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My Lil' Dude...Dex

When I met Dex, I hadn't even looking to bring a dog into my home. I had figured that I work too much to properly care for a dog. I had gone to the pet store with my brother to get some food for his pets and decided to take a look at the dogs for adoption. I didn't see anything pups that stood out to me and was about to leave until I saw a little black nose peeking from underneath some blankets in a bin of Aussie Shepherd pups. The moment I picked him up, I knew there was an instant bond between us.

Two years later, instead of working late, I try to find reasons to get home early so that we can sneak of to the beach and enjoy running around in the sunshine. Everyday I think of how close I came to missing out on having such an awesome friend in my life.

Brian Hedlund
Temecula, CA

Syd Makes a Funny

I work with horses and I don't usually take my dog, Sydney, with me. He gets too jealous of the horses. One day I only had one appointment and I decided to take him along because they were removing large trees in our yard. I didn't want him to be frightened. At the farm I parked in the barnyard and dropped my keys on the seat like always in case the car needed to be moved. Then I went about my business. Half way through trimming one pony my car alarm went off sending the big horses flying in all directions. I thought Syd must be terrified and scrambled through the rain to get to him. As I ran toward my RAV4 there was his face framed in the windshield -- smiling! He almost seemed to be saying, "Do ya hear that?! I doo-ed it!" It was pretty funny until I got to the car and found that when he stepped on my key tag setting off the car alarm he had also locked me out! Luckily it only took AAA about 30 minutes to come open the car for me while I waited in the rain under a tree. Syd was an unclaimed stray from the humane society and these little "adventures" of his always make me wonder what kind of mischief he may have gotten into while he was running wild!

Lisa Phelps
Barnstead, NH

Happiness has a name...Arthur!

After our dog Laces, of fifteen years whom I had resuced as a puppy in NYC, had passed away, our house no longer seemed like a home. My daughter who was three at the time was having trouble adjusting as well. My husband and I decided about a month later to start looking on line at the shelters and we found a dog that we thought was perfect but she was a three hour drive. We got in the car and told my daughter that we had a surprise for her. The shelter had told us that this dog was being held under our name. When we got there, that was not the case. We tried to bond with other dogs at the time but just felt deflated. We returned home and unbeknownst to me, my husband kept looking. He wanted to give us some happiness. He found us a new dog to meet. We were in love with the picture but didn't want to fall intothe same trap. Hesitantly, I applied, we were accepted and the best part is he was only 20 minutes away. His name is Arthur and turned out to be who was meant for us. He is a chow basset mix and has the perfect temperment for our family. (We also have three cats). We are complete once again. And have been living happily for three years. And will continue to for as long as possible.

Melbourne Beach, FL

My Kitty Love

I grew up having more dogs than cats. But when I had to have my older dog put down, and went without a pet for almost a year, I decided to adopt a cat. I looked on & started my search. I almost adopted a cat at the 3rd facility I went to, but decided to wait until I'd gone to the last one. (They had a Maine Coon & I was very intersted in possibly getting one of that breed.) I'm so thankful I waited. They took Harley out of the cage & handed him to me & he reached up & gave me a kiss. Then he did it again. Needless to say, I took him home & he's been a wonderful, sweet, loving cat that I dearly love.

Karran Martin
North Richland Hills, TX

A tribute to Scooby--a gentleman & my best friend in the world

I adopted Scooby at the age of 18 months.Within 2 days of getting great thank you kisses, I knew I made the right move.Scooby was such a gentleman the he refused to potty in my back yard, loved getting groomed haveing his teeth brushed and getting dressed up.For years I had to take him for potty walks.Finally, when he was put on predizone for an alergy, he had to potty so bad that he went in my yard. I think he was about 7 years old when this happened.He had a yellow slicker and rain shoes he wore for our long walks in rain, wind, and snow for those 7 years.Scooby loved chasing squirrels which proved to be quit challenging on leash walks.He was 13 before he actually caught one in the back yard.When I asked him to "Leave It", it looked as if he was saying, "What, after all these years you want me to Leave It? Have you lost your mind woman?" But my mamma's boy left it. Scooby was very smart.Since I lived alone at the time, I taught Scooby to bring me the cordless phone if I should fall in a matter of 20 minutes after seeing it on a PBS special for help dogs.I love him more than I ever loved anyone on this earth.After 14 yrs. I had to help Scooby pass over in March.He lost 15lbs., had doggie alzimers, could no longer walk so I carried him and all the drugs and cooking special meals could no longer help.I did not want him to suffer any more.After mos.of horrendous grieving,I went to a VA shelter and found an 18 mo.old border collie mix. He will never be my Scooby, but he is very sweet and helps to fill the void. Shelter dogs rule!

Denise Leach
Catonsville, MD

My Tiny...

This is Tiny! We found this precious pup on the side of the road with about 5 siblings along with a pet carrier. It looked as if someone had just set them out on the side of the road hoping for them to just disappear. Well, we spotted the crew and stopped and I immediately fell in love! I knew I could only keep 1, so I grabbed, who is now known as Tiny and we ran back to tell our friends about the others. Once we found potential homes for the other pups, we ran back to pick them all up, and to our surprise, they were gone! I just pray that the other babies were taken to a good home and given the unconditional love they all deserveā€¦Just like Tiny has!

Bridgette B.
Belton, SC

Lacy Lou

This is Lacy I found her on the local animal shelter website, she was so skinny and has heart worms and has problems with her eyes knowing all of this I still adopted her. She has gain weight and her eyes are alot better, she is the best dog in the world so loving and so funny I'm glad I found her. Our house will never be the same.

Jacque Stanford
Saltillo, MS

Meet our boy Jack

Meet our boy Jack. When we rescued him from our local shelter he only weighed 21 pounds, and had been brought back twice. He now lives with our other 3 dogs and is a happy, healthy boy. He loves to run and play.

Welcome, MD

Mr Moses

We rescued Moses from Argyll Animal Aid almost two years ago. He was a feral kitten born with only one eye, a very nervous little scrap. With love and affection he has grown into the most handsome boy ever, and brings us untold joy every day.

Christine Burns
Kilmarnock, Scotland, United Kingdom


My name is Sammy I am a six month old puppy and I was thrown out of a car by my owner. I was hit by another car and thrown across the street and landed in a storm drain. I was left to die by the man who hit me with his car. A nice lady saw what happened and called the local animal control to come get me. They got me out of the storm drain and they took me to the pound. I could not walk and could hardly breathe. The vet there said I had distemper and a broken leg and told the girls to put me down. One of the girls asked if they could call a Basset Hound Rescue and see if they would take me the vet told her "go ahead." The girl called a Basset Rescue and they came to see me. I was puking and coughing not able to walk. The Basset Rescue man took me in his arms, and said we will take him. This man took me to another vet who said I had a hernia I could not breathe because all of my intestines were pushed up into my lung cavity and I was slowly suffocating. They rushed me into emergency surgery and while I was in surgery, after I was stable and able to breathe again, the vet man fixed my leg and nuetered me. I was taken home a few days later to rescue and put up for adoption. I know if the rescue man had not come to get me I would not be alive right now but now I am a very healthy happy puppy with a good family to live with. God bless rescues for saving dogs like me!!

Chris Bly
Raytown, MO
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