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Frago Update

Hello Everyone,

I am sending an update on my buddy Frago. Poor Frago must have some lingering memories of the hell where he had to forge for himself, get hit with stones, and dodge bullets. We had a large storm with wind, thunder, lightening and heavy rain. When frago heard some of the initial loud thunder claps, he ran into a corner, huddled up, shaking, and crying. I got down on all fours and slowly approached him, laid down with him, then after about a half hour, I walked him back to the bedroom, telling him how much of a good boy he is. He climbed into the bed pulling himself tightly to me and licked my face up again. Being a combat veteran myself, I know what was in Fragao's mind. Frago just needed a little time to be ensured he was safe and knew I would risk my life to keep him safe.

When I came home from Viet Nam, 3 July,1967-'69, I was a mangled up twenty-year-old, going on ninety a mental and physical wreck, trying to put some sense into what the heck had happend in my life. I am still trying to make sense of what I have seen and my participation in that night mare. My first night home was laced with heavy thunder storms, complete with thunder and lightening. My mom came into the room and found me huddled under my bed crying. She walked out and shut the door. After all, they went through WWII, they were tough. Frago knows he can count on me, he feels the love, and enjoys the special food and treats I bought him. We have totally bonded, suffer PTSD together and give comfort to each other. The Lord introduced us with our shared experiences, very beautiful.

James G. Violante
Parkertown, NJ

Meant to be

One Saturday last summer, my daughter and I were making our usual pet store run for supplies. As I made my way to the back of the store to visit the rest room, I passed a rescue group of dogs. One of them "spoke" to me with her liquid brown eyes. As I stroked her silky coat, I explained to her that we already had 3 girls at home and really didn't have any more room at our house but I wished her the best and prayed she would find a good home.

Several months later, a co-worker passed around the story of how she had adopted a dog (Pokie) for her brother whose health had now deteriorated to the point where he would be going into a nursing home and she was now trying to locate a new home for his companion. Her story touched our hearts and we agreed to open our home -- what's one more right?

We brought her home and sure enough, it was the same little girl with the liquid brown eyes I met that day at the pet store. I suppose our prayers were answered!

Centerpoint, AL


I volunteer for Austin Boxer Rescue in Texas and when darling Keely ended up at the rescue for the 4th time I knew I had to give this sweet girl a home where she would be loved for the rest of her life. That was almost 1 year ago and she has been the most delightful addition to my family. She makes me laugh every day and she's just a big ole squishy love bug. I don't know why the other families returned her, but she's a true treasure and the love of my life!

Jacque Hagerty
Temple, TX

Big Dogs/ Little Bodies

Muchacho Chihuahua de Mexico, the handsome Deer Face Chihuahua, a 2005 post-Florida hurricane season rescue brought nothing but laughter to our home & frankly anyone who saw his tiny body & rather large ears. He was a mighty giant at 3 months old. Well, in his little head anyway. When he turned 3 years old we felt he needed a little friend, someone that looked like him. We were lucky to find Chica Chihuahua de Mexico who was staying with a wonderful woman & her 2 small children. A lovely Apple Head Chihuahua who in the 1st photo we saw of her brought us thoughts of a cute little Bat. It was hard to take her away from her cast of little Savior's because they loved her, too, but since they were unable to keep her, in tears they handed her over to me at 8 months old. Her arrival was great surprise for Muchacho who appreciated meeting another with those trademark large ears & today they are the best of friends. Chica finds it hard to trust people right off, Muchacho loves everyone, so he is slowly teaching her that she has nothing to fear. She & Muchacho keep in touch with her first little family by email & photos & Chica still uses a little blanket that her 1st family gave to her those 2 years ago. These 2 little guys are the joy of our house & really give our rescued flame-point Siamese, Tazzi-Kat, a run for his money. Taz, however, gives them a snooty look down his sweet nose, the way only a cat can, & wanders off to lay in the sunshine. The 3 amigos are living the life of luxury & a very important part of our household.

