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My miracle baby

On a cold and rainy November night, I heard a cat crying outside. I tried to find the source and couldn't. Fast forward to the next morning and the crying started again. I threw on a jacket and shoes and ran outside determined to find this cat.

I rounded the back corner of my house and there she was, a feral calico kitten wedged in the V where a board had broken out of our shed. I expected her to go wild when I got closer but she just stared at me with these heartbreaking eyes. I grabbed her and got her unstuck and pulled her inside my jacket. The poor baby was shivering and shaking so bad.

I ran inside, yelled for my husband dragging him out of bed and we took off for the vet. She was so tiny, and was barely moving. We headed to the vet.

After a few x-rays we were told that she was paralyzed. Nothing broken or any spine damage, but her spinal cord had suffered from lack of blood from being wedged. The vet kept her for a few days, calling us every day to update us.

Black Friday he called again and told me that he wasn't sure she would ever walk again. He wanted to know if we were willing to take that chance or if we wanted to put her to sleep. Talked it over and we decided she deserved the chance after being stuck for 9 hours in the cold temps and rain.

We brought her home and so began the process of caring for her. After about 2 weeks, I saw her tail twitch. A week after that she was up and running around the house like nothing had ever happened! She is truly my miracle baby!!

Quinton, NJ

Our Bambie of the wooods..

We live in the country, a good percentage of woods with scattered houses. Not far down the road is a national forest, which covers a great deal of land. On our way home, we passed a road,and my son said what was that. I turned around to see,and it was this little, wet,mostly bones, starving, black an white dog. Didnt really need another dog,but there was no way in Hello,was I going to leave this dog. Well, I put her in the truck,she road on my grandbabys lap, all the way home,wrapped up in my grandbabys blanket. When we got home,my son,grandbaby,and sister all announced that she was a she,and her name was Bambie. As our Bambie grew, we realized she was a Bambie. She loves to bounce,no matter how high,are short the grass. She also climbs. We have a hurricane fence around our home, and she will climb it. Then on all four she perches on the bar,before she leaps off. So shes part deer,and part cat, that equals all OURS!!!

Elmer, LA

Sully is Mine Now!

I was visiting my roommate at the elementary school she teaches at at lunchtime one day and when I was leaving to go back to my office, I see this tiny Chihuahua chasing cars in the middle of the street! (I always carry a slip leash in my work van and my car) I took the leash out of the van and I asked anyone outside in the area if they knew whose dog it was and English is not the first language in this area and nobody answered me.

The dog would not come to me but kept following these two ladies walking with strollers and I asked them to wait and stop while I got the dog. They picked up the dog and handed her to me. She had no collar or tags and I took her to the local vet office to see if she had a chip and she did not.

I ended up taking her back to my office she was a little bigger than my hand and she sat on my lap while I finished my work that day. I tried to give her to my neighbors because we already had 3 dogs. Once I got her home and I sat on the couch and had her in my lap I fell in love! I named her Sully because I found her on Sullivan Street.

She now lives with 4 other dogs and loves it here! She wears a collar and a name tag and is microchipped. All of my dogs are ID'd and chipped.

Always use a buckle collar on your dogs, never leave a choke chain on your dog because it could get caught and kill them.

n/a, CA

From Virginia with Love

It started with a Petfinder post by a Facebook Friend. I wasn't really looking for another dog. But there was something about that sad wrinkly face I couldn't stop thinking about. He had been in the shelter for almost a month, and had been picked up as a stray before that. He was a few days away from being put to sleep. I found myself saying "I will take him". After going through heartworm treatments he was on his way from Virginia to my home in Ontario, Canada. With the help of several Facebook friends who spent the day relaying him across the miles and distance I finally met my Bailey. After only a short time, it's like he's always been here. He's gone from an untrained, underweight dog into an eager to learn, healthy, fully house trained completely loved member of my family. I can't say enough about the full value of a Rescued pet. I absolutely adore my "Recycled Doggy"

Erin Hurl
Hamilton, ON, Canada

She Named Herself

I found her in the middle of the road... about four weeks old, very scared, very hungry and eyes almost closed due to an infection. To keep my curious dogs from frightening her more, she was left in the bathroom while her food was being prepared. Within 5 minutes she fell in the toilet and got herself out again. Thus her name is "Privy" and she is regaining her health and happiness quickly. And the toilet lid is always closed now!

Constableville, NY

Tuffy the Terror

Tuffy was found in a field at about age 4 weeks and was quickly given to us. He is now four months old, and this rambunctious kitten romps around our five other cats. His antics have easily won a place in our hearts even as terrorizes our troop of cats.

Rusty Peacock
Weeki Wachee, FL

Love the Washington Snow

Heidi was found as a stray in California and we adopted her via She came to live with us and another rescue German Shorthaired Pointer here in Washington state. Her first snow day was eye opening for her but now she love to play in the snow when she can find some.

Karen @ Kelso
Kelso, WA

The Power of Love

Sabine the horse, severely neglected before she came to us, was best friends with Pigmont, an elderly pig. They spent hours cuddling, nuzzling, and grooming each other. Alas, their love could not hold back time. Pigmont's health deteriorated and we lost this lovely old soul.

Sabine sank into depression. Despite the fact that she seemed to be healing physically, she spent most of her time sleeping in her stall. She sighed and moaned a lot, seeming to have lost the will to live.

Then we discovered the plight of Tenke, in dire straits at the home of a collector, not having been fed for at least three months. It was 100 degrees outside, and her water tub had nothing but a lining of green sludge on the bottom of it.

We brought her to the sanctuary with high hopes, yet Sabine made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with this skinny mare. Sabine barely left her stall and when she did, she kept her back turned to Tenke at all times!

In danger of drowning in her own loneliness, Sabine hardly even lifted her head to greet visitors. Months went by and nothing changed. What should we do? How could we spark Sabine's will to live?

One day, I walked into the paddock to discover that Tenke had the same concern and, like any sensible person, she had decided the answer was food! This recently starved horse was actually pushing her own food under the fence towards Sabine. And Sabine was eating it!

Tenke befriended Sabine, our once lonely and lame horse. They took to touching noses and grooming one another. Sabine shows no signs of depression anymore, whinnying happily and keeping busy with many companions.

Whoever said love is not enough has obviously not met this crew!

Indra Lahiri
Mehoopany, PA

From sleeping in a tree to lovin' the indoor life!

Callie was one of 3 cats I took in through She was the only one who didn’t get friendly & come running for attention at feeding time. In fact, she didn’t really live in the barn at all; her favorite spot to sleep was in a tree in the front yard. Unfortunately, the coyotes got her friends, and she moved to a tree in the back yard, outside my sunroom. 14 months after she arrived, (having never allowed me to touch her) she followed me into the house one cold evening. Immediately she was all about getting loved on and has never looked back. One of my favorite traits is the way she “snuggles” she doesn’t pad & make a comfy spot to settle into, she “body slams” into me & settles in purring for the night. She is always up for a cuddle & the sweetest girl imaginable!

Red Oak, TX

A true Faery tale

D. D. came to us through a private rescue. Neglect had left her with multiple medical issues. NOW, she is our little Faery, she is carried everywhere, had a wardrobe that could be the envy of many movie stars but to us ... she our little baby. She happily enjoys coming to work with us every day, loves playing with her sister (our other yorkie rescue) and being adored by all who meet her. What a change, from breeding and being left with the 'overstock' to being a star and adored... she is our true Faery tale come true.

Woodstock, IL
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