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Daisy May

I met Daisy shortly after I started volunteering at a No-kill shelter. She had been tied to a tree and abandoned. To make matters worse, she was pregnant. Shortly after being rescued by the shelter she had her pups. They were all adopted quickly, but Daisy remained. Each time I went to the shelter I spent time with Daisy. She'd always ask if she could come home with me, but I kept telling her I didn't have room for her since we already had three dogs. I prayed she'd get a good home. Five months later, I was at the shelter when I saw someone else looking at Daisy and reading over her paperwork. I immediately felt a sense of panic at the thought of someone else adopting "my Daisy." I knew I had to bring her home. I honestly believe God put me at that shelter to meet Daisy. I'm just sorry it took me so long to figure it out! She has been with us now for a year. We're blessed to have her.

Stacey Christner
Johnstown, PA

I love Lucy

I was nine when we walked into a local shelter and saw Lucy. On her kennel was a giant sign that said "Dog of the Day". This shy chow/retriever mix soon became my dearest friend.

Just two weeks after adopting Lucy, our neighbor's two rottweilers broke out of their fenced yard and came charging at my two younger brothers as they were playing outside in our backyard. I heard my brothers scream and I heard viscous dog growls. She stood right in front of those dogs, fended them off and got chewed up for it. Lucy saved my brothers lives.No doubt about it. And she saved me in many ways too. Sadly. just this past February, she passed from her fight with cancer, an auto immune disorder and arthritis. She was 17 years old.

There are many great stories of Lucy, she was my best friend. Lucy was truly an inspiration for what I do now. I work as a vet tech and have since adopted two dogs of my own. Also, one rabbit and four Guinna pigs. Now after losing my furry friend, I am able to comfort other animal owners who have lost. This has become a big part of my job and my life. I truly believe humans and dogs are match made in heaven. The bonds we share to so strong and great. So take a trip to a shelter, you may just stumble upon your new companion, who will always be there to make you smile and laugh.

Renton, WA

My Sweet Dakota

Well I wasn't even going to adopt a puppy.....but Dakota won my heart with kisses and cuddles the first time I held him. I had gone to the animal shelter to look after putting my beloved dog down due to cancer. There were a couple puppies at this shelter that were being fostered at somebody's house, so normally weren't even at the shelter. And it was actually closed but I caught the nice lady about to leave, with the puppies. I didn't know she had them until she pulled out this little bundle of golden cuddle. Anyway, Dakota's story is that him and his siblings were found under a house separated somehow from their mama, fending for themselves for who knows how long, they weren't even 6 weeks old. Today Dakota is about 4 1/2 months old and still "hunts" bugs so I think that is probably what they survived on for awhile! I just love to spoil him now, and I get the feeling he really does appreciate it! His eyes really light up big with excitement with every new thing he gets. He really is loving and sweet, with all the exuberant energy normal for a puppy. I am so thankful to whoever found that litter of puppies.

Sandpoint, ID

My Lovebug, Meeka

I adopted my best friend, Meeka almost 5 years ago. When we saw each other we both immediately knew we were meant to be together. Meeka's story is sad, like most. She is a boxer-pitbull mix and was about 6 months old when I adopted her. She was in an apartment where a shooting had taken place. She had lived her entire life in one room, where she ate, slept and went to the bathroom. When she was confiscated after the shooting and they took her outside, she was actually AFRAID OF GRASS! She was like a brand new baby and everything in the world was new to her. She had been in the shelter for a couple of months and her days were numbered when we met. I took her home and she definitely was a hand full at first. I even had people tell me to take her back because she was almost uncontrollable, but I REFUSED to give up on her. She was just so excited with everything. Almost too happy, if thats possible...she never had a real life before. It took a lot of time, patience and work, but it was so worth it. She has become the smartest dog I have ever had. She has at least an 80 word "vocabulary", where she know exactly what I mean and goes to it or reacts differently...she's amazing. I thank God every day for bring us together. My BEST friend, my lovebug, Meeka. =}

Lincoln, IL


About 2 years ago I moved to Thibodaux, LA to transfer to NSU for college. I began dating my future husband and we moved in together soon after. I saw Karli's picture and immediately knew that she was the one for me, but my fiance was not on board. Finally, one day after school I went by the shelter to see Karli. She was in a kennel with 2 other black puppies, and the moment I held her I knew I had to take her home! The shelter worker told me that I could take her for a week and see how things worked out. I called my fiance, and I could tell he was not happy about it. However, the minute my fiance got home, he fell in love with her too. She was 4lbs when I brought her to the vet. He said she wouldn't get any larger than 10lbs. She is now 1 year and 3 months old and weighs 38lbs! The shelter had her listed as a Chihuahua, so my fiance always jokes about how she is the biggest Chihuahua he has ever seen! She loves to swim in the bayou and play with our 2 year old black lab. Karli has brought so much joy into our lives, and I couldn't imagine days without her. Any other additions to our family will also be rescued animals.

