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Not the Same

My husband and I were moving into a home and our first plan was to get some furry friends. I found a little chihuaha and my husband went to the pound. He brought home Chelsee and I thought I was going to cry. We had a shephard mix and a few years ago had to put her to sleep due to cancer. My husband found a dog that looked just like our Kira. We love Chelsee just as much and she is obsessed with tennis balls. Never a dull moment with her around.

Amber Sherrell
Moline, IL

My Scooby Doo

Well I used to go to the SPCA looking for a dog that would be perfect for me. Id go maybe once a month and look at all the dogs. It was hard not to just want to take several of them home. But I didnt feel like any of them were REALLY right for me. So one day I decided to go see if there was a Pitt Bull. The lady at the SPCA said they didnt have any right then. So I told her Id like to look at the dogs anyway. Well the minute I walked in I looked in the "small dog" area and there was this funny little guy barking his head off at me! The way he looked, he was so adorable that I told the lady I wanted him. She kept asking me if I wanted to take him to the room where they'd see if the dog and the buyer got along or not. And I kept telling her, "No itll be ok". So I found out (during the time I was filling out papers) that he'd been adopted and returned before. That he didnt get along with the woman's husband. I put him on a little leash and he walked right beside me all the way to my car. Put him in the car and we went home! I named him ScoobyDoo. Hes been the sweetest, most loving, funny little dog Ive ever had. And he and I are completely in love. Yeah, he barks at everybody lol. But I dont care. This little guy sleeps next to me like a person would. And theres no way anybody could convence me dogs dont have a soul. Cause I see his every day of our lives. In his eyes.

Bradenton, FL

We love big MUTTS and we cannot lie

Toby and Rudy are our sweet and wonderful mixed breed dogs. Toby is a Coonhound mix and Rudy is a Bull Terrier mix. We adopted them both, two years apart, from our local humane society shelter. Toby had been relinquished to the shelter by his previous owner and Rudy was picked up as a stray. Now they rule our household, go on road trip adventures with us and bring us indescribable happiness every single day.

Their personalities are polar opposites and they got into some pretty bad scuffles during their first few months living together. But we learned how to use positive reinforcement training, various routines and exercise to ensure a happy inter-species family for all four of us. We encourage everyone to give a homeless animal (or two!) a forever home-- it is endless fun and enormously rewarding!

Gabrielle Bassin & Charles Linkem
Lawrence, KS

JAX has a Forever Home

My husband and I have been married for 34 years and have never had an inside dog. I did not push it because I knew how he felt. So…he finally said to get a dog. I searched on line and found many for adoption and for sale. My sister has a friend who has a pet rescue and she called and said a Maltese/Shitzu mix had been brought to the rescue. She was flying to NC the next day and I said to bring the dog. He was pitiful. His white fur was orange with the Georgia clay. He was underweight. He had a collar but no identification. He didn’t even bark. PITIFUL. The next morning we went to our neighborhood pet store and got him everything he needed. I named him Jax. So..I brought Jax home and carried him to the vet. He had a good bath, groomed, clipped his nails, cleaned his teeth after having two baby teeth pulled, shots, identification chip, full blood panel (all clear) no heart worms, and neutered. He still had not barked. I got him home and after all the stuff he had been threw he was scratching at the window and finally barked at the neighbor. He now weighs 8.5 lbs. and is so smart and happy. We are the proud humans of a sweet puppy named JAX. Jax will always have a forever home.

Susan Rogers

North Carolina

Susan Rogers
Elm City, NC

Alexa - The Agility Rescue

Alexa came to us through our local no-kill shelter where my mom and I frequently volunteer. A black and white dog arrived at the shelter that was trembling with terror. She had been rescued from a rural county shelter where she had spent her first year of life, and was nearing her last days before euthanization. She stole our hearts and it was a matter of days before we brought her home. After adopting her we began obedience training. She was the most well-behaved and easiest-trained dog in the class. After showing off her Border Collie smarts in obedience she began training in agility to keep her active. She enjoys demonstrating her athleticism and now competes in agility trials where she's winning blue ribbons! The League for Animal Welfare in Batavia, Ohio changed her life and in turn she changed ours. (photo courtesy of NatureWorks Photo)

Heather Ernst
Batavia, OH

Humane Society Reject Transforms with Three Days of TLC

I saw this 4-month-old calico kitten in the yard trying to make friends with the outdoor kitties. Every few steps her hind legs would give out and she would plop down on her butt. I trapped her and took her to the Humane Society but they said she was "hopelessly feral," and her vicious attacking, biting and scratching behavior was so bad she was "unadoptable," so they were going to euthanize her. I was listed as the "Last Resort" contact, so I had them spay her and examine her legs under anesthesia. The legs were okay so I took her home. "Little Guy" was dirty and bedraggled, hissed and lashed out. I put her carrier in the bathroom with food and water and hoped for the best. After three days she came out of the carrier, started rubbing my legs and purring like a motorboat. She wasn't feral at all, just scared.

