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My friend found Bowie and another kitten at the animal rescue, she was describing the 2 kitties to me, one was a male tabby and the other was a white deaf girl. My friend decided to get the boy and I, after some thought, decided I wanted to get another cat (after my last one died 4 years before), I wanted an older, mature cat, or so I thought when I walked into the cat rescue. I went into the rescue and spoke to the staff about my lifestyle and where I lived etc, they then showed me my purrfect feline friend - the deaf white kitten my friend had told me about (the opposite to what I was thinking I wanted to get!), the kitten that she had passed over for being too aloof and a bit stand-off-ish. I didn't really want a lap cat, and I wanted an indoor cat so the deaf white girl was a good choice. She was the perfect kitten for me. I'm not too sure what happened, to the stand-off-ish and aloof kitten I expected to bring home, it certainly wasn't the loveable, inseparable ball of fluff I have (still). Bowie and I bonded instantly, the first night at home she decided she wanted to sleep next to me on my bed, she insisted. I had to lift her up onto the bed as she had just had her operation and couldn't jump up herself (she was also tiny at 8 weeks old) Every night since that night she has slept in my bed, up against me, every night for the last 13 years. I can't imagine not having my white deaf, stand-off-ish and aloof kitten in my life

Sydney, Australia

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