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Our pack!

We never intended to be a three dog family, but it was clear from the moment they found us - at different times, under very different circumstances - that each of our pups was meant to be part of this loving, rowdy, happy pack. As you can see, Sallie (11), Buddy (5), and Madison (10) pretty much rule the roost, and we could not imagine our lives without them.

Michael & Deb
Asheville, NC


I adopted Sean, a year old Golden Retriever, when a neighbor found him in her yard and no one answered her lost pet ads. He was my sweet companion for over 14 years, welcoming my new husband when he moved in, and accepting life both in both Chicago and on a farm in the Ozarks with equal contentment. I lay beside him on the floor the night a series of seizures took him from us, and I hope he knew how much he was loved.

Mary Bischoff
West Plains, MO


It was a cool spring day in Houston, Alaska (I am from Wasilla). We had gone for a picnic to a campground there, and snow was still in the shadows of the trees. We were enjoying a mostly empty campground when I noticed a very skinny black dog (black lab/mix) sitting at a campsite. He was so bony that his ribs and hips were sticking way out and he was very scared. It took me an hour to earn his trust and get him to eat. Funny enough, it was when I hollered "sit down!" to my kids that he came over and sat in front of me. He understood a command and did what I asked immediately.

I left him in the hands of some locals but didn't trust that they would take care of him. The next day, I drove back to check on him and he was still there, alone. I decided to take him and got help getting him into my Chevy Suburban, as he couldn't jump because of his raw, injured paws. I went to the people who manage the campground and told them that I was taking him. They responded that he had been there for about 3-4 weeks! (I was horrified!!). I took him directly to the vet and got him the care he needed. He had a lot of problems but he would rebound.

I fell in love with him and named him Maverick. Even though I loved him, I knew that I was not the right person for him, as he needed someone who would be active with him. I found him a perfect home and he is doing very well with his new owner who had another rescue dog that was a black lab. I am happy for him!

Sonya Andreanoff
Wasilla, AK

Christmas & Trixie

The first cat we adopted is an all black cat named Christmas who is FIV positive. He was an outside cat for months at our daughters house. When he came to our house he resided under the basement sofa for 2 months them came upstairs and jumped on my lap. He will sit on our laps for long periods of time. Weighing 20 plus pounds he is very gentle. He greets us in the morning with a meow and waits to be combed in the exact spot each morning.

The second cat we adopted Trixie is also FIV positive. She is a beautiful Siamese that was found outside and brought into the shelter. Since she is FIV positive her future at the shelter was uncertain since FIV positive cats are difficult to adopt. She is a friendly girl but likes to be held only on her own terms. She loves to watch birds, rabbits and squirrels out the window.

Both of these cats are healthy and live a normal life. We are enjoying both Christmas and Trixie and are happy we gave them the chance for a good life!

Mary Smith
Myerstown, PA

Meet Jessie

Jessie came from the streets of Philadelphia to the Morris Animal Refuge in 1989, where she was the only one left of her litter (the "runt"). She immediately picked me out to take her home when I visited the shelter to adopt. This little girl had a rough start, contracting klebsiella pneumonia during her trip to the vet to be spayed. We were afraid we might lose her, but after a course of antibiotics, a ton of love, and a very special vet's care, not only did she make a complete recovery, but she is now 20 years and 9 months old, and the queen of the house! Her fountain of youth and favorite treat of the day is a little water from a can of tuna. Long live Queen Jessie!

The Rossi Family
Berwyn, PA

Third time's a charm...

I happened to rescue the kitten thrice but the third time was the charm.

It made me bond with the kitten and gain her trust.

1. It was sometime in August 2009 when it was raining very hard. I was coming back from work and saw this cat trying to carry her kittens to safety. A Mom and 2 tiny kittens cannot be more than a month old. I named her Mya (later). She managed to rescue only one of her kittens and the second kitten was stuck behind a fence close to falling off from a ledge. I waited 6 hrs outside in the rain for the mom to return and take her back.

2. November 2009, I took them in and provided them shelter. Only one kitten managed to survive and I named her Riya.She was a completely feral kitten.

