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Whale hooks to my heart!

Vicky was rescued by the Gadsden County Humane Society in Fl. She was brought to our farm/house to be fostered until adopted. It took less than three minutes for her to hook my heart forever. We called them whale hooks because they attach so deeply that there is no way to break the bond. Today, she has lived with us for almost two years. She is a lady and is always attentive to my needs. I know she helps me be a better person each day with her displays of unconditional love. How grateful I am to those who embarq in saving the lives of these wonderful animals!

Quincy, FL

Gracie with Santa

I adopted Gracie from Dire Straits in West Chicago, IL about a year ago. Her right hind leg had been shattered and her left hind leg was severly dislocated. She was also pregnant. She was only an 11 lb. baby herself but gave birth to five healthy, beautiful puppies. I was told that she was a wonderful mom. I had just lost my dog and wasn't sure I was ready to adopt another but when I saw Gracie there was no doubt that we were meant to be together. She is a delight and makes me smile everyday. Note: She has full use of both of her hind legs.

Wheaton, IL

Cici Belle Comes Down the Stairs!

After 30+ years of living with female cats, I was thinking about adopting two male kitties for a change. But every time I walked by CiCi Belle's cage at the Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood, Oregon, she would cry and reach out through the bars to gently pat my hand - with no claws! When she got out of her cage, she hopped into my lap, settled down and started to purr. Well. That was over two years ago and she is the most loving, silly, talkative cat ever. Here she is rolling down the stairs to say "Hi! Let's play now!"

Alex Prentiss
Beaverton, OR

Came one, two, and three

We had been looking awhile for a little pal. And found Simba through a friend. Born on April Fool's Day and boy did he get us! Sweet and cuddly, think twice! He's a feisty, one person (being daddy) cat. He got accustomed to us three...then came along (Fits her to a T) Little Lady Lily...all alone and lost being attacked by the local tom cat (Pepe, who later got a good ranch home!) for a week or so. She warmed our hearts even more to helping any animals in need...and surprise, came Smokey! The new local tom cat who everyone knew, but had no home from abandonment/being lost...we searched and searched for a new home for him, we even made cuddle time with his favorite blanket to massage meanwhile... but after 1 year of trying had no such luck due to his spraying...and upon moving last winter, he came along with us and we are so thankful. He is one of the most loving animals we've met! Kids, other animals, people in general, he'll kiss you til the end. So, we say why not help out more! Whether it's taking a little friend in or finding them a good happy home for life, we're here! Animals rescue YOU.

Loni Kayleene
Sparks, NV


I kept seeing Figaro at my local PetSmart and every time I would go there, I would take the time to say hello to all the kitties and let them know that their special family would come for them soon. My heart would break as I prayed they would all get adopted. I already had 5 kitties and had lost my precious Sylvester in February from a 5 year battle with cancer. I wanted to do something good, but I was terrified to commit to another animal.

Figaro was at PetSmart for months - most other kitties had come and gone. Apparently he had a problem with biting so he would scare potential families away. Well, I decided to give him a chance and brought him home on Sept 12th. He is a complete and utter crazy boy (17 months old) but he brings joy to our family. He has purred from day one and is just so grateful to have found his forever home.

The thing is while he needed a family to love him, I needed to give my love to someone too and honor Sylvester's memory by doing something good. Everyone should adopt - it's the most rewarding feeling in the world.


East Meadow, NY


Sarge is my big, beautiful, polydactyl cat. He is 17 years old and

17 pounds.

I foster kittens for the Butte Humane Society in Chico, California. Last winter I was asked if I would consider fostering a cat at the other end of the age spectrum. Sarge had lost his elderly owner and his best friend a Labrador Retriever within a week of each other and ended up at the shelter. He had a minor infection and needed a week of antibiotics and some TLC.

Once he started feeling better, I realized that Sarge was an exceptional cat. He was sweet, and friendly and quite a character. Everybody that met Sarge loved him, including my own cats. With his out-sized personality and great big heart, Sarge fit right in, and immediately seemed like part of the family. So I’ve adopted Sarge and he’s got a home here for the rest of his life. He’s happy, healthy and always cheerful.

And Sarge has a very important job here. He helps me socialize the foster kittens. He‘s really good at his work. He’s quite amusing to watch in action, he’s a big, gentle giant. The kittens love him and he loves them back.

Please consider adopting an older cat. They have so much to give. Sarge puts a smile on my face every time I look at him.

Paradise, CA

Felice Noel!

We lost a kitten in the spring. It was a long while before my husband was ready to consider another cat. At the shelter, he and my son both fell in love with the orange tabby kitten, who is about 8 months old. I told them they had to give the calico a chance. She was out of adorable-kitten stage and would have a harder time being adopted. Just then the calico walked across my husband's shoulders and purred. We looked at each other. My son said, "I have $60 saved, and I'd rather spend it on a cat than a video game."

So we brought them both home. We named the orange tabby Felice and the calico Noel, because they are our Christmas gifts to each other. Noel is about 18 months old. She has claimed the role of mama cat to Felice, holding her down to bathe her. They both love to snuggle and they both love to play, especially together.

Tifton, GA

Home for the Holidays

Charlie was days away from "the inevitable" when I rescued him from animal control. I was waiting until after the holidays to adopt after losing my best "furry" friend a couple of months ago. Charlie's only been with us for a few days now, but his calm, laid-back attitude and soulful expression make him the best Christmas present I could ask for. He got a home in time for the holidays and I got a pal for years to come.

Please consider rescue - you just might find yourself being rescued in the process!!

Karyn Tiffany
Temple, GA

Frago Video

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for your support and kind words. I hope I haven't left anyone out with my e-mails. I have counted 962 e-mails that I have sent out, forgive me if I missed you or if I sent you an e-mail twice. I have finally converted three short video's of Frago & Jesse during their reunion and one video from Jesse showing Frago running around outside the compound and running into the barbed wire. Forgive Jesse's friends language while he was filming. Frago still has a couple of scars from this incident. This sweetheart is attached to me and is a constant loving companion. He now takes up the entire bed while sleeping, half the night he is cuddled so close to me that his head is either under me or on top of me. He rolls over and all four of his paws over thrown over me. Oh well, what can I say, he loves me. He gets excited for Jesse and always looks for him, but comes back to my side and stays with me. It seems like he has been with us all of his life, just totally loyal and loving.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, or have a happy holiday season for what ever your beliefs are.

Frago, Jim, & Jese

James G. Violante
Parkertown, NJ


We were looking for a Lab mix (we had lost our old friend Samson at 14 years). I found Sunny on Petfinders at the Lindsay CA pound; his little face behind a chain link fence broke my heart. I had to wait almost 2 weeks for my husband to return from a business trip so we could go get Sunny - Lindsay was pretty far away. I begged the people at the pound to give him his puppy shots - they finally did. We brought him home and have loved him so much ever since.

Judy Williams
Caliente, CA
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