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We live in an area where dogs are sometimes dumped because of the dog park near by. This little 5 mo. old creature was dodging traffic on a busy street during rush hour. I made several cranky motorists very angry when my friends and I blocked traffic long enough to scoop him up. My partner and I lost our dear Chloe recently and were beginning the search for a rescue when like most of our other dogs one came to us. Our 8 year old Chorgi-huahua mix Bubbles is now a happy Cougar with her Mini-Pincher boy toy Mini-Cooper. She loves to play and heard him around and he loves to steal her toys and chew them to bits. Our family unit is complete again. Love to all who care enough to rescue a needy animal.

Jolino Beserra
Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA

Our Little Grace

Grace was so small, scared and skinny, about 8 months old and was showing signs of becoming feral when I noticed her at our front door begging for food. We think she was abused but after two years of constant reinforced loving and touching her, Grace now craves to be petted and cuddled and has the most magnificant prrrr. Grace is a pure joy in our house.

Linda Wickline
Vermilion, OH


Though we did not "rescue" Sam from a shelter or pound, we did give him a much needed forever home. I saw Samus, a pure white, 10 month old malshi, on when his owner could no longer keep him. He was the smallest of their three dogs and was bullied by them. He was very skinny and ragedy looking (left outside 24/7) when we met him, but I instantly fell in love. And to make it more amazing, he was born the day before our wedding.

Over the next few days we got to know him more and more. He was scared of everything and cowered from us when we looked down at him... We thought he may have been mistreated by his past owners.

We have now had him for almost two months (not long!) and he definitely loves life. He is the sweetest puppy ever. He sleeps all through the night without making a peep. He is slowly but surely getting better at potty training. And he is as happy as a clam. He cuddles all the time and falls asleep in our arms, and has the sweetest eyes and the funniest over-bite.

We love our Samus so much. We enjoy every moment with him and look forward to spending many more years with him at our side.

Carly H
London, ON, Canada

from hopeless to home

these two cats had no idea who each other were, abigail we thought was pregnant when i found her on my front porch, so we started feeding her, then one day she was gone, thought she was taken or just ran off, then we heard a sad cry under a house after a winter storm, she was stuck under for over a week with others, we knew no more, took her in, then along came tate about a pound of bones and fleas trying to drink water on my porch, ran him inside to bathe, died in our hands twice, made him comfortable thought he will at least die warm and loved, that was a year ago. a week after we brought him in abigail took over, and they have been together ever since, we now have 8 rescue cats in our house in the middle of the city by a casino we live, looking to move to a farm because there are way too many to have in this one house, much more to tell, but to let u know i am on disability and yet there always seems to be more than enough money to get them fixed and fed and we pray there will always be more than enough money to help so so so many more animals, we also rescued a pitt/boxer 8 yrs ago named dakota, she is wondering if there will ever be any more dogs in her future after we had to put our 13 yr old down......animals are my life and destiny so pray God answers my prayers to get our farm and to do the mission in my heart for the animals....

windsor, ON, Canada

Sherlock at Holmes I mean Home

Last last year, me and my sister lost 3 of our precious pups, our Border Collie mix, Spooky 17 years old on November 30, our Great Dane, German Shepherd mix, Scooby Doo, 16 years old on July 11, and our Corgie, Daschund mix, Chloe, 11 years old 9 days after Spooky, who just died of a broken heart because of her best friend Spooky.

We just decided to go to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in January just to look because we missed our doggie companions even though we have some precious cats. Low and behold a scrawny little guy sitting in the corner of the cage caught our attention so we put him on our list of 5 pups to see. He was the last one they brought to us and like a bolt of lighting ran between all 3 of us sisters giving us kisses and playing his antics that we fell to the floor laughing so hard that the warden thought something happened. Little to say in less than a week Sherlock was making himself at home playing in the snow, sprinting like a marathon runner and taking on a little of each of our angels personalities.

Now he's in cohoots with our male cat pushing each other's toys under the

doors to each other and finishing them off. He is truly a blessing after losing our longtime companions.

Dee Burnison
Parma, OH

Our very own Shelter Challenge!