Susan Travis-Russo
Hartsel, CO


This is Sophie! My husband was outside grilling one evening and this “stray” cat wandered up – She was skinny and had some hair missing off her back. I immediately gave her some milk and she lapped it up as if she hadn’t eaten in days! We started feeding and watering her outside on our deck and she stuck around – We noticed another ‘boy’ cat roaming around that never would get close to us – We ultimately came to the decision to have, who is now known as Sophie, spayed. We had no intentions of keeping her inside, as we have a mini long haired Chihuahua who rules our house already – but, we kept her in for her incision to heal – Sophie loves laying on our laps and gives us kisses on our faces! To make a long story short, she’s now our inside cat! Tater (our Chihuahua) is still adjusting to having a sibling – but we are now our own little family!!

Bridgette B.
Belton, SC


Please meet Sadie (on the left) and Smokey (on the right). I have a huge heart for animals - One day about 2 years ago, a lady at work emailed me a link containing animals with "expiration dates." I was DEVASTED because I knew that I would only be able to adopt 1 and maybe, just maybe, 2 at the most! I went to the shelter and looked at every dog at least 5 times...These 2 "had me from hello!" Sadie is sooo proper and prances around like a show dog, and Smokey is my playful one - He LOVES to lick your whole face!! I am sooo happy that I was able to give these babies the home they deserve!

Bridgette B.
Belton, SC

Tossed away.

This is our sweet Fiona. I was looking out my kitchen window one day and saw what I thought was a kitten that had been ran over and left to die. When I got to it I saw that it was moving and I love cats so I couldn't leave it there. I took her to the vet and he said she looked to be about 7 weeks old and looked like she had been tossed from a moving car. She is now a happy and healthy 3 months old and plays with our other cats all day. Some people are so cruel but she has brought joy to our lives and we will never toss her away.

Chris Penuel
Enterprise, AL


When we first met our Yorkie, Chessie, she was a bit of a mess. She had not been groomed for a very long time;she had recently been spayed and she also had several mammary tumors removed upon her arrival at our local animal shelter. My husband and I really wanted to adopt a shelter dog, but our first meeting with Chessie had us doubting if this was the right dog for our family,even though neither one of us said this out loud that day. Chessie passed the test of getting along with our 16 year old Yorkie, so it was essentially up to us whether or not this little ball of fur was to get a new home that day. Well, we made the decision to adopt her and as my husband says, "she was a diamond in the rough!" - or maybe I should say "a diamond in the ruff!" Regardless, Chessie is an amazing dog who brings us so much joy! We definitely made the right decision. PLEASE consider adopting a shelter dog, you won't be sorry!!

Temple, PA

Junk Dog???

After our amazing rescue terrier passed away it became quickly apparent that our Sheepdog was incredibly depressed and lonely. I spent a lot of time looking through Petfinder but was overwhelmed by the number of dogs that needed rescuing. It seemed impossible to choose from all of the beautiful faces. Then one evening I saw this lanky little Spaniel that just drove right into my heart.

The foster mother said he was what the puppy mills call a "Junk Dog" accidentally born from 2 different breeds. At 6 months old he had never been trained and was afraid of absolutely everything, except our other dog who he fell instantly in love with. He would barely let us touch him and we thought he might never get better. It is nearly 2 years later and he is getting so sweet, loves to be scratched and is truly a happy little boy.

To those who adopt damaged pups or dogs... please don't give up! Patience pays off and you will find yourself so grateful you hung in there for this pet that just needed to be loved until they could love you back.

Harris Van Cleef
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Inky the Hurricane Kitty

Inky came to us during the 2005 hurricane season (Tampa, FL). He was not a good hunter and was losing weight. Jasper, our Brttany/Border Collie, made friends with Inky outside, first. While my husband, Frank, was helping people in Texas regain electricity, another hurricane threatened us. We decided Inky should join our other cats, rabbits and dog inside. The vet said he was a Norwegian Forest Cat and very lucky to have found us. We are the ones who have been blessed by Inky!

Vanessa Mortensen
Tampa, FL
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