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Sadari comes home

I've posted before on my two babies Karma and Kismet. Karma is now 19 and in kidney failure. I decided I would try to ease the transition of losing him by adding a new furrbaby beforehand. I went to NHSPCA and looked around. I had a number of volunteers helping me. I had almost chosen one little gray cat who reminded me of one I'd lost before. One of the volunteers called me over to meet this little lady. Her name was Vivian. She twined around my ankles, rubbed my hand and as I talked to the volunteer, she nipped me. The volunteer assured me it was shelter stress and I laughed and explained that I had had one cat EXACTLY like Vivian. She would nip when she had enough attention with little/no warning. While we talked another volunteer was getting a box ready for a kitty who was going home. Vivian hopped right into the box, looked at me and said as plain as day.. "Well.. lets go! Now!" that was it. She'd been there since December and this was July. The volunteers were so happy. They were happier when I showed them the shirt I was wearing with Karma and Kismet (previously Chubbs) on it. It says "Where Karma goes, Kismet follows". They all remembered Chubbs and were happy she had a good home and that Vivian was going home with me.After some name searching we changed her name to Sadari. She and Karma are friends, she and Kismet.. well we're working on that. She also likes enclosed spaces as you can see from her picture. I was heading out for a walk and spotted her in there! Silly girl. She's a loved and happy girl! Have to create a shirt with all three now!

Somersworth, NH


We went to Cares 4 Pets in Brooksville Florida after our older dogs passed away. Scooter found us that day and he has made us laugh ever since.

We encourage everyone to adopt rescue dogs. They are the best!

Eileen and Phil
New Port Richey, FL

Mo gets a better life

I adopted my shar pei, Mo, from the Nevada Humane Society in Reno. Our best guesstimate is that he is 13 years old. He was used as a bait dog for dog fighting and once healed, languished at the shelter for nearly a year. He is a great dog, kind and gentle despite his history. While he may not have many years left, he can now enjoy them in the comfort of our home with plenty of love, care and good food.

Cindy Peterson
Sparks, NV

Babycakes Princess Weasel

Babycakes came to me through my roommate at the time. She was rescued from a local farm before the farmer could "thin the litter". I had just given my childhood cat back to my mom because she was lonely after I had moved out. So I was not wanting another cat so soon. Unannounced to me was the fact that my roommate had developed a serious drug problem. Her and her genius friends thought that it would be funny to give Babycakes a variety of drugs while I was at work. I did not figure this out until I noticed that she had a case of the sniffles that would just not go away. We promptly moved. After several other moves and much love exchanged between us I noticed that Baby's breath was a little extra stinky. After a visit to the most wonderful vet ever, we found out that she has periodontal disease (her teeth were rotting through no fault of my or her own). Through years of tooth extractions, antibiotics, steriods, and tooth brushing it was decided by myself and the vet that Babycakes has a full mouth extraction (remove the remainder of her teeth). Even though she was in constant pain you would never know it. She is the sweetest most loving cuddle kitty I have ever had. She would whistle purr up a storm even right after a surgery. She was the only kitty to want affection from the vet after her surgeries, instead of hissing or growling. Baby now has lots of loving "Aunties and Uncles" which she adores. She just soaks up the love.

I would not trade my Babycakes for anything. She is a blessing and has helped me through some tough times.

As for the roommate? Well, karma got to her.

Danna G
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Our wonderful Kimmy

We lost our Teddy last October 29th 2009. She was 12 1/2. We got her from a bad breeder at 5 weeks. She was our child!! After her passing we decided that we would not replace her as the loss was so painful. We had her cremated and that was that. One day it came to our attention that there were some rescues here in Colorado that did wonderful things for abused and puppy milled dogs. After some research we became the parents of a wonderful little 3 year old Yorkie, Kimmy. She had been through a lot and needed patience and love. Her fear was so great we thought she would never come near us ever. This was June 7, 2010. After just 2 months she has made some wonderful progress!! She is learning what love is but still isn't sure about play. She has gained weight and loves to go on walks!!! She now leads us!! the Breeders Release Rescue does some amazing things for these special babies. I can't thank them enough for this wonderful addition to our lives. Everytime I look at her she makes me smile. I'm sure that Teddy agrees with our decision to give Kimmy a forever home. She makes our life complete!!! Puppy mills can only operate if you buy from them. Please consider adoption from a rescue first!!! You won't be sorry!!!

