Cyrus saved by Facebook

I was cruising facebook 3 yrs ago and saw (then named Timber), shelter's picture and it melted my heart. I inquired about him and and the next morning when I woke up there was a contact phone # for Sandy. I called her quickly hoping that the time zone difference was not gonna get her mad at me. She told me to call back in a half hour. When I did call her back i asked why? She said she had to make sure that Timber was still available as he was on the euthanasia list for that morning. Luckily I was in time. We set things in motion and a week later my Joplin Missouri dog was a proud Canadian crossing the Detroit border into Canada. Thanks to 3 kind hearted people who with the help of Facebook offered to help drive Cyrus (his new name for a new life) to me. Cyrus is a joy and has fit into my pack well. Adopting is always so rewarding.
Julia Mccron
Guelph, Canada