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Kirby-my beautiful kitty healer

When we moved into a new house we met Kirby, our next door neighbor's 10+ year old kitty. Kirby was a very talkative and friendly kitty and we connected with one another immediately.

I noticed that not only was Kirby outside 24 hrs a day in all kinds of increment weather, there was never any food or water set out for her.

So I fed her ...and she gained a decent amount of weight and seemed very happy with the outdoor cat house I had bought for her. A few years later we brought here inside permanently. By then, our neighbor had forgotten about her.

For the past five months I have experienced severe migraines with nausea that leave me completely debilitated.

One day I was sitting/lying on the couch trying not to throw- up from one of these migraines, when Kirby climbed, unbidden into my lap.She put her little paws on my chest, laid her head down and began to purr. We sat like that for nearly twenty minutes. I felt a deep sense of relaxation and peace. From a distance I could actually feel the relentless pain in my head receding little by little until amazingly it was completely gone. At which point, Kirby jumped off my lap and returned to her usual resting place. I was astonished as these migraines tend to last for days.

Not long after that experience I had another migraine.After twelve hours of agony I approached Kirby and asked her to take away the hideous migraine. She replied in her sweet kitty voice and climbed on top of me. We rested together for fifteen minutes.One again I felt deeply relaxed and peaceful. The migraine gradually receded and then disappeared entirely.

Kirby, at age seventeen, is my special kitty angel and a true healer.

Leslie Meeks
Pleasanton, CA

A Beautiful Soul

We do Weimaraner Rescue. Corbin came to us as a foster in December 2006. He was adopted out but returned in June 2008 in pretty bad shape. He had a dislocated elbow on one front leg that went untreated for over a year. In compensating for the pain, he limped on his right front leg causing damage to that ankle. He was also covered with ticks, had ring worm, tape worm, and x-rays showed his back end was riddled with buckshot. Before we could address the damage to his elbow, we had to get his right leg fixed. Unfortunately the surgery didn't work, and Corbin slowly went downhill. We formally adopted him in January 2009. In March despite a second surgery and six weeks of physical therapy, Corbin was no longer able to stand up. We did all we could to make his life as happy and comfortable as possible. We built him a cart and ramp for transport. We moved a bed downstairs and took turns sleeping with him. We carried him in and out so he could potty and enjoy outdoors. The pain medication he was on began to affect his organs. He finally stopped eating, so we had to have him put to sleep on July 14. We learned so much from Corbin while he was with us... the meaning of unconditional love, absolute trust, and forgiveness. Corbin had every reason to hate people, but he was always excited to meet anyone who came to visit. Until the end he always smiled, and although we know he was in pain, he did his best to make us happy. We miss him every day and part of our hearts will always be his. I'm sure he's happy now running again on the other side of that rainbow bridge.

Shelley Rhinesmith
McCordsville, IN

Muscat saved me

Something was missing in our lives. We had so many sad times in our lives. It was time to get a cat. My friend drove us to Coldstream Animal Shelter

Having lost my boy tabby Tiger (20 years old) i had my heart set on a female tabby. We looked around and this one cat kept looking at me. I look at him and look some more I saw a female tabby but it don't not won't a bar of me. I look around some more. No way known ways I going home empty handed. I look in on another mum said the other cat was still looking at me. So i walked over to his en closer I put his paw through one of the square holes. I put my my finger in another hole, he put his paw onto my finger. he was smooching up to me. I was able to go in and pond with. I opened the door and he jumped into my arms and purring his head of. From that moment on he was mine and I was his. he plays everyday and most nights he sleeps by my side.He makes me smile and laugh everyday. He has brought so much happiness back to our lives.

Jenny Mietzcke
Melbourne, Australia

From the Canal to the Castle

Oct 6 04 a boy knocked on my office door & said, "Lady, there's a dog in ur swimming pool." It wasn't a swimming pool, but a canal in New Orleans. Outside I found a dog, standing on an overturned shopping cart. He was crying,barking & begging for help. After numerous phone calls to 911, local fire depts., the humane society & local vets, no one was able to help me. Now it was up to me. After about 3 hours of trying to coax him to the side of the canal & not being successful, I was worried I was going to have to get IN the canal to get him out. I went next door to an abandoned building looking for aids available in helping me rescue this pup. I found boards on the back side of the building, so I picked one that was long and wide...I thought I could lay it out & he would get on the board & walk to me. When I returned, he was gone. My initial thought was "Oh no....he's drowned"....but suprisingly, he'd swam to the side & was trying to climb up the steep enbankment. One of my co-workers held my feet and I laid on my stomach and reached down as far as I could...looked directly in his big brown eyes, asked him not to bite me, & pulled him up and over the side of the canal. I always say this is as close to childbirth as I will ever get....I was covered in canal slime and so was "Canali" and he was laying on my belly, licking my face and I was crying my eyes out like I HAD just given birth. My husband and I always say "Did I rescue Canali or did Canali rescue us?"

Janna Leone
Fremont, CA

Basement Bunny

Bert was the only rabbit left at the animal rescue near my home. He had gotten out of his cage and escaped into the basement. I knew the woman who rescued him, so I agreed to help her catch him. When we caught him, she told me that I could keep him. I decided to name him Bert. It wasn't a typical rabbit name, because he wasn't a typical rabbit. We don't know what breed he was, but that didn't matter. That was 6 years ago. He passed away today, September 5. I'm going to miss him, and things will be very weird without him. He was a fantastic rabbit and my family loved him very much.

