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Love at first sight

My daughter spotted JayJay in the shelter and knew he was the one for us. We had to wait until others finished playing with him and make sure they weren't going to adopt him before making our move. But he joined our family that day and has been a joy and a blessing since. He is a sweet, goofy, cuddly purr machine. I couldn't ask for a better cat!

Seacoast, NH

First rescue in 2010 Anise..

After Ivan, my next rescue were Mya and Riya the mom and the kitten, who I wrote about the other day. They sum up to all my 2009 rescues.

One more rescue in 2010 was Anise. She was a stray cat, a B&W Tuxedo. My colleagues had found her and given her shelter. Then they reached out to me. The experienced cat "rescue" lady ;-).

I printed out flyers and put them up the very next weekend. No one claimed her and based on my talks with people in the neighborhood, she has been spotted for sometime now.

Th next thing I did was to provide food and other instructions to my colleague and then called the shelter to get her a spot. She was finally taken into the shelter sometime in March 2010. She is currently in the shelter waiting for her adoption. She is a sweet girl who loves to sit by the window and watch the world pass by...

I really hope someone can provide her a loving home that she so much deserves...

Thanks to Protectors of Animals, Easthartford, CT who have made all of my rescues possible. I am proud to be a part of this all volunteer shelter.

Manchester, CT

Ivan my next rescue for 2009

Meet Ivan.. who was rescued on a cold october night in 2009. it was just one month since I brought home Brownie and I meet this tiny guy outside my building door.. he was white with brown patches and very sweet. One odd thing about him.. he was polydactyl .. that is being "double pawed" on all 4.. he was a tiny and beautiful little sweet pea. He wasnt too happy outside in the cold that night. At first, I brought him some food but it was way too cold outside and so I took him in. I did not have a room for him so, I had use my vanity room as his shelter. He wasnt vaccinated so I had to keep him away from my own Tabby and Brownie.. He kept crying all night. I did not know what was wrong with him. The same night I called the shelter, took him to the vet the very next day, dropped him off in the morning and picked him up that night. He was suffering from UTI.. so the shelter did the paper work for him and assigned him the name "IVAN". He was placed on special diet as he was a special needs cat. He was added to the long list of cats that was waiting for adoption at the Shelter. I took him in to the Shelter somewhere in November and he was at this shelter until March 2010. He was adopted by a loving a family and he is now my first rescue that was adopted out successfully.

Manchester, CT

Meet my big boy Brownie... Rescue 2009

July 2009, I had just dropped my friends off at a train station and came back home and parked my car...I hadnt switched the headlights off so.. i saw a silhouette of a cat.. I slowly killed the lights.. and I got out of the car and saw this lean but big cat strangely looking up a tree.. the moment he saw me.. he came right up to me and started brushing my legs. I felt that he somehow understood when I said.."Stay".. while I ran upstairs to get some food for him.. he did stay and every day since I fed him. He stayed close by.. then came august when it started raining heavily around CT and I couldnt sleep with the thought of this guy staying outside in the rain. It was 4 AM one august morning when Thunder and lightning woke me up and I couldnt wait any longer. I ran outside to find him trying to stay dry on a window sill which by the way was quite small for his frame! :) I was volunteering at a local shelter then and so I called them to get him a spot. I took him to the Vet and he was checked out, got his shots and he stayed there for a week. I then brought him home and fostered him for a week and later ended up adopting him. Sept 2, 2009, Brownie became a part of my rescue family.

He is close to 5 years old now and he loves attention and can't get enough petting and brushing. He is very mellow and big mush of a guy.

Manchester, CT

First Stepping stone to my next rescue

Hi everyone ..Meet my cute little furball Tabby.. She was a stray cat and I had the opportunity to give her a home. it was June 29, 2007, friday.. when I met her for the first time. She was a tiny little kitten. The moment I saw her, she won my heart. I am an animal lover and I love dogs but I guess cats are my specialty now:-). She was very guess.. she hadnt eaten in days that led her to beg for food. I fed her over the weekend. She stayed in a bush near my apartment complex. I spent hours together sitting outside on the grass with her on my lap. On Monday evening, July 2, I took her to the vet and after getting her vaccinated and all checked out I brought her home. She is a very calm cat and she waits for me at the door every day since, when I come back from work.

