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Some might call it luck, others might say 'whats the big deal it's just a cat?'. But here at Paradise Animal Rescue Inc. we call it a miracle! And true enough it is!

A call was taken in one day by a volunteer at PAR. A worker who was working on a new well had heard the faint cry of a kitten. On closer examination, two partially submerged kittens were found inside the main pipe of the well. One of the kittens was crying for help as her sister lay next to her unconscious, hypothermic and near death. The two were immediately brought to PAR.

The kitten's sister who was in a crate across the room cried the whole time when she was saw what her sister was like. Cry after cry was heard from her and the sick kitten tried with every amount of strength she had to get up and respond, but she could not. The very sick kitten had to have an IV every half hour, had to be hand feed and needed around the clock care. The volunteer who took the kitten home to take care of her awoke one morning to see the kitten completely alive and healthy sitting on her looking at her! She had crawled up onto her in the middle of the night after being so near death a little while ago.

To some this might not seem like much. But taking it from the kitten's point of view or thinking about this as if this was a human recovery, then what would you think? Truly it was a miracle, and that is how the kitten got her name, Miracle, and her sister was named, Phoenix.

Both kittens are now adopted to their own loving forever home and they are doing wonderfully!

Emaline Martin
Lapeer, MI

My Blue

Blue was going to be euthanized by a local shelter. A "Better Place" adopted her and had her on PetFinder. We believed she was part husky and doberman, however she is a Kelpie. She now herds my 10 pound miniature pinscher around the kitchen cabinets. She has more character than any of my other dogs put together and I love her tremendously.

Tracy Amoroso
Clinton Township, MI

Gracie Mae

I was volunteering as a foster "mom" for the local SPCA when I met Gracie, her 2 brothers and mother. They were found in a shed and turned into the shelter when she was 4 weeks old, I was fostering the family when my bullmastiff Butch was diagnosed with cancer.

After I lost my lost my beloved Butch, Gracie started following me around the house and jumping in my lap when I sat down, she was a great comfort to me during this time, and I realized that I just could not part with her when the time came to turn them back over to the SPCA for adoption.

Gracie Mae is such a joy to have and constantly entertains me with her antics. She loves to play fetch and go for walks outside with her harness and leash. I would be lost without her!

Amsterdam, NY

Our Little Felix

I walk my dog, Katie every morning, typically I listen to my ipod, but three weeks ago, we set out on our walk without the ipod. We don't always go for long walks, but it was so nice out that we went further than usual and as I was walking, I heard a faint noise that sounded like crying. I looked all around and didn't see anything. I kept looking on both sides of the walkway in the ditch on either side until finally I found this small kitten next to a garbage bag in the tall grass. I picked him up and Katie and I both walked back home with the kitten tucked under my arm. The kitten cried all the way home. After I got him home and put him down I noticed he wasn't walking properly, so I took him to the vet and he said that the kitten had a dislocated hip and they couldn't do anything for him because he was so small.

We went home and fed him some of Katie's canned dog food and soon he began to purr. He purred for 2 days! This kitten has been the best kitten I have ever been around and I find it hard to believe that someone could have discarded such a loving, friendly cat. He is beginning to walk almost normal and follows me everywhere! He loves to be held and adores Katie. Katie isn't always sure if she wants Felix to snuggle up next to her, but she tolerates him and sometimes tries to play with him. How can people disregard a small life in such a way? All I know is that I feel we have been blessed with a wonderful small soul that has already enriched our lives!

Waterloo, IA

My little Devil :)

I was given "Boozdo" by my sister who found him and his siblings running around her warehouse at work. She was able to find homes for all expect my guy, which of course I agreed to take. Since I have had him he has been both a terror and a delight :) I love him so much and him and my son have already become best of friends.

