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Howard the Dog!

Meet Howard the Dog! Howard was born blind and abandoned at the animal shelter when his human dad died, by his kids. A woman who rescues last chance dogs rescued him and I adopted him from her.

Howard is the happiest and sweetest dog. He gets around great...goes out in the backyard by himself and learned his way around my house very quickly. Howard found his way up on my bed by finding a footstool and now lets me sleep with him at night!! Shelter dogs make the best pets!

Doris Geohagan
Tallahassee, FL

Ulisse comes home

Ulisse came to us from a shelter in Novara, just outside Milan in Italy. He didn’t trust anybody and was sad & angry. After just a few days of love & toys & food & cuddles, he relaxed and became the super-affectionate furry little ball of love that he is today. After many years of wandering, Ulisse has found his forever home.

Lorna Gray
Milan, Italy

Neil Catrick Harris

A friend of mine lives on a farm about an hour away and her neighbor has a barn with horses. The neighbor had many feral cats and was diligent about fixing all the females, but a few always escaped her. Last spring, she had three litters of kittens and nowhere to go with them. She put out food for them and paid for their shots, but could not continue the financial burden of all these kittens. She talked to the local humane society which said they already had too many cats and would likely put them down. As this was not an option, the owner immediately started trying to find all the kittens homes. My boyfriend and I have two big dogs and were hesitant, but always wanted a cat. So, we told our friend to get the scoop and send us some pictures. As soon as we saw Neil, we knew he was our cat. Once he was weened, we drove up there, gave him his first bath, and brought him home, wrapped in a towel in my arms. He spent the first weeks never leaving my side.

Of course, now, he is 8 months old, independent and only wants me for food, water, and the occasional belly rub. He is best friends with the dogs and our house would not be the same without him.

Columbus, OH

From Scruffy to Jillian

In 1999 my husband and I went to visit a client in the country who had a terrier mix in her yard.When we got home my husband told me that little dog wants to live with us. He then instructed me to call my client and ask for the dog. A week later he asked if I had called and when I said no he said then you are never bringing any more strays home. Well that was not going to work for me so I promptly called my client. She said she found the dog in a vacation rental she was cleaning with a note pinned to a makeshift collor that said please take me home. She explained that her daughter was attached to the dog. A week later my client called and said she had driven past my home and explained to her daughter that Scruffy would be able to live in my big house instead of outside. Naomi wanted Scruffy to live inside so she gave her to us. Scruffy was full of fleas and my home did not have any fleas. It was late in the evening when I called my vet Dr. Lawton to ask if I could treat her with revolution. He said no,she needs a heartworm check. He met me at his clinic at 7pm. Scruffy had heartworm and came home to us a few days later after her first treatment. When she came home all clean and pretty we renamed her Jillian. Jillian must have been lost in the world for a long time. She had fears of loud noise and for many years would knock down any rubbish can looking for food. At twelve years old her picture shows her age but she is no less beautiful to us.

Zoe Nabarrete
Kapolei, HI

Rudy the Kelpie

We adopted Rudy as a buddy for our boxer mix, Lori. He was listed as a Rottweiler at the rescue, and as a shepherd mix by other shelters he'd been in - but in fact he is a Kelpie! When he came home overnight to make sure they got along (they did), we noticed he walked with a swing in his gait, and when we had xrays done, found he had a dislocated hip. The rescue arranged surgery, and we adopted him when his stitches came out!

I had never heard of the Kelpie before. The breed is relatively unknown in the US. If a family is expecting a small shepherd, and gets a Kelpie, they may be in for a surprise, as they are very strong-minded. This mis-identification may factor into their showing up in rescues.

Rudy and Lori got along great, but we lost Lori when the dogs were playing and her (half-choke) collar got wrapped around Rudy's lower jaw. By the time we could free them, she was gone. These collars are great, but they leave a lot of slack for twisting, and have no release (they slide over the head). Please remove these types of collars if your dogs play rough!

Now Rudy has a new buddy, Emmie, who is stealing all of our hearts (and a few of his bones).