I decided to adopt from our local shelter 2 1/2 years ago. I was looking in cages when suddenly, a dog 3 cages away leapt to her feet from a sound sleep, stood with her paws on the cage door, smiling at me, obviously recognizing me (though we hadn't met previously). My first words to her were "Do I know you? and then "You're pretty cute!" Angel was an urban stray, so when I brought her "up the hill" to her new mountain home (with 2 sisters), she was astonished at the scents, wild animals, and the freedoms of life in the forest. My husband coined her breed name as "German Sharpitrador" to encompass all that we saw in her. An interesting event occurred when she changed color the first month we had her and developed a dark saddle. Angel came to us with a lot of behavioral issues, including being very dog and people aggressive. She has truly been our personal Shelter Challenge! Using an array of excellent training/rehab books, articles, and the inspiration of expert persons and groups (Cesar!! Amazing Dog Training Man!) as well as lots of patience and commitment, we all have come a long way. We are still a work-in-progress as we evolve toward complete resolution of "our" problems. The attached picture is of Angel enjoying a post-adventure nap on her vacation in Yosemite. The moral of my story is that ALL dogs deserve that first, second, or whatever number chance to try to get past their abusive pasts. Even if we never achieve our ultimate goal, Angel will have a lifetime of love, fun, and the joy of belonging to a family. I will have had the same. I encourage people to reach out, adopt, and save a life!

Michele Cretarola

Michele Cretarola
Crestline, CA


We had just lost our boxer in June and even though we have 2 small dogs I was longing for another big dog. I started looking on Petfinder and there were so many animals in need of a loving home but non of them touched me like the one I found on the Sikeston, Mo. Animal Shelter website. "There he is," I thought as soon as I saw him. They described him as a boxer mix. I think he is more american bulldog but it really doesn't matter to me what he is. Jackson a year old and he loves to play. He has more energy then my husband, 8 year old son and I have all together. We have a lot of training ahead of us but in the long run I know that he is going to be a wonderful addition to our family and we are very lucky to have him. Thanks Petfinder for all that you do to help these animals find their forever homes. Keep up the good work!!!

Pam Souder
Paducah, KY

Handsome Samson

Our boy, Samson, a feline marble bengal mix passed away June 7, 2010. He was seventeen years old and the most wonderful rescue I ever did. He was brought to me, along with two brothers and a sister, by my neighbors two boys, ages 9 and 13. I though they were carrying baby rats at first, but then realized they were four newborn kittens. They had found them in plastic trashbags at the end of the street. They opened the bags and brought them to the neighborhood 'cat lady' (Me). Sadly, Sammies' two brothers and sister did not make it, but his strength and determination to live were incredible. He grew strong and healthy,throughout the years helped initiate all the other rescues, including our dog, Angel, into our home and was just a gentle, fun loving soul. He wasn't even afraid of plastic bags, and would run around with his head through the carry handle, like "Super Kitty" throughout the house. He fetched, had hidey holes all over the house where he would stash pennies, buttons, shoe laces and anything else that would take his fancy. He was three quarters blind due to the fact that he was born with feline leukemia (a carrier, not contagious.), but that didn't even slow him down. The Specialist we took him to said his mother probably died with it after giving birth and the people just threw the babies away, like trash.

He moved with us to Tennessee and was a Joy and heart stealer. His meow never got above that of a young kitten, but he made his wishes known with paws and body language. I miss my baby, and wished to pay tribute to a wonderful spirit. See you at the Rainbow Bridge, my handsome man.

Sharon L. Higa
Kingston, TN

Furry Angel

We found our furry baby at our local Animal Shelter. He was sitting at the front of his cage shivering and nervous. When I walked by his cage our eyes met and he put his paw up on his cage and whined at me. I stopped to pet him and he licked my hand and kept grabbing my hand with his paw. I told my husband that he was the one. We named him Beamer.

When we brought him home we gave him a bath only to discover that he had ticks all over, in his hears, between his toes, hundreds of ticks!! We had him tick dipped and took him to the vet. He was estimated to be 5 months old. He was skinny had scars on his belly but was healthy. The ticks left a bunch of little "dot" scars in his ears. People always ask about the scars in his ears and I get to tell them about the day we found our sweet boy.

Beamer is now 14 years old and is such an important part of our lives. He is the most sweetest boy. We have had two kids since then and he has been the most gentle dog with our children. He is so excited to see the kids when they come home from school. He is still very playful and vocal when he plays with us. He "talks" to us when we come home after being gone a while, as if to say, "Where have you been?" He is always wagging his tail and smiling.

Our Beamer has given our family so much joy and we are so glad that he is part of our family. We absolutley love him and he loves us!

Gilbert, AZ

Destiny Brought Murray to Me

There was a pack of stray cats that hung around my apartment complex. I would talk nice to them, and I guess that made one of them, a beautiful Siamese I had noticed right away, decide I was someone worth getting to know. One night when I came home and opened my apartment door, the Siamese dashed inside past me, and ran right to the refrigerator. I fed him some lunch meat, and he ate the entire pack. I left the door open, thinking he'd just leave, but he settled in with me and watched TV the rest of the night. When bedtime came, he still wouldn't leave, so I closed the door and let him stay. The rest is history! He is now my Murray boy, and I love him very much. I am so lucky he picked me, out of all people, to move in with.

Jennifer Bach
Scottsdale, AZ
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