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Missouri Puppy Mill Survivor

Margarita was a Missouri Puppy Mill breeder dog who was caged, used and abused, for the first 8 to 10 years of her life. When she couldn't breed anymore she was put up for auction. There, she was found and rescued by caring people, from Wee Wagon Rescue, in Fort Myers, FL.

Two years ago, she was adopted by an aging, disabled, semi-retired nurse and went to live in a wonderful women's community. There, Margarita found many dog friends with which to walk and play; though, she prefers the company of cats, of which there are many, also.

At first, Margarita was terrified. She held her ears flat back against her head and her body stiff and still, like a dead rabbit. She tried to bite her new mom but, she could only gum her because, she had lost so many teeth due to neglect.

Slowly, with love and patience, and especially with her own great courage, Margarita began to accept petting and attention. Today, she will eat anything edible, that she can get into her mouth, despite having only about 7 teeth, none of which meet. She is loving, affectionate and playful with her mom, but also quite demanding, pulling all 6+ pounds of herself, mightily, against her leash, to insist on a walk or a ride in the car or the golf cart. She never, ever barks, but, she whimpers and cries to be picked up and held or taken along when mom goes out. Her mom is very proud and honored to be Margarita's person.

Margarita wants you to see her picture from the community Howloween Pet Parade. She hopes you will remember her and sign the petition to get rid of Missouri Puppy Mills. Please help free her puppies, grandpuppies, and all that are still there.

Jesse Whitewolf
North Fort Myers,, FL

I've been lost, but now I'm found.

"I'm a beagle. One day I put my nose down and started to walk. Next thing I knew, I was lost. Someone found me after what seemed like a lifetime - which for me was a day without dinner. I was brought to a big store that was full of dog food. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Two people stopped and started calling me Mickey. They looked nice, so I decided being this Mickey wasn't so bad."

"That was 7 years ago. I don't get lost anymore, because there is a fence around my really big back yard. Now my days are spent sleeping in the sun or in my favorite blue chair. Blue is my color. I haven't missed a meal in seven years, so perhaps getting lost isn't so bad?"

There are still many lost souls wandering the streets. Now is your time to save one. All it takes is one meal a day and a sunbeam.

Bath, OH


He came into my life one frigid December morning, a sick, bedraggled handful of kitten, cold, sick and hungry. One rub against my leg, one "meow", and that was it. For the next 13 years he filled my life with joy and laughter. August 25, 2010, will be ten years since I had to say good bye--yet the memory of him still makes me teary-eyed. As Leo Dworken so perfectly stated, "No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat." They truly leave pawprints in our hearts. I still miss you, sweetie!

Mount Joy, PA

From a field straight into my heart!

A woman found 'Sissy' in a TN field weighing 2.5 lbs, very sick and the tip of her left ear was bitten off. The woman took her into a vet's office, but they refused care and told her to take her to animal control. I got a call from someone that was thankfully in the waiting room. I gave the vet my CC# and she was treated but still sick. 3 wks later I had her brought to FL to live with me. She was later diagnosed with Addison's disease. I learned all I could about the she is thriving and doing well on her meds! I'm so glad I got the call that day! I know she saved me...not vice-versa. She's an amazing dog who is so full of love that she teaches me everyday the lesson of endurance and unconditional love!!!!

