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Rags to Riches

We spotted April Dancer on and were entranced by this shy one-year-old kitten's "Jackie Onassis" expression and pretty colors. The vet techs at the nearby clinic who had posted her photo told us she had been thrown from a moving car, rescued by a passer-by and brought to the clinic, where they spayed her and treated her paws, which had been scraped almost to the bone.

We adopted April and when we brought her to our own vet we found to our shock that in addition to being underweight, with matted, dirty fur, she was suffering from two cracked and abscessed canines, a massive systemic infection, ear mites, worms, and a deep fear of being touched. After medical and dental treatment, grooming and lots of patience and love she is now a healthy, beautiful, outgoing, affectionate cat who enjoys her new home with her two feline playmates Natasha Fatale and The Lady Isabel.

Don't be afraid of adopting a cat with health problems--you will save a life and enrich your own.

Sharon Mahoney
Brookfield, MA

Don't Mess WIth Bear!

Bear was a stray wandering the streets of NYC before being taken to a shelter. From the shelter, he was transferred to Cocker Pals Rescue in Hobart, NY. To put it bluntly, he was a mess! He was skinny, and had ringworm, and kennel cough.

His first few weeks in the rescue were spent in a crate recovering from the ringworm and kennel cough. We weren’t even sure he would make it. But we underestimated the power of a native New Yorker – even a very small one.

To our delight, he fought through his illnesses and what emerged was a delight! Bear is a happy little guy who loves life and FOOD. He loves his forever home (and thinks he’s the ruler of it!). He is a joy to me and is a good companion to his “brother” Dobby, a rescued Lhasa Apso mix.

From the mean streets of NYC to the burbs of Philadelphia, PA, Bear has conquered every obstacle in his path and has beaten all the odds. As any New Yorker would attest, “Don’t mess with Bear!” He’ll win every time!

Carol Lurty
Ridley Park, PA

Princess of my Heart

Last April I volunteered to become a foster parent for Long Island Bulldog Rescue of StonyBrook, NY. When I went to the vet's to pick up our new foster little did I know it would be love at first sight. She looked at me and instantly there was this bond between us. Princess had been rescued off the streets with some medical issues but that evening as I kneeled on the floor she just walked over and planted her head in my lap as if to say "I'm Home". Not a day passes that she doesn't bring a smile to my face. She brings so much happiness to my life. I have never felt so loved! She looks into my eyes and instantly melts my heart. My little sous Chef ....always by my side even when I cook hoping for a taste and giving me the Paws Up! I LOVE her so and I admit it I am a foster failure! Princess is here to stay!

Josephine Ciuzio
Plainview, NY

Twice "Rescued"

I found our U-Geaux on He and his brothers and sister were given up at around 5 weeks old. I quickly went to the shelter the day I saw the puppies online and when I got there, there was only one puppy left. I put a deposit on him and returned home (the puppies were not "fixed" yet). A few days went by when I received a phone call. All of the puppies had tested positive for Parvo and only had a 50/50 chance of survival. Days pasted and I waited only to find out the puppy I was to adopt did not survive. I was heartbroken. The shelter then said that a brother had survived and that his original family to be had changed their mind about him due to the Parvo and would I consider taking him. I didn't even have to think about it. U-Geaux has been the BEST dog. He is extreemly smart, full of personality, spunk, and love. He has even re-sparked the puppy in our 13 year old dachshund, Keiya. They bonded quickly and are now best friends.

Madisonville, LA

A Christmas *foster*

One night while I was volunteering at the Humane Society Calumet Area in Munster, Indiana, somebody brought in 5 kitten. Nobody cauld foster the litter of 10 day old babies, but 5 of us could each take one. I wanted the calico baby. I knew she was a foster and was to go back after 8 weeks. My furry kids however saw it differently She would become their sister. As a Christmas present, they adopted Zeta for me. She has been part of the family for over 8 years now.

Nancy Gawlinski
Munster, IN

My Louie!!!

