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Rescuing Nana

Back in March, I was dog walking for our local shelter. Every day I would see this adorable fluffy dog, and figured someone would take her, she was so cute. Then I saw on her card how old she is. She is 15 years old. The other volunteers said she was a stray, and that nobody would want her, and that she would probably end up dying there at the shelter. I told my husband about her, and we agreed to bring her home. We already have 4 dogs, so just to be sure, they let us bring her home as a foster to see if they would all get along. By the first night, our miniature dachshund was asleep on her on the couch. Nana is the sweetest, most loving dog, and we are so blessed to be able to give her a home for the rest of her life, however long that may be!

Linda Goff
Schererville, IN

Best Friends

We lost our Himalayan, Chloe, to advanced kidney failure after 13 great years. It was too peaceful around the house so we went to a PetSmart adoption in Puyallup, WA and found a tiny white kitten with whom we immediately fell in love. We decided such a little boy needed a big name so he became "Atlas". After another year we felt Atlas needed a companion so we found him a little brother at the Pierce County Humane Society. His ebony brother we named "Thor" ( one godlike name deserved another.) They became best friends after their first night together and still are. They are different as night and day in every way, but are inseparable.

They greet us at the door every day after work and sleep with us every night. What great foot warmers and cuddly companions!

Mike and Diane

Tacoma, WA

Mike Dyson
Tacoma, WA


My 21 year old son, Joey enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard, married, and was transferred to Charleston, SC. He decided not to take his 7 year old Black Lab, Fenix, he didn't want to take Fenix away from the place he was born and where he grew up. I was happy about that, because I had fell in love with Fenix the day Joey brought him home from a shelter as an 8 week old puppy. While in the U.S. Coast Guard, Joey was riding his motorcycle to the base when a truck pulled out, didn't see him, and killed Joey instantly. Of course I was devistated. I have an older son, but Joey and I were very close. Joey had only been in the U.S. Coast Guard 17 months, and married 14 months, he left a 21 year old widow. I started seeing a psycologist for my depression. After a couple of months, I told my psycologist that Fenix was getting old, and if the time came that I had to put Fenix down, it would be like losing Joey all over again. She told me I should look for a puppy, not only for me but for Fenix. I rescued an 8 week old male lab from a shelter, and named him Max. Max has been such a joy, he is so smart, it only took less than 2 weeks to completely potty train him. Though when the time comes when I will have to put Fenix down (he's 10 now), it will hurt, but I'm sure I can handle it better now that I have Max.

Donna Snoddy
Martinsburg, WV


Ginger is a beautiful Buckskin Quarter Horse. She was Rescued from a very abusive owner. She was hit in the face with a 2 by 4 and ruptured her tear duct on her left eye. It runs all the time and she has a dent on the side of her face from it. When I got her she was head shy and leary around men. Now she is the sweetest most gentle mare around. I have had her for 4 years and am very lucky. Last summer a Stallion got out where I was boarding her and now she has a beautiful filly that was born on April 25th, 2010. I would not trade her for the world!!!

Tammi Wilson
Lochbuie, CO

Why Walk?

My girls and I love visiting horse ranches. One year, they fell in love with a group of feral kittens. Unfortunately, the mother led the group across a highway and all were killed but one. The rest of the feral community wouldn't allow this 4 week old kitten to eat and we knew he would be dead within the week. Of course he ended up coming home with us.

He has grown up with our dogs and goes for walks with us. His favorite mode of transportation, however, is the doll stroller. Why walk when one of his human sisters will push him all over the house?

Sue Talman
Highland Park, IL

A chance at life for Chance

This is Chance (now renamed Tuscan), I literally rescued him hours before he was to be euthanized in Dec of 2008. The shelter said he was unadoptable because he was skinny and they weren't sure whether he was sick or not. I brought him to my vet who said he was just malnourished and otherwise besides being infested with ticks and his nails worn down from being on the street, was perfectly healthy. He lived with us and with a good steady diet got back to normal weight. He was such a love it was hard to give him up, but in Feb of 2009, he went to his forever home in Colorado. Tuscan is thriving in his forever home and he and his new mom are together constantly. He is going to begin training to be a therapy dog and also to do search and rescue.

Luanne Crinklaw
Mesa, AZ

My Little Girl Blue

Two and a half years ago I was happily living with my 2 basset hounds. Then I lost my little girl to cancer. The male was older and I wasn't sure about getting another dog. Nine months after my little girl died I searched the sites of the local SPCA. I saw the most beautiful blue eyes staring back at me, and I knew I had to go look at her in person. Blue is a dacshund/ beagle mix. She is sweet as can be. She looked at me through the kennel gate with a very doubtful expression. I found out her first owner let her wander, and she was taken from him. Another person adopted her only to return her a short time laterbecause she was not housebroken. People had let her down, I had to change that. I have enjoyed every day I have had with her. When my male basset hound died she was a god send. Now I wake up every morning to her beautiful blue eyes, she gives me a hug (she loves hugs), and she allows me to rub her belly.

Milford, DE

My Little Survivor!

We found Cookies at the dog pound. She was a "schnorkie", half Schnauzer, half Yorkie. She was one of only two dogs that survived out of a a house that had 30 dogs and even more cats. She was 6 months old, very thin, sick and dirty. In spite of her beginnings, she had a very trusting, sweet, happy and loving disposition.

When we first saw her, she was wet and shivering in a corner of the cage. But she crept up to me and licked my hand. Instant love! On the way home, she knew she was safe, and fell asleep in my arms. She was sick for a year, and she beat the odds.

She would wash her face like a cat (I guess she learned that from the house she was rescued from)! We are deaf, and she just knew to alert us to the door, phone and other things. We had her for 15 years until she got sick and the vet said we had done all we could for her. We still miss her.

Mary Luczki
Grand Blanc, MI

Mr. Friendly - Benny Bob

I had recently moved to NYC and only lasted 2 months without a pet. I had never owned a small dog, and didn't want to put a large dog in a small New York apartment. A co-worker told me about Waggytail Rescue, they take little, deemed 'unadoptable' small dogs before being euthanized. I just went to meet the rescue owner to 'see' what she had. Benny Bob (named pepper by the shelter) totally didn't even care I was there, as he had latched himself to his foster mom. As the story goes....he had been taken to the shelter after being tossed on the highway....I didn't stop thinking about him the entire evening and called to say I would be there early the next day to take him home and to start calling him Benny Bob. As we walked thru the streets of that cold December, Saturday morning, my heart had been stolen by this poor, sick little creature. When he crawled into my lap upon returning to his new home, life would never been the same. He's my best friend, and there is not one person who meets him that doesn't love him.

laura scott
pittsburgh, PA

Rooster Cogburn - True Grit

My wife Nancy was helping an ill neighbor by feeding her horses and the barn cat there had a litter. Unfortunately the litter was attacked by a predator and all but one of the kittens killed - except for this one injured guy who just refused to give up. My wife could not stand to leave him there and took him to our local vet, The Strasburg Vet Clinic in Strasburg Co and they cleaned up his wounds, gave him the meds and helped us to take care of him. He was one bedraggled waif. But just as game as all get out.

He is now 8 weeks old, we originally named him G'Kar after the one eyed character in Babylon 5 but he was renamed Rooster after John Wayne's character in True Grit. Of course we adopted the lad and he is happily charging around our house with our other two cats and living large. And safe.

Mick Wenlock
Byers, CO
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