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Oscar and Lucky

My boys ! A few days after having to put down my beloved Mr. Whiskers, I decided to visit the local SPCA to find a new friend . Oscar ( orange and white ) was the only one coming to the front of his cage to greet me, meowing . That was it ! A few minutes later, we were on our way home . A couple of years later , Lucky began wondering through our yard , stopping for some food and play time . Every day he appeared, then he never left ! One day we noticed he was limping , but still wanted to play . One of his back legs was badly infected , so we took him to the vet . " Do whatever you have to to make him healthy ! " we said . Later that day , after surgery , Lucky came to his forever home , and his new brother . I can't imagine not having my boys ! Please consider adopting an adult cat , they make the best families !

Rhonda Langille
Stellarton, NS, Canada


In 09, I decided my cat, Razzamattazz, wasn't coming home after being missing for 2 years and went to the shelter to just "look." I wanted a kitten that looked just like him but when I arrived, I saw many black kittens and thought I would come home without one - not that I'm superstitious, but I never wanted a black cat. I saw one kitten that looked like Razz and tried to get his attention through the bars - he just turned up his nose at me. Meanwhile this tiny black ball of fluff tried as hard as he could to get my attention. I went to the other cages but didn't find any that shouted "I'm Yours!" so I returned back to the first cage for another kitten I had spied - again, I was "attacked" by this itty black kitty. I decided to hold him and test his temperament as I wanted a lovable cat - that was it, it was all over. This little 2lb ball of fuzz crawled up onto my shoulders and purred as loud as he could. THIS was the kitten for ME. The shelter required a name for adoption and I called him Shadow. This name, however, did not last long after getting home! He started attacking the 90lb dogs' tails, hiding under the sofa to bat at feet and legs, chasing the 10 year old cat, Baby Kitty, around the house and through my laughter, I started to call him a Little Monster - that name has stuck. Monster is now 2 years old and 11lbs of pure muscle. Fiercely independent yet totally lovable - he loves to sleep by my head at night and play with his "friends" all day. He is still a constant source of amusement.

Louisa, VA

Susu the Tuxedo Manx

I first met Susu at the shelter where I volunteer. She was a tiny little thing with a short stumpy tail. Not quite a manx like tail, but not a normal cat tail either. She was the cutest thing I'd ever seen, and I've seen a lot of kittens. I picked her up and held her for a bit. She looked up at me and just stared, then reached her paw up to touch my face. I was in love and knew I had to take her home. I brought her home and introduced her to the other cats. They weren't terribly interested in her until she went near the food.

For the longest time she was very shy. She would play quietly by herself, very unobtrusively. Also very un-kittenlike. I thought maybe she needed a playmate, as my other two are older and would never stoop to such levels as playing (while people are looking). I asked the shelter staff if there were any other kittens her age around, and come to find out..her brother and sisters were still there. Since I'm part of the foster program anyway, I asked if I could take those three home to live with us until they got adopted. A few minutes later, Mischief, Chichi and Flower were on their way home with me. The reunion was spectacular and not in the hissing/screaming way. It was like they had been together all along. They played, then ate, then all passed out in a kitten heap.

Months later, the other three have been adopted and Susu has come out of her shell. She's the most lovingly playful cat I've ever met and she will forever have a special place in my heart.

Grand Junction, CO

Tossed into the snow and cold . . .

On 12/31/09, a family moved and tossed three cats into the snow and drove off. It is a true tale that happens more often than we can imagine.

"Annie" found her way under the porch of a kind-hearted woman who gently urged her into her home. I got a call as I had just lost my dear Miki of 16 years. The minute I saw Annie, she lept into my arms and into my heart and home. She is a joy! Slim and long legged, chasing balls and a toy mouse are her favorite pastime.

Her two brothers were also found, rescued and adopted. Many displaced pets are not so lucky.

Patricia Hughes
Rensselaer, NY

Brothers from another Mother

We started fostering Fluff (black/white) at 4 weeks old, and after a month the Humane Society asked us to keep him a while longer so he could gain more weight. A month went by, and another, and soon enough he had stolen our hearts! He had clearly chosen us, and we were grateful for him! And, just by coincidence, it was 2-for-1 adoption month at the Humane Society, so we snagged the cutest grey-tiger kitten we could find and named him Lionel (grey).

