Send Emergency Supplies to Shelters this Kitten Season

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It's a staggering figure: every year over 6 million homeless pets are taken in by U.S. shelters. With the average shelter stay lasting about 3 months, that's over 100 meals that a shelter may provide for each pet in their care. That's a lot of bowls to fill!

Purchasing literal tons of food is a huge expense for a shelter. If a shelter is strapped financially, then it is more difficult for it to respond to the many pet emergencies and tragedies that are far too common. Additionally, the impact of Covid-19 on millions of families has meant an increased need for pet aid.

Help us Reach Our Goal of 3 Million Meals for Shelter Pets!

There are two ways you can participate in our virtual food drive and help keep bowls and bellies full!


Make a Direct Donation

Every dollar you donate provides 20 nutritious meals for hungry homeless pets and is 100% tax-deductible!



Boost Your Gift with More Food & Supplies!

Provide more food, plus send treats and bowls to shelters in need.

Send Supplies

Your donations support Greater Good Charities' Rescue Bank, which is the largest pet food distribution program in the world. To date, Rescue Bank has delivered over 400 million meals to pets in need!


"They could not afford dog food and they were feeding them all bread."

-Street Paws, Locust Grove, Georgia

Brave mama Holly and her six puppies were living in a home overcrowded with pets. The girlfriend of the homeowner became worried about Holly and the pups' welfare and reached out to Street Paws looking for food for the new little family. What started as a food donation drop-off resulted in the seven dogs being taken into the care of Street Paws.

Sweet Holly took loving care of the pups until they all found forever homes. As of this writing, Holly's still waiting her turn, but we have no doubt this grateful gal will land someplace special soon.

Street Paws shares how donations help them respond to cases like Holly's: “Without Rescue Bank, we could not do all that we do. We take care of so many animals and the food and supplies are a huge support for us.”


"Thank you to Greater Good Charities' Rescue Bank for food to help Oliver and Rosie go strong."

-Faerie Tales Cat Rescue, Taylor, Michigan

At a tender 5-weeks-old, adorable kitten Oliver was dropped at a veterinary office with a cut ear and broken leg. Although his ear shriveled and he ultimately lost his leg, Faerie Tales reports that, "Oliver came through surgery like a champ."

Of course, a playful kitten needs a lot of attention! Oliver let his caretakers know that he was ready for playmate by "getting bitey" with his tiny kitten teeth. Rosie to the rescue! At about the same age, Rosie the calico and Oliver became fast friends and a great comfort to one another.

Faerie Tales shared details of the kitten couples' happily-ever-after: The pair were adopted together and are now enjoying life in their new forever home with a wife and husband team of chiropractors and their family.

Your support is a great way to celebrate The Animal Rescue Site's 19th birthday this July! 🥳