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Hand reared from the day she was born

My little cat Treacle was found with her umbilial cord still on but without a mother. I happened to be visitng my local vet that day and was shown a tiny little cold kitten. Jan, one of the vet nurses reared her and she became mine. She is very gentle and relaxed. She loves to sit on shoulders. She and my other cat Harrie really enjoy their cat run.

Carolyn Frank
Melbourne, Australia

Princess 'Fraidy Pants

We didn't need another cat. We already had three and our Chloe, a Torti-Siamese affectionately called "Princess Fancy Pants" was enough of a diva that we had a pretty full house. Chloe is my boyfriends cat who was left by his ex-wife and had never really been socialized so she lived in the closet most of the time and did not like humans. It took 6 months of catching Chloe and forcing her to be petted to make her come around and now she is a demandcing lap cat. One day I made the "mistake" of looking online and found Chloe's "twin", another Torti. After reading her bio on how she doesn't like humans (but loves other cats) and therefore was pretty much unadoptable, I thought of Chloe and her trials and knew I had to bring this shelter kitty home. Knowing she'd never be adopted otherwise, it broke my heart to know she'd spend her life in a shelter. Because of Chloe, we already knew the routine: catch her every day and force her to be petted and loved on so we felt very equipped to adopt her. So, we filled out the adoption papers and after two months, finally brought Lzzy home . Lzzy (aka Princess 'Fraidy Pants) is a scared kitty who runs every time she sees us (it's only been a week since we got her), but every day she's coming out a little more, interacting her three kitty siblings and every day, if only for a few minutes, I catch her, pet her, and talk to her. I believe in time, she'll learn to trust us and I know that this previously "unadoptable" beauty now has a forever home even if she never sits on my lap. Please adopt!

Heidi Davies
Millersburg, IN

Unexpected Christmas present

We found Millie on a freezing December morning huddled by the side of the road. She was heavily matted, covered with fleas and anemic. After a few days at the vet she became a beautiful addition to our family. She is very opinionated and demanding at times but also is very loving and happy to be in her forever home.

Mary Stewart
Dansville, NY

Killers story

Killer was a 1 yr old cockapoo. Seeing him, it's no wonder he only had a day left. He was a mess, you could't tell his head from his rear. We found out his previous owners were a couple, the man beat the woman, and "Killer" would try to defend the woman (as much as a 12lb puppy could) and was beaten for it. He quickly resonded to training. He was so smart. Learned all kinds of tricks easily. Unfortunately, he had seizures, and was though to be epileptic. We were told he'd need daily medication. I didn't think his seizures patterened epilepsy, and I knew of the side effects of seizure meds. Upon further research, I thought his episodes more closely followed allergic reactions. I did a few trials. He was allergic to Red Dye #40, a dye in most pet foods. When I changed his diet, his seizures stopped completely. So this isn't just a happy rescue story-which it is, Killer was my baby, this is a story for anyone who has a pet "diagnosed" with epilepsy. 3 different vets passed it off as epilepsy = a lifetime of seizure meds. Just give it a try. Monitor the ingredients of their food. A few brands of foods do not contain the dye. Killer lived a long and spoiled life, along with his sister Tuffy, a Bichon-Maltese mix, until the ripe old age of 15. Spoiled and loved every day. He left the most precious impression on my life.

I don't know who said it, but it's the most truthful statement I've ever encountered.... "A dog is the only person who will love you more that it loves its self."

And a thought...what would the world be like if we really were the person our dogs thought we were?

Kristen Potting
Knoxville, TN

A Papa for Piper

Piper is a beautiful mixed Golden Retriever that has the face of a Grizzly and a heart as big as her head! Piper's owner and best friend had passed away and there was no one to take care of Piper - so Piper ended up at Pointe Coupee Animal Shelter. Piper was so sad and unhappy without her owner, she began to bark excessively. The volunteers tried working with Piper, but nothing would make Piper stop barking. We thought Piper was going to end up living her life out with us at the shelter...but then there Jim.

Jim is a mature gentlemen that often visited nursing homes with his faithful old dog pal. His dog went everywhere with him - riding in the camper shell on the back of his truck. One day, Jim's truck was stolen - with his dog in the back! Later the truck was found but no sight of his faithful old dog pal. Jim was very sad.

One day, Jim decided to visit the Pointe Coupee Animal Shelter. He had spoke to the Adoption Director who told him about several great dogs the shelter was caring for and one in particular, Piper who had been at the shelter for a while and was mourning the loss of her owner. So Jim came to the shelter. The director let Piper out; Piper went to take care of her business and ran right back to her pen when called. Jim asked Piper to come with him. He opened the tailgate and told her to get in. Piper jumped right up like she must have done so many times before with her beloved owner. It was a match made in heaven. Jim and Piper knew they belonged together. Piper finally went home.

