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NOVICA Artisan Ricardo Holder

Ricardo Holder

My name is Ricardo Holder and I'm from Lima, Peru. I began working with textiles when I was young after becoming interested in the diversity of patterns and designs that a knitter can achieve. I was also greatly attracted to our alpaca wool, which is a wonderful fiber of excellent quality.

I learned to be persistent, especially during periods of political turmoil, which caused upheavals in government leadership and politics.

"It wasn't easy starting out. I knitted sweaters for school uniforms and created unique designs in general so that they would stand out from others. As they began to sell well, I earned the trust and loyalty of shoppers who recognized the quality of my work.

"The evolving textile and fashion trends have motivated me to be creative in my designs. It's been very exciting to meet so many people dedicated to knitting and this has allowed my workshop to grow.

"I primarily use alpaca, pima cotton and fine alpaca blends, which can be challenging to work with at first.

"I enjoy knitting sweaters and accessories. There are infinite possibilities to create new designs and textures. I am inspired by fashion trends and international haute couture. I believe in the potential of Peruvian artisans and I'd like to show the world the best Peru can offer.

"I dream of becoming known for my high-quality sweaters and accessories that combine fine fiber blends with stylish knitting."