Bald Eagle Snatches Tiny Yorkie And Almost Gets Away With Her

Bald Eagle Snatches Tiny Yorkie And Almost Gets Away With Her

An 8-month-old Yorkie named Coco barely escaped with her life after being snatched by a bald eagle.

Coco was on her family's porch in Metlakatla, British Columbia alone when the bald eagle swooped down and grabbed the Yorkie in its claws.

A doorbell camera captured the harrowing moment that the bird took off with little Coco in its clutches, as the dog yelped and screeched at the top of her lungs.

It's unclear how, but little Coco somehow managed to get away from the eagle and could be seen running back up the porch yelping all the while.

Speaking with Storyful, Justin Dudoward, Coco's owner, explained that he and his girlfriend had let Coco outside and they returned to the livingroom.

They had no idea anything was wrong until Dudoward's daughter screamed and opened the door to let a terrified, yelping Coco back inside.

At first, Coco appeared to be ok, but further examination revealed she'd been cut by the eagle's claws and her intestine was hanging out.

Thankfully, Dudoward revealed on Facebook that Coco was able to undergo surgery at the veterinarian's office and she was recovering well from the ordeal.

Watch the terrifying moment below:

It's a good reminder to always keep a watchful eye on your pets, even when they're in the comfort of your yard!

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