Ventress, LA


I was tied to a shopping cart in the parking lot of a local pet food store. The note on my collar asked that I not be brought back to the pound, but that someone take me home. Two people found me and did just that.

She is a great addition to our household. Loves her siblings. Full of life. Will play catch for HOURS.

Go and save someone who needs some love and attention. Guess who gets the love and attention...You do!

Bath, OH

Always the Perfect Gentleman

I wrote a previous story about my Bentley a few months ago. He was diagnosed with large-cell lymphoma in April. This morning, he is in doggie heaven.

He was always the perfect gentleman. I think the fact he was rescued made him live life with an attitude of gratefulness. I am so grateful I had him in my life for almost 11 years. I will miss him and so will his two "adopted" and rescued brothers.

To Bentley -- the perfect gentleman, my strong comforter when I needed one, and a loyal and faithful companion. Love you to heaven dear, sweet boy...


Flower Mound, TX

Flower Mound, TX

Dapper old fellow gets a new leash on life....

Charleigh was a happy and well loved southern gent who had no reason to think his life would ever change. However when his family lost their home, Charleigh also lost his. He was turned down by one rescue after another because "He's too old and no one will adopt him". Enter Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network. Upon meeting this sweet guy and hearing his story he quickly became a Col. Potter kid in spite of his "senior" status.

He arrived at his foster family's home with a friendly attitude, impeccable manners, and a spring in his step. Watching him play with the resident dogs it was hard to imagine this dapper fellow was 10 years old. His charming demeanor and rakish good looks quickly endeared him to his foster family who fully expected to be hosting this little man for a long time. After all....who on earth wants to adopt an old dog?

About this time a wonderful family who had recently lost their own beloved cairn boy had begun the search for a dog in need of a home. When they came across Charleigh's picture with his rakish grin and that snappy tartan plaid tam how could they possibly resist? His moms quickly decided their family needed this darling older gent. In short order everything was arranged and Charleigh's new family flew down to pick him up.

He is now living the good life once more. Not only does he have a roof over his head but he has two moms, a sweet cairn sister and his very own nanny! Wooohoo! Charleigh O'Doyle has a new leash on life!.

Bobbie Binns (foster mom)
Hamilton, GA

My Savannah rescued me!

I had a dog for almost 9 years, he was my child, my best friend and my most loyal companion. Dozer was a pit-weiler (pitbull/rottweiler mix), and at 8.5 years old he passed away June 3rd, 2010 from cancer. This was just 6 weeks after his kitty cat foster brother, Tyler (from The Animal Orphanage of Voorhees), passed away from FeLV on April 22. Needless to say, I had a rough few months.

Before Dozer passed I had gotten a new rescue kitty, Bianca, (from the Camden County Animal Shelter) and after Dozer died, I knew that I'd "eventually" get another dog I just didn't know when. I just spent extra time loving Bianca, but all of my friends and family thought I should go look for another dog right away, I wasn't so sure, but a few weeks later I agreed to go and JUST LOOK one day. I went and met 6 dogs on a random Sunday.

"Savannah" was the 5th dog I met and the only one in PA (I live in NJ). Literally, 5 seconds after meeting her, I knew she was the one. She was at a foster home through PAWS, Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. I went back the next night with my application & check for the adoption fee. I spoke to the foster mom every day and finally picked up Savannah the following weekend.

I truly believe Dozer sent her to me, to RESCUE me, she is a perfect angel who needed NO training, except not to try to pick up Bianca with her mouth, LOL.

Savannah rescued me and I can't thank her or love her enough!

Barbara "Mommy" Blackman
Voorhees, NJ

Our Girl,George

One morning as my husband was getting ready to leave for work,he called me from the bedroom and asked me to come into the living room.As he opened the front door,there stood a tiny,9 week old grey tiger kitten,meowing as loud as she could as if she were saying"please feed me".We fed her some tuna,as we didn't have any cat food available,then shooed her on her way,only to find her sitting on our front porch looking through the storm door waiting to come in.Being an animal lover,my heart melted and I scooped her up and brought her in .We guessed that someone had a litter of unwanted kittens and drove around just opening their car door and throwing them out like unwanted trash.George is now a year and a half old and lives the comfortable life with two dogs,a guinea pig and a senior parakeet.

Dianne Kurtz
Davenport, FL
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