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My former business partner would call me weekly when she volunteered at one of the local shelters to come adopt a pet. One evening I went in and lying quietly in a crate was this magnificient boy who had been in 3 different homes in his 3 years of life. I took him home with me that night and now at the age of 11 he still goes to my open houses on Sunday and give me more joy than anything else in my life.

St. Louis, MO

My sweet Molli!

In 2006, I worked at a vet hospital as a kennel tech. Molli was one of our Animal Aid dogs we took care of while she anxiously waited to be adopted. Her family left Molli, her brother dog, and 4 cats for a kennel stay while they moved into a new house....and they never came back. Molli was taken to Petsmart by Animal Aid every other Saturday for 6 months and would always be brought back to her small 3' x 4' kennel. Then, Molli's time was up. She was going to be put down. I ask the doc if I could take her home to play with my two dogs and bring her back the next morning. So....Molli comes over for a play date and has been here ever since! She is the best, smartest, most loving dog I've ever met. I know she is grateful for bringing her home to live with us. You can see it in her eyes. She smiles all of the time and so do I!

Diane Thomas
Broken Arrow, OK

The dumpster dog

This is Erna. I found her 10.5 years ago at a dumpster on a dirt road at a very hot day. She hid under a couch from the heat. She was so friendly and adorable, so I took her home and she jumped in the kiddie pool to drink and cool down. She was about 3 months old ,my first dog ( since then I got 2 more and several rescues that I adopted out ) and she is the best ever. I used to call myself a cat person.( I still have cats, 4 at the moment ) and I never wanted a dog because they are so much responsibility. But Erna is the best thing that ever happened to me, she has a big personality and we still fight every day about who is the leader. She accepts all the other animals in my house and is friendly to everybody.

She had cancer on her leg recently. I had the tumor removed and she is doing very well, just her arthritis is bothering her on and off ( she got it at a very early age, with 7 ).

I can't imagine the day she will be gone, but I am so grateful for all the things she taught me and all the sad times she was by my side and comforted me! She speaks 3 languages ( it doesn't really matter what words you use, she'll understand your signals ) german ( from her mama ), spanish ( from her daddy ) and english.

I look forward to another 8 or 9 years with my best friend. I keep on finding and rescuing other dogs that I ,after they are nurished back to health, find a good home for, but Erna is still very special to me!

Savannah, GA

Three orphans

Dynah (short for Dynamo), Scampi (because she's a scamp) and shy Pussywillow (Willow for short) all came into our lives a year ago. They had been abandoned by some special-needs people and were living at large -- and not very well, in an urban setting. A shelter took them in, and we adopted them all at once. They have become an inseparable part of our lives, each with quirks and maddening habits, each with a redeemably endearing quality (for example, Dynah jumps on my back, which shocks me, then nuzzles into my neck -- and purrs and purrs)!

Hope, BC, Canada

8 Ball Kitty boo

This is our kitty---well she's 18 pounds of fun and love. We rescued her from our local Humane Society in Texas. She was a scrauny puney kitty, with her little gotee I just couldn't resist. They called her 'Squeky' but when we got her home she helped us improve our pool game (sort of) so hence '8 ball'. She is such a delight. Tillie our 10 year old lab doesn't pay her much mind but 8 Ball adores Tillie. Our other 2 cats were rescues as well from California and they all get along really well.

Susan Ehlers

Ingram, Tx.

Susan Ehlers
Ingram, TX

Tundra's Story

The first time I saw Tundra was when I went to help at an adoption event. Nina from the Espanola New Mexico Shelter said, “You have to come see this cute puppy”. He was peering out of the top cage in the van and extremely shy. I had to lift him from the pen without his cooperation so he could be seen by potential adopters.

I knew I would want to get another dog eventually. I had recently lost my Malamute named Madison that I had for over 12 years. My other two dogs at home, Sunni and Toby, seemed to be doing alright. But there was something missing. I just didn’t think a new houseguest would happen this quickly. After an hour or so of thinking about it, I made the decision to take him home.

Over the years of owning dogs I’ve come to realize that each one is unique and have their own personality. They’re just like people, only a whole lot better. They give unconditional love. Something humans have never learned to do. Owning a pet is a responsibility that not everyone should take on without a lot of thought. It’s a life changing decision, and one that I’ve never regretted.

Alan Waldron
Rio Rancho, NM

Scarlet the Staffy X

Scarlet was dumped at a shelter from a very young age and had been living there for about 6 months. A friend of mine was working at the shelter at the time so I would browse the dogs they had up for adoption out of interest. I saw Scarlet on the site one day and asked my friend about her – she was about to be put down as she was going kennel mad and no one had shown any interest in her. I thought it was heartbreaking that this poor girl had been brought into the world, spent the first 6 months of her life in a kennel and then was simply going to be killed – no animal deserves an existence like that. I asked my friend about rescuing her, spent some time convincing my parents to let me adopt her and she was shipped to me 3 days later. I’ve had her for 2 years now and it’s been wonderful spending that time with her. She’s an absolute joy to have around and I’m so glad that I rescued her – she has the most wonderful spirit and I feel great knowing I was able to keep it alive.

Josie Eldred
Katoomba, Australia

Our Girl Moira

After saying goodby to our precious girl, Sophie, we grieved for several months. We decided we needed another beautiful pet to light up our home and lives. We searched for the perfect addition to our lives. Then while on Pet Finders, we had this powerful pull to one particular Chow mix. As we looked into her background, our hearts just broke - you see, she had apparently been dropped in a sparsely populated area - while she was pregnant. One day a homeowner found her in his shed with nine puppies. When the rescue group picked her & her brood up, they found that she was so emaciated (she was only 35 lbs), they weren't sure she would live. Her pups were also near starvation. The group was able to adopt out her pups, but Moira was still there - extremely sad as all her babies we now gone. We immediately applied to adopt her, she came for a visit & decided that she wanted to be a member of our family, so she stayed. She had an extreme case of separation anxiety (go figure!) - the first day we left for work, she rearranged our livingroom and the next day she actually took the glass panel off our french doors (the panel was very carefully set aside against the wall), opened the door & greeted us at the gate. We decided to enroll her in doggy day-care. She was in day-care for 8 months when we decided to take her on a road trip for the holidays, meeting her "cousin" in San Jose and then "Nana & Grandpa in Las Vegas. When we returned home, she deciided that she no longer needed day-care caused mom & dad took her for a long ride & brought her back home!!!

Pat Kennedy
Burbank, CA


When we moved into our first home together, I surprised my husband

with a shelter cat right away. Five years later when we had a fenced

yard and were ready to add a dog to the family, we went back to the

same shelter for Quincy. He was only three months old. He is now

fifteen years old and a treasured member of the family. We wouldn't

know what to do without him.

Annalie M Evans
Spokane, WA

Our Bundle of Joy Sophie!

After my husband & I bought our first house we knew we wanted a dog but wanted to wait a few months. I knew I wanted a puppy and went to Petfinder to see what litters were going to be available in the next 6 weeks. I figured I would fill out the application and be ready. Instead I clicked on this sweet face with the milk dribble chin and INSTANTLY fell in love and drove 3 hours each way to pick her up from her foster home that weekend. I learned that she was part of a litter found on the side of the road in Virginia. I'm so grateful for whoever found them and saved them. She is now a 4 year old, very spoiled little girl who still has that milk dribble chin. She's our child and we could never imagine life without her.

Bloomingdale, NJ
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