San Pedro, CA

Dora the explorer

I came home late one night and this skinny, starving kitten found me in front of my house. I fed her some of my dog's food then she ran away, only to come back the next night, and the next night, and get the picture. Finally, I invited her into my home only to have my dog chase her out the front door. I left the door open to see where she ran off to but she came right back in, only to have my dog chase her out again. This scene went on for about an hour until finally my dog gave up and decided to become her best friend. I wanted to find her a good home, since I am not a cat person, I took Dora to my vet to have her spayed thinking it would be easier to find a home for her. The vet called me later that day to ask me to come and pick up my neutered male. How was I to know? Anyway no one wanted my little cute, cuddly Dora (yes, she is still my little girl) and it seems that I am now a cat person.

Parkville, MD

My Brave Wussie Boy

My heartdog, a rottweiler, had died and I wanted to foster another. We got Miles from Chicago Anti-cruelty. He was terrified of everything and would fall to the ground and shake. You couldn't raise your voice or point because he was terrified. He couldn't go in the kitchen and we had to feed him in the living room once he would eat; that too terrified him. We took in Mandy, another rescued rottie, 2 months later and they bonded instantly. It was like 2 halves of a whole coming together again. It took 5 yrs for him to become a dog and then he got osteosarcoma. He endured the chemo and radiation with courage, but cancer always wins. He tried to comfort a scared St. Bernard puppy while he was having chemo. In 3 short months we had to send him to the Bridge. Mandy mourned deeply for him for weeks and looked for him everywhere. Mandy has since joined Miles at the Bridge and we have Henry and Murphy, both rescues.

The picture was taken shortly after radiation and he's wearing a medal a Canadian rottie breeder sent us. Her champion dog won it and she said that Miles deserved it. I miss my wussie, brave boy still.

Sue Westhead
Aztec, NM

LUCKY to be rescued!

We found Lucky shivering and scared on the edge of a railing of the highest waterslide at a water park 3 years ago. Many people tried to touch him but he just approached to bite them. Only I was able to extend my hand to him and he hopped right on and walked up my arm to my shoulder. We consider him the luckiest cockatiel on the planet. We spoil him like there's no tomorrow! We named him LUCKY! We brought him home as a pet and he's been with us ever since. The ironic thing about it is I feel he was a gift from my brother up in Heaven whom passed away a year to the day previous to our finding the bird. You see, the park was the last time my two children and I spent together with my beloved brother before he sadly passed away in his sleep 3 days after. On the anniversary of his death the year later is when we found Lucky. My brother used to do the most pretty realistic bird sounds growing up and his favorite color was yellow. I to this day still believe Lucky was a sign from him to let me know he's okay and will always be watching over me. Lucky is more than just a pet, he's my guardian angel! We couldn't have asked for a better cockatiel. He is the sweetest bird and so much fun.

Denise Stanard
Charlton, MA

Our $20 dog

We had recently lost our American Eskimo (Beau) to cancer, after 11 years, and were grieving. After a month, we contacted an Eskie rescue group about 6 hours from home, and were planning a trip there in a month. Suddenly the lady called with news: there was an Eskie in a kill shelter near us, scheduled to be put down the next day. She had a volunteer ready to pick him up that afternoon, but would we like to meet him first?

We went right away. He was dirty, scared, and hungry, but a beautiful example of the breed, neutered, trained and housebroken. Within 48 hours, he had settled in like he had been with us for years. Teddy is a sweet, loving, gentle (but enthusiastic) family dog. He loves playing ball in his new yard, and wants us all in the same room all the time. The most love you can get anywhere for $20!

Until there are none, rescue one.

Sandy Keathley
McKinney, TX

Jess Love Sponge

Jess lived up our road. She was an outdoor dog 24/7. I’d be in the yard working and she’d show up to visit, having escaped from her yard. The first time I called the number on her collar; from then on we’d just walk her back to her home. Christmas Eve I saw her out in the icy weather but she would not come to me. The next day I caught her and brought her inside. On New Year’s Eve we finally called her owners expressing the desire to keep her. New Years Day AKC papers were delivered (we had no idea) and she was signed over to us. We discovered she was seven and has a pin in her hip (she limps) from having jumped out of the back of a truck when she was two months old; hence the name “Jumping Jess” on her papers. She automatically did as our other dogs, never a need for house training. She is perfect, an angel and a love sponge.

DJ Day
Jackson, TN
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