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The Girls

Meet Maui and Daisy, both rescues and both sweethearts. Maui is our foster and an American Pit Bull Terrier who came to us as an abuse case and skin and bones. It is amazing what a little love and some food can do. Maui is now healthy and ready for her forever home! Daisy is a beagle mix we rescued two years ago and my cuddle buddy!

Tiffany Graebner
Houston, TX

We are the lucky ones......

This is Chica and she is 120 lbs of pure love. As a 5 or 6 week old puppy, she and a couple of her siblings were dumped on the side of a highway in Athens, TX. Her siblings didn't make it - but she did! Luckily she was found and brought to me and my son (who has thoroughly spoiled her rotten!). As you can see, she tends to hog the recliner, but we don't mind, and she will never have to worry about being dumped again!

Athens, TX

My Boyfriend Taz

I saw his adorable face on petfinder and had him shipped to my home from Tennessee. When he got here he was so skinny that we had to carry him everywhere until we could fatten him up enough to stand on his own legs. He is healthy now and just the most loving thing. We couldn't live without him.

Dawn Neighoff
Westminster, MD

Becky Boop

Becky was 3 weeks old & wandering down the street when I rescued her. It was very early in the morning, & she was howling so loudly! that it woke me & sent me immediately outside, searching. I believe her father comes to the feeding station set up for ferals, & suspect she was dropped in transit by her mother. She has no real cat voice now, just a sweet little peep... she is a very personable little terror. Her presence has restored peace & happiness to our family & we believe she is a very real GIFT from God.

Lance Adrean
J.P., MA

Best Buddies

Both Puddle and Storm were "finds". Puddle (grey tiger) was rescued from a window well as a 4 month old and taken to a local vet, where I adopted him. Storm was found on a doorstep in the middle of a thunderstorm all soaking wet, crying, and starved about two years later. He too was only 4 months old! Puddle is the shy, patient one and has come a long way from the cringing, flighty cat I first brought home; Storm is the outgoing, social one that loves to snuggle. Now they both have a happy home together and are the very best of buddies.

State College, PA

He stole our hearts.

This sweet little dog was wandering around in the middle of a busy street during morning rush hour. My husband pulled over and ran out into the street to rescue him. He was terrified, and willingly let my husband pick him up. After asking around in the area and finding no one to claim him, my husband put him in the car and gave him some water, which he eagerly lapped up and then immediately collapsed on the seat and went to sleep. The poor guy was badly infested with fleas, his toenails were extremely long and he had not been neutered. When my husband brought him home, I immediately fell in love with him, and he made himself right at home with our other 2 dogs. He loves to cuddle and is friendly to everyone. We named our new family member Dexter.

Aurora, MO

Father & Son Love

When I adopted 3 year old ZAPHOD from the SK Pound

I found out he fathered a litter of kittens before his rescue.

I visited Momma Cat and the 5 kittens and there was one darling little shy boy that looked exactly like his handsome father right down to the white paws!! I instantly fell in love with COLUMBUS and when he was 8 weeks old I brought him home to meet his dad and they have been best pals ever since!! Please adopt LOVE from your local shelter!!

Burrillville, RI

Pink Nose

We obtained our wonderful Alex when he was just a very young puppy. He had burns on both back legs from being kept in a crate for long periods of time, and was quite scared of virtually EVERYTHING when we brought him home. But now, he scampers around with our two other doggies...they all have such a great time together...and keeps all of us on our toes!!. He has the cutest pink ears and nose, loves to roll in the grass, and gladly accepts belly rubs!!!

Long Beach, CA


We got Bernie as a stray from the Humane Society after our wonderful therapy dog Phil passed away. We had two other homebody dogs but were looking for someone to share adventures with us. Bernie is the guy. We arrived at the shelter just in time because someone else asked for him but the woman behind the counter said "sorry, he is already taken" (by us). We love our crazy boy and know we have given him a better life than he had out on the streets.

Trisha Paultz
Newark, NJ

Our Little Girl

We found Molly, a Yorkie-Poo, on, and we immediately fell in love with her wit and spunk. We spoiled her a little and she came to think she owned the place. Around 6 months she developed a hip problem, and before she was a year old had 3 hip surgeries (two on the right and one on the left).

The breeder offered to "replace her" and people often asked why we'd spend so much money on a dog instead of putting her down or giving her to a kennel... We had never even thought of giving her away and my wife nearly broke down at the thought of the breeder's replacement offer. Two years on and Molly is still the queen of the house, and if you didn't know her you'd never know she's had work done on both hips. In fact, on a few occasions she has jumped onto our tall bed which happens to be about 26 inches higher than her shoulder height.

Minneapolis, MN
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