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Beautiful Bella

On February 14, 2009, my husband and I decided that we did not want to give ourselves or our children chocolates, or any cheesy Valentine Day gifts. We wanted to adopt a dog from an animal shelter, to save a life, and to give love and receive love back. So we all loaded up in our truck that day, and looked at several shelters until we reached the Fort Worth Animal Shelter. As soon as we came into the room, (I really believe Bella chose us), we saw this very enthusiastic puppy in a cage, she was all black with tan socks and a big white J on her chest. She was so happy to see our family she looked like she was going to pop! We took her into the visit room, and we all fell in love with her immediately. The Shelter told us she was a Rotweiler/German Shepard mix - a little bigger dog than I wanted, but she is well worth it! Adoption was quick and soon we were all in the truck taking our new addition to our family home with us. Bella was so happy she could not stop jumping from the back seat (where the children were) to the front seat (were we were). Bella loves to go on walks, loves to play ball, talk to us, and swim in our swimmng pool. She even will lend a paw when she thinks someone needs help reaching the pool stairs, with a piggy back ride. Bella is loved so very much and cherished, by us. She has made a perfect addition to our family, she will be with us forever!

Melanie Horeftis
Burleson, TX

Rambo aka Baghera

Rambo was rescued by SPCA, NOIDA after he was thrown out of a moving car at night, so starved that he was unable to get up. When I first saw him, lying in the sun in a cold winter morning in SPCA, I thought he was dead, till he feebly lifted his paw. I worried that night that he would die of the cold. The next morning, I bought a warm jacket and went visiting again. Concerned SPCA staff thought he needed special care away from any possibility of infections and he came back with me to be nursed. He was so weak and light that I could carry him up six flights of stairs. He did get a severe stomach infection after all, and only a brilliant vet, many sleepless nights and Rambo's determination to live pulled him through. Neighbours and friends heard his story and helped nurse him.

I thought I would give him into a loving home but he is still with me -- nine months after he almost died and this is his home for always. I wanted to call him Baghera but he responds best to the name SPCA gave him -- Rambo. Today he is all of 75 pounds, a happy, lumbering and trusting black bear who loves car rides and his vet. I have to take him visiting regularly so that he can catch up with all his human friends. His highpoint in life is when he stays over for a few days with his "second family" (a friend who helped in saving him) when I am travelling.

Delhi, India

Our little Khloe

My fiance and I were driving home one day when we spotted a car going the opposite direction stop, toss out a dog, and take off. We immediately went down the road where we were able to turn around and find this dog running down the middle of the road as fast as she could to catch up to the car, which was now long gone. I jumped out to snatch up the dog. She saw me and rolled on her back. I picked her up, got back in the car, and we decided to take her home. Her and our other 2 dogs took to each other right away. We named her Khloe Renee. She had about a grocery bag full of matted hair, she was a little skinny, had worms, but was an otherwise healthy 2-3 year old pup. She didn't know what treats were, but she caught on quickly! Now she loves cuddling on the couch and sleeping in the bed with Mommy and Daddy. We haven't had a puppy in a while, and she is hyper, but we love our little Khloe Monster!

Nikita Somers
Morrow, OH

Sadie and 9 Puppies

You may recall my original posting about Sadie last month. Sadie was abandoned in the middle of nowhere in the Texas heat, pregnant. We took her in on 7/4/10 and on 7/26/10 she blessed us with 9 puppies. They have been such a joy to watch grow. Now they are 5 weeks old and almost ready to go to their Forever Homes. We have confirmed one adoption, but there are still 8 puppies and Sadie available for adoption. Sadie is a 1 1/2 year old lab mix that is full grown at 40 lbs. She is a very sweet girl. She LOVES to climb on the couch with you and just enjoy your company. She also LOVES her walks. We are unsure what breed the father was, but best guess is a Catahoula. The puppies are all very social. They love each other, they love their momma, they love my Rotties and they LOVE people. If you might be interested in adopting one of these babies or if you just want to follow their story, please visit their Facebook page called Sadie Puppies. While this adventure has been a lot of work, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Please, if you see an animal in need, stop and take the time to help them if you can.

Dawna Carabajal
Rowlett, TX


We had lost our two labs in back to back years, leaving Missy our eight year old dachshund all alone. I began looking on for a companion for Missy. It would not be easy because Missy was our alpha, but I just knew she would be happy with a new brother or sister. I found Dudley and started the adoption process. His history was that he had been given up by an owner no longer able to care for him. Dudley was six years old when he came to us and about ten pounds at the time. He was so sweet and did not mind that Missy was the alpha. He did have some health issues, had to have some teeth pulled and later required surgery for a herniated disc. He also takes daily drops that have helped to clear up pigmentation in his eyes. He has been a part of our family for over three years. He now weighs about fourteen pounds. He is such a sweet boy. I can not imagine our home without him. I urge anyone looking for that special pet to consider adoption!

