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River Girl

My three grown children and their spouses went camping on the Delaware River. After setting up camp they discovered a tiny starveling kitten. After much discussion about what to do about her plight,our daughter Jessie rescued her and brought her to us. It was love at first sight. Our older cat adored her, as did we. She has turned into a gorgeous lively cat! What a great addition to our family!

Dianne Hobden
Canaan, NY

Chip the dog-cat

Chip found us at the Cleveland Animal Shelter 12 years ago. He was 5 weeks old, the runt of the litter, but we fell in love with him on the spot. We had a struggle with him at the beginning, his health was very poor but we kept him wrapped in a towel for warmth and taking him to the vet every day for liquids and nutrition. Chip has grown to 17 pounds and as tall as a beagle dog and growls when someone comes over, he is so protective of us! Chip also 'talks' to us when he cannot find us in the house - 'where are you?" He stole our heart the moment we met.

Linda and Dave
Vermilion, OH

my best friends...

Living in the Dominican Republic since 25 years, found many homeless dogs & cats, still have 17 dogs ( from 4 months to 14 years of age) and 2 cats ( 13 y) over 700 birds.. Here are many street dogs or dogs left behind when people leave again. People just forget they need a home.

I do all I can to help my little friends, not always easy, but I LOVE THEM and they love me!

Snack time is their favorite, then destroy the garden, but they are happy - so am I.

"Bacardi" I found with my daughter Cassandra on Bacardi Island, close to Samana in 2006, she was almost dead, no fur, just bones, my brothers son said: she is the ugliest dog he ever saw...there I knew I have to take her home also cause nobody else would, even I was in a bad financial time. Today Bacardi is a beautiful lady and loves to fetch stones.

Karla, a golden retriever mix, I found on X-mas eve, someone left her in the street for back problems, today she is 14 - we share our back problems since then. She is one of my best dogs.

In Nov. 09 I found 3 female puppies in a tree trunk, in june 2010 a mother with her 3 pups - almost starved to death in an abandoned house. Today they are healthy and happy. My most favorite was Max, 1st. one I saved from being drowned, he later was together with Karla. Max was ALWAYS with me, specially in bad times I had. He had 8 pups with Karla, 6 I kept, 3 are still with me 13 1/2 by now. Max died with 16! God do I miss him...but one day we meet on the Rainbow bridge.

Andrea Thumeyer
Sosua, Dominican Republic


Helping PAWS Pet Rescue, Inc. took in 12 cats and kittens from another rescue organization that had become too overwhelmed by the number of animals in their facility. Among these cats was a beautiful orange female with one eye missing that was in need of surgery to close. The Helping PAWS staff named her Peek-a-boo. During her stay at the shelter, staff members tried to find assistance in funding the repair of Peek-a-boo's lost eye. Despite the fact that the eye had not yet been fixed, she was one of the first 5 to find a new forever home. Her new mom is ever vigilant to protect the eye from further harm and continues to apply for assistance to afford the needed surgery.

Washburn, WI


We wanted another small dog, were committed to adopting a rescue dog, and my youngest daughter saw Richey on the Papillon Club of America Rescue Trust (PCART) website. He had been surrendered by a breeder. At 9 years old, he had been in foster care for almost a year. He had the most beautiful face! He is now just a very spoiled pet that goes everywhere with us, including boat camping trips!

Angela Sisney
Gig Harbor, WA


One day we took Mickie (right) to the dog park, which is part of the local Humane Society. My husband went in to look at the dogs up for adoption and found Reggie (left). He couldn't sleep that night thinking about him and went in first thing the next morning to get him. He is very affectionate and intelligent and loves to play with other dogs.

Lihue, HI

My MIssy Dog

After many years of doglessness, my husband finally consented to getting another dog, but only if it was a shelter dog. I found Missy at a shelter and fell immediately in love. My short-haired shepherd puppy turned into a beautiful long-haired girl. She wound up being the last thing my husband gave me before he died. 10 years on, we've moved 4 times, lived in 2 countries (she can bark in American and English now - thankfully there was no quarantine for the UK or we wouldn't have gone) and shared many wonderful experiences. She's managed to steal the heart of most people who have met her. She now shares the house with 3 other rescues and they all play together wonderfully.

Aurora, CO

Big Jake

Jake came to me at a hard time in my life. My husband had rejoined the military and he was going on what would be my first deployment. I was so lucky to find the little guy. I was doing the last load of laundry for my husband before he left and his previous owner was in our apartment complex laundry room and I commented on how sweet he was. She told me that she needed to get rid of him so I snatched him right up! Since that day, he's been by my side ever since. He's such a love. We've of course had our moments, but we've gotten through them. Potty training wasn't a breeze, but I've taught him to ring a bell tied to the door when he wants out. He loves to snuggle in bed and he's taken over my husbands pillow... he (my husband) is going to love that one when he gets home and finds that he has to fight for his side of the bed! I'm thankful for my little bundle. He's helped me through all the teary eyed moments that I've had to face. He makes me laugh and keeps me extra busy. Although, nothing and no one can replace my husband, Jake is definitely a BIG help!

Kristen Sharp
Killeen, TX

We saved Kurt from a shelter

My husband and I were browsing local shelters to find a dog that would be perfect for our family. As soon as we saw this little guy with his sad eyes whimpering and jumping around I just had to take him home. He is just as fluffy and sweet as he can be we knew he would be a great addition to the family. We are so happy to have him. He loves his family here and is very happy. We saved him from the horrible shelter he was in. Everyone should adopt a shelter dog. The shelters are a horrible and sad place.

Kingsport, TN

Little Lobo

I found Lobo at the Orange County Pet Expo this year. He is around a year old and we believe he is a pomeranian-chihuahua mix. I passed by his cage and immediately fell in love. I asked to hold him and he was so timid and sad (He has turned into such a happy dog, my mom claims "he must have been drugged!"). Lobo was rescued from a Hispanic family (hence the Spanish name - although his name is not very fitting. Lobo means "wolf" in Spanish, but I think he looks much more like a fox "zorro"!) where he was outside 24/7 and kicked by the children. I was told by the rescuer that "despite the children's actions, Lobo was wagging his tail and kissing them." Lobo LOVES to cuddle and cover you in kisses. When it is bedtime or even naptime, he is always there to fall asleep in our arms! Our other dog, Riley (also a pomeranian), and Lobo became fast friends and love going to the dog park and swimming at the dog beach! This dog just has the most amazing disposition and I don't know what our family would do without him!

Kailei Dennin
Huntington Beach, CA
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