Elizabeth Parrillo
Alpharetta, GA

From Semi-Feral Alley Cat to Loving, Hugging Cat

A little over a year after adopting my Maine Coon mix, Kamikaze (Kazi) I decided it was time for another kitty for me and a friend for Kazi. Though I wanted a female, I kept seeing a black medium haired boy on Petfinder. His story said he was caught by Animal Control at 6 months and was currently in foster care because he was shy. So I scheduled a time for Kazi and I to meet him. At 9 months old he was very shy, to the point that he was classified as semi-feral. We just let him do his thing and really liked him. The foster mom gave her persmission for me to adopt him and I brought him him Easter Sunday that year. At first he was isolated, because when he was neutered he was taken out of the crate with a rabbit blanket and it gave him lice. Once that was treated he went under the bed for awhile and I put a litter pan, food and water under there. In time he learned he can trust me and that I loved him dearly. That was almost 8 years ago. Now he loves people and will put his paws on his shoulders to give you a hug.He loves cheese - it's the easiest way to his heart. When he reached 5 years old I learned that like Kazi, Kahlua was also a Maine Coon - my favorite breed of cat. It took many years, but now he sleeps on the bed with me (along with everybody else). He gets in my face when he wants attention. I've been blessed with an amazing cat, all thanks to his wonderful foster mom taking him in!

Mariesa Limmer
Bonney Lake, WA

Run Dazey Run

Took 1 month for the humane catcher to catch this 10 month old abused puppy. She knew how to hide. Anti - social & medical needs was a deciding factor to put her down. A helper saw my plea on the petfinder for a dog of her kind, as we had lost our Nomad dog to cancer, & we are older they decided maybe we could help her socialize. Took some doing, but she is a wonderful, trusting companion to us.

Amazing Dazey by my side always. She loves to go camping & fishing with us. Has her own lawn chair & warms our feet at night.

Sarah J. Frazier
Union Gap, WA

Little Missy

We adopted Missy in January, from a local rescue shelter. Missy was 6 years old, declawed in the front, and abandoned by her owners because they "didn't have time for her". I've convinced myself that this must have been a difficult decision, because Missy had us at "meow" and stole our hearts before they even took her out of the cage. She has since been the most loving, playful, funny and tolerant cat, and we're so happy she chose us to be her forever family.

Houston, TX

Our baby

This is Cindy Lou. We had to put our dog of 17 to sleep because he was riddled with cancer and in terrible pain. I was heartbroken and couldn't get over his passing. A friend told be about a phone number in the paper with Jack Russell puppies for sale. I had always liked that breed so I called and went. They were out of puppies but he said he was thinking of selling the mother. She was barking at me through the wire cage and wagging her stub and I was in love. I brought her home and when my husband saw her he was in love also. I took her to the vet to have her spayed and checked out and found out about puppy mills. She was just two and had already had two litters. Her health was ok but she had a mild case of lyme disease. We cured that. She was slightly underweight, but you can see we cured that. I still miss our Scruffy and think of him often but Cindy Lou has healed the heart with just being her.

Donna Marshall
Monticello, IN

Our Shy Sierra

My fiance used to work outside heading up a survey crew. Well, several years ago he was working in a residential area and saw these adorable little kittens who lived in a hole under a house. Anytime he went close, they would dart under the house. He knows I adore animals, cats especially, and decided we were getting a new family member. He set up a special trap one day and low and behold the next day he had caught a sweet little fuzzball who became our Sierra. She is just beautiful with what what looks white eye liner around her eyes and the sweetest personality. When she fell asleep on my lap all sprawled out, I knew I was in love.

She is a very shy baby and often runs if you walk toward her. She is likely the runt of her litter. But when you're at her level,such as on a bed or a chair, she jumps up and just loves to be stroked and told how pretty she is. In fact, she demands it. If she decides she hasn't received enough love, she comes to one of us squeaking her little head off. Not much of a voice, but don't tell her that. ;-)

For a long time she was the baby of our family. But we adopted two new little kittens and Sierra decided she was their boss. She bops them upside the head if she decides they get out of line. We now have four adopted cats and Sierra remains our shy, precious baby. While she isn't the bravest feline, she loves sitting near her people and keeping a close eye on them. I call her our little spy because oftentimes, you'll only see half her face or an eye peeking around a corner.

Cary, NC

Hammie's Tale

I found Hammie a few months ago running in traffic down a very busy street. She was 15 pounds overweight and covered in fleas. After taking her to the vet's office where I worked, I put her on a great diet and had a tumor removed. She is now a very happy Hammie living in her new home.

George Town, Cayman Islands
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