Atlanta, GA

Boo Bear, Miracle Kitty

Taboo, as he was originally named, was found in a cardboard box in the pouring rain outside a Best Buy store in Ithaca, NY in April 2009. His squeaks and mews saved him, but not his two litter mates who shared the box. Tompkins County SPCA nursed him back to health, and he was put up for adoption. My husband found him at our vet's office, which is an "annex" for adoptees. He ran home and told me "I adopted a kitten, he's black, and so cute." I thought, "Oh great, another cat" (we had 7 at the time).

So, this little ball of black fur joined our family, He weighed not three pounds when we got him, but he became the personality of the menagerie. We started calling him Boo the Barbarian because even though he was the smallest, he could take care of himself around the adult cats. He eventually insinuated himself into my heart and now he is my baby. His mew never became a meow, but he makes his needs known. Boo is now a year and four months old, leggy and still kittenish, and he's our boy.

Lansing, NY

Meet the Kids!

We wanted ONE kitten to play with our other cat, Slick. Our local shelter had 2 left from a litter. How cute the others must have been! We could not leave one sibling behind, thus we now have both. Spencer and Katherine (named after the movie stars). They are attached to each other but will take time out to snuggle and play with our 10 year old Great Dane. Quite a site! Thanks to all the great shelters out there doing a great job.

Jim Watson
Owls Head, ME

How could anyone abandon this sweet girl?

Mookie, a beautiful Pit Bull-Boxer mix, was abandoned at the university where I work. No one else in our office could take her (we're all animal lovers), so I decided to give her a home. Mook seemed calm and gentle, and I was attracted to her quiet sweetness and her beauty. I took her to the vet, who pronounced her sound, though a little road-weary, and said that she was about seven months old. When we got home, she was calm for about 10 minutes -- and then, when she realized that I already loved her and that she was really home, she went totally ballistic. She was a complete lunatic, running around the house at top speed and landing on my bed at about 90 miles an hour. This puppy phase lasted quite a while -- but now, five years (and a lot of Cesar Millan DVDs) later, she is generally a very good girl. She explores the yard and sleeps in "her" chair, enjoys hanging out with her Cockapoo "brother," Tucker (another rescue), and comes to me three or four times a day for a head rub, a tummy pat, a butt scratch or two and a hug. She sleeps under the covers on my bed, sometimes waking me up by licking my cheek with her sandpapery tongue. I think she was ill-treated by the morons who dumped her, and she's still afraid of cardboard boxes, baby gates, balloons, and anything she hasn't seen before. But her fears ease a little more every day she's with me. She's funny, smart, and a wonderful, loving companion, and she has gradually become the very good dog that was always living inside that crazy girl I brought home. She's my beautiful puppy girl, and I couldn't possibly love her more.

Terry Rayburn Mitchell
Spokane, WA

From a "critter" to Beau the Beautiful

I first saw Beau, f/k/a Critter, on a pet finder site, near the end of 2009. They said the Catahoula pup was found at about 6 weeks almost starved to death and they didn't think he would make it through the first night, but he did. Because of flooding to the area where the shelter was in Alabama, we were not able to meet him and then things became hectic and time got away. Then in March I emailed the director to see if he was still available and he was! The tiny, emaciated wide-eyed puppy in the blurry photo I first saw had grown into a 45 pound beautiful beast of 8 months old. Beau turned one year old in July 2010 and is now close to 60 pounds and is a magnificant beast! He is smart and very obedient, and very loving to every dog and person he meets, and seems especially taken with babies and small children. I plan for him to be a reading dog with children.

Suzanne Ens
Pensacola, FL

Beautiful Francesca

My Francesca was a hurricane Katrina rescue. She is now almost five years old. She was found as just a little baby all alone under a shed crying. She was coaxed out to the smell of cooking hot dogs. I had to take her in immediately. She was such a tiny little furball with matted hair, but her vet said she was going to be just fine. She was in good health and has always been a loving playful cat. She is still a furball with hair like a Persian, but I will never know her true breed. I think she sometimes thinks she is a dog because she loves to chew on things and play fetch with water bottle lids. She even has a bark like noise that she makes when she wants my attention. She has been great fun to have around and I am very thankful to have her in my home.

King of Prussia, PA
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