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Singing Lucy

Lucy slept under the deck in the back yard for 2 weeks before we realized she was homeless. So charming, friendly, we thought for sure she was just a visiting neighbor. But once we fed her, she never left. We found her in Cayce, South Carolina and brought her with us when we moved to San Diego, California. She loves to flop over on her back, she's a buddy to our dogs, and even lets the newest puppy get on her back. Best of all she loves to sing. Whenever I whistle or sing she comes running over and begins to chime in--only with me. Hmmm. . . is she singing with joy or screaming for me to quit!?

Shannon Varley
La Mesa, CA

Our Wonderful Angel

We went to a high kill shelter to save a black dog since they have the worst survival rates. However, we were drawn to an adorable "Dalmatian Mix" 6 month old puppy that kept waging his tail with amazing hopefulness every time we walked by his cage. We ended up adopting him only to realize that evening that he was deathly ill. We took him to VSEC (Vet Specialty Emergency Center) where he spent the next five days in intensive care struggling for his life with both parvo and pneumonia. He beat the odds, came home weak and underweight, but it has been all upside from there. We truly believe he had angels protecting him. Angel reminds us every day how happy he is to be alive, and thanks us constantly; he is also a great role model for our other dogs.

N Mahler
Leawood, KS

Sunny (Boy) ends up a (GIRL! LOL

This took place 8 yrs ago. My brother had bought this beautiful blue/gold Macaw! He was amazing, I love all animals and it was a thrill for me to be able to see such a beautiful bird that I had only seen that close up on TV. I would play with him and talk to him more than I would other people when I was around him! Soon after he bought Sunny, he got arrested and went to prison. His wife had to take care of Sunny. She didn't know how to feed and water him properly and didn't feed him the proper foods. She never uncovered Sunnys Cage! and never took sunny out of the cage because she was scared of getting bit. One day while she wasn't home, Sunny had gotten his leg caught in a chain of one of his toys that was hanging in the cage. I guess he hung there for a couple of days before he started to chew his toes off to get away from the ensnare. I was told about it 6 days later, I went out to check out his foot and it was blackened and he was not using it at all, I had to take him to the vet and they amputated the whole leg. He did great after that, I kept the bird and I still have Sunny to this day! He don't trust anyone! But the kicker is I found out Sunny is a FEMALE, when she was 11 she laid eggs! Oh yes, freaked me out, we thought it was a male all these years to find out completely different! But Sunny is happy now and so am I! We are going to the Parrot Society this year.

Laurie Fox (sunny)

Bettendorf, IA

Sunny brightens our life

Sunny was at a local shelter for 10 months after being relinquished as an intact kitten victim of a divorce. We adopted him to be our vet clinic's blood donor and it became apparent that he would do better in a home, so he came home with me. I had lost my two elderly cats just a few months earlier and Sunny was the perfect personality to slide in behind them. We went from daily sub q fluids, thrice daily arthritis medications, and sleeping old ladies to a youngster into everything. Sunny is a head-butter, leg winder, occas lap sitter, more frequent laptop keyboard sitter, and champion feather toy chaser. And we now have no miller moths flitting about The two resident greyhounds are terrified of him. They don't seem to understand that he would really just like to play.

marcia greer
Pinewood Springs, CO

Rubert the Rescue

Island Cat Feral Rescue in St Augustine, Florida received a call from security police at a local condominium. They had found a newborn litter of kittens abandonded in a shipping area that were dehydrating and near death. The security guards cared enough about animals to make that phone call to get help. Rubert was one of 8 kittens that were rescued shortly after birth. The Mama Feral left her young likely because she was ill with distemper. The litter was extremely large in number. Ms Vickie, one of the group's generous volunteers and Vet Tech bottle fed the babies 24/7 for several weeks. Veterinarian, "Doc Deb" Buckner did everything in her power to save the extremely small kittens. Only one kitten responded to treatments. As he struggled to survive - the medications finally stabilized his condition.The entire litter could not be saved and the only survivor was Rubert.

His weight could only be measured in ounces for the longest time but Rubert was a survivor in the truest sense of the word. Ms Vickie watched in amazement while the little tyke gradually gained strength (and weight). He ran and played with other rescued kitties in the house much bigger than he was - but he had no fear! Finally he gained enough weight to get his vaccines and eventually was neutered (he wasn't real happy that day!) While arrangements were being made by the group at Island Cat to place his bio and picture on - the plans changed. Rubert was adopted by his caregiver, Ms Vickie. She had bonded with his wonderful personality that seems to represent all of the little souls and personalities of his siblings who did not make it. Rubert now has a loving, forever home. Isn't that the way it should always be?

