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A match made in Humane Society Heaven

We were searching for a sheltie at the rescue when we came around a corner and saw this face - it was love at first sight! In the get-acquainted area, I called my husband and asked him to stop by after work and then realized I couldn't take that chance. Winston became ours at that moment.

Thirteen years later he still brings love and joy on a daily basis, to us and to our extended family who all dote on him (my sister handmade that quilt he sits on and my brother never fails to bring TREATS!). We are so thankful that we were in the right place at the right time. He is a loving, loyal, kind, incredible true friend. I would wish that everyone could rescue a lovely spirit like our Winston Churchill.

Barb Barchi
Anthem, AZ

Tucker (aka: Pookies; aka: Furry Friend; aka: Little Buddy

Tucker was my Christmas present in 2002. He was 10 weeks old & weighed 11 pounds. Tucker was picked by my husband from a no kill shelter & was the only one who was not barking in his cage, so my husband told the woman "I will take that one." Brian said Tucker was just staring at him saying "I'll go home with you!"

I have always had pets growing up from dogs to cats to guinea pigs but my husband didn't, so when we first got Tucker, Brian said he wouldn't be allowed on the furniture or on our bed. Well, let me just tell you, that lasted until Tuck was old enough to jump! I carry a picture of the two of them on the couch w/ Tucker's head on Brian's lap! Tucker's favorite activity is going for a ride w/ daddy in their truck!

Brian always says "we have one spoiled dog" & my reply is always "he is just loved."

Dee & Brian Green

Queen Creek, AZ

Dee Green
Queen Creek, AZ

Fritz --- He found his way into our yard and our hearts

Traveling through the woods filled with brush and briars, this little "goofy

acting" red dachshund found us. He had no hair on his ears or tail,

his ribs were showing, and he had about 42 BIG ticks on him. We

contacted neighbors, took his picture and posted "lost" fliers, and called

all the local veterinarians and animal shelters.

The next day, we took him to the vet for a scan in case he had a

microchip. While at the vet, he got a check up and had all of those ticks

removed. We were told he had all kinds of parasites and worms -- even

heart worms. We were also told of his greatest handicap -- blindness.

This news brought tears to our eyes.

Three days later, his owner contacted us. After learning of all of the

dachshund's health problems and his blindness (of which his owner

was not aware), his owner no longer wanted him.

After much medical attention, food, and love, this little red dachshund,

who we named Fritz, has memorized our house and yard. He enjoys

digging, playing fetch, eating watermelon, and being a lap dog.

He's healthy and happy. This "special needs" dog has a special place

in our family and in our hearts.

Chip & Cindy Grant
Rock Hill, SC


We had just moved to Phoenix from Seattle and were shocked at how many strays our new city had. One night as I was walking from my car to our apartment, I saw a ghostly, little cat sitting on the wall that surrounded the parking lot. I started putting food out every night for the little gal & with every day, she would creep closer to me as I left the vittles. It brought me so much joy to see her little "boots" pattering along the wall towards me & on the day that she finally let me pick her up, I carried her into our apartment & there Boots has been ever since!

We already had three other cats and she never really warmed up to them, so Boots currently enjoys the pleasure of her own room, fully equipped with bed, scratching tower and all the viddles she can eat!

Joyce Bonvillain
Phoenix, AZ

A Need for Love

I've mostly owned large to med. female dogs throughout my life. Almost 4yrs. ago my beloved Dalmatian Brandi passed away unexpectedly and I was devastated. Wasn't sure I wanted another dog to go through that again. Long story short I decided to go on line to Pet Finder and found a place in Michigan that had rescued some animals from a puppy mill down south. I had never gone through a rescue place before and after reading stories felt guided to try it for myself.

