Three Part Story of Three Miracle Mutts- Part 3

Dusty is the latest addition to our doggie family. She was dying of self-starvation & depression after a family refused to adopt her with the dog she had grown up with all her life due to her breed. They were afraid they wouldn’t be adopted due to their age (10 & 14) unless they made the option to adopt them separately. My heart instantly went out to her because she had an unfair judgmental against her. She also looked almost identical to the previous lab mix who had who had grown up with Lucky. After 2 weeks of convincing my boyfriend, I drove Ginny & Lucky 2 hours to go meet Dusty. The adoption people brought her out & it about broke my heart; Lucky sprinted across the room & instantly fell in love with Dusty. The 2 danced, played & wagged their tails forever. The agency was in shock, they said they had never seen her even wag her tail before, let alone play. Ginny who was more hesitate about Dusty has since become attached at her hip, they play tug together all the time & horse around the house. Dusty loves to play with anyone willing dog or human, & snuggle in bed with us(we had to get a king just to fit all of us).Dusty doesn’t bite or even nibble; it’s crazy this pitbull lab mix uses her big, boxy head to push other dogs & humans away from eachother when fighting or to get attention. 2 months after we adopted Dusty we found out she has a cancer, but she’s a far cry from unhealthy. We have opted to carry out as many wonderful yrs as we can with her & the other dogs as they truly love each other like brother and sisters.
Cedar Falls, IA