She ate 7 meals a day, hence her eventual name "Petunia," after Petunia Pig! She was pretty wild for a long time, but eventually settled down, and after a lot of high-energy self-administered physical therapy, her legs got strong and now she can run and jump with the best of them. Petunia is extremely affectionate, friendly, loving, and interactive. She likes to groom my other cat and engage her in wrestling matches. She likes making new friends. She's the best cat I've ever had and I couldn't live without her!

Christine E Johnson
Pasadena, CA

Sweet Pepper

On 12/23/2000 Pepper came to live with me when he was 2-3 years old. It was 10 degrees outside and windy here in northern Vermont. He'd been abandoned by his family when they moved a month before and had been outside until he came to me. He weighed 8 lbs. when he arrived. String bean kitty. He now weighs a healthy 12 lbs. He was purring to comfort himself when he came through the front door in a carrier. After stepping out of it, he explored the house for 20 minutes, then curled up on the couch in front of the wood stove and slept for 12 hours straight. It took 5 years before he really started to relax into the idea that he was truly home. He showed me this by sleeping on his back, and letting me stroke his belly- and actually enjoying it. I rejoiced the first time he repositioned himself to give me greater access to his tummy. I sleep with the windows open every day of the year and it gets very cold in there in winter. I've always invited him to come under the covers, but until this winter, he refused my offers and instead, slept on top of the covers, curled up into a tight ball. At the beginning of the winter he allowed me to gently drag him under the covers. He stayed and slept there. Now all I have to do is lift the covers up and he happily comes under them on his own steam, and curls up next to me. Three years ago he had a massive kidney stone problem and I almost lost him. Since then, my love for and appreciation of him has deepened tremendously.

Ellen Powell
South Burlington, VT

Meet Rider Pants

Rider was the last to survive an unwanted litter. He is a Dachshund /Black lab mix. Sound strange, but he is the most adorable dog I have ever seen. He looks like a "forever pup". People always think he is a puppy when he is 5 years old! We have moved from Florida where I had rescued him to New York. Just had his first winter but loves the snow.

Kristin Swan
Rochester, NY

Francis Tanning

Francis was found wandering the streets during one of the coldest weeks of February. He was taken to our local animal shelter. Although he wore a dingy, tagless collar- no one came looking for him. We are so glad that they didn't. His ears are still a little tattered from being frost bitten, but he's ours now and we love every long inch of him. We'll never let him be cold again...this photo shows that.

Columbus, NE

She was kitten #3, so I called her Tre! :-)

I had been trying to trap Tre since the first time I'd seen her with her two brothers nine months earlier when they were 3 months old. I managed to get those two at around 5 or 6 months and really had to, as one had a really bad eye. Turns out it was ruptured and needed to be removed. Despite that, (one eyed) Jack was a sweetheart, as was his brother Jett and I adopted them to wonderful families quickly. I tried and tried to get her, but she wouldn't go near the trap. I had no idea if she was a boy or girl, so called her Tre - three in Italian. I found out when she got PREGNANT. I redoubled my efforts, enlisted a friend's help and used a drop trap. Bingo! Got her. I brought her home and got her settled in a cage in my bathroom. She wriggled out of an improperly closed door and made herself at home in my doorless closet. She let me approach, pet her and purred. Three days later she settled by the side of the toilet, so I laid a nice blanket out for her. Just after midnight she gave birth. She let me stay with her and I'd dozed off next to her. I was awoken by a kittens mews. I let her be, checking on her now and then until she was done and nursing then went to bed. In the morning I found 4 gorgeous babies. She let me handle them immediately. When they were weaned, I adopted out 4 wonderful socialized babies to wonderful families. She too had a bad eye, from an untreated infection, but no need to remove. She is a love I didn't have the heart to give up. She's mine :-)

Norma S
Hewlett, NY
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