I drove up to the place the following weekend and although they had other dogs, they brought out two "male" dogs that were Havanese which I had never heard of before. The lady said they were non-shedding (a first for me). The first dog was very timid and wouldn't even look at me; however, upon bringing out the second one you could tell he was scared. The lady placed him on my lap and once we both made eye contact it was love at first sight. He had a need and so did I. They told me he would require a lot of love and patience and I ended up adopting him. I named him "Higgins" (from Magnum P.I. show), and it took almost three-four months before he would even come to me and get on my lap. He had been abused, neglected, and was afraid of people in general. After he had been groomed properly he not only looked different, but it was like his personality suddenly bloomed. We've been together now 4 yrs. this September, and he has become the most loving little character in my life, and we complement each other. I tell people "he's not spoiled, just overly Blessed." I felt and knew he was a true Blessing from God !

Springfield, MI

Sophie and Gus

I went online to look for a miniature schnauzer puppy to adopt, and found that the Rowlett Animal Adoptions had three of them. By the time we got there, two puppies were left, and my daughter and I knew right away we could not separate these littermates. Sophie and Gus Von Schnauzer make us laugh everyday. We feel we've been lifted to celebrity status as we walk the dogs. We are approached by people wanting to ask about the puppies; due to their unusually small size, one woman asked me if they were "teacup" size schnauzers. They have gained instant recognition throughout the neighborhood, with strangers addressing our pups by name! They have added so much love and joy to our home. Please adopt your next pet!

Diane Caruso
Colleyville, TX

Mugwump was almost a speed bump!

I was driving home one night and saw what I thought was a squirrel in the middle of the road. I stopped, but it didn't move. I got out of my car and realized it was a very bedraggled kitten. I picked him up and he curled up and started to purr. Of course I took him home. After a bath I discovered he was a beautiful long haired white and orange male. He has fit in with Squeedunk and Pokeno, my two rescues, and sleeps on my pillow at night. I really think it was fate that sent me down the road at that time and made sure I wasn't driving any faster. I wasn't looking to have a third cat, but I have one now!

Kimberly Grehl
Phoenixville, PA


Dancie was 7 weeks old when we got her and I trained her to be my service dog. I depended on her for everything and she was a very loving and devoted dog! Unfortunately she had a congenital heart defect we didn't know about and she died at six years of age of a heartattack. I let her out on the morning of Nov. 4, 2009 with my other dogs and when I called them in for their breakfeast everyone came in except Dancie. So, I went into the back yard to find her and that is when I found her in the backyard passed away. When I had the vet do a neocropsy on her that is when they discovered she had a heart defect and died of a heartattack. The vet also told me that dogs with that type of heart defect usually only live till 3 years old, they are undeveloped and are never capable of becoming service dogs. Just goes to show you how strong and impotant the bond is between human and dog! Needless to say I was despondent and heartbroken. My husband couldn't stand to see me so depressed so, he went and got me another Golden. My new dog is Carly and she is now 10 months old. With the help of a personal trainer Carly just got certified as my new service dog. Carly goes everywhere with me ! She accompany's me to the doctors offfice, to Barnes and Noble, to Best Buy, to Walmart, to fast food resturants and to Starbucks. It just goes to show you one persons throw away is another persons treasure. With the help of Dancie and Carly I can live life as an independent person. So, please choose adoption.

Phyllis Zaretzky
Murfreesboro, TN

A Welcome Addition

We needed a playmate for our husky/shepard mix and adopted Bob through Now the two are inseperable! Bob was tagged as cat aggressive, but that couldn't be further from the truth. He happily cohabitates with two cats. Just because a dog has been tagged with a certain behavior, it doesn't mean it's necessarily true. We just have to give them a chance!

Deirdre Gallagher
Gainesville, GA

A Loving Soul

Roxy wasn't adopted from a shelter. She was a lost and abandoned soul. She had been dumped in a neighbor's yard with a pile of old bread to keep her fed over Christmas 2007. My husband brought her home knowing that her chances were slim because of her breed. She is a boxer/pitbull mix. She was scared and skinny but warmed quickly to our home and other dogs. She is our laughter, our protector and the center of our attention. She believes she is a lap dog and loves to share a chair, sitting like a person. She is no longer a lost and abandoned soul - she is now a warm and loving soul whom we love dearly. We are grateful for her every day.

Doug & Marie
Callahan, FL
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