Mom Demands Answers After 8-Year-Old Son With Autism Left School & Wandered Home Alone

Mom Demands Answers After 8-Year-Old Son With Autism Left School & Wandered Home Alone

A mother from Redford, Michigan is demanding answers from her son's school district after the eight-year-old boy with autism wandered away from school without anyone noticing and walked home alone.

To make matters worse, the boy, named Liam, was without his backpack and wasn't wear his coat in below-freezing temperatures.

He managed to walk from Beech Elementary to their home, which is 15 minutes away and requires crossing three main roads to get there.

Liam has an aide assigned to him for the whole school day, but on this particular day, he had a different one assigned to him since his usual one was out.

His mom, Christi Greenwalt, says she was never even notified that her son was missing from school, despite them not knowing his whereabouts for nearly 20 minutes. Not only did they not call Greenwalt, but they didn't notify the police either.

"I’m very proud and thankful that he did remember how to get home," Greenwalt told Click On Detroit. "That is the only positive that has come out of this situation. But, anything could have happened. He could have got hit by a car or caused a car accident, other people could’ve got injured, or someone could have picked him up."

When Greenwalt called the police, they told her that they had received several calls regarding a boy who was seen walking alone, but they were unable to find him.

Greenwalt has since contacted the superintendent and is demanding answers.

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