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At the animal hospital, the sign on his cage said he'd been used as a blood donor kitty but was now up for adoption. He was unimpressive; skinny and needed a good brushing. While waiting for my own kitty to be brought to me, I stroked him through the cage bars before being called to the reception desk to answer a question.

Afterward I didn't return to his cage but strolled around the large lobby. Another client tapped my shoulder. "Excuse me," she said, "But that cat you were petting has been following you in his cage as you've walked around. I've tried to play with him but he won't pay any attention to me. He only watches you and follows you, and I just think you should know that."

I believe in signs from the universe, but I wasn't sure about this. I already had two cats and didn't need a third. Still, I felt this was an unusual thing not to be easily dismissed. I made one more test: I told the universe that when I left I would glance back, and if he was looking after me I would accept that he was meant to be with me. At the exit I looked back. . . there he was, cage side closest to me, watching me leave him.

He's been part of my family for 10 years and we adore our Flynnie. He's quite the conversationalist although he still needs to learn to use his inside voice. And I'll be forever grateful to the woman who alerted me to this sweet boy who claimed me as his through the bars of a cage.

Playa del Rey, CA

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