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Our Shy Sierra

My fiance used to work outside heading up a survey crew. Well, several years ago he was working in a residential area and saw these adorable little kittens who lived in a hole under a house. Anytime he went close, they would dart under the house. He knows I adore animals, cats especially, and decided we were getting a new family member. He set up a special trap one day and low and behold the next day he had caught a sweet little fuzzball who became our Sierra. She is just beautiful with what what looks white eye liner around her eyes and the sweetest personality. When she fell asleep on my lap all sprawled out, I knew I was in love.

She is a very shy baby and often runs if you walk toward her. She is likely the runt of her litter. But when you're at her level,such as on a bed or a chair, she jumps up and just loves to be stroked and told how pretty she is. In fact, she demands it. If she decides she hasn't received enough love, she comes to one of us squeaking her little head off. Not much of a voice, but don't tell her that. ;-)

For a long time she was the baby of our family. But we adopted two new little kittens and Sierra decided she was their boss. She bops them upside the head if she decides they get out of line. We now have four adopted cats and Sierra remains our shy, precious baby. While she isn't the bravest feline, she loves sitting near her people and keeping a close eye on them. I call her our little spy because oftentimes, you'll only see half her face or an eye peeking around a corner.

Cary, NC

Hammie's Tale

I found Hammie a few months ago running in traffic down a very busy street. She was 15 pounds overweight and covered in fleas. After taking her to the vet's office where I worked, I put her on a great diet and had a tumor removed. She is now a very happy Hammie living in her new home.

George Town, Cayman Islands

The best blonde dog on the planet.

Christmas 2000, the year we received our best present of all. We were visiting friends that live in a very isolated area of town, when they told us of a dog that had been sitting by the side of the road for several days. Unfortunately, their isolation lends itself to this happening often. Since they had three dogs of their own, they had been calling the local animal shelter to arrange for pickup of the "dropped off" animals.

Whatever the reason or divine intervention, we took a walk to see the dog for ourselves. Well, it was love at first sight! There sat the blonde puppy (she was later estimated to be about six months old) just where she had been for two days. With the aide of a handful of cookies, she followed us back to the house where she proceeded to lay at my feet for the rest of our visit. Needless to say, she came home with us.

Fast forward ten years later, and Sadie is the best blonde dog on the planet! She is our companion, sister to our cat CC, and the best watch dog anyone could ask for. Just ask anyone that may knock on our door. Especially salesmen that are trying to sell home security systems.

I will never understand why people think it is ok to "drop" animals off when there are organizations willing to take them in. Remember, you can be an advocate for those that do not have a voice by doing whatever you can for them. Whether it is volunteering at your local shelter, donating much needed food, leashes, etc. or simply spaying/neutering your animals. Remember, they depend on us and much as we depend on them.

Laura & Suzy
Sarasota, FL

Teddy's returned

I decided to get a small dog after my husband died. I never had a dog, as my husband was a cat person & I'm allergic to cats. I never felt so alone, until I visited my nephew who adopted 2 sibling rescues that sat close to me as if to give great comfort.

I saw this sweet white bichon frise at the NYC ASPCA, just after he had just been brought in. So I put a hold on him, just because he looked sweet. His was figured to be about 7-8 years old, so his energy level wasn't like a puppy, just fine for me. When I was able to play with him, he seemed a little lost as I was. The label on his cage said 'Sylvester' and his story was sad. Someone found him on the street, but couldn't keep him due to landlord issues. So he was waiting for me.

He never answered to 'Sylvester'. My sister & I remembered a story our dad told of his childhood 'mutt', as rescued dogs were called then. Teddy loved jumping out the ground floor window to run after fire engines and would eventually come home. Until the day he didn't.

I decided 'Teddy' finally came home, to me.

Susan Friess Goldman
Bronx, NY

A Blessing in Tragedy

I found Lucky 2.5 months ago very sick and starving in the street. I tried my best to rehabilitate him through tons of love, a major surgery to remove a huge tumor, and many medications. Unfortunately, he was just too sick to survive and I had him euthanized on August 21, 2010.


Ultimately, I know that I saved Lucky from a horrible, painful, lonely death in the streets. However, he gave me so much more than I gave him. He was a furry, precious love-filled blessing, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.


Adoption is a wonderful thing,

Lisa Williamson
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In the Nick of Time

I found this little guy at the Fayette County SPCA very, very sick. He was a drop off. I took him and at my vet he collasped and nearly died right then on the table. After several touch and go days, feeding him meds, puppy fourmula and water with a syringe he began to get better. He still is pretty weak but is wagging his tail! My neighbors called him Peanut after a dog they used to have, so Peanut he became. He now has a loving home and will be treated like a king for the rest of his life.

Sue Vozar
Scottdale, PA

Scary Scamp

Scamp was found by a rescue group hiding in an industrial part of the city near the railroad tracks with his mother and two siblings. He had horrible fear agression and it took almost 5 years of reassurance, patience and training to be able to let him off leash at the dog park. He is now 10 and as sweet and secure as can be. He loves to tuck himself in my bed when I get up!

Veta Morrison
San Mateo, CA

Annie and C-Note

We discovered our gray white Annie at a nearby shelter on our 10th wedding anniversary; tiny and fragile after living on the streets and giving birth to a litter of kittens - she couldn't have been more than 1 year old. The first week was touch and go because she was malnourished but is is now 5; healthy and thriving as our personal hair stylist - she is a natural groomer. We got our black and white C-Note at a pet adoption (she cost $100, hence C-Note) when she was 8 weeks old. I could not believe this tiny creature that could curl up in the palm of my hand would grow to be 13 lbs - although she did have large paws. C-Note is now 2 and a perfect playmate and sibling for Annie. Not a day goes by that Annie does not groom C-Note - she was definitely meant to be a mom.

Sara Parrish
Placentia, CA


My husband found Beanz shivering from the cold, his fur covered with icicles, and staring at our front window. His very soft meow stole my husband's heart, and they have been best buddies ever since. Beanz likes to sleep on his back, and loves to be pet and talked to while he eats. His kind and gentle nature is very touching, and we are so thankful that he found us and his new home on that day. He is now, and always will be, a loving member of our family. This photo is the beginning of our happy story.

New Albany, IN

I have been rescued!

After being rejected for a service dog from an organization, I finally resigned to having a family pet. In November of 2008, my son sugested one Sunday after church to go to the Humane Society. The place was packed. Both with people and animals.

I came to this one dog, husky/collie cross that was already 9 years old. I cried when I saw him and knew that he was the one.

Little did I know that I would have my service dog after all. He started doing things I needed automatically. He helped me up stairs, he kept people at a distance, he allowed me to use him to balance myself, plus a whole lot more! I took him to my doctors and got the paperwork filled.

Dexter is such a gentle dog. He is amazing with my other rescued animals (2 cats and 4 rabbits). He gets praise from people no matter where we go because of his behavior. Dexter has allowed me the freedom I would not have had without him. Dexter has rescued me!

Kitchener, ON, Canada
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