After hip surgery last year to release the muscle holding his femur to his pelvic bone, Rudy has gone to hydrotherapy, where swimming against a current, and range of motion massage have helped him recover to almost 100 percent. He and Emmie play and play, and he has turned out to be a wonderful boy! He is CGC certified and has started Rally Obedience classes, and will also do agility! :)

Amy DeStefanis
Tampa, FL

How Skipper adopted me

Living in the country north of Houston, I run every morning about 8 miles. One morning I got a new running partner who I didn't know, a beautiful red heeler. When the run was done and at my ranch gate I would tell Skipper to "go home", and off he would trot. On the third day I told him the same and went inside to shower and dress for work. When I came back outside I noticed Skipper was still at the gate, so I went up to him and asked him, "I thought I told you to go home?" Skipper just looked at me and I know he was saying with those big eyes, "Hey, if you open the gate, I'll be home!" So as I learned later, he was dropped with people who just shared him, but no one was taking care of him. So Skipper is now part of the family and I know that Skipper adopted me...what a great gift!

Mark Euler
New Waverly, TX

Sneaky Neighborhood Dog

I sadly had to retire the two dogs I was training as service dogs. They simply weren't working out. One never got big enough to be the mobility dog I need, and the other couldn't handle the stress. Both went to excellent forever homes, but that left me with no dog to help me.

I was scanning the postings for the local shelters and craigslist for my area and came across the perfect puppy! I thought for sure I wasn't going to get her because there were three people ahead of me that had called. I almost didn't leave my number, but I'm glad I did because none of them called back, so they called and said I could have her!

Her mother is Golden Retriever and her father??? Well, he was a sneaky neighborhood dog that managed to climb over an 8' privacy fence! Our best guess would be a German Shepherd. "Endless" got her name because she was born with a deformed tail that has two kinks in it, and it only ended up about 6" long. She can't raise it, but it still wags just fine! Now no one can claim that my happy service dog is beating them with her whippy tail : - )

Sabra Welles
Glendale, AZ

Meet Zoe

One month after losing my beloved dog Mala to cancer I adopted Zoe. Zoe was born in the dirt under a porch & was rescued by a wonderful no kill shelter here in NY. Less than 3 months after adopting Zoe we discovered a tumor in her jaw, it was cancer. Zoe had surgery to remove the tumor & we are currently awaiting the results from the pathologist as to if they were able to remove all of the cancer. 48 hours post major surgery she sits here with me on the couch as happy as can be, keeping me strong until we get the news. At only 5 months old Zoe is a fighter & an inspiration to me every single day, I know she will beat this!

Michelle Korabek
Buffalo, NY

As Sweet as Her Name

At 68, I have been a cat person all my life, and my 6-yr-old rescue kitty lost her companion in April of 2010. I missed the one who died so much, but could not think of getting another cat to replace her, and I don't believe my remaining cat would have liked it, either. But I went to a pet store recently, where they were having an adoption fair, and my heart was taken by this incredible dog, named Sweetee, who more than lives up to her name. We are not altogether sure what she is, and she is either 8 or 10 years old, but she is a dear little old lady dog, perfect for both me and my cat. The woman I got her from said she had been rescued from death row, and I cannot imagine why anybody would even think of putting down this dog. I am so happy to provide her a warm and happy home for as much time as she is able to be here.

Ginny Schmidt
St. Petersburg, FL

Friends for Life

I am a volunteer for Abandoned and Feral Cat Friends in Honolulu, HI.

I first met Cleo in the spring of 2006. She was four years old.

Her human family no longer wanted a cat so they abandoned her by dumping her off in the country along the side of a road. Someone saw her frightened and scared and took her to the Humane Society.

There she proceeded to bite everyone in sight. She was labeled not adoptable and scheduled to be euthanized.

I happened to be at the Humane Society that day and heard her story. It took only one look into her sweet face to see a beautiful soul.

I took her home. She cried non stop for one week in fear and bewilderment. Finally, one day she stopped crying. She walked over to me and jumped into my lap. We became "Friends for Life".

Anna Rose
Honolulu, HI
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