Paul D Butkiewicz
St Augustine, FL


This is Gretchen, our Belgian Shepard Mix, relaxing on the kitchen floor of our house. She was a tiny ball of fuzz with huge bat-like ears when we took her in. That was 7 years ago.

She came to us under dire circumstances. Her owner had been killed in a car accident, and when his family went to his home to clean it up, they found a tiny pup. She was starving, flea and parasite infested and had sarcoptic mange! She was so happy to see people, despite her condition, and couldn't stop licking faces.

They couldn't keep her and knew that I had rescued dogs before and would find her a good home. So they called me. Of course I took her in. We took her to the vet to treat her problems and started her on the road to recovery. And, needless to say, she never left us!

Gretchen has been a gem from the start! Well behaved, sensitive, loves to play! And run! But at 9 months we noticed limping. She had horrible hip dysplasia and would be on meds her whole life.

At 6 years we ended up having to do surgery on her hip; she had become a 3 legged dog. It was quite an expense, but we couldn't end her life so young. And that was the only alternative.

She has fully recovered and is back to playing and running! Her life wouldn't have been the same without us and our lives wouldn't be the same without this little sweetheart!

Robin K.
Fenton, MO

Whiskers Story

It was a wonderful day when Whiskers was found. He was found wondering up and down the street in front of the house just crying. I should say the dog is the one that let us know he was there. A couple of people just acted as though he wasent there. When my mom picked him up it looked as though he was thrown out on his little face. He wasent more then 6 to 8 wks old. Had alot of fleas and a bad cough. When she picked him up there was alot of kisses and hugs. Now he is very healthy and growing. The dog and cat are best of buddies.

Nappanee, IN


I was working as an editor at the local newspaper and I got a news tip about a cat named Molly who had been stuck at one of the city shelters (fortunately a no-kill shelter) for more than a year. She had been taken to homes a couple of times but ended up coming back because she wasn't very friendly.

I went to check it out and meet the "problem" cat. I found her in a corner sulking. I held out my finger for her to sniff. She sniffed it, licked it, then started to purr. I was immediately sold. I had recently had to put one of my cats to sleep because of cancer and I and my other cat, Ashi, were still in mourning. I had told myself I would wait a while before getting another cat, but this "problem" cat looked in my eyes and I just couldn't leave without her.

I took her home the next day, renamed her Diedra and she has been my cuddle bunny every day since. Never have I been happier to have a news story not happen.

Kathryn van Roosendaal
Ivins, UT

Meet Meeka

This little kitty was about 3 weeks old when I got her. A neighbor whom is a maintenence man trapped her and her brother. The next morning when he found them the brother had died due to malnutrition. She was very weak , he brought her to me to see if I could save her. After a week of feeding her with an eyedropper she was stronger and willing to eat from a bowl. I fed her dry food softened with canned milk. She stayed in a kennel for the first 8 days and when she had gained weight she was feeling fiesty and wanted out of the kennel so I had to confine her in the bathroom cause my older cats didn't agree to kittens ! I put her up for adoption on a website in my town and immediatly a family wanted her. She is now in a new home and very happy with them and they love her too no end. She has become the leader of their pack ! They named her Meeka.

Nancy Contildes
Elko, NV

Shylah Jewel...

I saw a picture of some adorable fox-like puppies on petfinder and quickly contacted the shelter. I was told they would arrive in a day or two and followed by a two week quarantine before we could adopt. After about a week and a half, I called and was told that a shelter 'down south' had adopted them. Disheartened, I repeated my search on petfinder for family dog. We had four pets when my then 4 year-old daughter was born, and unfortunately, all four were very old needed to be put to sleep within a six month period. This new dog needed to be young, healthy, gentle, and certainly had big paw-prints to fill.

Suddenly, I came across a familiar picture! I called the shelter that and set up an appointment. I found out there were three of these adorable pups, and that one was on hold. When we arrived, it was immediately clear which of the pups would be coming home with us. As we completed the paperwork and paid the adoption fee, I began to hear the story of these poor pups. During transport from the south, a parvo infection reared its ugly head. One of the pups didn't make it, the other three needed several thousand dollars worth of supportive care. I now understood why the other shelter had rejected them, leaving them to an uncertain fate.

Luckily NJAC didn't turn their back on them. It took about four months to fully house train Shy, due to some intestinal damage from the infection, and she occassional chews a stuffed animal, but otherwise she is a complete angel. She loves everyone and adores my daughter. Thank you to the shelters who take animals who need medical care, otherwise I would have missed out on an amazing dog!

Erica Waltner
West Milford, NJ
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