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Miss Lilly

On a cold day in January, Lilly was found outside in - 6 degree weather, cold, shaking, hungry and so matted up you could see where it was pulling the skin on her tummy. Well what can I say? we could not leave her out there. The neighbor brought her to us and asked us if we wanted her. Without hesitating we said yes, we called the groomer and had her groomed and took her to the Vet right away. Now Lilly will never be cold, hungry or scared ever again. She has a forever home with us.

We highly recommend adopting a rescue animal.

Joanie Counts
Girard, PA

My own orphan Annie

While working in her yard one morning,a co-worker of mine heard a strange cry coming from under a bush. When she investigated, she found a tiny, half-starved, flea-bitten calico cat. She coaxed the cat into her garage, fed it, and took it to the vet. With a little arm-twisting, she convinced me that I would be the perfect "mother" for this little orphan. For fifteen years now, Annie has owned my heart and my home. Thank you, Chris, for the best present I ever received!

Sherry Andrews
Winter Park, FL

The Day Gypsie Was Born

Gypsie and her brother were born one night in a junked-out car at my wife's workplace. Their mother didn't have any milk and they would have died. My wife brought them home every night and bottle-fed them every few hours, then took them to work every morning and "kitty-sat" them. We became foster parents to the kittens. When they were a few weeks old they were promised to other animal lovers by Pam's employer. When they were old enough, Smokey Joe (Gypsie's brother) went to a wonderful home. I fell in love with Gypsie and could not part with her. She became a part of our family and found her forever home with our other loving pets. Gypsie will be 7 years old in March, 2011. She and her sisters are loved so very much.

Phoenix, AZ

Our Lucy

After having practically begged my husband for years to let me have a dog, she has arrived. We've only had Lucy for a week but she has settled in nicely. She is a "Happy Paws" rescue (Cobalt, Ontario, Canada). She is approximately 1 1/2 years old and is a black lab/husky mix. She is well-mannered, playful and very loving. We are lucky to have found her.

Latchford, ON, Canada

Thanksgiving Bella

I am a dog lover by nature. However on November 24, 2010 (night before Thanksgiving) my son rescued a small kitten from the middle of the road. She was about 3 weeks old. I had to bottle-feed her. We named her Bella – she was so cute! The following week I took her to the vet to be checked out and he verified that she was approximately four weeks old. Last year I had so much tragedy in my life – lost my husband, underwent chemo, then lost my Mom. I believe Bella was sent by God to give me something to nurture and keep me company. She is a very spirited kitten. I support our local shelter, Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation in Cochran, Georgia, USA. We adopted a long-haired dachshund last year. I also have three Siberian Huskies that I love dearly, and one large long-haired cat, who adopted us about five years ago. Bella has become one of the family and I am very grateful I was the one chosen to take care of her. She has entertained me and brought laughter back into my life.

Jennifer Floyd
Cochran, GA

Run Forest Run

On a cold December morning my husband heard a noise from the porch when he went to see what is was he saw a fury little black ball we took him right in and fed him after taking him to the vets they said he was 5 weeks an 1 day old as our 4 cats 2 dogs and 3 horses chase him around and being so little we couldn't help but name him Forest because all we do is yell out Run Forest Run they all play and get along a welcomed addtioned to our family but who ever abandoned him is missing a beautiful loving creature he is truely a joy and doesn't take No for an answer

Alton, NH

PennyPoo and LL Too

Poo was dumped at the Downey pound when she was 2 months old. She was neglected, malnourished and had distemper. The Bumper Foundation rescued her and nursed her back to health with the help of a loving and supportive vet who believed distemper doggies deserved a chance. While being fostered Poo bonded with a tiny gray kitten named LL rescued from the streets of Inglewood. I adopted them both in a 2-for-1 deal. Poo experiences some nervous twitching while resting, but otherwise she's fine - she has grown into a 35 pound, long legged lovely lady. Seing her blossom from her "special needs" beginning has been a source of inspriation for me.

Heidi Stromburg
Torrance, CA

Tootsie Is Home!

I feel in love with Tootsie’s sweet face on My little Cupcake (13 yr. old Chiweenie) passed away 11/2010 and left Molly (10 yr. old mini Doxie) and me broken hearted. Molly was so sad and was grieving so badly that she dropped from 15 lbs. to 11 lbs. in 5 weeks. My vet told me I needed to get her a companion quick. I knew I needed an adult dog for Molly since she is on up in years. I also knew I wanted to adopt a rescue. Tootsie came to live with Molly and me on 1/14/11. Tootsie is a sweet, playful, bossy little girl who quickly won my heart. She took right up with me and acts like she loves me soooo much! She is so much company for Molly while I am away at work each day. Molly has started eating again and seems happy. Tootsie seems to know that she is in her forever home. I can’t thank Petfinders and the Chihuahua Rescue Transport as well as Sue (Tootsie’s foster mom) enough!

Fort Worth, TX

Valentine's day angel

Maui is a pitbull mix that was found with two other puppies in a dumpster behind a store on trash day. They were about 4 months old at the time. Her brother and sister were adopted right away, and we fell in love with her the minute we saw her - which was on Valentine's Day. She is an excellent swimmer and the best "lap dog" we've ever had!

Henderson, NV

that cat's a hoot!

“Oh. I see we have another cat”, said my very patient husband Mike …

One lazy Sunday afternoon I heard a cat yelling. Of course I had to go to see what was happening, and just in the nick of time. My neighbor had her 12 week-old lynxpoint kitten Sport loaded in a carrier, headed for the county pound. Her husband had been transferred out of the area, and they were moving into her brother’s place – NO cats allowed. I grabbed that kitty and made tracks for our house to introduce him to Mike and his new sisters, Sassy and Dusty.

He turned out to be a Maine Coon, and 5 years and 20 lbs later, Sport, now known as Sweet Hootie Blue-Eyes - ‘cause he’s a real hoot, and has exquisite ice-blue eyes – can be found lounging on his own bench out on the cats’ personal patio. He rules our home, or so our two elder ladycats allow him to believe. Hoot keeps them on their toes with lots of exercise, and makes sure they’re both well-groomed. We adore them all and this home would not be a home without them. We hit the jackpot with all three of our rescues.

Trish W
Lehigh Valley, PA
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