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Our Christmas Angel

We adopted our precious Veronica two weeks ago because our other adopted Cocker, Jack, needed a companion and my husband Lloyd and I both wanted another fur person in our lives

Before being welcomed into our home here in Alaska, she was rescued by Camp Cocker in California. She is 10-years-old, is missing one eye and can't hear very well. However, she is an absolute delight with a sparkling personality and an exceptionally loving nature. How lucky we were to get our playful Christmas Angel in time for the holiday.

Carolyn McClintock
Big Lake, AK

Pickle the Miracle Dog

I work at an animal specialty clinic. One night a 12-week old Pit Bull pup was brought in with multiple stab wounds and its throat slit. The owner was on crack and freaked out and attacked the pup. Two women finally got hold of it, after they also were cut multiple times on their arms, and brought the dog to the emergency clinic after which it was transferred to us. The doctors did not see how the pup could live, but decided to try to save her. She made it through the next day and captured all of our hearts. By the end of the week she was up and around and by two weeks, she came home with me. She is now 2 years old, likes hiking in the mountains, her 3 sisters and playing with any human or animal that passes by. She also enjoys coming to work with me and socializing with the doctors and technicians who worked so very hard to save her life. It is amazing that she does not hate humans for what they did to her, but has instead turned out to be a wonderful companion to young and old.

Kristen Hartman
Denver, CO

My Rescue Dog Max

I found Max on After watching all of his siblings get adopted, I knew he was meant for me. I wondered how anyone could resist his sweet little face. Thanks to Tiny Paws Rescue and his foster home Dancin n Pracin Furever, Max has been a big part of our family for 5 months. I couldn't ask for a more loving, sweet, and smart puppy. Max recently graduated from puppy class and is now working hard at mastering the Intermediate class. Adopt from a rescue-you'll never regret it.

Jan Reffett
Roscoe, IL

My pal Sparky

I found Sparky (actually I think he found me) at a no-kill shelter on Long Island, NY almost 13 years ago. I had had to say goodbye to my previous friend sometime before and went to the shelter just to look around. There were many other dogs barking and yelping for attention but this good looking Border Collie/Husky mix was just sitting patiently in his cage. I stopped and 'asked' him how he was doing. He looked up and came over to the cage door. I put the back of my hand out so he could sniff it to check me out. Apparently I met muster because he stuck his face through the cage and licked my hand and I knew he was going home with me. He was a confidant, a companion and great listener and my pal since then. I had to say goodbye to him a week ago (12/12/10) and it's tough dealing. But I have many pictures of him and many great memories of my buddy. I'm not ready to go looking yet, it will be awhile, but I know when I do I'll look for another shelter dog.

Woody Kaplan
Randolph, VT


We are the proud owners of two shelter rescues... Our 3 year old Lab Mix Kida is the Big Sister and Mama Dog to 8 month old Zeus. Kida first came to us from a life of abuse and abandonment... she was afraid of men in particular. Now she never leaves my side when I am bedridden, sleeping at the bottom end of my hospital bed, growling when anyone she doesn't know gets close. Zeus was abandoned, but we got him almost immediately, so he has a zest for living that charms us all. He will compete with Kida and jump up on the bed the minute she takes a latrine break. These rescued doggies have rescued me from loneliness and despair. I wish I could save them all.

John W. Cassell
Albuquerque, NM

Captin Jack

Seven months ago working as a nurse at a farm house, I noticed one of the farm cats up on the porch, I opened the door and she ran off, there laid a very sick, wounded 4 week old kitten. I swooped him up and took him to the vet where they had little hope of his survival. He had been attacked by another animal and had several puncture wounds to his head and body and a scull fracture. His back leg was deformed and he couldn't walk well. The vet kept him all day and when I went to get him my options were, take him to a ER possibly costing thousands of dollars, euthanasia or being that I was a nurse they would give me his needed medications and supplies and I would be his nurse. So started our journey to save Jack. It was the most intense labor of love I've ever gone through. It was 24/7 care for days, no sleep no leaving the house. But he was a fighter so I wanted to give him all the support I could. It was about a 2 month struggle to keep him alive, the right side of his face died, he lost his eye most of his ear and all of the skin. My kids dubbed him Captain Jack the pirate because of his missing eye, bad leg and black chin that looks like a beard. Amazingly he made it and as far as his opinion go's there's nothing wrong with him, he's the happiest most rambunctious kitten Ive ever known(and naughtiest). We love Jack and I'm humbled by the strength of all these creatures we are blessed to have in our lives. Jack is a living miracle and we are glad to be his forever family...

aimee maples
dodgeville, WI

My Jenny

Jenny was found running loose somewhere in our town. She was caught and turned over to the River King Newfoundland Club which is 2 hours away. Since we had 3 other newfies, they called and asked if we were interested. We were ! Jenny was returning to Urbana.

The night Jenny came to live with us in the country, she slipped out of her collar and was gone. As we frantically searched the countryside, we called the club and they sent some local members to help search. Club members even drove the 2 hours to help !

After about 4 hours, we decided to resume the search in the morning.

We went home and there was Jenny, laying in the grass. She was at the house maybe 5 minutes before she bolted. We caught a glimpse of her about a mile away earlier in the evening. But she knew where her new home was. We still can't believe it.

Jenny must have been terribly abused in the past, but 2 years later, she is coming out of her shell. She is my shadow. She loves to cuddle in bed in the mornings. She no longer is afraid. She love to run and play on our 5 acres. She is the sweetest baby girl. Her newfie brothers and sisters love her too and watch out for her. We are truly blessed that she came to live with us !

Brad Olson
Urbana, IL

A Forever Home for Christmas

When our oldest cat died we knew we would have to find another "lap cat." We search through 3 cat shelters before deciding on Bovie at Colony Cats in Columbus, OH. He climbed right up onto my huband's lap and kneaded himself into a snuggly ball. He had been in a managed trap/neuter/release colony but was rescued when he was injured. During his recovery they realized what a sweetheart he was and that he should be adopted, not sent back outside. He seems to appreciate every bit of attention he gets and we love having him snuggle on laps and on our bed. He got his Christmas present in November-his forever family.

L. Lascheid
Westerville, OH

Sweet muse

This autumn, a calico started hanging out in the lot behind my house. I visit the feral cats that live there, but could tell right away that this calico was an abandoned house cat. I fed her and she started sleeping under my neighbour's porch. I searched for her owner for 2 weeks without any luck. She was very starved for affection and it was starting to get cold, but we couldn't take her in since we already have 2 rambunctious feline sisters. My mother had recently lost her beloved calico of 21 years, and I suggested she take this one in. She did, and none of us have looked back since. She is the sweetest girl, who sleeps on my mother's pillow. We christened her Calliope, after the Greek muse, and hope that she inspires many kitties in search of a home.

Rebecca Bain
Montreal, QC, Canada


I was up late one night studying. Around midnight I heard the loud cries of what sounded like a very tiny kitten. I went outside and checked around and found nothing. After a few minutes the cries started up again and this time they sounded even louder and more desperate. I got my flash-light and headed back outside. I followed the cries and ended up about 1 ½ blocks from my house. There was Midnight aka Nipsy stuffed down into a cinderblock wall. He was so young he was still nursing, so he had to be bottle fed. We changed his name to Nipsy because he loves to nip everyone and everything he sees. He sleeps on the bed with me every night right next to his best buddy our Pit Maddie.

April McDannell
Victorville, CA
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