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Mellow and ice cream

I am a "foster failure"! Mellow is our third foster dog and came to us as a 3-1/2 month old puppy after her 90 year old owner had died. The Humane Society of the Nature Coast where I volunteer only has about 17 kennels, so we are almost always full. I took one look, fell in love, and offered to foster her. After meeting our other 2 dogs and 2 cats - all shelter rescues, she had found her forever home - all in 15 minutes. Please look first at an animal shelter for your next pet.

Bonnie Kauffman
Spring Hill, FL


My husband was on his way to help photograph a wedding at a church when he saw a tiny cat on the side of a busy road. A homeless man almost stood on her which prompted Rob to leap out of the passenger seat and scoop up the kitten. There was nowhere to put her in the church, and she was meowing loudly, so I was called in the middle of shopping for a graduation dress with my mother to come and pick her up. She was so tiny, dirty and flea-ridden but confident and hungry! I fed and bathed her and she has been with us ever since, despite the no pet rule in our apartment, even the chairperson was subdued by her spunky personality. We named her Church, but she is really quite naughty and a menace to the vet! She loves having her ears stroked and she will not leave you alone if you are eating fish paste!

Kim Keith
Cape Town, South Africa

My Big Boy, Madison

My big boy, Madison, was found as a kitten where we work 11 years ago. My husband had just moved into our current building and was watching outside the front door. He was talking to me on the phone and said there was a cat walking down the road, very close to the curb. All of a sudden he said “watch it!” A car had come along and struck the cat on purpose. He ran out to see what he could do for her, but she could not be saved. He noticed that she had been nursing and tried to find her kittens. We found 1 that didn’t make it. We saw another kitten (our Madison) in a parking lot behind ours with the second sibling that didn’t make it. He was tugging on her nose to try to get her to “get up” and run with him because he saw us watching and wanted to run away. When my husband (who was very allergic to cats) caught Madison 9 days later, it was just before a huge rainstorm came. My husband took him to a vet and said that if I wanted to see him, he would take me there. When I got to the vet and they brought him out to see me, he was so small, about 6-8 weeks old and I held out my hands and Madison looked up at me as if to say “sucker, I’m yours now!” My husband said “we can’t take him home, I’m allergic” I said “we’ve been married for 16 years, I want a cat now!” And that was it. He is no longer allergic to cats! We have a second rescue now who is Madison’s girlfriend, Cassie. It’s been worth every effort to have them as our furry “children.”

Rhonda and Kevin
Madison Heights, MI

My Unique Kitty MJ

My dad was walking his dog when they found a little kitten in the grass by a manufacturing plant by their house. The kitten followed them home. He was very friendly and they didn't know where he came from. They gave him to some friends of ours first who named him Michael Jackson (MJ for short). When they moved to an apartment that didn't allow pets I said I would take him and it is the best decision I ever made. MJ talks all the time and answers me when I ask him questions. He comes when called and is very much like a dog. He loves to carry stuffed animals around in his mouth and play with them. He just sits and stares at me sometimes like no cat has ever really done. He is so smart! I am so glad my MJ kitty was rescued from being a stray. He has brought me so much joy.

Dana Hemminger
Windber, PA

Tribute to Princess

Princess was rescued from an animal shelter in Victoria,TX and has become such an important part of my life.I have become so attached to Princess that I often worry about how devastated I would be if something resulted in her death. She has become almost like a child to me and I enjoy her company so much. Wherever I go she is near. Even when I mow, she follows me until she gets hot and then she situates herself in a shady location where she can see me.

Someone once wrote that, "The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog." I could not agree more! As I write this at my desk, I look through the doorway into the den and see Princess lying in her bed watching me and I am sure that I see love reflected in her eyes. She is my constant companion, following me wherever I go. Neighbors tell me that when they see me, they know that Princess is nearby. Her bed is by my bed and she retires when I retire. I know that she will be faithful whether I am rich or poor, healthy or ill, and that her devotion will be as constant as day follows night.

Donald Gates
Natchitoches, LA

Sisters at Heart

After a year of being without an animal in my home I couldn't stand it any longer. I found Chloe and Zoe, two tortie sisters from the same litter of kittens, through a local rescue organization and gave them a forever home. They had started life as feral kittens and have come a long way to become loving lap cats. Shortly after that I found Lucy, a lab-spaniel mix, through another rescue group and fell in love. Though I wasn't sure how Chloe & Zoe would take to Lucy, I needn't have worried. They snuggle with her every chance they get, and Lucy looks for them after coming home from a road trip with me. It feels good to have these 3 little souls to love, and who love each other, too.

Kyle Ann
Olathe, KS

Smokey rescued

Smokey is a feral cat who was roaming the farmland near us last winter. I could not see him go without food and water. He had already taken shelter in our shed and was very afraid of humans. I put food and water in the shed and a comforter in a cat house for him. When you saw him and when you approached the shed to put down fresh food he ran and stayed away until he thought you were gone. Little by little he would not run quite as far before returning. This spring I moved his water and food to the deck in hopes of coaxing him closer and to keep the other wildlife from taking the food. As you can see from the picture he is coming to the deck but he still runs down the ramp until you have left the food and went back inside. He will stay at the end of the ramp or to the opposite end of the porch. He will sit still while you talk to him but he still is not trusting enough for touching. Maybe in time - he must have really had a hard life before us.

Connie Cosgrove
Prince Frederick, MD

Jack and Bobbie

We rescued Jack (the English Setter/Springer Spaniel mix) last summer, and he was joined by Bobbie, who is a Pappillon, about a month ago. They are the best of friends. Bobbie loves following his big brother around, and they play together for hours. Their sister, Calli, our callico cat, will even join in once in a while.

Clinton Township, MI

Lucky, The Bali Dog

She was scooped up onto a motorbike from the middle of a busy road in Bali only minutes from a sure death. She was perhaps 5 weeks old, lost and alone and staggering on floppy little legs.

The builder brought her to the work site but no one wanted another mouth to feed. So the little Bali Dog has become our site dog. When we move in she will become our second rescued house dog. She is now growing, thriving, and enjoying her life. Unlike so many street dogs in Bali the story of this one has a happy ending. How could she be named anything but Lucky.

Shane McRae
Pengosekan, Indonesia

Wherever we go we go together

After 14 years in the same apartment we asked the building manager if we could get a dog, since the building's no pets policy is ignored. He said yes. We searched three SPCA branches and found our three-year-old girl Jessie. She was surrendered because her owners had two other Shepherd mixes that had attacked Jessie. When we met her, she had just been spayed and had a bad reaction to the surgery. She was swollen, in pain, very timid and shy, but so sweet! All the other dogs were barking, and jumping. Jessie just sat and looked at us, with her soul in her eyes. My son sat down next to her, and she rolled over and waited for her belly rub. We fell in love!

We took her home as a foster to make sure the building manager approved of her, and that she would get along with our two elderly rescue cats. Everything went really well. However, four months after adoption, the building owner saw my son walking Jessie and said either the dog goes or they go. We would have fought, but because of the no-pets clause everyone in the building would have had to surrender our dearly loved pets. We never considered returning Jessie to the SPCA. It took some scary weeks of looking for rental accommodation that would take a big dog and our cats, but we found a wonderful couple with a rental suite who own a beautiful black lab. When he and Jessie met, they started to play right away! So we now have a lovely home with a big back yard and a playmate for Jessie. Most important of all, Jessie knows that she has found her forever home with us - whatever the address happens to be!

Diane Richards
Surrey, BC, Canada
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