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Mr. Duke

We get a lot of abandoned dogs at the Southern California university campus where I work. We also have an amazing group of staff members who band together to rescue, find homes, and help pay for spay/neuter and vaccinations. When the call went out for a home for Duke that fateful morning I had the feeling he might be the one for us. We had recently lost a beloved pet and were thinking about adding to our family but we just weren't ready. By late afternoon the plea was getting desperate for someone to take him and I knew, ready or not, he was the one. Duke can be stubborn (obedience school is challenging) and is a bit obsessive about tennis balls but a true blessing who quickly won the hearts of the entire family. Well, maybe not the cat. She still isn't convinced Duke was our best idea.

Redlands, CA

Introducing ABBY

Abby, the Maine Coon mix, was returned to our shelter after 9.5 months due to the failing health of her caretaker. While cleaning out the cages one day, I felt this smack on my head from above. Looking up, Abby had both paws extended full length, claws showing, in a "take me" gesture. Having recently lost my cat of 17 years, I got teary-eyed since my previous furkid did the same thing. When I opened her cage, Abby not only pawed my tears very gently, she head-butted me and touched my face with such love. How could I resist? It was a "sign" for me that it was time to stop grieving and give love to another beautiful feline. Abby is such a character and makes me smile and laugh at her funny antics. Since we both lost our respective companions, this union was meant to be and I am forever grateful.

Quincy, MA

Amigo, rescued from Slaughter

I saw Amigo on Face Book while looking at the new batch of horses that had been bought by a kill broker in New Holland PA. I would post and cross post and donate to help place these horses in new homes. I had a mini horse at the time but had been without a riding horse for 2 years, I saw this very thin bay horse and posted to find him a home but no one was interested in the 15'2 hand skinny gelding so I said I would take him. With the help of some wonderful folks on Face book, money was raised to save this boy from shipping to slaughter and came to my home in Florida. He is a fantastic,smart and now a very chunky 8 year old and my best friend. He was the first, now I have two from the same auction in PA and could not be more pleased with these beautiful horses. Forever safe in Florida. Carolyn

Carolyn McCallum
Dade City, FL

Roxy - A work in progress!

Last June 28, we woke up like any other morning with our 9 year Rottie, Nikita. We never dreamed that in a short 24 hours, our baby girl would be gone from our lives!

Nikita was healthy right up to the last 24 hour of her life and in a cruel twist of fate, a tumor ended her life.

Needless to say, we were devastated. 2 weeks later, I went on Petfinder and started scrolling through photos of Rottweilers. That's when I came across a photo of "LU-LU". One week Later, she arrived at our house in rough shape.

She was underweight (57 pounds!) and was recovering from losing a non-viable pregnancy! She also was heartworm positive!

3 months later after treatment for heartworm, she is healthy, HAPPY, heartworm free and 71 pounds!!! Roxy, who we renamed, is doing great and is happy and healthy! Since she is from Alabama, we can't wait for her to see snow in Massachusetts for the first time!

Roxy loves to play with toys, especially balls! She has a big yard to play in and has several size balls ranging from Tennis to basketball!

She also loves to play with her parents and delights in being able to share "people" furniture such as the bed and couch!

She is very young and still has a lot to learn, but she is a work in progress! With 2 loving parents, she will get there!

Thank you Pet Finder!!

Brockton, MA

Rescue Me, Rescue You

This is Rex. He was digging for food in a trash can when my husband found and rescued him. From that moment on the two of them were inseparable. About a year and a half after bringing Rex home, my husband was killed in a car wreck. In the span of a moment I went from wife to 33 yr old widow raising our 3 month old daughter alone. I knew I couldn't keep our house so sent my daughter to my grandparents, where I would soon follow. Isolated and alone in our home, with no electricity, I packed by candlelight. So lost in grief it took 2 months for me to pack everything away. In my heart I knew I had to go on for our daughter. In my mind it was unbearable and I didn't want to go on. Every day, just as I teetered on the edge - Rex would come sit in front of me, his face inches from mine, and stare at me until I looked back at him. I swear I could almost hear him saying "one more day, give me one more day."

My husband rescued Rex, and Rex saved me when I didn't have the will to save myself. Today is the 7th anniversary of my husband's death. Telling their story seemed a good way to honor them both.

