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Ralston - a tri-pod with a sense of humor

Ralston was abandoned and in need of corrective amputation surgery. My friend rehabilitated him but he needed a forever home. How could I say no to adopting this little guy? Well, I tried and thankfully my friend convinced me otherwise. Ralston is the most loving, affectionate, inquisitive and mischievous cat I have ever met. He has no idea he only has three legs and gives my much larger alpha cat a hysterical, slobber-fest whopping on most days. He fills my heart with love and laughter and reminds me every day how we can all overcome adversity.

New York, NY

Street Sisters with a Forever Home: Carley and Lani Play "Tug"

Carley and Lani are now "sister" dogs in their forever home. Both were seen on Petfinder. Carley was a street dog in East St. Louis and was rescued and fostered by Gateway Pet Guardians. She came to us a little shy but soon warmed up to her two older doggie brothers, also rescues, and decided that the dot from a laser pointer is the best game in town. The summer after we adopted Carley we discovered a mass in her vagina. Our vet said she had a sexually transmitted cancer that street dogs get but it was successfully removed and all her checkups are clear. She is happy and healthy. Recently one of her older lab mix brothers died at 16+. After a month we adopted Lani -- Hawaiian for heavenly -- from Partners for Pets which rescued her from a kill shelter. Carley is between 2 and 3 years old and Lani is between 1 and 2. From the first day Lani arrived she and Carley have been best friends and play tug, fetch, ball, and "puppy wrestle" with each other. Their 13 year old brother Pooch eggs them on from the sidelines and everyone is wagging and happy. All of the dogs we have had are great blessings and there are many others that need forever homes. Don't forget to make this your home page and click for food! This is also a great site for gift cards and other shopping.

Kay and Jim Nelson
Egg Harbor, WI


Here it is short and sweet, I had actually been looking for a Lethal White aka mxm pup (she’s my first). On a blog I’ve been on for awhile there it was, the urgent message partial blind/deaf Aussie Shepherd only 3 days until PTS she was only 6 months old.

I contacted the St. Martinsville Parrish AC officer, they are VERY rescue friendly there in Louisiana. They found her tied to their doorknob one morning. The shelter was full and they had to make some gut wrenching decisions she was their decision. I called them and told them I would positively be there to pick her up on Saturday Oct.17, 2009 because that Saturday was AFTER her death date. It was critical they knew I was serious and would be there.

Vision in her left eye is enough to see hand signs she has no hearing though sometimes I swear she can hear and sometimes better than my hearing pups! She is so smart & has learned signing such as out, potty walk, play, goodnight, bye, sit, down, treat, water, good girl, we are working on stay and no! I have a feeling those may take some time lol! She's so sweet, loving and has such a wonderful personality I am in love with her! Hope Livz has gained her weight and is thriving and such a wonderful addition to my family, I have decided I will always have at least one lethal in my pack!

We have been invited to help other humans at PetSmart with their deaf pups. Everywhere we go, she gets noticed and I know she will help educate others on the plight of the Lethal White and help save many pups. I am so proud of her. Thank you for letting me share her story.

Judy Bruton
Richmond, TX

Owned by an orphan

We went intent on getting an older cat to keep our aging cat company. My fatal mistake was picking up the 3 week old sickly orphan for a cuddle. She crawled across the cage, up my jumper and into my hair, where she promptly pooped on me and stole my heart. The owner of the sanctuary begged us to take her as she was so overrun with kitten season. We have since lost our older cat to diabetes, but Squishy George (aka Squishface Mcfishface) is our lovely baby, and is now 5 years old. Somewhere out there there is the perfect rescue cat just waiting for you.

Katrinia Rindsberg
Göttingen, Germany

Pretty in Paisley

My name is Paisley, and life is so barking great now that I have to tell my story. At the first place I lived, one of the big dogs bit me. If that wasn't bad enough, it abscessed. Instead of taking me to a vet, the humans dropped me off at the pound. Since no one would adopt me in the condition I was in (I was sick as a dog!), they called Homeward Bound Pet Rescue and Referral in Fairbanks, AK. A nice lady picked me up and took me to her home/rescue. They call her FairyDogMother, and she really is! She drained the abscess, bandaged me, and gave me pills wrapped in food (I knew the pills were there) to help me get better. And I did. All that remains is a big, brown splotch where the abscess was.

One day, a very nice lady and her three young boys came to visit and they chose ME. The mini mutt with the brown blemish, though they think of it as my beauty mark. Get this -- the very first night in my new home, I stole one of my human brother's blankets. (Hey, I'm a dog, it's what I do.) Mom didn't care at all. She even put the blanket in my kennel so I could enjoy a cozy sleep. Mom doesn't think I know this, but she stayed with me until I fell asleep. I could hardly believe a human could love me that much. My Mom, Dad and brothers are the very best family in the whole world. Sure, they only have two legs each, but I don't hold that against them. What they lack in paws they make up for in love. And I'll love them forever.

