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Riley Jones

We got Riley from Volusia County Humane Society in DeLand, FL in the summer of 2008. They told us he was about 2 years old and was found covered in fleas and ticks along a very busy highway. He adores our granddaughters, sleeps with them, sits with them on the couch and just follows them everywhere when they come over.

Karen Jones
DeBary, FL

Prison Cell Diesel

Hi!! My name is Diesel and I'm about 3 years old! I'm not sure what I'm mixed with, but I think I got all the best "parts"! I was living in a shelter in Ohio and was placed into a cell program at a local prison. I was trained by one of the prisoners so that I could become "more adoptable" once I went back at the shelter. Well, it worked!! I now live in snowy cold Buffalo, NY but life is pretty cozy here! Long walks, rides in the car and lots of love from my new family! LIFE IS GOOD!! :)

Ann P
Buffalo, NY

What is in a Name?

OK, so here is my story. I rescued two cats from danger. Roo in 2007, who was lying in the middle of the road on a hot day, and Tigger a few months ago, who was being stalked by a coyote and I found him while I was out running.

It was obvious in both of these cases that the cat was someone's pet at one time. They were both friendly and had good coats, good teeth, etc. I just kept experimenting with names until I came up with something each cat would respond to. Roo was named as such because she has the longest back legs and stands on them like a kangaroo. Tigger is an orange tabby and did not like the names Pumpkin or Garfield. He did, however, give me his full attention the first time my husband said, jokingly, "hey Tigger."

Linda Whaley
Newark, IL

Paris and Nicky

One day a pregnant cat made its way into my in-laws' yard. On Father's Day 2003, she gave birth to a litter of kittens. My husband and I took home these two little fur balls. My husband picked out Nicky (the black cat) because of her electric, engaging eyes. I picked out Paris (the calico) because she was so different and special. We named them after two famous sisters at the time, and boy, do they live up to their namesakes! Over 7 years later, they still bring us much joy and happiness, and it's never a dull moment with them!

Jules Dietz
Baltimore, MD

Our First Rescue

Musik, or as he is affectionately called Moun-Moun, was our first rescue 14 years ago. I noticed some boys throwing a kitten around by its tail and told them to stop. When they did, the kitten ran away. When I went out for lunch later that day the same kitten scuttled into the building. I brought him home that night. He was supposed to stay until I found him a permanent home. I found him one, ours. At the time he was buddies with our two dogs, now he rules the roost. He wakes us up everyday at around 4:30. That is the time he likes breakfast. The other 7 wait for him to have the first taste before they dig in. He is one of the loves of our lives. I do believe he was sent to me.

Joseph Savastano
Weehawken, NJ

Late night visitor

This is Koda. Late one Saturday night I was going to bed, I did all my normal stuff, went around turned off lights shut the back door. I had just turned off the front porch light and shut the door when I heard this odd scratching and whining sound coming from it. I went and opened the door and in waddles this fat little brown puppy. Now more then six weeks old at the most. He had on a collar and was the happiest thing. I stepped outside to see if there was anyone around looking for him, but there was no one. The next few days we took him everywhere asking if anyone knew who he belonged to. We put up flyers, called the vet and the pound to let them know. But no one ever claimed him. I kept telling my husband and my father that we would look for him a good home elsewhere but really I was just putting off the inevitable. We kept him. About a month after we found him our coonhound June became very ill. She had been hit by a car in the summer and had just gotten her release from the vet to start going back outside and on walks. We were so happy. But the vet missed that her diaphram had been torn when she had been hit and all her internal organs had moved forward into her chest cavity. We ended up hav ing to put her down the week before Christmas. I think Koda was my saving grace during that time. He was a needy whiny little brown fluffball and I needed to be needed. So now my family is pretty complete with my basset hound Sherlock, Koda our mutt, and Thor the great dane.

Erin Acosta
Borger, TX

She adopted US!

One day while playing outside with the kids, we saw a small fluffy black and white cat in the yard next door. When I called to her, she meowed--just a little "meep"--and came towards me. We enjoyed petting her, and figured she'd find her way back to wherever she came from after we went inside, but she never did...she spent the following nights on our front step meeping every time she saw us in the window and running to us when we went outside. Well, in the end she never left, and we couldn't be happier. Kitty Cat Rexy (named by my now 5-year-old) is the perfect fit for our family. We rescued each other...we can't imagine life without her!

Jaye Caron
Limerick, ME

Libby Lou

Libby came to me through She'd been found wandering in a field and spent six weeks in "the system" before she came to live with me and my other dog, Farley. She was terrified: she spent the first week hiding under a chair. Though she had been well fed, she obviously had never been given any love or affection. Gradually, she relaxed and began to trust. It was a big step when she finally snuggled up to me on the couch. Since then, Libby has become a cuddle monster and I'm delighted to indulge her every chance I get.

Rachel Moffat (prefer you not publish my full name)
Vancouver, BC, Canada

dog who came in by ambulance

GiGi came in by ambulance after someone had put a plastic tie around her neck and pulled it so tight, that it almost cut her head off, she lost a piece of her ear, i do not understand why people do this things to animals, but she is doing good. she is afraid of everyone but me,i work for a veterinary clinic, Dr. Mitchell is animal best friend, he is a very special vet. i have rescued alot of dogs,now the sad thing is i have to give them up, husband transfred to milwaukee wisc and i had to stay behind cause of my dogs, we can not find a old farm house in the country so i could keep them, this is the worst thing for me to give them up,they have been my life for the past 7 yrs, well say some prayers for me, i am going to keep GiGi can not break her heart. Behling McCaysville Ga.

Brenda Behling
McCaysviie, GA


At an animal refuge where I once volunteered, a decision was in the works to euthanize Cooper, a victim of chronic UTI's. He was in constant pain and being catheterized at the vet was traumatizing for all.

Having lost all 3 of my elderly cats that year, I took him as a foster, determined to do online research of his problem. Turns out a better diet, less stress, and distilled water were his ticket to health. Of course I adopted him, and he delights me daily with his antics!

Debra Peters
Williamsburg, NM
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