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Crazy JJ

We were looking for a new playmate for our 2 hounds. We thought we wanted a female puggle. Then the rescue sent us a picture of JJ, a bassett/beagle (and we think cattle dog) mix who'd been found on the streets of KY and scheduled to be put down at a shelter there before the IL rescue took him in. He's a total character who loves watching videos of cats on youtube and is constantly finding something to pounce on. This is just one of his playful poses. We couldn't imagine a world without him.

Keeneyville, IL

The Girls

Lulu (on the right) was dropped off at an area shelter with part of her eye missing. Her Petfinder photo showed matted hair with a recently sewn shut eye. My husband and I doubted that anyone would adopt her so we went and picked her up. After a visit to the groomer and lots of love and food, she is the most beautiful and loving cat. In fact we love her so much that when another cat showed up at the same shelter with an almost identical story we had to adopt her too. Grace (grey and white) came home the day before Thanksgiving and as you can see she fit right in with Lulu and the boss lady, Abby. All three are rescues and have brought so much into our lives. I feel so lucky to have found them.

Sara Bostwick
Burlington, VT

Hylo's story

Born with a birth defect, Hylo was rescued from a shelter and found a forever home with me. His front legs did not straighten at birth, so he is high in the back and low in the front, hence the name HYLO. He is a very playful little guy and has no idea he is challenged. He loves to run and play with the other dogs. Likes to dance on his hind legs, and is the best "backer-upper" I have ever seen. He likes to hop backwards. He looks a lot like a bunny when he is running and playing, so we call him my "bunny dog". Hylo brings a lot of joy and laughter to our house.

La Verne, CA

Meet Our Darling Jenny

We lost our precious furry child "JD" in April of 2010. We were devastated and so very lonesome. In May I was searching one of the animal rescue websites and we found Jenny. We loved her the minute we met her. She has been in and out of shelters all of her short five years. She must have had a tough time, as it has taken her awhile to trust us and realize that she has found her forever home. She is feeling more comfortable every day and is keeping us entertained with all of her crazy antics. We owe her so much for making a difficult time bearable. She is an absolute doll and we love her very much.

Johnna Waller
Atlanta, GA

Garfield just needed to be loved...

This past Summer, I was leaving my house and a cat was standing on the sidewalk looking at me. I called to him and he came right over and let me pet him. He was covered in scabs - from head to tail. I knew that because of his loving nature, he must have been an indoor cat that someone booted. I fed him and kept my eye on him that day. The next day, I saw that my neighbor was also feeding him and calling him "Garfield." He explained to me that another neighbor had the cat for 6 years and from one day to the next, put the 6 year old indoor only kitty outside to fend for himself with no food and no water.

Poor Garfield was so loving and so sweet. I could not stand the sight of him being outside and being beat up by other kitties so I brought him inside until I could find him a home (I have 5 cats of my own and my alpha male was not happy to have another male in the house).

I had him neutered, tested for FIV/Leukemia and vaccinated. After being inside for a few weeks, his scabs healed, he gained some weight and he looked a lot healthier. He was the sweetest kitty. He just wanted to be loved.

I shared his information on several Facebook pages and an absolutely WONDERFUL family came forward to adopt little Garfield.

He is now a happy indoor kitty that is loved to the max by his new family. He even has a brother named Leo that he adores.

Sometimes, animals in need find us and we cannot ignore their plight.

Will you not adopt love today?

Rochester, NY

Meet Fancy

A co-worker of my daughter's found Fancy in her yard, where she had been dropped off one cold night. She was about 2 months old. The co-worker, brought Fancy to us the following evening, knowing most of our pets have been rescues. Fancy has been with us for over 10 years now and is a delight! She shares our house with a beautiful long haired Balinese, named Bubba, who loves her like they are litter mates. Our lives are richer because of her antics and unconditional love.

Sherry Menning
Sedalia, MO


Bubba came to us through a co-worker. He was going from house to house for food, and she knew he would soon be picked up by animal control, so she brought him to us. He was about 1½ years old. He loves myself and our pomeranian, Fancy, and only tolerates others. He becomes very irate when anyone tries to groom him, becoming very vocal. He is now 10 years old, and has quite a unique personality, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Sherry Menning
Sedalia, MO

When rescues rescue

We rescued Amanda (on right) when she was three and as far as we know she has never had puppies. But when we fostered King (on left) who was abandoned at 4 weeks old she rescued him as her own and let us know in no uncertain terms that he was here to stay. They are joined at the hip and the heart. Rescues are the best!

Kathy Meyer
St. Louis, MO

Our Zoe

Her name was Fido at the shelter, but the name Zoe just seemed more appropriate! We adopted her when she was about 2-3 months old and she made herself right at home. Nine years later she is so still so much fun to be around and we have never regretted rescuing her. We laugh at how her ears always seem to be part of her personality!

Ruston, LA


I was surfing the internet on my break one day when I came across the website for our local SPCA. Although I already had two older cats (both rescues) and had no intention of adding to our family, I decided to check out the pictures of cats available for adoption. I was drawn to a skinny, scruffy little orange and white cat named Cuthbert. Turned in as a stray, 3-year-old Cuthbert had been injured (broken teeth and infected wounds) and sick with an upper respiratory infection. The dedicted shelter staff had saved his life, and his adoption fee was waived because he'd been at the overcrowded shelter too long. When I finally met him in person, he was the sickliest, scrappiest, stinkiest cat I ever saw, and it was love at first sight! I renamed him Pumpkin (it was the middle of Autumn) and took him home to nurse him back to health. Fifteen months later, my sweet-tempered, rambunctious Pumpkin is happy and healthy and a beloved member of our family. I still look at the shelter photos regularly, but, though they tug at my heartstrings, I haven't felt pulled towards any of them the way I was with Pumpkin. Some things are just meant to be.

Kenmore, NY
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