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Are they Twins?

We adopted Hailey (bigger one) and Marcy (smaller one) about 3 years apart from different different branches of the Michigan Humane Society, but you would never know it from the way they treat each other. They are about the same age too, but Marcy is such an instigator, she is like that little sister who is always under foot, and always wants attention from her big sister. They do work together sometimes though, trying to herd our adopted cat Tiger (which never turns out like they expect!)

Walled Lake, MI

Mister Jack

We've been lucky enough to have Jack in our lives for the past 5 years. He always keeps us on our toes, the most welcoming host whenever people come to visit, an alert watch dog, and a great big brother to his feline sister Layla. He brings endless joy to our lives, we are really lucky that he is part of our family.

Minneapolis, MN

One Lucky Puppy

My fiance was working at an Emergency Vet Clinic and one night this couple brings in this little (maybe 2 week old puppy) saying they found it behind a dumpster in an alley way. It was in a little box but just left there all alone. My fiance called me and told me about it and of course as soon as I went there and saw her I couldn't say no. It was hard to think of a name for her, but after her trying to walk around and fall a few times, especially on the tile we named her Chassis. This little puppy was such a pain for a long time, having to bottle feed her and clean up after her, but there is no way I would trade all that for what she has turned into today. Chassis is so beautiful and smart and such a joy for all of us. She fits in so well with all our other pets, definitely one of the family.

Erik Margopoulos
Largo, FL

Crazy household

These are my five dogs, the two black ones (Pogo and Boef) and the sable one (Geena) are rescues from the Humane Society in Antigua, where I work as a volunteer. Then we have Ruby the Dobermann and Tazz the Chihuahua-mix, and a crazy mix they are. Sometimes it is a bit much, five crazy dogs (plus one cat Micky), but luckily we have a big piece of land and my husband Michael and I just love them to bits!

Sylvia Kalliski
John Hughes, Antigua and Barbuda

dushi and bagel

Dushi was born on the 4th of feb 1997 In isreal on a cold wintery and sad night it was the same night 73 soliders were killed in the accident of two helicopters flying to lebanon.I will forever remeber that night my dog the mother Mary was giving birth she is still alive!!! I watched and my cat p.g. was watching too lol.doshi was born with richrach whom passed away last year a month and a day before. unfortantly I am writing us after another dog has passed away bagel.since I had moved in with my boyfriend then and ex husband now and he had 2 other dogs we tried finding a home for dushi and richrach and they found home bad ones!!! dushi was given to a family that tied her up in fron of a synangouge and left there she wandered off ate from the trash and a kind woman found her and took her to a vet and found a chip ..we got a call and came to pick her up we never thought of giving her away ever....dushy was a weak dog but very spunky cute and basically a lap dog she had a long and happy life living outdoors as well as in her own bed her own clothes .when my baby was born she loved her and accepted the fact she now came second

may her little soul find peace and serenity

I hope she will meet with her brother and our other dogs in heaven.

Lia Urman
sderot, Israel


Bella is now just over a year old. Her and 4 of her siblings were orphaned just days after birth. A home was found for all of her siblings. She has made a very comfortable place for herself in my home, joining 2 other cats Mandi and Abby. Aside from sleeping and eating, she loves laying on top of her sisters.

Angela C
Espanola, NM

Sirius and Sandy

We got Sirius Black as a 5-month-old puppy. My dad found him on the side of a road in Arkansas and kept him for my son. We had no fence, so Sirius was inside or at doggy daycare. When we moved, we knew he would need company in our fenced yard or he would go find some.

The doggy daycare, Funnybones in Atlanta, was fostering Sandy. They had found her running across their parking lot, dragging a rope, with her collar dug into her neck. She was skin and bones. They took care of her for a couple of months before sending out an email seeking a home for her. I asked whether Sandy and Sirius got along. "Oh, yes," I was told. "They play together all the time. Sandy will wrestle as long as Sirius wants to." So she came to our new home with us when we moved.

It took Sirius a while to get used to sharing his family. It took Sandy a lot longer to stop eating everything in sight, including frogs. Now, as you can see, they are best friends.

Tifton, GA


Chester came in to the ER of the hospital where I work a year ago. He was a stray who had been hit by a car & had multiple injuries. It was going to be expensive to get him back to health & euthanasia was in his future. I got ahold of Bassett & Beagle of the Heartland who paid for Chester to have surgery thank goodness! I had planned on fostering Chester but I fell in love with his sweet demeanor & crazy antics. He also got along so well with my other 2 beagles that I just couldn't part with him. It's now a year later & the 3 boys are all still best buds. They have added so much love & fun to my life I can't imagine what it would be like without them! (This photo shows from L to R: Andy, Boz & Chester sunning themselves on the patio)

Colleen Manthe. RVT
Overland Park, KS

The dog that adopted us

Duke wandered into our lives the year of my 11th summer, we were living in a small town in Montana and not looking for another dog. Sometimes though it just seems that they are looking for you, this is what happened to our family. Duke as we named him, was an adult shep/malamute/? mix that very stubbornly refused to vacate our property (much to my mother's frustration) She sprayed him with hoses, cleaned up the food my father and we kids left for him, and the cats chased him away. But he always came back, and was always calm and friendly if not overtly affectionate. One day, probably about 2 weeks after he had adopted our property my family hopped into our van and drove the 1 mile to our gas station to prep for a trip berry picking. We had left the stray staring longingly at us from our yard and driven down the road. Yet, upon reaching the gas station and opening the door there was Duke, looking perky and pleased with himself. He seemed to have this smug look as though to state that he had chased and caught us and now we were his. From that day on he was our dog, and though I have many a story for this mutt that had obviously had a rough life prior to us, there is not enough room here to list all the joy he brought my family. Sadly Duke passed away in 2005, on my 15 days of leave from being stationed in Iraq for OEF, he collapsed while looking for me at the camper I was staying in. I can't help but be warmed though that he waited for me to say goodbye. We love you buddy.

killeen, TX

Petey, Hurley, Lewis

Our three "boys" are always having a good time. Their lives did not start out very good, but they are enjoying themselves these days. Petey (red Pit Bull/Lab mix), Hurley (Australian Shepherd mix), and Lewis (Lab mix) were rescued from three different sources. Along with these three are three rescued cats, Spaz, Precious, and Rumple. We enjoy every day with these crazy guys!!

Terri and Mike Scutt
Chandler, AZ
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