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Rodriguez Family

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“We are the Rodriguez family; originating from Tlajomulco de Zúñiga in the state of Jalisco. Since we were very young we were instilled with the artisanal techniques of stone carving, and with this we elaborate articles of common use such as the traditional molcajetes.

“As children, every day that we returned from school our parents gave us the necessary instruction to learn this wonderful technique. At first we did not like it very much, but it was precisely when we combined our own personal tastes in drawing or design that we started to get passionate about this craft technique.

“It was through the most elementary activities such as the collection of the stones, their selection, their carving and then their molding that we began to realize that this was something more than an everyday activity within the family. And only with constant practice do we develop a more unique and creative process for each of our pieces. This engenders in us a greater commitment as artisans.

“One of our great inspirations is to be aware of the family legacy we are part of; from the fun process for each family member to go collect the stone at the mine, to the endless songs we sing when we work. This creates a beautiful coexistence that we greatly appreciate.

“The creative process is one of the parts that we enjoy as a family, since it is when a new idea is born that we work more closely together until the piece materializes. It is thanks to this teamwork that our workshop has kept a steady pace every day; Now, in a very committed way, we transmit this wonderful knowledge to our children and nephews. We love to continue learning; our next goal is to learn how to handle marble, and to continue to provide people with quality products made by Mexican hands.”