Dog Kicked Out For Being "Too Nice" Waits Outside His Owner's Home

Dog Kicked Out For Being "Too Nice" Waits Outside His Owner's Home

Having a dog in life means different things to different people. Some people appreciate the love and affection that a dog shows and other people appreciate the protection.

Of course, a loving pet owner will appreciate all that their fur friend is able to bring to the table. We love our dogs for all they are and we want to show them just as much in return.

There are times, however, when people may expect something specific out of the dog. That was the case with the dog in this story. He was purchased to be aggressive, but he turned out to be a big softy.

As shared by Love Furry Friends - Rescue Channel, the owner was frustrated because his "scary" dog would stop to say hello to everybody he met. Finally, the human had enough and kicked the dog out.

The problem was, the dog was so kind that he had no idea why he was being treated in that way. He was locked out and wasn't being let back in, but he just stayed and waited, hoping for the best.

When the owner would leave the home and come back, the dog would get excited. He thought he was being allowed back in but he would still be shut out.

That is when a kind dog rescuer showed up. She tried to get the attention of the person inside the home but he wouldn't answer the door.

The good news is, she was given the phone number of the former owner, and she gave him a call. After learning that the dog was no longer wanted, she took action.

She poured the dog some water and he appreciated it. Fortunately, it seemed as if the dog had a source of water and wasn't dehydrated.

Apparently, the owner must have been providing him with food and water, even though the dog was unwanted. Some people in the community also stopped by to say they were looking after the dog and said his name was Leo.

The neighbor that spoke to her enjoyed seeing Leo, but he knew he would be in better hands after being rescued. They took the dog to the vet, and he got the treatment he needed for fleas and ticks and an injured ear.

Leo was also given a bath and he became quite handsome. He continued to get happier and happier after he was in a friendly home.

Leo even had a worldwide audience of those who loved him, and more than 2 million people watched his video on YouTube. Fortunately, he was able to find a forever home very quickly.

You can see his video for yourself below:

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