About a year ago I decided to rescue a dog. When I walked into the Marathon Animal Shelter, this little guy was leaning against the fence looking very sad. When I asked what his story was, I was told that he had been picked up with a "pack" of dogs running around Homestead Fl, living on the street.

Louie gave me that first kiss between the fence links and I fell in love. He is about the sweetest thing I have ever met, and I cannot imagine him running with a pack or living on the street. He is very happy and walks to work with me everyday. We have a great time and I am so happy that he is my pal.

Tina Kamenel
Islamorada, FL

Meet Brutus and Minnie

We needed someone with lots of energy to keep up with our rescued Pit Bull mix. I found a litter of "lab/shepherd mix" puppies online on Petfinder and fell in love with one sweet little face. (That's Brutus on the left; my friend says he has "bedroom eyes"!) When we went to the shelter to get him, my husband saw another litter (of completely undetermined parentage) in the next pen. He said, "What about THAT one with the pink spot on its nose?" We came home with two tiny babies who are now seven months old and still growing. They think they are littermates. We call them "the wolves". There is plenty of energy at our house now! Brutus is a mama's boy who whines if he can't follow me ("Mom, where are you?") and wakes me up for breakfast ("Mom, I'm hungry...Mom? Mom? Wake up!") Minnie is a sweet cuddly girl who loves to chew her bones. They are completely wild and we love them dearly.

Meridith Murray
Lexington, IN

Our Trio of Goobs

Rowdy (black), Jagermeister (white), and Rita (brown) absolutely LOVE the doggie park and here they are pictured riding home after a visit. Other guests at the park marvel at how we have three dogs, but my husband and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We love all three of our goobers like they were our children and in return we receive their fiercely loyal and unconditional love. Sure, Rowdy snores really loud, and Jagermeister is a really picky eater, and Rita won’t bend her front legs when she runs, but they are our family and are always happy to greet us when we come home. Everyone should be so lucky.

Shannon Garvey
Las Vegas, NV

A Match Made in Heaven

Just about a year ago my beloved Kyra passed away. She was a beautiful black and white Siberian Husky who had been my devoted companion for over 15 years. I have deeply loved all my dogs and when each one moved on to doggie heaven, it would be months before I could even think of “replacing” her. So, I was surprised to find myself on line about a week later looking at Huskies on Petfinders. Although I felt I was being unfaithful to Kyra, I couldn’t stop looking. Soon I found a pretty red and white Husky at the Last Resort Rescue in West Milford, NJ and once The Last Resort gave us the okay, my wife and I scheduled a trip to New Jersey. They recommended that we bring our other Husky, Holly, to meet our potential new family member.

Upon arriving at the last resort, we were placed in a large room for the big moment. You can imagine our disappointment when this pretty little girl came in the room and totally ignored us. The wonderful people at The Last Resort understood how we felt and brought in two more dogs for us to meet. One of them was a real sweet pure white Husky and, when we brought in Holly to meet her, she even gave Holly a kiss. It was unanimous.

This February 7th, Frostyn will have been at her forever home for one year. Every time she looks at me with those big blue eyes, I see love and appreciation for having brought her to her new home. I could not imagine a more perfect companion and so I somehow think that Kyra, as her last act of love, led us to Frostyn. How else would this unusual sequence of events have come about?

Rick Casper
Marcellus, NY

Oscar and Lucky

My boys ! A few days after having to put down my beloved Mr. Whiskers, I decided to visit the local SPCA to find a new friend . Oscar ( orange and white ) was the only one coming to the front of his cage to greet me, meowing . That was it ! A few minutes later, we were on our way home . A couple of years later , Lucky began wondering through our yard , stopping for some food and play time . Every day he appeared, then he never left ! One day we noticed he was limping , but still wanted to play . One of his back legs was badly infected , so we took him to the vet . " Do whatever you have to to make him healthy ! " we said . Later that day , after surgery , Lucky came to his forever home , and his new brother . I can't imagine not having my boys ! Please consider adopting an adult cat , they make the best families !

Rhonda Langille
Stellarton, NS, Canada
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