Alfie May

I rescued Alfie 4 years ago. I started out as his foster mom and adopted him because I fell so in Love with him and he was so previousley abused I needed to be sure that he would never be treated bad again. He has been such a little Love Bug. I just dont understand how anybody could hurt an Animal. Alfie and my other boy Sammy are budddies and they get along very well. When I first brought Alfie home he was so scared of everybody, so i just let him come to me on his time. I didnt want to crowd him and scare him. he didnt even know what to do with a squeeky toy, he watched me and sammy play with the squeeky and before long he wanted to play. Now it is one of his favorite things to do. He also Loves to dance. I Love both of my Dogs more than anything and I wish I had more room so I could foster and adopt 2 more. Rescueing my Alfie is the best thing I have done. I still foster but not as much. Alfie get pretty jeoulous of other Dogs.
Honolulu, HI