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I found Martin on Petfinder after losing Carter (another perfinder kitty) to kidney failure. He was exactly what the I needed. He is so full of life and curiosity that I can't wait to get home to him every night. His foster mom said that he was due to be put to sleep on the day that she rescued him and I am so thankful. My entire family adores him and my niece is looking forward to visiting me so she can put him in her baby buggy (he is very tolerant). Thank You Pet Finder for my sweet boy!!

new hudson, MI

Thelma and Louise

One thing you learn quickly and poignantly when running a no-kill shelter is, despite your best efforts, you cannot save them all, but the ones you can save make it all worthwhile.

Last year a woman called our shelter and said she had two female dogs and some pups she couldn't keep. We sent out a volunteer to assess the situation: the neglect was nearly total. Louise, a pit bull, was chained to an old rusty truck underneath which were ten pathetic pups, dragged about in the dust every time Louise changed position. At least Thelma, a boxer, and her eight pups weren't chained to anything--they lived in a feral environment out in the woods. The truck provided minimal shelter, the woods none. But all were flea-ridden and the puppies were mal-nourished to the point of death. I had never realized that fleas, usually a nuisance, can literally suck the life out of a pup.

We got them back to the shelter, providing as much care as quickly as we could. However, within two weeks only six of the pups survived. It was just too late. But those six now have wonderful homes, as does Thelma. Louise is waiting for her forever home, but I'm confident she'll find one soon.

Most remarkably of all, one of Thelma's pups "starred" last January in the Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl. Those watching the show, seeing a cute, roly-poly happy and healthy dog had no idea of what he had gone through to get there, and the many people who made it possible. nor did they know of his brothers and sisters who came so close. You cannot save them all.

Bonnie Milliken
Norway, SC

Cheryl and Tiny's Crusade

Cheryl, pictured with her cat, Tiny, is on a crusade to get spays and neuters for all the homeless people who have pets. Cheryl found Tiny as a 4 week old, abandoned kitten and has taken care of him since (including getting him neutered). Cheryl and Tiny live on the streets of Fresno & work with Cat House on the Kings volunteer Tammy to insure that her community of homeless people have help getting their pets vaccinated, spayed/neutered & makes sure no pet goes to sleep hungry. With the help of Cat House on the Kings,, Petco and people like Adrienne:

Every morning when I am on my way to work I see Cheryl and Tiny walking down Blackstone. For months I have looked forward to seeing her and wondering how I could help such a good soul out. It is so obvious that she loves Tiny.

How can I help her? Unknowingly she helps me every day that I see her because my days go better, knowing she and her beautiful black cat are there. To me she is an inspiration.


Cheryl can rest, knowing she has help in caring for the animals that no one cares about.

Fresno, CA

Misty My Westie

I bought Misty from the pet store because I felt a connection to her. I even felt like she told me her name. Misty, it popped into my head before I even bought her. I found out about a year later why she chose me. She was difficult to train and not very social or affectionate. I took it to be characters of her breed, the West Highland Terrier. However, one day my boyfriend and I arrived home after work to find her having a seizure. We rushed her to the Vet around the corner. They had to sedate her. They did not have the facilities for her to remain over night so we took her to a 24 hours emergency Veterinarian hospital where they kept her sedated over night. The next day they advised us to take her to a neurologist specialist at an animal hospital about an hour away. The neurologist did a cat scan and other tests. Misty was probably born with a brain defect and after being in a seizure for so long, she suffered brain damage. She would never be a "normal" dog. She has epilepsy and will always be on medication to control her seizures. We did not know how long she would survive. She is now 5 years old. I would have to describe her behavior similar to that to autism. She still struggles with seizures and we are forever trying different medication regiments. I believe if anyone else bought her she would not be alive today. I believe she chose me. She is part of our family. I have to help her in any way I can, even putting myself into debt. She depends on us and I will try not to let her down.

St-Eustache, QC, Canada

Cat House on the Kings & the Fugitive Feline

Approximately 5 years ago, it was love at first sight between

Amanda Barker and an 8 week old kitten from The Cat House.

Amanda named her Ocean and over the next 5 years, Ocean

became her little princess, never venturing outside the castle.

Fast forward to November of 2009: Amanda and Ocean

moved back in with Amanda's dad & mother (aka Tammy Barker

the Crazy Cat Lady) and Tammy's cats. Coming home from

a weekend getaway they found a door had been left ajar and

woefully realized that several cats had made their escape.

They quickly rounded up all the renegades, but Ocean, who

had never been outside before, was nowhere to be found.

Amanda, Tammy and friends posted signs all over the

neighborhood, went door to door with flyers, put an ad in the

Fresno Bee, posted on Craigslist daily, and told anyone and

everyone who would listen about this fugitive feline with

absolutely no street smarts. Of course, The Cat House on

the Kings was also notified at that time.

Five fretful months went by, and there was no sign of Ocean.