Gerri Wiedyk
Falcon, CO

Lots of love and kisses!!

We adopted Halley from a shelter about 2 years ago. He was living there for about one and a half years prior to us bringing him home. He was adopted once before, but returned due to a skin condition. Although I don't agree with returning a dog for something as minor as that, I'm happy they did because then he would never live with us. He is a wonderful addition to our already large family of furry friends. We love him so much and can tell he loves us too. We give each other lots of love and kisses!!!

Lisa Mosher
Branchburg, NJ

Molly Girl

After having our Yorkie Bogie for a year and a half, we decided he needed a companion that wasn't feline.After searching local shelters and not finding a dog compatiable with his energy, we looked in our local newspapers.The first ad I found was for a female Yorkie, and since I was at work,I told the owner I would like to see her when I left my job in 6 hours.I was told it would have to be cash, no shot record from vet she had done that herself, and I would have to meet her in an empty parking lot ( I know,I know) I was naive then. I told my husband to meet us there because something wasn't right (duh).After arriving at the empty lot she pulled up in a mini van full of kids puppy in her arms. All doubts put aside when I saw that face.She smelled like urine and feces but I didn't care she was mine.Took her home, she was animal friendly, but afraid of us, would cower if we came near always hanging her head ,didn't want affection, grooming was out of the question.At her vet appt. my vet Susan became IRATE! Molly had 2 parasites, one being giarda and ear mites.First words out of Susan's mouth were PUPPY MILL.Sure enough I saw the womans picture in our paper being arrested for running a puppy mill.The poor pups were kept in an aluminum shed, no windows,no air,(in the middle of summer) and drinking water with feces in it hence the giardia.Molly is 2 now healthy and the mom of 3 pups which we have kept. She has been spayed and is very much loved and in my lap right now.

Susan Crist
Benton, AR

Forever rescue fan

Derby, our first rescue puppy, needed a friend so I searched online for months and finally found little Teddy. She'd been left behind as a puppy and had been in shelters for too long. She was scared and didn't trust much of anyone or anything. When we brought her home, though, she took one look at Derby and was a happy dog. Derby took one look at her and said, "I love that puppy!" They wrestled and played and have been best friends ever since. I'd always had purebred dogs before these two smart, loving girls and I'm going to be a rescue fan from now on.

McFarland, WI

my crackey

i was in nashville and i was hang with somefriends and these kids came up to me and asked if i wanted a cat i said no at me and some friends where walking around and i see the same kids kicking and throwing something so me and my friends moms walked toward them and they trough something in a bush so i walked 2 a bush and there was a baby kitten somebody droped off so i graped him and took him back to my friends home too make sure he wasnt hurt and thank god he wasnt so i also heard the kittens sisters and brothers was under a guys tralier i tryed to get them but the owner told me to lave so i took the baby kitten back home with me and we coulndt figure out if he was a boy or girl so at frist we called him garfield but then we though he was a she so we called her ladybug but then it turned out to be a boy and the kitten was all was doing something crazy so i called him crackhead and the name stuck so now the cat is part of my famile i got 3 cats and 2 dogs so crakhead is my little buddy and he slepps next 2 me.

clarksville, TN

What About Bob?

Bob appeared seven years ago on the perimeter of our property. After checking in with several local rescue organizations and posting a notice for an owner, we decided we would encourage Bob to stay. It took about year before he planted himself on the deck. ("What About Bob?" is where his name came from) From then on, he spent summer on the front deck, then moved to the back deck for the (mild) winter. He had his own doghouse, made friends with the resident animals (two dogs, one cat and several chickens) and stayed for life. After surgery for cancer (thus, the hat), he moved inside for the hospice care that became necessary, and was cherished to the end when dear old Bob died in my arms. Now, there is another cat lurking about. Who knows? If he needs help, we're here.

Katherine Dieter
Sebastopol, CA
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