Wild Black Bear Approaches Home And Closes Front Door During Snowstorm

Wild Black Bear Approaches Home And Closes Front Door During Snowstorm

People are baffled after a woman in New Jersey filmed a wild black bear walking up to her home and shutting the front door!

A lot of people are terrified of bears, but Susan Kehoe (TikTok user @susankehoe1) isn't like most people.

In a recent viral TikTok video, Susan shared a bizarre encounter she had with a black bear right outside her home!

In the clip, you can see Susan heading to the door to see how much snow is coming down outside.

When Susan opens the door, she exclaims: "Oh, we not only have snow, we have a bear."

A white-dusted black bear is sitting right outside her door, almost as if he's waiting to come inside.

While most people would be alarmed to find a black bear outside their door, Susan handles it with ease. She watches and calmly talks to the bear as he mozzies down the porch staircase.

Before he gets too far down the path, however, Susan actually calls for the bear to come back. Surprisingly, the bear listens!

Not only does he return to the porch, but he proceeds to use his mouth to shut the door behind him.

"What a good boy. I love you," Susan says as the bear leaves for good.

You can watch the video for yourself below:

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Though the exchange may seem unusual, it's a normal occurrence for Susan, who lives in New Jersey. As she shared on LinkedIn, it was through wildlife photography that she became enamored with the North American Black Bear and its gentle disposition.

While some people admire animals from afar, Susan loves them from up close as they're often found outside her home - often coming up to her porch, as seen in the video above.

As a self-proclaimed animal rights advocact, a big part of Susan's mission is to put an end to black bear hunting. She regularly posts about it on social media, asking people to call the governor and speak up for the animals.

If you'd like to keep up with Susan and the bears, you can follow her on TiKTok or Instagram.

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