Luckiest Chi on the Planet

Teeny was part of a mini-pack of chihuahuas that had been abandoned by our school campus. All summer, she and her little tan pals caught birds, ate trash and anything else they could find to sustain their tiny bodies. When school was about to begin, the city animal control was called out to try and capture the three pooches, but no one could catch Teeny, she was too fast and too leery. As all the teachers returned, one teacher, a chi owner herself, brought a sandwich and sat on the ground and slowly tossed bits of food closer and closer till the little dog could be scooped up. Her ragged coat, her dried, crusty eyes, damaged from the intense Arizona sun were all too apparent. On her first trip to the vet, she became startled when nearby dog food cans fell from the shelf and she pulled out of her harness, and dashed through the automatic doors into the parking lot, across 6 lanes of night time traffic and ran over a mile where she was spotted the next day on the golf course. She was too frightened to come, and she dodged searchers with hot dogs, hopping into the gated community and hiding. For a week, volunteers from the animal hospital gave their lunch hours, golf course employees and our family to searched and called every day and night in vain. Finally, after a week she was spotted at a nearby school, she was hiding under a pile of rubble, filthy and frightened. Despite her damaged eyesight, she finally recognized her new owner and crawled into her lap. Once again In the loving care of her new family, she has become a shiny, sleek pampered Princess, our Athena Marie.
Goodyear, AZ