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Alley Cat

Meet “Alley.” In 1997 Alley was in my backyard everyday and would run anytime I would go outside. I put food & water out for her everyday and eventually she would sit at the door wall and watch in the house. After a month she finally let me touch her so I made her part of our family. She was flea infested and I noticed her front paw & jaw were crooked. The vet said she must have been hit by a car because the x-rays of her arm & jaw were previously broke but healed on their own. 14 years later she traveled with us to our cabin along with our other 2 fur “rescue” children. Unfortunately on 10/18/10 Alley passed away from kidney failure. Alley is my “Angel” and I am so glad she chose me to be her human and is deeply missed. The picture is Alley watching “Ice Ages.” Rescue a pet . . . they are the best!!

Susan Guarnieri
Harrison Township, MI

Two rescues

They aren't "in love" but they respect one another. My cat Winston was thrown away in a dumpster when he was about 4 weeks old. Someone heard a little "mew" and there he was. I saw his story online and immediatley called and went to see him. He came running up to me and climbed my jeans...that was it, he was mine. My little poodle Maddie was also from online. She had spent the first 3 years of her life in a backyard hoarder/breeder puppymill. She was a puppy maker. When I first brought her home she was scared to death and afraid of her own shadow, going outside, going for walks and grass! She's very very happy and content now and the sweetest personality I've ever seen on a dog. We are a happy family.

Corinne Kason
Redwood City, CA

Our Precious M&Ms

I got a phone call at 2am from my boyfriend, telling me to bring a box to the parking lot. I ran out there & saw the tiniest black kitten. We took her inside & put some rags & a bottle filled with warm water in her box to get her through the night. The next day we went to the shelter & were told she was just 1 week old! We got formula & learned how to feed & raise her. A week later we were going back to the shelter so they could see Moochy, when one of our neighbors saw her, stopped us & said he had found one too. We took the crying, flea covered kitten & planned on leaving her at the shelter because we're only allowed to have 2 pets in our apartment and already have a dog. The lady from the shelter put some flea powder on her & said she was too little for them to take because there wasn't someone there 24 hours a day. We took Mittens home with the intention of raising her until she was off the formula & bringing her back. The poor thing had so many fleas that it took 3 "Dawn baths" & lots of flea spray & combing to get them all out. After all the time spent cleaning & feeding her & then watching her play with her sister, we knew we couldn't give her up. Now that they're 3 months old, Mittens loves to cuddle up by my neck when we sleep. Moochy is more of a loner & likes to sleep on her own for part of the night, then come & cuddle with us for the rest. I don't know what we ever did without them!

Roselle, NJ

Cody: The little man of the house

Our daughter had been wanting us to adopt a dog. We went to the local shelter to save a life and just one look at "Ramone", the shelter name for him, was all it took. We adopted him and our daughter renamed him Cody. Fourteen and a half years later, he continues to bring us much joy. He is one of the loves of our life. Please save a life and you'll never regret it.

Knoxville, TN

Boys will be boys...

I adopted Sebastian from a rescue shelter after going through a terrible breakup. I initially was looking for an older cat, but when my friend put this tiny little ball of fur in my arms and the kitten fell asleep, I knew this little ginger boy was the one for me! 11 years and 19 pounds later, Sebastian and his adopted little brother, Tobias, are the highlight of my every day. These boys are quite the handful and a delight to be catering to morning, noon, and night – especially at breakfast and dinner time!

John Paul
San Francisco, CA

Jeter scores a home

In March of this year, I was working the late shift at the hotel I work at, when the security guard informed me that some weird noise was coming from behind the soda machine in the hotel laundry room. I listened and heard faint meows, and saw eyes looking back at me.There was a cat tied to the soda machine. Then I saw a bag wrapped in a rubber band with a note. The note said "need home, got shot, cant mate, I'm not trouble" At first I called animal control , they told me that they can't come until the morning. I decided to put cat in a vacant hotel bathroom with food, and newspapers until the morning.

Throughout the night i would checkup on him and was talking to a close friend who talked me into adopting him. I had wanted a cat before just was bad timing. The next day I brought the cat myself to the Animal Hospital.I expressed that I am interested in adopting this beautiful cat.

During the checkup they found a microchip, and contacted the last owner. The owner said they were going to pick him up. I was infuriated. why would they give this cat back to the previous owners after they abandoned him. I would call the hospital every couple of days to see if he was picked up. By the weeks end I was informed to come in and pick him up, that the previous owner surrendered him. I was ecstatic and picked him up. I named him Jeter after the shortstop of my favorite team- the Yankees.

I am so happy I adopted him.Every morning he welcomes me home from work and plays with me and I kiss him and he kisses me right back.

elizabeth, NJ

Snuggle Buddies

We got Baxter (the white one) from a local shelter seven years ago. Grace (the striped one) was a kitten of a feral cat in our neighborhood. These are two of our four rescued cats. Grace showed up on our door step one day. We took Grace to be fixed and put her back outside. We all missed Grace very much and ended up bringing her back into the house. She now is best friends with all the cats but Baxter is her favorite. With Baxter being the only boy in the house, he likes to rough house with Grace. They get along beautifully!! Adopt a cat today!!!

Birmingham, AL

No more cages

Poor Roxy is only five, but has been in at least six different homes, waiting for her forever home, which is now with us. She's spent most of her life tied up or in a cage. We've had her less than a week, but we can see a glorious dog emerging from a wild and unsocialized beast. We think she's pretty happy too ... just look at that smile!

Lisa Foss
Ely, MN

Our Chrystal Clear Rescue Experience

Two years ago, we found ourselves disheartened after we lost our three elder dogs within a very short period. Because dogs have always been an important part of our family, finding ourselves without these family members left a hole in our lives.

While considering different dog breeds, we took a trip to our local shelter, the Steuben County Humane Shelter. We had always had pure bred dogs in the past and had some concerns about the animals we might find.

We toured the shelter for quite a while, and took several of the dogs out for walks and some one-on-one play time. All the dogs were appreciative, but Chrystal just seemed to connect with us.

Chrystal was a one year old Beagle-Basenji mix. But she had spent 7 months in the shelter. We were told that she had actually been adopted twice and returned both times. (Basenjis apparently don't like cats at all.)

She was cute and playful. But were afraid that she had spent too much time in the shelter to be socialized. We were also concerned that she had been brought back twice before.

Chrystal turned out to be very well behaved and, incredibly, was already house broken. Over the next year, Chrystal's personality developed fully and she has become the most loving, energetic, adoring (especially towards my husband) & Appreciative dog, we've ever owned.

And the other dogs at the shelter have benefited as well. As a result of our experience with Chrystal, we have become supporting members of our shelter, and volunteer with projects to raise money for our Privately Funded shelter.

Thank you for ALL you do for Shelter animals everywhere. I could Never again get an animal anywhere else. There are so many great pets just needing another chance for that perfect Forever Home.

Mary Whiting
Angola, IN

Our Baby Isabella . . .

Isabella is a rescue from Seminole County Humane Society. The day we adopted Her, almost 5 years ago was a day filled with thanks and joy. She was frail, had been abandoned and in shock. It took more than a year for Isabella to become confident that She was now in Her 'forever home' and safe. She brings so much love and happiness into our home and loves everyone, we adore Isabella and are so proud of Her. She stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on Her . . . Dominic C. Longwood, FL

Dominic C.
Longwood, FL
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