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Miko: Third time a charm!

This is Miko, a Cairn Terrier/Basenji hybrid. Named after the precocious raccoon in the Disney hit, "Pocahontas", Miko (sic) has many of the same mischievous habits as his namesake. Unfortunately, this led to his incarceration in the Santa Barbara Co. Shelter more than once.

Part terrier, Miko is a natural escape artist. His first family could no longer afford the bail money and was forced to give him up. He was then adopted by a second family for the wrong reason- solely to keep their first dog company so they wouldn't have to.

Miko is a people-oriented pup, and when he showed little interest in being a playmate to another canine, he was unceremoniously dumped back at the shelter after two weeks.

I came upon the little guy after a week of checking all the rescue orgs in the county. He was in an exercise area with a very yappy little red-haired pup, standing on a rock quietly watching me approach. His intelligent look sold me and in less than an hour we were on our way home.

That was 3 1/2 years ago and we have become best pals. His presence made this disabled Veteran's life bearable during a very bad stretch, most likely saving my life. Oh, it should be noted that I was 50 at the time of adoption, and Miko was the first dog I ever had. Some things are just meant to be.

John S Darlington
Winter Park, FL

He really WAS Lucky...

He really WAS Lucky...

...and so were all of us! Lucky was dropped off as a kitten at the farm where I was living. He would bring me presents (like a certain organ from each mouse he caught) including a bat! One time he wouldn't eat for three days...I finally found some fur and one foot of the rabbit he had caught. He was too cunning for the coyotes in the neighborhood. After convincing me he belonged indoors part time, he became my beloved companion until a move necessitated finding another home for him. My parents in Montana gladly took him in for several years until THEIR move again necessitated a change, this time to my sister back in Colorado, where he lived out his life keeping her golden retriever in line and entertaining her many guests by systematically greeting them at gatherings. (She renamed him "Sumo" because of his size). He convinced both my future husband and my sister's husband that they could like cats - at least this one. Absolutely the best cat with the most personality I have ever seen!

Pat Athey
Englewood, CO

Sweet Raisin

Little Raisin came to us from Kindred Spirits Small Dog Rescue in Dallas. He had a systemic yeast infection, only two teeth and slept 22 hours a day. We weren't sure how long we'd have him, especially considering the vet thought he was 13 at the time. During the past two and a half years, he has become our Benjamin Button--he has gotten handsomer, healthier and happier the longer we've had him. He runs and plays with his adopted dog brother and sister and he gets the luxury of sleeping in the middle of the bed every night. He is truly an example of what good food and good love can do for a rescued animal.

Lynette Elliott
Dallas, TX

Save a Tray!

It was a cold rainy night when this guy was found. He had been wandering and was far from home. We hung flyers, and actually found his owners the very next day. Needless to say, he got out again (or ran away). His owners were not very responsible and obviously neglected him as he is very leary of people. Someone found him and picked him up. They saw my flyer from the week prior and called. "Ernest" is now a part of our family. He is safe and getting lots and lots of love. We know that eventually we will earn his trust. We aren't giving up on him!

Moro, IL

Our handsome hairless

This is Yoda. He is a rare breed called a Sphynx. He often acts more like a monkey/dog combo than a cat. His all-time favorite thing to do is to snuggle under the blankets with us to keep warm. He loves playing with his brothers Vincent and Orlando. I hate when people say he's ugly. He's not ugly, he's unique. Look at those big green eyes! What a handsome boy!!!

Moro, IL

The twins

Miss Kitty and Vincent were living in a wooded area along with their mother and two other brothers. We took Vincent (right) and gave his sister Kitty to my mom. They get to see each other often and still romp and play like kittens. No one will admit it, but I sometimes believe that Vincent is the household favorite. You can't really pin-point it; there's just something about the big guy. (Their mother and brothers were rescued by another family).

Moro, IL


Meet Orlando - don't let the picture fool you; he's a crazy man! Most of his days are spent climbing in cabinets, knocking over vases, tormenting his brothers and sisters, etc. But we wouldn't trade him for the world. His spunky personality keeps us laughing.

Moro, IL

Little Lucy

This little angel was found running loose on a very busy road. When my neighbor picked her up, she called me right away. Her request was that I keep her until we found her owner. Flyers were hung, newspapers were called - no one claimed her. Selfishly I was happy! I fell in love with Lucy the minute I saw her. She is now very happy and safe; along with her big sister Bailey.

Moro, IL

Our little Buggz

Buggz was rescued from a heat duct in a vacant, foreclosed apartment building. He was screaming his little lungs out--we could hear him from the street! As real estate agents we frequently come across animals that have been left behind so we scoop them up and try to find homes for them. Buggz was very small when we found him--he weighed about a pound and the vet guesstimated his age at about 8 weeks. He was full of fleas and ear mites but he was still "cute as a bug" so we named him Buggz. We decided that he would fit in with our family so he joined the other 3 cats (2 of whom are rescues) and the 2 dogs. He enjoys plenty of love, fun and food and is "bug-free" of course. A rescued animal seems to know what you have done for them and they are very loving, loyal and thankful.

Hope Heidenreich
Dayton, OH

My little Cubby Bear

Rebel came to me by pure luck..A women brought him in to our vet clinic to be euthanized because he wandered up to her house and couldnt keep him. He was malnurished, losing hair, and very scared. I just happened to be working that day and decided to just foster him. I vaccinated him, and had him neutered. He took a long time to trust me, but finally he did. I searched for a home for him cause I already had 4 dogs of my own. But he was so scared of everyone and acted like he had been abused in the past. I decided to just adopt him myself and welcome him into our family. He has been so wonderful and sweet. He is still very timid around everyone but me, but he is getting there slowly but surely. I have had him now for 2 years and he has become the most wonderful dog. He is playful and silly, but he loves his momma...that would be me of course. He appreciates me like no other. I am very happy to have him in my life and I will take good care of him and give him the most wonderful home possible. He is only 3 years old now so he has a lot of life and good times ahead of him. I am truly blessed. Oh by the way I call him my little bear cub cause thats what he reminds me of.

Lee Ann
Monroe, GA
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