Chauvin, LA

Baby Bella

Henry, our last lab had to be euthanized May 21 after 10 wonderful years with our family. I felt his absence constantly. We had a friend who was cutting down trees in our woods for his wood stove. I called him in early June, 2010 to see when he was coming for more wood. He explained he and his wife were busy over the winter fostering for Thunder's Angels, a resue organization. They had a shep mix named Mia brought from a North Carolina gassing shelter and she gave birth to 11 puppies within 24 hours of arriving in PA. All the puppies found homes, Mia too. The last dog waiting for a home was our Bella. She was 12 weeks old and looked just like Henry! On September 25, 2010 we attended "Mia's puppy reunion" at a home of one of the adoptive families. Seven of the 11 were able to attend and what a great time the puppies had together. They enjoyed birthday cake (dog friendly) while the parents got to know each other and share stories of how they got their puppy. I never knew gassing shelters even existed since they are illegal in PA. Whenever Bella and I are out we always share her story to enlighten one more person to this attrocity and possibly save another life.

Penelope Oulds
Mertztown, PA

The Birth of Gomer Dum Dum

One Sunday, a dog was brought to our shelter in the back of an SUV. He was very underweight and injured by a car. He had to be carried into the shelter because he couldn't walk. After about 15 hours of sleep and a good meal, he started to come alive. He was seen by a vet and diagnosed with a hip fracture that needed surgery. Knowing that he would need aftercare for several weeks following his surgery, I volunteered to foster him through his recovery. When he met my three dogs, it became clear that he was an unsocialized dog with other dogs. It seemed as if he couldn't read their body language. Therefore the name Gomer dum dum came to be. After putting him in time out about 2000 times and allowing my other dogs to help teach him the ropes, Gomer became one of the pack. His open wounds and hip fracture all healed. He also doubled in weight...36lbs to 71lbs! He now has one leg about an inch shorter than the other but we think it gives him a little swagger. After about 3 months, it was time to bring him back to the shelter to be put up for adoption. I am sure you have guessed by now, he never went back. He is a big, happy, goofy boy who loves life....and we all love him.

Chris Vergallito
Apollo Beach, FL

Sadie's Story

Finding Sadie was not a part of my 5 year plan. It was in June and I was just getting ready to move into my new apartment. I also am a full time student and have a part time job so a dog was not something I needed at the time. Yet, as i was driving down the road to have a girls-night-in i passed by a small black puppy. Now, I have drove by many puppies and never stopped, telling myself someone else will get them or they probably have an owner to save myself some heartache but this time was different. I pulled over and looked out my rear view and watched as this small puppy walked down the road, nose to the ground, with that slow trudge that meant she was on her death walk. It broke my heart so I got out and walked over to her. For a moment i just watched her walk then I reached down to pick her up and noticed that her skin felt as if it were falling off her bones and fleas raced over my hands as if they were starving too. I walked her back to my car not really knowing what i was going to do next. I was in between houses, in between careers, and a lil on the broke side. But she must have been my lucky charm because my life since has been so easy going and so has hers. now a days she doesn't do much trudging. She spends her free time at rivers and lakes, splashing and biting at the waves.

Columbia, SC

Hunter, my thanksgiving dog.

I adopted hunter three years ago at the upper credit humane society. I first met hunter when I was volunteering, there were three puppies. Freddy(hunter) Gunner and Jasper. All boys and all pointer lab mixes.

Of all the puppies Freddy's antics stole my heart. Seemed he was always getting into trouble. All of the brothers had their own health problems. Hunter had bad teeth, Gunner had a sore under his eye, and Jasper had a bad leg.

The shelter's Troopers fund, helped Freddy get some pulled. Shortly after the operation, he was adopted by a nice couple. Both of his brothers followed soon after. I was sad to see him go, I'd fallen in love with him.

A few months later I was walking down the shelter's hallway. I didn't know it at the time, but Freddy had been returned. As I reached the end of the hallway I could hear a familiar barking. When I opened the back door. Sure enough, there was Freddy. Going crazy in his fenced in area. He saw me and lept onto the six foot fence and started climbing. I ran towards him, made it three steps before Freddy was over the top. Racing towards me. He lept and I caught him, we both fell to the ground. Me laughing him, yipping and licking my face excitedly. I looked into his lopsided face and knew he was the one for me. The only problem was convincing my parents. That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, and I brought Freddy home Nov, 21 2007. Took him to my cottage the next day, and discovered his passion. Running and Hunting. So I renamed him Hunter. After I adopted him he had many operations due to a birth defect.

He is truly a blessing.

Georgetown, ON, Canada

My Pooh Bear

My husband and I went to a pet store looking for saltwater fish. As soon as I walked in the door I saw him. He and his litter mates had been dropped off at the store and instead of taking them to the shelter, the store sold them for $75 and a free vet visit. I opened the lid of his box and he was the last one in there. I picked him up and loved him instantly; my husband said I needed to put that back. I did. But, I just couldn't walk away and I picked him up again. My husband came from around the corner, looked at me and walked away. Minutes later he came back holding a dog bowl and said, "I suppose you're going to be needing one of these?" Max came home with us that day - he was 6 weeks old. He was a shephard/red husky mix and for as long as I've been around dogs and volunteered in animal rescue, I've never been around a smarter dog than Max. He knew everything: words, sign language and he loved to watch TV, only certain shows, though. He grew up to be the handsomest boy in the world and I loved him more than any pet I have ever had. Because of his coloring, I called him my "Pooh Bear" - and I miss him every day. Max died at only 5 1/2 years old of mulitple seizures and it remains one of the saddest events of my life. He was a very special boy and we miss him daily, but know the Lord opened his doggie door in heaven for my Pooh Bear.

Nancy Sluder
Arden, NC
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