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Saved by the bell

Well our story is similar to others. Loose your furry friends, and can not cope without them. Well we had (3) friends that we lost due to old age in the course of (2) years. I am always trying to "Save the world" if you will. We have a large dog house outside but have "no dog". We placed this there for the many strayed or injured animals that need shelter throughout the year. Our doghouse provides them a safe haven. I leave water & food daily, and sometime I find myself inviting the Raccoons, Skunks & Oppossom for a bite,too. Oh well, they are all "God's creatures".

Our (2) newest members of our family are Sam & Akila. They were rescued from a HIGH KILL shelter in Down State Illinois. I was looking for something different. Abbyssinian type. We saw our Akila aka Cleopatra on line and instantly fell in love. We knew that we could not get just "one" kitty so we thought maybe a kitten. Although Akila already had a life mate. Sam aka Baxter. From the pictures it was hard to tell if he was the one. We met them and instantly knew that we were not going anywhere without them. They were bookends for sure. Each day they bring joy and laughter to our once lonely home. They truely are our FOREVER FRIENDS!!!!!

Deb C.


Deborah Castellano
Hoffman Estates, IL

Twice As Nice

When our Sassy died, we knew right away we wanted to rescue another dog. We had experience with shy, fearful, unsocialized dogs because Sassy came from a hoarding situation, so we were looking for a special dog.

We found Jasmine, a mini-American Eskimo, at the Tri County Humane Society. She was rescued from a puppy mill. She was the breeding mama and had spent the first four years of her life in a cage in a dark barn. From the puppy mill, she was brought to one humane society, then another. She then went from the humane society to a foster home, back to the humane society, into another foster home and back to the humane society before we found her.

As soon as we got her home, we realized how terrified she was of humans and found that she really loved dogs. She wanted to play, but our 13 year old dog wasn't interested in being her playmate.

Within a week, we were back at the Humane Society, looking for a playmate for Jasmine. We found a 3 yr old Chow Chow/Husky mixJ recently surrendered by a family that said he had too much energy. He had been tied to a tree and not given any exercise. He loves to run, so we named him Racer.

Jasmine and Racer were playing moments after meeting in our large, fenced in yard. They love to chase each other, roll and wrestle. Racer has also helped Jasmine learn to go in and out of the house without having to be carried. She still is very wary of humans, but loves to lay in the sunshine! She may never jump in our laps for love, but she will have the rest of her life to play and soak up the sun!

Nancy Poppens
North Branch, MN


After almost 19 years without a dog in my life I decided it was time. I also wanted to adopt a senior dog knowing there chances of finding a forever home are not great. I saw Hope, a 10 year old Poodle mix on Pet Finders. Luckily she was rescued by a wonderful mother and son who found her wandering in a rainstorm and took care of her until the shelter had space available. After a 2 1/2 hour drive to see her it was instant love! She has turned out to be the best dog I could have hoped for and my cats really seem to like her. If you are thinking of adopting a dog or cat...please keep the senior ones in mind. They still have a lot of love and companionship to give!

Plainfield, IL

Our Lady girl

Last year my parents lost both their 2 doggy buddies a month apart - they were elderly gentlemen (both 14 years old) but it still was a shock. My dad went to the local Humane Society to see if he could find the doggy child that needed them. There she was - a young german shep/boxer mix - apprehensive but really wanting attention and loving. She had been dropped off because of financial difficulties (foreclosure) but we also found that her puppyhood had not been a happy one. Dad fell in love and brought her home and she has him totally wrapped around her paw (Mom too!). Now she now longer is worried about being hit or yelled at and she has her own big back yard to play, chase squirrels and guard as well as her own doggy bed and lots of treats, belly rubs and toys. She has one of the most expressive faces for a dog and she loves to talk to you in her own special language


It took some time and persistence but the 5 rescue kitties in the house now accept Lady as one of the girls and at least three even play with her. As you can see from the photo Rosie is very comfortable with her!

Adopt from one of the shelters - the rewards are more than priceless.

Debbie B
Boise, ID

Meet Cosmo

My husband found Cosmo at where he works running wild in the woods. Everyday, he would try to feed him and get him close enough to capture. After about 10 months, a really bad rain and electrical storm came up and Cosmo ran in to one of their pump houses. Andy had been carrying a collar and leash just for this moment. He put the collar on Cosmo and brought him home. He was covered in fleas and ticks but, when our eyes met, it was pure love at first sight! We have had Cossy for 5 years now and we are not sure what his breed(s) is but, he has been a playful and loving companion to us and our other 3 dogs.