Lacona, NY

Colby is blind & deaf but can teach us all a lesson on life.

Colby is the most special kitty. He will teach you what life is all about. He was born a perfectly healthy kitten. He went in for his routine neuter and had a sever reaction to the anesthesia. He woke up a very sick little guy. He was at a 24 hour vet in critical condition for three weeks. Then he came home to my house and he had to relearn how to walk, use the kitty box and eat. He lost his sight and hearing. He can hear vibrations and reacts almost like he can hear. He can also hear high pitched sounds like a baby crying or kittens crying. Both of which are in my house. I clap my hands and he comes to me. It has been 5 months and I am happy to say you wouldn't even know he has any disabilities. He didn't let anything hold him back. He can walk normal & find the cat box. Never has accidents. He knows how to get to his food. Cuddles with all the cats in my house, both young and old. He has so much determina! tion. 4 weeks ago he taught himself how to climb up my stairs and now he can come down the stairs as well. When he wants something he hollers so I know he either wants food or to be picked up or to get in my bed to cuddle and sleep with me. He is one independent guy and I have learned so much from him.

Cheri Friedman
tarzana, CA

The Birthday Girl

My husband and I went to our local Animal Shelter one day just for something to do. He had already made it clear that no animals were coming home with us, as we already had 1 dog and he thought that was enough.

When I was walking down the isle of dog pens, I saw a skinny black dog with long floppy ears and sad eyes looking through the bars at me, I stopped to pat her head and then walked on. She must have spoken to my heart when I patted her, because I kept feeling the urge to look back. Each time I did, there she was, still sitting there looking at me with those big sad eyes! As I walked back by her pen,, her head followed my every move.

I told my husband to come look at her,, he looked at her, then looked at me, and said "You want her, don't you?" I just smiled and said, yes, but I understand that we came to look, not get.

Well, she must have touched something inside him as well, cause we adopted her that very day! We didn't know it till the paperwork was being filled out, but she was due to be ethinized the next week!

That fateful day was 9 years ago this past June! She moved into our home well, and was best friends with Benji in no time.

I am happy to say,, that skinny sad eyed floppy eared doggy,, has grown into a this fat sassy girl who loves to celebrate her birthday's with belly rubs, and cake!

She's our funny little girl, and she still touches my heart each and every day!!

Donna Burke
Waco, TX

Abby the Love Machine!

I adopted Abby from Colorado Fox Terrier Rescue two years ago. Since coming into my life she has brought more love and pleasure than I can describe. Abby is a lap dog and loves to crawl on my lap, throw her little body back into my arm and stretch her head back to give me a big, wet, kiss as if to say..."I love you dad!" I can't imagine life without Abby, she is so special and such a big part of our lives.

Alan Gates
Highlands Ranch, CO

Rescue from the Highway

Here's the story of Cruiser - A cold Feb day and I sent my boyfriend to the grocery store - He comes home and says "I have something for you on the front seat" and I am excited and thinking flowers or candy, and there lies a small pathetic black kitten, emaciated & crying. He had been limping across a major highway in traffic and my boyfriend stopped and scooped him up in his coat. He thought he would bring him home and I would take him to a shelter - WRONG. I ran him to our vet; he was only 4 pounds, with rickets and an upper respiratory infection, a mangled paw and a bite on his ear. After quarantining him in a spare room, lots of medicines, feeding him with a dropper, and sleeping with him when he cried, he made a full recovery and is now 15 pounds of spoiled cat. He's been with us for over a year now and is a part of the family. A real momma's boy, he follows me everywhere and he can't even "meow", he only makes a "meep" noise. He has made a full recovery and now shares our home with another cat, Pockets, we rescued from being taken to a shelter by his previous owner, and our Chihuahua/Terrier, Bosley.

Maria Novak
West Chester, PA

Rescuing MoJo

Five years ago, I rescued MoJo from the min-pin rescue. I had to drive 4 hours to the foster home to see if they approved of me. They had 6 min-pin there where fostering & 3 of there own. They let them out of the cages to come to the living room, They where all barking like crazy & jumping around. My friend said your not going to take one of these dogs are you?

I was sitting on the sofa & one dog came up & kissed me on the cheek & jumped back down. His name was Jo-Jo. He had been abandoned by a retired priest, The priest also abandoned his dying wife in Hospice. JoJo was her dog. He had sit in a church basement in a crate for six month in his urine & feces. barely getting feed by a church elder. Finally the elder brought him to the Min-Pin rescue. They said he looked like elephant man when they brought him in. all kind of skin problems,bacteria problems. He also had allergies I found out later. MoJo is JoJo, I changed his name. He bite someone & I called the Min-Pin rescue & they said to bring him back if I wanted to. I said no, I'm not going to bring him back. I am going to work with him I promised him he would never be abandoned again & I meant it.

Min-Pin Rescue said that you would be suprise at how many get brought back.

We went to obedience school & we trained his commands in German. He graduated form the Misty Wood Shephard obedience school.

The trainer praised MoJo on his stance How he sit so proud for a small dog.

MoJo nickname is Killer.

Ft. Pierce, FL
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