The Festival de Los Gatos, a spring fundraiser at the Cat

House on the Kings was held on May 1st. Amanda and her

dad, supporters of Lynea's efforts, walked into the main house

and Amanda did a double take. There, regally perched on

a cat tree in the corner was Ocean. Amanda had never

gotten around to changing Ocean's microchip information so

she was returned to The Cat House, and had been living as

one of 700 cats waiting for a home (and almost got one a

few days before). It was one joyful reunion and Ocean came

home to resume her reign over the rest of the cats (with an

updated microchip, of course).

Tammy Barker
Fresno, CA

Tree Hugger

Everyday I read these stories and everyday I'm thankful that my husband and I adopted our two amazing cats. And I'm thankful that there are many people out there like us who would help a homeless animal. Last weekend we were walking home from an event downtown and as we passed the post office we heard a meow. I dropped everything and ran over to this giant pine tree and there was the tinyest kitten about 6 feet up! I held out my hands and she crawled right into them and snuggled into my neck and started to purr. At one point she struggled so I put her down and she dug a hole and did her business then looked up at me and meowed. Probably saying, "OK, I'm ready to go." We knew our cat Jolly would be jealous but kitten adjusted nicely. She even took the cat condo as her little bed. She stayed with us for 3 days making herself right at home and when I put her on craigslist we got a phone call right away from a lady who had rescued a kitten from her neighbor whom they saw unfit to take care of it. So, I knew she was going to a good home with a new kitten friend and a wonderful family to take care of her. I miss her terribly but I can't have all the amazing cats in the world, I have to share :) Please adopt but most of all spae and neuter your pets!

Amber K
Idaho Falls, ID


My friend Randy got this big handsome boy 10 years ago at the pound, probably already 5 years old. When my friend lost his apartment and his landlord dumped kitty at another pound, I heard about it and rescued this sweet-natured lynx point. Roscoe spent 9 great months with me and my other cats. Randy died on July 3rd, and Roscoe's liver failed suddenly a week later. My housecall vet put him to sleep a couple of days afterwards. RIP to both pals.

Bob Carlson
St. Louis, MO


Olive came to live with us almost a year ago, she was 5 months old. She joined her big brother Splash a purebred Canaan dog who was also rehomed at 6 months and is now 11 years old.

We had just lost a dog and were searching for a smaller breed. We went to a no kill shelter to visit a dog, but the connection just wasn't there. Headed to the kill shelter next door and there she was. I only spent 5 minutes with this darling pup and knew she was ours!

I call her my Jack-Rat-WaaWaa as we have no clue what she is, but she is the spitting image of her big brother Splash. They look like twins, one being 70 lbs, and Ms. Olive weighing about 15 lbs.

Her call name is Livvie as she got to LIVE. She had one day left before she was to be put down, unfortunately her littermates were. It still breaks my heart that we couldn't save them all.

Livvie is the light of our lives! Full of energy and faster than the speed of light. She's still somewhat fearful of things but is making progress every day. She's even completed obedience class.

Teresa Clement
Morristown, TN


On July 11th, Buckaroo and his siblings were left in an over night drop box at a local pound. They weren't 10 weeks old. Our local foster group found them and took them in, hoping they would find someone to give them a forever home.

On July 11th, we spent the day playing golf.

Stopping by our local pet store on July 17th to buy food for our crew (Yes, we have 13 canines living with us), we noticed this little guy. We had recently lost our little cocker saved from a puppy mill and had every intention of raising a plant in her unused food bowl. But, this little beating heart needed to find a place to call his own. We now have a new use for the bowl.

Think you don't have time, room, energy to raise a puppy? Come on! Get over yourself! It's not about you. It's about giving a little soul the opportunity to bring you laughter, love and a wagging tail.

Bath, OH

2 abandoned kittens

A couple of years ago, my husband and I owned a trucking business. Katie was our little truck dog. One night in a Pilot truck stop in GA, we were parked up against a curb, next to an open field. I was sitting up front, my husband and Katie were laying on the back bunk. The 3 of us were enjoying the cool weather, watching TV. As I sat there, I heard a cry. Thought is was a bird, but the cries persisted. I looked out and noticed a box, laying on the grass. I jumped out of the truck, and looked in the box. There were 2 tiny kittens, days old, eyes barely open. One of them was crying his little heart out, and the other had become too weak, and wasn't doing well at all.I scooped them up and showed my husband. We could not take care of them, had nothing for them, weren't familiar with the town we were in, no idea of where a Vet might be. We went into the truckstop store, where the lady at the counter told me that I couldnt have them in the store,, but that there were clean boxes outside. We found a clean box, and proceeded to the front of the store, where the "normal" customers purchased gas. We spent over an hour asking every patron at the pumps, or coming and going in and out of the store, if they lived in the neighborhood, could take the babies for the night, and bring them to a vet the next day. A lady came up to me and said "I live here. I will take them home, get them to a vet in the morning." To this day, I pray those 2 little kittens found their forever homes.

Carrollton, TX
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