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Romeo's story

After our cat Gizmo, died, I went online looking for another cat. The cat we would adopt had to be good with kids because Gizzie had loved them and she was especially missed by our granddaughters.

We visited the animal shelter in Warwick, RI, and as I looked around, I saw one of the volunteers taking a handsome tabby from his cage. I asked if I could hold him. She said he's a big boy, but he climbed right into my arms and curled up immediately. We had brought my 1½ year old granddaughter with us. When I lowered the cat down to meet Zoe in her stroller, she reached out to pat him and he reached right back and gently patted her. That's how we knew this was the right cat for us. "Tiger" was 9 months old and had been returned to the shelter twice for unknown reasons. The vet called him "one big muscle" because of his size and strength, but he is so gentle and loving.

Before we got home we had renamed him Romeo. He is such a lover. Our grandchildren adore him and he is patient with the new grandbabies too. He charms all of our friends and company so that that they always look for him when they come to visit. We have had him for 8 years and he couldn't be a better companion or more loved.

Sandy Pichette
South Grafton, MA

Rescuing Isabel & Cielo

When my cat lost his battle vs. cancer I was devastated, I knew I wanted another cat, so in a month I was ready. Went to the Humane Society in Phoenix, AZ and got two black tabbies "sisters". When we got home we realized one of them was a boy! I didn't care, his name was already "sexless" (Cielo: meaning "Heaven/Sky in Spanish). Cielo is now 24lbs. and obviously has Maine Coon in him, Isabel is 15lbs. We added 5 more cats to the family, all rescued, they all get along and fulfill our lifes!

Cristina V.
Phoenix, AZ

Not Trash!!

One evening I found Alexandra, a tiny kitten, by my apartment trash dumpster, along with her sister Natasha. They were so tiny, and adorable, and I couldn't find their mother anywhere. I really couldn't afford to take in any more cats, since I rescued as well, and had 3 cats already. But they were so small, and helpless that I couldn't resist adopting them. They are 6 years old now and so cute, and funny, and so lovable. They both sleep on my bed with me every night, and after a serious illness, the helped to heal me with their unconditional love. I am so glad that I chose to save them, and keep them in my life!

Bridget M. Ortiz
El Paso, TX

Alone on the Streets

I found my big boy Charlie Chopper while at work. I was eating lunch and saw a tail go by my window. My boss and I tried to pick him up to turn him into a shelter but he wouldn't come because he was very shy and timid. He was skinny, had ticks, and looked like he had been abused. The following two days I would search for him and bring him food. On the third day, he was locked up behind a construction zone for the New Year's weekend. I thought to myself, I cannot leave him here in the cold for three whole days. So I tried my best to get him to crawl under the metal gate. There was one spot where the gate was bent up and he managed to crawl under and out yet he was still timid and walked away from me. I opened my car door and waved a towel and right away he walked over and put his front two paws in my car and little did he know that was his first two steps into a better life! He now comes to work with me everyday and everyone at the office just loves him! This picture of Charlie Chopper was the day I rescued him.

Lindsay Cole
Denton, TX

DOVE, saved many lives

8 year old Dove lived in an emergency clinic where she was a blood donor for 6 years and was never allowed to leave the facility. She was well loved there and they tell me she saved a lot of lives. (We go back and visit often.) I rescued Dove through All About Hounds in Smyrna, TN. (AAH) Memorial Day weekend. What lovely, lovely people they are! When they brought Dove to me, (a 2 hour trip) she walked right in and made herself at home and followed me everywhere. We have been glued to the hip ever since! Dove is an elegant lady and we are a match made in heaven. Oh, how she loves long walks along the shore on the lake where we live! Adopt a senor! They are awesome!

Pixie Fontechia
Cadiz, KY

Guess Who Showed Up for Dinner Yesterday

This old girl wandered onto our back porch yesterday. We don't know where she came from, or who she belonged to. She is obviously socialized; very friendly and passive. But she also has been shot. The wound is almost healed. I guess one more won't hurt; we have 3 long-haired Dachshunds, also rescues, that also had mysterious lives before they came to us. All of our animals have a good life; as Ghandi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." We try to do our part.

Arthur Hoyt, Jr.
Gainesville, MO

Mulligans second chance

I met this little boy in May of 2007. I had no idea what had took place his first year of life. He was scared and was biting anyone that got close. The rescue that I work for was thinking about turning him over to a chihuahua rescue instead of keeping him. I told them I would take him home and work with him. The first time I took him to an adoptathon he got loose and ran away. A little boy helped me catch him and I decided then and there that he wouldn't have to go throught that again, so I adopted him. I was afraid that since he nipped at everyone they wouldn't understand and have him put down. He just turned 4 yrs old in May and is a happy boy. He loves to kiss and follows me everywhere I go. He loves to wrestle and run with my three other rescues and is a constant source of entertainment. Rescue a pet, you will never regret it.

Carol Meece
Lebanon, OH

Sammy's Story

Sammy was living outside a local store and made it inside the backroom and would not leave. Some who saw him said he was a sick cat and he was mean. But that is the farthest from the truth. He was caught on a Sunday and taken to Sierra's Haven a local No Kill Shelter. I told them I wanted to adopt him if he didn't have any diseases (didn't want to take any to my other cats). They tested him, gave him his shots and neutered him. I adopted him on that Friday and he is the biggest motor boat and love bug around. Loves to purr, knead and sleep on my chest. People can't believe that is the same cat. Adopt a member of the family from your local shelter and the love you will receive will be unmeasureable.

Sheila Davis
Portsmouth, OH

Maverick's Story

We saw Mavericks picture in the shelter we went to then we asked the guy who works their if we can see him. Once we found saw him it was like we connected my mom held him in her arms and right away he laid his head on my moms shoulder. Then i held him and he gave me a big kiss and laid on my shoulder then me and my mom knew that he was the one to pick. When we got him he was 3 months old. He was shaved by his bottom because he had bad dry skin. We don't know his history all we know is he was transferred from the shelter in West Islip. Now its been 2 happy years with him and we love him as much as we did when we got him. He loves being brushed, his bacon strips, playing with his toys, belly rubs, running and laying next to me when I am sleeping.

East Northport, NY

Good News, Update on Frago

I just received a confirmed tentative flight for Frago, and three more pups, leaving Kabul tomorrow, Wed., arriving JFK Cargo Area 2, Veterinarian Office Thurs. for my pickup. I will keep you informed as I receive the updates myself, almost there, it is down to just hours now. You will hear from me soon,


James G. Violante
Parkertown, NJ
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