The two boys hit it off immediately, and this photo was taken after a week of being together. They act as though they were from the same litter, and even though they are quite different on the outside -- color, body shape, demeanor -- seeing them play and interact is proof enough that these cats are truly "brothers from another mother"! We absolutely love our boys, and they seem to melt us every single day.

Trey Buck and Erin Riley
Carmel, IN

My Babies, Peanut and Lucy

I got Peanut and Lucy from 2 different shelters and they have been the best dogs! They are like my kids and I love them more than anything in the world. Peanut came from an abusive home and was very scared when I first got him, but he's improved over the 4 years I've had him and is a great dog! Lucy was an owner surrender because they kept her in a kennel 23 hours a day. Ever since I've had her she's turned into the most loving, fun dog in the world! Both of my dogs have brought so much fun and joy into my life and I couldn't imagine my life without them.

League City, TX

From heart break to heart healed!

Someone saw a small chihauhau on the road dragging its little broken back and paralized back legs with its two front legs. The kind stranger took pity on the little one and carried it to our vet who operated on her and took care of her until she was healed and able to walk again. My husband and I were heart broken over the loss of our rescued dog but didn't want another pet. One look at little four pound Petunia following our vet around in her office was all it took. The wounds in our hearts have been healed with this gentle, sweet and very affectionate seven year old "angel". Never hesitate to rescue an older pet who only wants to love and be loved in return.

P & J

Jere Gail Grisham
Hattiesburg, MS

Charlie Brown, he's a Clown!

Charlie was one of the three longhaired dachshunds we adopted last Thanksgiving from a wonderful doxie rescue woman. He's six years old and such a character, reminding us of the old song. He's silly and sweet and consistently makes us laugh. Toys are in constant motion, being squeaked and shaken (not stirred) incessantly- when he's not dropping one at your feet for you to join him in play. As the self-established alpha-male, he feels all toys are his but he most generously shares with his two brothers and sister.

Charlie had been declared "too needy" which actually translates for us to a snuggle bunny who just loves to be near you. As a typical doxie, he burrows under pillows, quilts, blankies, anything - then peeks his little face out. But he also loves to sleep on his back, with all four feet in the air. We just cannot imagine life without Charlie.

Older dogs seem to be so grateful for a loving forever home that you can see it on their little furry faces. We love Charlie and he loves us - what else could anyone ask? Please give an older dog a home and he/she will reward you with their whole heart and soul.

Sharon Wilkie
Uncasville, CT

Being Ordinary is that Makes You Special

After growing up with lots of pets, it was hard for me to be on my own and without any pets. So, after two years of wanting, I finally went online to search the shelters in my area. After finding a few cats that I would love to meet, my boyfriend and I journeyed across town to Animal Compassion Network of Asheville NC. We met with some of the cats, but they just didn't seem right. And that is when we found Josie. A brown and black tabby being as calm as could be. I knew from that moment that she would be perfect. No one there knew Josie's story, but no one could believe that anyone would give her up. I found out a few days later what Josie's story was.

Josie was originally at the local humane society where she was turned in as a stray. After being there for a couple of months, the humane society going to have to put down quite a few of the cats. They first called Animal Compassion Network (ACN) and asked them how many they could take. ACN replied that they only had room for 10. One of the ACN representatives went down to the shelter to pick up some of the cats. And there Josie was. One of the plainest, most ordinary black and brown tabbies ever just fighting to get the reps attention. And it worked. Josie was the first one they picked up. And I am grateful for it.

We love Josie and it seems like she was always ours. I can't thank the Animal Compassion Network of Asheville NC enough for rescuing this extra ordinary cat. She is nothing but pure joy.

Asheville, NC

Mr. Skittles was in deep trouble at 18 years old!

I got a call from the shelter not long before Christmas. An 18 y.o. mass of matted fur they thought was a poodle had been dropped off! I went over and fell in love with the tiny dog. Mr. Skittles, starved, cruelly debarked, diminished sight and hearing, wonky knees and breath that would stop a truck, was a friendly guy with his little tail waving happily, seemingly oblivious to the danger. I had to add him to my little family. He is now toothless with no more painful infected teeth, has gained weight and actually RUNS with happiness. He joins my other three rescues to give me love and happiness every day. I had to teach him what petting and holding was. He is held the most every day to make up for the years of not being loved. The others are "trying" to understand!

Sam VanSant
Hendersonville, NC
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