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NOVICA Artisan Oscar Preciado

Oscar Preciado

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“Hi, I'm Oscar Preciado. From an early age my taste for shapes in blown glass was born. I had the opportunity to learn thanks to different people who contributed their knowledge to me so that I could put blown glass manufacturing into practice. Though the reality is that you never stop learning and forming your own way of creating. Sometimes by recycling, other times with raw material until you finally give life to that piece that manages to have more than one use, from decorative to functional. To shape an object that gives the appearance of being nothing, but the result is a complete wonder.

“The technique for making blown glass remains the same. Since its inception, it has not had great variations, despite the different styles that we see. Currently it seems that all the artists and artisans who are dedicated to the manufacture of it follow the same steps: melt the glass, place it in the tube, and blow until it is shaped. The difference is that we can make the same style of glass, or the same decorative product, but the passion, dedication and effort that you put in every time you make a new object is what distinguishes your work. No need to search deeply. A previously visualized piece in which you put your greatest focus will not only result in a great job, but it will leave you with the satisfaction of having managed to shape a seemingly simple material. In reality, it is a material in which you can exploit an infinity of ideas. But you have to be careful when molding and working it, since it is apparently a simple material but the challenge is to shape it at the right and precise moment to avoid error. We can move forward and reuse, but the challenge is always to seek improvement in each piece.

“I want to continue working on all my goals and objectives. My children, my wife and the rest of my family give me the inspiration I need to work, in addition to being a fundamental part of this business. We are also able to offer work and support to other people.”