She is 3 yrs old now and at the moment laying on her back with all 4 paws up... She is a maine coon mix ...a gentle giant..

She was my first true rescue and my first stepping stone laid for the next rescue.. that was waiting to happen in July 2009.

Manchester, CT

It's Todd!!

This is Todd! He's our buddy that we found on PetFinder. He's a perfect fit for our family and loves everyone! We could not have asked for a better friend. We were concerned about adopting a 6 year old dog, but now, we have no regrets!! PLEASE check out your local rescue agencies! There are so many loving pets out there that are greatful just to have a loving home!! They appreciate every little thing you do for them!

Valerie Thomas
Orchard Park, NY

Snowball and Maximillian

We had just lost our youngest cat Phred, who our male cat Snowball had raised from kittenhood. She was HIS baby and he let her get away with anything she wanted. Between the stress of moving from New Mexico to South Carolina and mourning Phred, he went into a decline. We couldn't get him to eat and he had no interest in play or the other cats. We were at wits end and were afraid that we were going to lose him on top of losing Phred.

We went into a Pet Smart to get some catnip to try and stimulate his appetite and a local rescue was holding an adoption event. They had two batches of seventeen kittens dumped on them and had finally gotten them all to the age they could be spayed/neutered and adopted. Most were already gone by the time we got there, but there was one white kitten with a gray splotch on his head that was a dead ringer for Snow! Needless to say, he and an playmate (Two kittens are always better than one!) were adopted and headed home. I hoped that having new babies would turn Snow around.

The first one he saw was Scrappy and my heart dropped when he hissed at him (he was a very laid back cat and usually took everything in stride). Then he got a look at Maxi and that was all it took. He immediately went over to his little "Mini-Me", pulled him to his chest and proceeded to clean him from stem to stern. He got his energy and appetite back immediately and was gloriously happy having a baby to fuss over again. We firmly believe that Maxi rescued Snowball and because of him we had many more years of Snow lovin'.

Lauren Kramer
Sumter, SC

Ann's Rescue Service

I started out just wanting a couple Cockatiels as pets. It turned into a rescue mission for those that were living in some absolutely terrible conditions. My latest rescue is of these babies. A friend and co-worker told me of a Garage sale across the street from her while she was at lunch. She noticed a cage that was sittting in the direct sunlight on the driveway of the home. She thought that she had seen a bird in there and with the temperature being in the 90's told me about it. I immediately had to check into this and see for myself. When I got there the cage was inexcusably filthy and they were panting from the heat. It turned out to be 2 young cocks and they were both scratching like crazy. One had plucked the feathers from the front of his neck. I went directly to the bank and bought them and brought them back to work. They stayed in the warehouse where I work until quitting time and went home with me that night. They are both on Ornicycline and Vita-flight to get them healty and got a bath to get rid of the mites/lice. Pets are a lifetime responsibility. If you cannot commit yourself to their complete care and sanitary conditions you should not get one. Therse babies have become part of my family now.

Ann G.

Ann G.
Raytown, MO

She Was Discarded Like Trash

I found Millie one hot July morning on the side of a busy state highway near my home in Michigan. She was only about 5 weeks old, had a broken front leg and Bot Fly infestations around her neck. Someone had thrown her out like trash. She was one sorry sight!

I and my daughter were already pet parents to 3 other housecats, but I felt the need to rescue her, so home with me she went! We took her to the vet and got every thing taken care of and she healed up very well.

She is now 6 yrs old and such a wonderful addition to our family that we just can't imagine life without her!

Laurie Spencer
Caro, MI


Our rescue cat, Koda, is on the right a few months after we got him. The cat on the left is Gizmo who, very sadly, we recently lost unexpectedly. Since this picture was taken Koda, who I found as a stray at the local college where I work, has grown to almost as big as Gizmo was. He has been a wonderful addition to our household and I don't know what we would do without him!

Anna Evens
Elmira Heights, NY
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