3. On Dec 20 2009, Riya managed to escape and was lost. It was right after a snow storm (her first) and it was her first time without her mom. I spent everyday since trying to find her. Finally I was able to trap her on Dec 25 Morning after so many days of search, tears and hope and my persistance finally paid off. It was a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. The third attempt made Riya realize how tough life can be without her real mom and her foster mom. We both really bonded after this escapade and she has never left my side ever since. Third time is a charm!

P.S: She has an injured left eye and she cannot see well on the left. She is partially blind but that just makes her trust me even more. She is my greatest success story as a feral rescue to be made adoptable.

A replica of her mom Mya..

Roopa R
Manchester, CT


I rescued Butterball, the guinea pig, from my son's daycare where he lived in a small cage and was left alone for the weekends, sometimes without enough water.

Every morning, he peacefully shares a bunch of fresh grass with our (also rescued) cat Balbo, and he gets to run around the pig-proofed living room in the evening, where he nibbles on anybody's toes carelessly stretched out on the floor. He will also sit on our dog's tail and groom it and stalk him when he walks around the room.

No burglar will ever be able to raid our refrigerator because Butterball starts squeaking like crazy any time somebody opens the door, thinking someone is after his carrots! While I work on my computer, I will have a lazy pig huddled up on a pillow in my lap, blissfully asleep. He's a real hoot!

Pflugerville, TX

R.C. (Rescue Cat)

It was a dark and stormy afternoon when my husband noticed a crowd of people, around the corner from our house, devoting a lot of attention to a group of garbage cans. My husband went over to see what was going on and found they were trying to lure a very small orange kitten out from his hiding place amongst the cans. My husband walked closer and the kitten ran out and straight to him, and allowed itself to be picked up and carried away. The kitten was so small he could barely toddle and was covered with fleas; the fleas had begun to lay eggs on his body. My husband stuck the kitten straight under the faucet, over my protests, but the kitten loved it and purred so loud we could hear him over the water running. We got some proper flea shampoo and gave him a bath, got some milk and wet food down him, and wrapped him up in a blanket for the night, away from our very curious older cats.

That night it hailed, which is unusual in California, and we knew the kitten would have died had my husband not rescued him. We named him R.C. on the spot.

The next day R.C. was up and full of life, a bouncing furball who our older cats viewed with alarm. He turned out to be the most photogenic cat ever, never took a bad picture, and delighted us every day with his crazy tricks and extra dose of personality. We lost him a year ago, at age ten, and we still miss him. He was our stubborn, opinionated, sweet, funny little orange boy.

Carolyn Johnson
Morgan Hill, CA

Our Dolly

We were walking through the flea market in our area.A man was there with four kittens looking for a home for them. With two cats already, I was reluctant but this beautiful kitten was so soft and cuddly I brought her home. My 10 year old male cat took to her immediately, but the 3 year old female had to warm to her. After a few days of hissing and growling, they have become great playmates. Dolly has learned to drink from the fishbowl after watching the other two.

She is so active and brought so much joy to us.

Jan Peters
New Port Richey, FL

Little Button

Button was found under a car on a freezing winter night and brought to our vet. She was a tiny kitten in bad health. She was also wall-eyed, couldn't look up or turn her head, had chronic diarrhea, couldn't turn her body, and huddled in that "sick kitty" pose. The Artemis Project paid for her care for 4 months, ran every test, but couldn't figure out what was wrong. "Failure to thrive" was the verdict. Even though she had won everyone's heart and had an indomitable will to live, it was thought that she would never have a good quality of life, so she was slated for euthanasia.

A volunteer fostered her for months and with lots of TLC (even physical therapy!) her health was improving. We adopted her, gradually corrected the "wall-eye" and did exercises so that now she can lift her head and look up, turn around, scamper, and chase the other cats. She's fearless!

Full grown, she weighs just 3 lbs 10 oz, a contender for the world's smallest cat! She is still a "special needs" kitty: the vet calls her "half-baked" (she never got all her teeth or whiskers). She can't jump, so we have doggy steps all over the apartment so she can get up to all her favorite places. She sleeps curled up on our pillow at night. She goes for a walk up and down the hall every time the door is opened, greets our neighbors, and children come calling for Button to come out and play! FOBs (friends of Button) come for her birthday parties (even from out of state) and ask for her photo.

"Everyone Loves Button" is her motto, and we are so lucky that Button O'Boyle Zimmerman, the miracle cat, is sharing her life with us.

Al and Gail Zimmerman
new York, NY
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