, CO

Snoop Dog from AC to Pet Therapy

This is a picture of my best friend, Snoopy. She's an 11 year old Labrador Retriever/Corgi cross. Snoopy was raised by a lovely couple who made her the center of their Universe until the baby was born. At the age of 6 Snoop found herself at Animal Control and, by the Grace of God, a local rescue saw potential in her and pulled her.

Right about that time I was looking for Therapy Dog #2 because my Golden Retriever Girl was getting on in years and her arthritis made getting in and out of the car to go to visits difficult for her. I met Snoopy, thought she had the right temperament for therapy work and adopted her.

Snoopy aka Snoop Dog aka Snoopers and I have been doing visits together as a registered/certified pet therapy team for Happy Tails for 5 years now. Snoopy loves people and loves making people happy so she makes an awesome therapy dog! We are pictured her just before visiting at a local hospital.

Christy Morrison
Hoschton, GA


Riley came to our home in April 2006. He had decided to skip the SPCA and come directly up our driveway. We found him on the way home from dinner. He was a scraggly looking yellow lab that had obviously been on the run for a while. We estimated that he was about a year old at the time. My mother gave him her left over fish from dinner and we put him in the garage to keep him separated from our other dogs. The next day, we left for church on Easter Sunday. We left him in the garage with the door open, not sure if he would be there when we got back. He was. After an unenthusiastic attempt to give him up to friends, we kept him. He quickly became acquainted with our other dogs and a bonafide member of the family.

Riley was a very good dog. Not an alpha dog, but good backup for our others. He genuinely seemed grateful for all we had done for him, and returned it in kind. For twelve years, he gave us nothing but joy. Even in his elder years, when he became quite "needy" as we put it, we had nothing but love for him.

Riley passed away from cancer a few days ago. It was unexpected and quick. We miss him very much and will love him always.

P. and S. Butler,

Colora, MD

Scott Butler
Colora, MD

Baby on the draw bridge

As I was driving in heavy traffic going over the draw bridge, my friend screamed, ‘a kitty, Stop!’. So I did she jumped out and I opened my door to stop the other lane of traiffic. She ran to the middle of the bridge where this baby was trying with all it’s might to climb a concrete barrier wall. He was only 4 weeks old and must have been scared out of his mind. How could a kitten end up in traffic on top of a draw bridge, alone?! He joined my 4 cat family and is now running the house. He is a sweet psycho kitty. Haha practically purrs on command. His name is Bosley.

Merritt Island, FL

Rescued Shadow

I was visiting a friend who worked for animal control when a man drove up with a dog in the back of his pick up truck. That kind of made me angry as it was well over 100 deg. in our Arizona summer heat. The receptionist started typing and after a moment I told her to stop. I was thinking this dog is not going to end up in a cage and I told the man to put the dog in my car he was coming home with me. My 2 other dogs were thrilled to have a new friend. The new dog followed me wherever I went just like my shadow, hence his new name Shadow. He has been with me for 5 years and is a best friend.

Barbara Jones
Casa Grande, AZ

My Best Friend - Tasha

My dog was 1 of 9 puppies that were born to a stray dog that ran our neighborhood. Several neighbors had been feeding her and trying to catch her after we noticed she was pregnant. On a 100 degree day in September of 2012, my husband and I came home to find the momma dog hiding in the cool dirt between the shrubs and our house. She already had 2 puppies she was trying to clean and move to suckle. We immediately knew she needed help and that the puppies would die in the heat. So we moved mom and the pups inside our home. Her last puppy became stuck and she couldn't get it to come out without help. I assisted her with the puppy which was coming out breach. The puppy wasn't breathing after I got it out so I had to do some CPR on her. She was also the runt and about half the size of the other pups. So I started feeding her mother's milk from the vet because she couldn't ever get the chance to nurse. We managed to find homes for momma and the other 8 puppies but nobody wanted the runt who turned out to not only be small but about 75% blind in one eye. So I decided to keep her and it turns out she's been the most affectionate, playful and loyal dog I've ever had.

Tracy Fretz

Pup or Parent..?

February 2013, 4 months after we sent our sweet feline Natalie over the rainbow and 10 months after my beautiful, bold feline Norman died of heart failure, both around 16 years old, my wife and I were driving on this dreary day and were about to pass the road leading to the local ASCPA.

My wife always talked about our next baby was to be a dog, so I said ‘do you want to go look to see if they have any puppies...’ She said sure, why not. It just so happens a female wired hair beagle (determined later at our first vet visit) was surrendered that day with 2 pups. We said we would love to look at the pups and adopt one. We were told they were still too young and had to be fostered. We said when can we come back and choose. We were told the foster family gets first choice(s). We said that we would foster.

After a fun filled month, we had to begrudgingly take all three in to be fixed and then put up for adoption which ever ones we did not choose. Talk about the hardest decision in my life. Marty wanted the mother, I wanted the pups, and in the end we wanted them all, but knew we couldn’t. I balled my eyes out thinking I had to give any of them up. Ultimately we chose the mother (now Callie) and felt the pups would be adopted quickly. One in fact was adopted as we were doing the paperwork to take Callie home. Knowing the other pup was still in a concrete cage, all alone, broke my heart even further.

Fast forward a little over 5 years and Callie is the love of our lives. We could tell that sweet angel had been through a bit of trauma. She is a nervous little thing and we do our best to assure her she will never be hurt again. And she repays us with love, affection, and little quirks and antics that make us love her even more, if that is possible.

Kent Gray
wake forest, NC

Left Behind

"Mama Kitty" was already there when the people up the road moved in. Mama Kitty had 3 kittens the following spring. In the fall, the people moved out. They took two of the kittens with them and left Mama Kitty and "Dazzle" behind. This is an isolated area with no other houses around. My neighbor from our subdivision went up to feed them as did I. Having lost my 18 year old Muffet the spring before, I decided to rescue them and had them vetted. Dazzle was about 4 months old and still nursing! That was 3 years ago and I am totally in love with them and can't imagine my life without them.

cadiz, KY

Our Rescue Pack

Murphy, the large Airedale/Standard Poodle mix, was rescued 15 years ago as a companion to our Wheaten Terrier that was missing her sister. He was our first rescue and made us realize that Rescue is the only way to go! We added Riley, the Terrier mix of possibly Tibetan Terrier and Wheaten Terrier (we will never know!) to our family 8 years ago when we lost our Wheaten Terrier and Murphy was now the lonely one. And then a visit to our vet 5 years ago brought us Bailey, our Yorkie. The 3 are inseparable and we wouldn't have it any other way. I advocate to anyone who will listen, that Rescue is the only breed!

Wendy L
Parkland, FL
Purple Paw Solar Ground Lights - Set of 4
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