Avonda Casey
Kingsland, GA

A match made in Humane Society Heaven

We were searching for a sheltie at the rescue when we came around a corner and saw this face - it was love at first sight! In the get-acquainted area, I called my husband and asked him to stop by after work and then realized I couldn't take that chance. Winston became ours at that moment.

Thirteen years later he still brings love and joy on a daily basis, to us and to our extended family who all dote on him (my sister handmade that quilt he sits on and my brother never fails to bring TREATS!). We are so thankful that we were in the right place at the right time. He is a loving, loyal, kind, incredible true friend. I would wish that everyone could rescue a lovely spirit like our Winston Churchill.

Barb Barchi
Anthem, AZ

Tucker (aka: Pookies; aka: Furry Friend; aka: Little Buddy

Tucker was my Christmas present in 2002. He was 10 weeks old & weighed 11 pounds. Tucker was picked by my husband from a no kill shelter & was the only one who was not barking in his cage, so my husband told the woman "I will take that one." Brian said Tucker was just staring at him saying "I'll go home with you!"

I have always had pets growing up from dogs to cats to guinea pigs but my husband didn't, so when we first got Tucker, Brian said he wouldn't be allowed on the furniture or on our bed. Well, let me just tell you, that lasted until Tuck was old enough to jump! I carry a picture of the two of them on the couch w/ Tucker's head on Brian's lap! Tucker's favorite activity is going for a ride w/ daddy in their truck!

Brian always says "we have one spoiled dog" & my reply is always "he is just loved."

Dee & Brian Green

Queen Creek, AZ

Dee Green
Queen Creek, AZ

Fritz --- He found his way into our yard and our hearts

Traveling through the woods filled with brush and briars, this little "goofy

acting" red dachshund found us. He had no hair on his ears or tail,

his ribs were showing, and he had about 42 BIG ticks on him. We

contacted neighbors, took his picture and posted "lost" fliers, and called

all the local veterinarians and animal shelters.

The next day, we took him to the vet for a scan in case he had a

microchip. While at the vet, he got a check up and had all of those ticks

removed. We were told he had all kinds of parasites and worms -- even

heart worms. We were also told of his greatest handicap -- blindness.

This news brought tears to our eyes.

Three days later, his owner contacted us. After learning of all of the

dachshund's health problems and his blindness (of which his owner

was not aware), his owner no longer wanted him.

After much medical attention, food, and love, this little red dachshund,

who we named Fritz, has memorized our house and yard. He enjoys

digging, playing fetch, eating watermelon, and being a lap dog.

He's healthy and happy. This "special needs" dog has a special place

in our family and in our hearts.

Chip & Cindy Grant
Rock Hill, SC


We had just moved to Phoenix from Seattle and were shocked at how many strays our new city had. One night as I was walking from my car to our apartment, I saw a ghostly, little cat sitting on the wall that surrounded the parking lot. I started putting food out every night for the little gal & with every day, she would creep closer to me as I left the vittles. It brought me so much joy to see her little "boots" pattering along the wall towards me & on the day that she finally let me pick her up, I carried her into our apartment & there Boots has been ever since!

We already had three other cats and she never really warmed up to them, so Boots currently enjoys the pleasure of her own room, fully equipped with bed, scratching tower and all the viddles she can eat!

Joyce Bonvillain
Phoenix, AZ

A Need for Love

I've mostly owned large to med. female dogs throughout my life. Almost 4yrs. ago my beloved Dalmatian Brandi passed away unexpectedly and I was devastated. Wasn't sure I wanted another dog to go through that again. Long story short I decided to go on line to Pet Finder and found a place in Michigan that had rescued some animals from a puppy mill down south. I had never gone through a rescue place before and after reading stories felt guided to try it for myself.

I drove up to the place the following weekend and although they had other dogs, they brought out two "male" dogs that were Havanese which I had never heard of before. The lady said they were non-shedding (a first for me). The first dog was very timid and wouldn't even look at me; however, upon bringing out the second one you could tell he was scared. The lady placed him on my lap and once we both made eye contact it was love at first sight. He had a need and so did I. They told me he would require a lot of love and patience and I ended up adopting him. I named him "Higgins" (from Magnum P.I. show), and it took almost three-four months before he would even come to me and get on my lap. He had been abused, neglected, and was afraid of people in general. After he had been groomed properly he not only looked different, but it was like his personality suddenly bloomed. We've been together now 4 yrs. this September, and he has become the most loving little character in my life, and we complement each other. I tell people "he's not spoiled, just overly Blessed." I felt and knew he was a true Blessing from God !

Springfield, MI
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