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Meet our little golden Nugget

We saw Nugget's picture on Petfinder and knew we wanted to see if he would be a good companion for our other little rescue, Sassy, as she had just lost her "big brother" Bear due to old age. Sassy and Nugget seemed to do well together, and although he seemed rather shy, we brought him home, where he just blossomed within hours! It was as if he knew he had been brought into his forever home. He is such a cuddler, he loves to sleep under a blanket, preferably ours, adores squeaky toys (the louder the better!) and will jump and play fetch either with one of us or by himself! He is so full of love we can't imagine how anyone could let this little bundle become a stray, which is how he was found by the animal rescue center. This is our third rescue, and we will never adopt any other way. They are so appreciative of the love they receive, and give so much in return.

D. Davis
Daphne, AL

A Piece of My Heart

TeTe (pronounced taytay) was a scrawny little guy, maybe six months old, when he walked up to me in the parking lot of a strip mall in the NC mountains. When I picked him up, he reached his little arms out to me, grabbed the sides of my head and pulled himself to me, burying his face in my neck. I said, "Let's go home, little one." I knew I could not leave him there, and I truly felt like I had found a piece of my own heart. From that time on, he loved to sit in the crook of my arm, front paws on my shoulder; it was his favorite view of the world, as well as mine. During our seventeen years together, he beat cancer, kidney failure, and lived with a heart murmur, finally succumbing to heart failure in 2006. His affection for me was matched only by mine for him; we were meant to be together. The best day of my life was the day we found each other. A piece of my heart is in Heaven now, waiting for me.

Sunny Boone
Harrisburg, NC

Dogs just want a human to love!

I rescued Blue one week after I first met her at an adopt-a-thon. She had been staying with her foster mom for over fifteen months; I asked why no one had adopted her, and her mom told me that she was snappish with people she didn't know in the stressful environment of the adopt-a-thon, but that she was as sweet as she could be at home. I had a good feelling about her, so I decided to take her home and "let her come to me in her own time," as her mom advised. She had a worried, anxious look on her face for a few days, but by the end of the first week, she was putty in my hands!! Now she turns in circles for joy when I come home, she sleeps under the covers, she loves to go for a walk and she gets along great with my five cats and my other chihuahua! Plus, she took off the excess weight she had put on. Give a rescue dog a chance: all they want is a forever home and a human to lavish all their love on!!

Susan Stein
Orangeburg, SC


Shaggy was chained up and neglected for two years before Faithful Friends rescued her and brought her north. When I met her, she had been completely shaved and was suffering from mange, heartworm, and a broken tail, but something about her sweet face told me she was the one for me. My ex kept asking, "Are you sure?" because she looked so awful and was so shy. I am so glad I was sure! She is sweet, loving, mellow, affectionate, a bit stubborn, loyal, and funny. And look how beautiful she is now!

Wilmington, DE

Hannah Marie

I found Hannah on the streets of Miami Gardens December 20, 2008, at two months old and near starvation I knew I had to save this beautiful girl. Hannah Marie is so sweet even her ten year old brother, Boomer, feels the need to protect and love her. Our only “problem” is that Hannah liked to snack on furniture (four couches, two chairs and a chaise to be exact), but I do not care. Hannah is our princess and has brought so much love and light into our home and life that in fact we thank her every day for rescuing us.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Anna Nicole Smith

Annie came into our lives 4 years ago as a young kitten of about 4 months old. We live in a wooded area and have had to regularly rescue abandoned cats, since many people seem to think this is the ideal place to dump an unwanted pet. We have had very good success in placing these orphans in good homes.

Annie had been recently spayed, and we brought her into the house to see if we could locate anyone in the area that had misplaced her. Within a couple of days, she became very ill. We took her to the vet for treatment, testing, a check up, shots, you know - the works! That is when we named her after the famous individual who indicated to the probate judge the reason for her request for a $24,000 month maintenance request, "Because it's expensive to be me."

We brought her back home and her health crashed. She stopped eating and drinking completely. We spent the next 4 days feeding and hydrating her every 3-4 hours, day and night. Her first solid food was a pea from my husband's dinner plate.

Since we already had 3 cats, we had no intention of adding a 4th, but after the ordeal, my husband said, "We saved her life, now we have to keep her!" Annie has an attitude, and we must 'talk to the paw' when she asserts her desires, but she is a sweet and and wonderful companion who follows me around like a dog. She has also brought some excitement into the lives of our other 3 cats, all of whom are seniors, ages 14, 17 and 18.

Linda S
Cincinnati, OH

How a sweet little girl became part of our family...

On a bitter cold and windy evening after a boy scout meeting, my son spotted a little Chiuaua in the parking lot. She was reluctant to be caught, but her eyes were saying "rescue me". Of course I could not leave her there and hope she would make it through the freezing temperatures that night, so after a little coaxing I got my hands on her. After a week of trying to find a foster home or shelter for her, my husband agreed to add her to our "pack". She is the sweetest little thing; she and our Puggle, Lucy love to play together!

Rebecca B
Houston, TX


Growing up I always had dogs around. I love them with a passion. When I moved out of my parents my little Yorkie wanted to stay behind with the other dogs because she was so accustomed to being with them. So I looked on Pets and People Humane Society and saw Buttons. She was so adorable and I was willing to pay for her. When the woman brought her to my house to meet me I fell in love immediately. The woman then told me she didn't want any money. She just wanted this little dog to have a loving home and that is exactly what she has with me. Adopt a dog and save a life!

Oklahoma City, OK

The Most Benevolent Outcome for a Forever Home

Cricket, a black lab/Pit Bull was found wondering the streets of Kissimmee, FL with some deep wounds; one of which went all the way to the bone. Her most benevolent, good Samaritan is a disabled man, named Steve, who owns a service dog.

Steve felt that her cuts were stab wounds or dog bites. He called A Forever Home Animal Rescue, to get help for the dog.

As Lori Masters put seeking a location for her shelter on a back burner, while she called around Kissimmee to find a vet who would work with her. She called for help from her her sister, Andrea Simmons, who’s own vet, offered to treat the dog for a flat fee.

Steve not only drove an hour from Kissimmee to the vet in Orlando, FL but offered the funds he had available, $40. to help pay for her care.

He was her angel, for sure! said A Forever Home owner, Lori Masters.

Still unable to find a suitable location to shelter animals, Lori asked Steve if he can keep Cricket for another week. During that week, Cricket, who is only about a year or so old, went into heat. Steve called Lori again, as he was finding it difficult to care for Cricket, as well as his service dog.

Lori and her A Team of sisters literally prayed for the most benevolent outcome for finding Cricket her Forever Home. Within a couple of days, the phone rang answering the prayer. Someone who saw Cricket on Petfinder wanted her.

"We are so fortunate and happy to have her we've been outside playing with

her constantly she loves playing with the frisbee and tennis ball shes

starting to learn the bring it back part lol heres a few pictures of her

playing out side today."

Lisa M. Smith
Clermont, FL

Sophie the Savior Dog

I found Sophie on Petfinders and knew she was my dog. She came into our lives to help us bring our older dog Bailey out of the fear aggression she was developing after being attacked by another dog. Sophie is a kind old soul at 1½ years old and she is the best therapist I could have gotten for Bailey. She is patient and very happy. She helps Bailey gain the confidence only one dog can give another. We've had her for the best 6 months of all our lives and love her unconditionally.

Pat Horowitz
St. Petersburg, FL
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