Fairbanks, AK

Weeble the Wobbly Hedgehog

Weeble came to me in December 2010. Someone was looking to get rid of them because they no longer could take care of him. Myself and the Hedgehog Welfare Society came to find out later that he has what is known as Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome. It is a very serious condition like ms in humans. When Melissa went to pick him up he was covered in his own filth and it looked like he hadn't been taken care of in weeks. She proceeded to clean him up as best as possible until I could come get him myself. Around December 20th I was able to go pick him up. He was going to be a temporary housing until a suitable applicant could be found to adopt him. Upon finding out he was WHS I decided to take him in permanent. He has been a wonderful little guy and after being cleaned he has settled down no longer bites and enjoys sleeping in my lap getting hand fed and watered. He will remain with me until his last moments which could be soon or it may be a year. Now that he can no longer get around on his own he spends his days on my shoulder sleeping or looking around.

Shari aka Sasha
Somers Point, NJ

Birds need to be rescued too!

When my late, great, dog, Nena - referred to as a Mexican Mountain Dog, as that's where she came from - lost her vision to cancer, i considered getting a parrot to orient her and keep her company when i was out. We worked hard on our quality of life right up to the last day, but i didn't find her a birdie friend. Afterward, i realized i couldn't try to fill her place or face another heartbreak like that any time soon. So i contacted Mickaboo parrot rescue to try a very different friend with a longer lifespan. I tried a lovely white-eyed conure, but it was too soon for me - Jade now has a forever home with a macaw friend included. After time passed, i went back to Mickaboo to be a foster parent. They were overloaded with surrendered, abandoned, and injured/sick conures. Like many pets, they are being dumped due to hard times. In the case of Happy and Feathers, their family didn't have enough time for them with work demands and a new baby. So, H&F are young, but this is their fifth home and they acted like lots of foster kids/hormonal teenagers - difficult! He screamed on for hours and she bit like a snapping turtle! If it weren't for Nena, who was a ferocious wild dog when I met her and a clairvoyant, inter-species diplomat, healer and soul-mate when she settled in, I would have thrown in the towel. Finally, they are better and being playful, funny, and friendly -- they like being fed personally from their dish (spoiled), pomegranate seeds, short flights to the kitchen and mountain climbing on the sofa. Nena taught me it could be worth the wait - she's right again.

kerin gould
Davis, CA

My Beautiful Daisy

I lost my beautiful black lab, Molly, to cancer just 2 weeks before her 12th birthday. She was my best friend. We went to the lake everyday and she slept with me everynight. My first words every morning were, "good morning beautiful girl." I was devastated when she died. The house was empty, cold and lonely. I could barely stand to come home or walk over to the lake. I decided to look on Pettango and Petfinder, sites that showed adoptable animals. I felt that I could honor my Molly by saving another life. I came across this black lab who looked so sad and lost. She was at a shelter 6 hours away. I knew that she was the one that I needed to adopt. They told me that she was scheduled to be euthanized that morning. I adopted her over the phone, without meeting her, They faxed me all of the paperwork. It was the best decision ever. I named her "Daisy". She rescued me as much as I rescued her. We go to the lake everyday and she never leaves my side. She is loving and what a beautiful personality. I have fun just watching her play. I know that she was heaven sent and that Molly played a role in my finding her. Everytime that I look at this beautiful soul it saddens me to think of how many other animals never get a chance. I would encourage everyone to adopt a shelter pet. There is so much joy back in my home.

Folsom, CA

A Kittenn To Heal a Broken Heart

I had just lost my beloved cat, Phoenix, to a liver defect that could not be cured. I was broken-hearted to lose him when he was just 2 years old. I sat in my car at the vet's office, sobbing, when I suddenly realized I must go find another animal to help.

I rushed over to the Humane Society of Harlingen, located in Harlingen, Texas, which is in Cameron County. I arrived just as they were closing. I begged to be allowed to just run in and look at the cats and kittens that were available for adoption.

Usually there were many cats and kittens available, but on this fateful day, there was only ONE gorgeous tiny gray and white long-haired baby in the kennels. He had been found that morning in the street without his mother. He stared at me with the most beautiful bright blue kitten eyes. I knew in that instant we were meant for each other and fate had brought us together.

I had to wait til the next day to complete his adoption, so I hurried to the Humane Society on my lunch hour and collected my new baby boy. I took him home and he quickly adapted to his new life. He has become a huge 20 pound Maine Coon and the most affectionate cat I have ever had the pleasure to know.

Juell Feldman
Harlingen, TX

Together Forever

Last summer, two tiny, stray Siamese mix kittens, sat on my new neighbor's back steps, huddled together. They were being fed by the neighbor, along with other area stray cats; however, he didn't have the resources to do anything more for them.

After a few days of noticing that they never seemed to move, I wandered over to his house to check on them. Both seemed very lethargic, and one had an eye infection. I brought both of them to my vet who told me that they were near death with severe respiratory infections.

These were the first of the strays that I began rescuing--getting them vetted, spayed/neutered, then adopted. A family from Virginia adopted the kittens last October. Although, they only wanted one, I insisted "Si" and "Am" needed to stay together; luckily for the kittens, the family agreed to take both. You can see from the picture that I received from them last week, it was a great decision!

Sally B. Daggett
Huntersville, NC
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