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Sandy adopting Miss Kitty

We adopted Sandy, an 8wk old Collie German Shepard mix, from the Fayette County Humane Society in Lexington KY. At 11 years old, as she began losing her sight and hearing, she adopted this abandoned kitten in our yard. The kitten with bright white and gray contrasting colors, with a very loud voice really captured Sandy's attention. Miss Kitty and Sandy became inseparable best buddies, and kept each other constantly entertained. They had 6 great years together. Sandy is gone now, but 11 years later Miss Kitty is still with us.

Libby P
Port Saint Lucie, FL


Some people just don't get it! To them, a dog is just another animal. But to us, our dogs are people, too!

A man that worked for us at the time, told my husband about his Grandson's dog, referred to as Chocolate because he never took the time to name her. Chocolate was purchased to be a bird dog, but, since she was never trained, he deemed her useless and kept her in a doghouse in the back yard. They were going to just shoot her to get rid of her! My husband told him to bring her by and that we would probably take her instead of her facing a bullet.

When we came home that night, Chocolate was tied very tightly to a tree in our yard. Without a second thought, we untied her and brought her inside our home and hearts. She was missing half of her teeth, probably due to a shovel according to our Vet, was very thin and timid.

Well, Chocolate has blossomed over the years in our family. She is just a doll-baby and LOVES attention and is happy to just be touched! When I brought a Border Collie puppy home to join us, she would even let him "nurse" and mothered him with love and pure joy.

She's getting pretty gray now and moves a little slower and we know she won't be with us too much longer, but at least the last half of her life has been enjoyable and filled with lots of treats and love!

We are so thankful that we found her tied to that tree!

Jeannette & Joe Mospaw
New Bern, NC


Found Bubba 10 yrs. ago at a boarding place. You could see his bones.

He had been left July 4th and this was Sept. 28. Two people took him home and brought him back for being so wild. Well, he is 13 now and

the most wonderful dog. He flips a cookie off his nose & shakes hands.

He has truly made my life worth while.

Elaine Smith
Coconut Creek, FL

Rocky's Rocky Road to Happiness

We first saw Rocky in an email, and I knew he had to come home with us. He was found on the streets; skinny, hungry and unkempt. Apparently homeless, a good samaritan brought him home with her to meet her other three 'boys'. She posted his picture and within a few days, he was on his way to meet us. Although missing several teeth and being quite shy at first, we were successful in helping him put on some much needed weight and bringing him out of his shell with lots of love and playtime. He loves to snuggle on the couch, go for rides, roll in the fresh cut grass, search for frogs in the pond and run, run, run! He's a terrific companion!

Duanesburg, NY

Meet Millie from the Paper Mill

Millie was found in the middle of no where at a paper mill. My husband made deliveries there and had notice her many times. It was triple digits outside and there no shade or much grass in this area, only gravel. She panted heavily and waited for people to feed her, looking at them with her sad brown eyes. My husband looked for signs and ask around but no one was looking for her.

She didn't have much of a personality when my husband gave in. After a month of seeing her day after day there alone. She seemed thankful that he picked her up and put her in his truck. She slept for a few hours then woke up and leaned over to give my husband a lick as to say thank you. She was in heat when we took her to the vet to have her spay the next day. It was clear she had many litters. Maybe she was used as breeding machine and then set free. She is around 5 years old.

She didn't know how to play so we taught her. We have cats but have always wanted a dog. She fit right in to our family. She learned to play and is great with our cats. She is so full of life now and we enjoy her so much. We take her for daily walks and have play time everyday. She will never have to worry about where her next meal is coming from or being outside in the heat. It is so rewarding to see her get excited when we come home considering she was so mellow in the beginning. We are blessed with her love and smiles she gives us in return. She is such a joy and seems very happy!

Dallas, TX

Our Courageous Girl Timbre

Timmi was with us for about 18 years...we found her when we lived on the road. She was less than a year old. She was living in the wild along a creek, eating bull frogs, birds when she could, and grasshoppers. She was near death, still fighting bravely. She finally came to us one day, yelling for help even though she was mostly wild. Tuna was her first good food, I think. We took her to a vet who saved her life. She was pregnant, full of parasites had a broken Manx tail and a frostbitten front foot. We couldn't take her inside our motorhome because we had a family of cats that lived with us. Fortunately, we had found her in the summer. She stayed tight to the motorhome living comfortably in a towel-cushioned box, well-quarded by her new famly. When we moved we slipped her in her box and she moved with us. She still went hunting, but always stayed near her home on wheels. In the winter, she lived in her box with a heater next to it. We finally got our own home and began introducing her to the family. She was so brave and they were kind. She lived a fat, happy life with her family. She was a "talker" and always full of love. What a girl!!

Jesse & Greg
Salmon, ID

This is Twyla

This beautiful girl was found in a crowded shelter with a bulging eye - fortunately, it was someone from one of our great local rescue organizations who spotted her. They removed the glaucoma-ridden eye and then, blissfully, she came into our lives. I had been searching for a dog to do therapy work with me - hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Twyla's incredible spirit is perfect for this, and her missing eye only strengthens the bond she instantly creates. This angel is proof that love conquers all!

Minneapolis, MN

Lily - Rescue from a Rescue

Lily was surrendered by her owners, who chose to tie her pink leash to the telephone poll outside of an Atlanta, GA animal control shelter. This animal control shelter euthanizes animals within an average of 2 days from their arrival and processing. As a foster mom, I was trolling through the site to find a dog that I could foster until they find their forever home. I came across Lily's picture and went to the shelter that same day.

Being Monday, I walked into the area that the animals are kept in and found deplorable conditions. I can only compare it to what you might see on Animal Planets, Animal Cops. I found out that the county's jail provides inmates to clean and care for the facility but one of the inmates was found with a phone, which is prohibited, on Friday. So the animals were not tended the whole weekend. There were wounded animals needing immediate medical care, feces in many water bowls, most water bowls had no water or filthy contents, and most of the dogs were covered in their own feces and urine.

I found Lily, mostly by following that baying basset hound bark. I got her straight out of there, taking along two other small dogs who were scheduled to be euthanized within the next hour.

Lily is now with her forever family, pampered, fat, and happy. The other two found doting families who can't fathom having almost lost them before they ever met them.

cindy e.
cumming, GA

The Bug

Criket Annie was a surprise birthday present from my parents when I was in college. She was found wandering alone as a 3 month old and needed a good home. I think she had more fun in school than I did! She followed me to class and then found her way home, found out that she loved pizza and made a friend for life (Buddy - a Jack Russel). My bug is now 14 years old and is enjoying the good life of a retiree. Her hearing has become more, we'll call it selective, but she always knows when her family is coming home.

Austin, TX

Meet Jake

I was volunteering at a local animal shelter when I saw Jake. He only weighed 5 pounds and was so weak and sick he could barely lift his head up. I already had two beautiful cats at home, but I could not resist this poor little guy with his soulful eyes. I brought him home and nursed him back to health. He is now a healthy 11 lbs and is the king of the house with personality plus. Not a day goes by that he doesn't make us laugh. I am a true believer that rescuing a pet is the most rewarding thing you can do.

Milford, MA
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