Rex lives to play ball and sleeps beside my bed every night.

rural, OK

My Companion Dog

This is the picture I took right after I rescued Bubbles from a Jack Russell Terrier rescue site in Washington State. I was in communication with the coordinator there for several months. We talked about adopting a disabled JRTerrier, several of them were considered but when they went into Foster Care (also run by a wonderful person) each of them didn't fit my needs for a companion dog. Then just after Jan 2010, Bubbles came into the JRT site. Somebody thought she was Yorkie. She meet all of my needs. But more importantly I met hers. So I met the JRT woman In Vancover WA and brought Bubbles to my home in Portland OR. She is a Powderpuff Chinese Crested. Her beautiful hair was full of knots and she was underweight. Now she is a wonderfully happy dog and she snuggles with me and sleeps on my lap after our long walks 2X a day. My disability is severe arthritis and deppression. Bubbles saved me with her love! My doctors are pleased with my results but Bubbles is the Hero!!!

Cathy Milne
Wilsonville, OR


Sofie, was resuced from the woods after being in there for at least 6 months that MFOA(Maumelle Friends of the Animals Rescue Group) knew about. They took food to her each day but could not get her out or near her. She was skinny, had heart worms, sick, and had completely given up when the rescue team finally got her into a kennel with food. She lived thru horrific rain, storms, and we believe abandon there. She stayed with her wonderful foster mom thru the heart worm treatment and when she was well enough to be adopted joined our family of 2 Aussie's and 3 cats. One Aussie is resuced, and all three cats are.

Sofie has come so far but still working on getting her into the car. She does not like them and is afraid of them. We believe it must have something to do with what she remembers about being left here. Other than that Our Chow Chow Sofie is just doing beautifully.

Sandy Brandon
Sherwood, AR

Our Papillons

After losing our last cat to old age, we were without animals for quite a while. Well, we retired and decided it was time for a dog. We were looking for a Papillon to rescue (only way to go for us). Female, 1 - 2 years old. We have an RV and thought that would be the perfect dog to fill out our family. I had looked on line for months and most were too far away or would only adopt up to 100 miles away. One morning I was checking out the rescue sites as usual and saw a picture of Chance. I read his story and my heart just broke. You see, he and Tiffany had been together since they were pups and were recently surrendered to SouthPaw Rescue. They were with a family but I won't go into that. Tiffany is 8 and Chance is 6. Well after hearing about them, we couldn't let them be seperated - they would both be devastated and die of a broken heart after losing each other AND their family. So after much discussion with Southpaw Rescue, and lots of arrangements our family of two grew to a family of four in the morning of 9-11-10. It was the best decision we ever made. They are the sweetest, best dogs anyone could want. They travel everywhere with us and love it! Adult dogs are wonderful and need a chance too! I tell everyone that they are "used" just like us and rescued just like they rescued us! They came up to NY from Arkansas and an AWSOME foster Mom on "Last Chance Highway". Thank you all for making this possible!!

Jan McFadden
West Babylon, NY

Bringing Hairy Home

My kids and I were in the local Petco looking for a pet. We wandered over to the guinea pig section and were marveling over the cute guinea pigs, when a clerk walked over to us. "Do you want a guinea pig?" she asked. "We have one up for adoption." The guinea pig had been brought in by a family that didn't want him anymore, and he was going to go to the pound in due time. We agreed to see it, and she brought it out. We took to him immediately. He was so cute and sweet with his long hair. We quickly called my husband to ask him if we could get him. After debating back and forth (he is not so keen on animals), he finally consented. We agreed to buy him. We brought him home and he lived with us for three years (he was two when we got him). We all soon loved him, even my husband!

Nancy O.
Pittsburgh, PA

The Three in the Wall

There must have been a guardian angel watching over these three little ferrets, as they were living in the wall of a house slated for demolition. The workmen were there, ready to bulldoze the house to the ground, when one of the men saw something moving during the final walk-through.

He couldn't coax them to come out, so he set a live trap and managed to catch three ferrets. He said he hoped that he got them all.

These ferrets were nothing but skin and bones. The weather had turned cold and wet, and there was danger of a frost. It's amazing the ferrets were still alive, since they had obviously been on their own for a while and the domestic ferret's hunting instincts were largely lost in the domestication process. Ferrets can normally withstand cold better than heat, but only with adequate nutrition. These would not have survived.

It was fortuitous for them that they were found just then. They would have been killed as the house was demolished, or if not, they would have died of starvation shortly.

After they got to the shelter, it was determined that they are two males and a female. The males are barely half the weight they should be, and one of the female's back toenails is damaged.

Luckily, all three survived and are recovering well. The boys still have quite a bit of weight to gain back, and their fur is thin. With good food we hope to fatten them up and adopt them out quickly.

Barbara Carlson
Pittsburgh, PA
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