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Inky the Hurricane Kitty

Inky came to us during the 2005 hurricane season (Tampa, FL). He was not a good hunter and was losing weight. Jasper, our Brttany/Border Collie, made friends with Inky outside, first. While my husband, Frank, was helping people in Texas regain electricity, another hurricane threatened us. We decided Inky should join our other cats, rabbits and dog inside. The vet said he was a Norwegian Forest Cat and very lucky to have found us. We are the ones who have been blessed by Inky!

Vanessa Mortensen
Tampa, FL

Abbi's Story

My 93-year-old mother lived with me and would go to work with me each morning at a nursing home. One day, a shelter volunteer came with a collie mix pup who ran over to mom. She crawled onto her shoulder and snuggled up into Mom's neck. Mom grinned with pleasure. Every so often Barb would go over to mother and take Abbi and say "Time to go visit someone else." The other residents would pet her for a bit, and then she would jump down and make a beeline back to my Mom and up under her chin to cuddle as close as possible. This happened about 10 times as Barb attempted to share her with everyone that wanted to see the sweet puppy. Abbi would not stay with anyone else, she always ran back to mother.

When Barb picked up Abbi from Mom to leave, my dear, precious mother looked up at me and said "Aaahhh, couldn't we keep this one? When we brought her home a few days later, she spotted Mom, ran over to her and jumped on her lap and snuggled under her chin. My mom just melted.

One day while I was in the shower, the home health aide was vacuuming, Abbi (scarred of the vacuum) came over to her about 3 times. Crystal decided to follow her into Mom's bedroom and around behind the bed. There lay mom on the floor where she had fallen. The cat was laying on her bed watching her as if to say "You go get help, I'll keep an eye on her." Thankfully, Mom was unhurt, and we feel like we have a Lassie dog now. A sweet, loving and beautiful dog with doe eyes and a huge heart.

Christy Blue
Lincoln, NE

I am one Happy Dog

Hi I am Nevada human had 2 of her friend dogs die from cancer and was so very sad...she was looking through and found on a thingy called a computer..she put in a town and it brought her to a shelter that I was at. She saw my picture and read that I was 7 months old and had been their most of my life. I was wandering around in the road and someone brought me in. She called the place and they said YES she is here. My human called her human man and he said go get her. She drove 2 hours to the shelter and they brought me out, I was so scared but knew she was kind because there were tears in her eyes. She brought me to my new home on April 3, 2007 and gave me a neat name and now I have 3 more dog friends and 2 cat friends. I have no cage now and we go on long walks and go swimming and play fetch, I do tricks for her to let her know how much I love her. I am one Happy Dog!!!..she wanted me to say Thank You for helping her heal from her hurt of losing her 2 dogs but gaining a wonderful new friend, of course that is me Nevada Jean!!!

Becky Bolen
Beverly, WA

Drake the Bundle of Joy

Driving home from the grocery store I saw a small head peak out of a bush right pass a creek bridge. As soon as I had locked eyes on his I could hear him ask for help. When I pulled over he ran right up to the car. He had spots of missing hair and was just a bag of bones with ticks. I took him home washed him down and took him for a once over the next day. He has become my shadow, he is the sweetest puppy ever. He loves the kids and gets along most of the time with my previously rescued beagle. I am not always paying attention to the bushes on the way home but that day I'm glad I was he makes me laugh everyday.

Vanceboro, NC

He picked us!

My husband was volunteering at the local humane society and this big red dog would get so excited when my husband showed up. He was shot with pellets and left there. He would go lean on my husband, lay on him, smile at him. The hubby came home one day and said, "Uh Dear?" So, now we have Rhip. Short for Rhipicephalus sanguineus (scientific name for a male brown tick-my husband is a veterinary technician-don't ask me! haha). The shelter was awesome in getting his leg fixed and Rhip is the happiest, loviest dog I know!

Grand Junction, CO

I just wanted to volunteer...

This picture was taken by my boyfriend, when I was still just a volunteer at the animal shelter in town. Of course, I loved many of the dogs I spent time with, but Bear was special. I knew he had little chance of getting adopted (rottweiler/german shepherd, adult, no training, un-neutered, black, male). He showed a lot of potential, and of course, I thought he was adorable. I told my boyfriend he "just had to see this dog" that I talked about all the time. Soon, he moved so we could adopt him. He has been the best thing that has happened to me. I am now a rescue coordinator for the animal welfare group in town for my part-time job. I get to save so many others, and I feel its all thanks to my great rescue experience.

Emporia, KS

Miss White Tip

This is our sweet little Pitty-Pat, a gray tabby with a perfectly striped tail with a bright white tip at the very end of it. Not a spec of white fur on her cute little body except for "the white tip!" We rescued her from a vet's office when the mother of young boy had dropped her off after learning her son was allergic to cat hair. How lucky we were! She makes us laugh every day with her "little bitty kitty brain" and stuborness. She's a lap-kitty through and through and loves to purr for hours. At sixteen she's slowing down a bit but graces our lives with laughter and love -- and help with my jigsaw puzzles -- very day!

Annapolis, MD

Our Character Miss Scarlett

We rescued Miss Scarlett as a kitten from an animal shelter in Birmingham, AL when we lived there in the 90's. Of the dozens and dozens of kittens there she was the one who crawled up my leg and into my heart in a matter of seconds. Given that she was born a Southern girl she needed a good Southern name, so Scarlett it was. She lives up to her "Gone with the Wind" namesake in every way as she's beautiful, smart, playful, feisty, talkative, and always the center of attention! Even at sixteen she still loves to play, especially in this pile of issue paper dubbed "the rainbow."

Annapolis, MD

You Made Me Love You

We adopted Gracie (ears up) and a couple of years later adopted Jack (ears down). Gracie was slow to warm up to a then 7-month-old big 'ole puppy, but no matter how many times she gave him the doggie brush off (teeth slightly bared, low growl) he'd come right back at her with all his charms! As you can see from the pic, she's let him into her heart and now they are inseparable. Of course, he had us at our first look at that sweet face on Petfinder!

Clarke County, VA


In 2005, we went to the Humane Society in town in search of a pet, and found an adorable long haired Chihuahua awaiting adoption. The woman at the HS was unable to find any paperwork on the dog when we asked about adopting him, and we stood by as a frantic search went on for his information sheets. It took more than 20 minutes for them to find his paperwork had been filed for euthanasia two weeks before. By some chance he had been passed over and was still alive and ready 12 days after his termination date. We filed adoption papers immediately, and even came back to visit him every day for the next four days before his surgery and release.

Chili's story doesn't end with his adoption, however, as he served as a companion for my mother through the last stages of her battle with Alzheimer's Disease. This amazing little dog became the center of her life through two difficult years, and he never left her side through the very end. My own relationship with him really began in 2007, and I have never in my life met an animal more grounded and eager to please (and content just to relax quietly when the time is right). Through my own grieving and reconnecting with my life, Chili has been a wonderful companion who has pulled me through a tough moment or two.

It wasn't my intention to adopt a pet for my mother, who at the time was barely capable of taking care of her own daily needs, but what happened at the Humane Society convinced me that this adoption was meant to be. At 7, Chili is healthy and happy and we have just passed the five year anniversary of his adoption.

Timothy O'Connor
Amarillo, TX
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