Thrown from a car window...

This is my precious boy "Blue" who was thrown from a car window onto a highway 12/12/12 in CT. He is was approx 9 weeks at the time and this picture was taken 4 days later. Luckily a FB friend of mine was behind the car and picked him up right away. She took him home for a bath and then to a vet to be checked due to the many large scabs all over his body from what appeared to be large bites and to make sure he was not injured from being thrown. Fortunately he was fine. She posted his picture on her page looking for a home for him and I fell in love with that face! I had been looking for a dog at the time and after seeing those eyes, I had to have him! I drove to CT from NJ the next day to pick him up and bring him to his new forever home where he is spoiled, loved and treated as any puppy should be. Blue is Newfie/Black Lab Mix who is a truly a "Goofy Newfie" with the energy of a Lab. He loves to play in "Blue's Yard", go for walks, play with my cats and he adores playing with the other dogs at the puppy park. I was very worried about his reaction to other dogs because of the bites he had, but it seems he holds no grudges. He is also smart as a whip too! You do not have to show him how to do something more that two or three times before he "gets it". He is now 23 weeks, 55lbs and we think he will be over 100lbs, but that is just more to love! He happy, healthy and brings me pure joy!
Debra Muller