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I was looking for a doberman on and saw a pair of abandoned corgi-dobie puppies on a rescue website. Because I couldn't imagine what a corgi-dobie cross could possibly look like, I had to adopt them! When I got to the group's temporary shelter, in a donated garage, I met the funniest-looking puppies I'd ever seen. Here are my Mirabel and Allegra all grown up, and I may be biased, but I think they're gorgeous.

Seattle, WA


I love cats and dogs and would probibly have a houseful but due to very bad allergies my Dr. has advised against it. Thank you for allowing me the honor of helping pets even though I can' t adopt, I do love to help. Your doing a wonderful job keep up the good work.

Marge Holliman
Fair Grove, MO


My husband and I found our puppy through a local website and adopted her from the Lockhart Animal Shelter in Lockhart, TX. We had plenty of adorable puppies to choose from but there was just something about this sweet and quiet one that was just watching us while all the others were jumping up and down. We took her home and named her CENIZA because of the ashen color of her coat. She is the sweetest dog I could ever have hoped for. My husband and I couldn't be happier and now the three of us are hardly ever apart!

Manor, TX

Ruger, our little pistol!

Pictured with our oldest grandson, Derek,we adopted Ruger when he was four moonths old. He had been returned because of a behavioral problems! He was the only dog in the shelter that wasn't barking,...but rather,sleeping! I fell in love with him immediately. We thought he might have been meant to be a hunting dog with a name like Ruger, although he's part German Shepherd, lab and husky. We had 7 days to return him, and he never barked until the 8th day. Smart little guy! We have now had him for nearly 14 years, and what a wonderful dog he's been. Ruger was our only pet for probably 5 yrs, then came birds, then 2 horses and a cat. He is the protector of all! The birds even land on him!. He has always been my hiking partner along with our cat, He loves to ride in the car, even though now he uses steps to get in & out. He became our first horse, Howie's barn mate until the arrival of the second horse. He is a very much loved pet, and one we will never be able to forget..

Pam Welker
Branchport, NY

Brave Warrior Nicky

My husband was closing the crawl space under our house, getting ready for winter. He saw two little eyes in the dark near the back of the space. We kept the light on and left food and a bed. The next morning the food was gone. I couldn't wait so I crawled back under the house and was able to get the little kitten. When I put him in the box, he didn't move, he just sank down into the towel. At the vet they determined he was about 5 months old and weighed 1 1/2 pounds. He slept in his bed under a washcloth. We hadn't planned to keep him but once I named him my husband knew that was it, he would be staying. He sleeps on my chest and purrs lots. He is the king cat in the house with his buddy, Wally (a Border Collie).

Cynthia Marty
Divide, CO

Obi our sweet little stinker!

We already have a huge rottie and a rescue lab mix, so when we went to go pet & play with the dogs at the shelter, I never expected another. Playing with them, I heard my husband ask, "Honey, can we keep her?" I couldn't believe it! A little lab mix puppy with the sweetest eyes and a white blotch on the tip of one paw had won my husband over instantly and just after that ... me. Obi is the sweetest, most loving, playful little stinker with endless kisses who is spoiled rotten and loves her family, squeakies and bones! She thrives on routine and reminds us if we are one minute off from it! What a loving find that we didn't even expect! Rescues are definitely the most rewarding way to go!

Veronica J
Sparta, TN

If Mickey could talk....

Mickey was only about a week to 10 days old when he was found. He was crying so loud it didn't take long to find him. His eyes were still closed and his little ears still folded down. I was not sure what happened to him but his left back leg was crushed and the foot was just dangling by a string. I could only imagine how much pain this little guy was in. I had to feed him a bottle and teach him to go potty by wiping his little behind. He would fall asleep cradled in my arms in a blanket like a baby. Soon after I rescued him he opened his little eyes and his ears popped up. The vet removed the dried deadend foot leaving just the crushed leg to heal. He did not like walking on the stumped leg so when he was old enough the vet removed the whole leg. He grew into a big loving boy who has no problem chasing the other two cats around the house. To this day he still falls asleep in my arms craddled in a blanket. If my Mickey could talk, I would love to hear his story.

Anne Hurt
Monticello, IA

Sweet Kitty left behind

How can someone leave their cat behind when they move? Well that's what happened to me, the people that lived behind us left their cat when they moved but lucky for me I LOVE CATS. It took me a while to get close to him he was scared poor baby but one day I was sitting in my garage and he came running in and just jumped in my lap! That was our first contact so I named him Romeo because he is a little lover kitty.

He is now my kitty along with a couple of other neighbor kitties who hang out in my backyard.

Gardena, CA


I have always had such a huge soft spot for animals. I just recently purchased my first home with my partner and we couldn't wait to share it with a cat in need. We were all set to go to the shelter this past weekend, but on Friday afternoon, a co-worker of mine received a phone call about a 2 week old kitten in need of a home. This little one was found underneath some bushes, after waiting for hours for her mother to return, she never did. The shelters had no room for her and all of the rescue groups were full, so I decided that this was my chance to do what we have been waiting to do for so long. I stepped in and rescued my little Rue and took her home. She got a clean bill of health on Saturday and is doing great so far! We called her "Rue" (like Rue Paul!) because at first we didn't know if she was a boy or a girl and it took the vet forever to figure it out! Turns out, she's a little girl :) She'll always have a great home with us!

Lindenhurst, NY

A bag full of 'Cookie'

As one of the many people who feed and care for our town's local ferals, I wasn't looking for another cat to replace my lovely boy India, who lost the fight with cancer last August, after three years of chemo, shots, meds and doctor visits. As another dedicated person and I were feeding our ferals, a skinny, cautiously shy, ticked tabby slinked up to us and meowed for food! We knew she wasn't a feral because she wasn't afraid of humans. Well, all I can say is someone's loss is my gain! She's the sweetest "Cookie" I've had the pleasure to enjoy over and over again! Come on, people, rescue a stray and share the love.

Dee Matyi
Stow, OH
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