An Elephant Momentarily Causes Traffic As It Blocks the Road for a Crossing Calf

An Elephant Momentarily Causes Traffic As It Blocks the Road for a Crossing Calf

There are reasons why elephants are portrayed as sweet and friendly in films. And it’s because they actually do possess those personalities — the giant mammal is soft-hearted and caring towards their loved ones. Their height might intimidate you, but humans can build friendships with elephants like they are long-lost soulmates. They can even remember their caretakers from back when they were young. Apart from recognizing genuine care, elephants are also capable of communication. Whenever they need help, the friendly giant will do its best to convey their message to humans. There are many cases wherein mother elephants ask humans for help when their young ones are in danger. Moments like that are often caught on video and shared on social media.

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The ever-growing love for elephants is due to how they are always exposed on different social media sites. There are even accounts created solely for them. Most times they are showcased by sanctuaries and rescue centers — flexing how the elephants are living the best life in a safe home. Social media is also an excellent strategy to gain support in fighting poaching and illegal trading. National Parks are also a home for the elephants, and they roam freely in the area. For this reason, humans living nearby have daily encounters with them, and sometimes it’s the highlight of their day. Elephants would randomly appear on the road and often cause traffic jams for various reasons.

A mother elephant once blocked the road to call for assistance when her son was trapped in a hole. Recently, another case happened that still has something to do with safety. In Kruger National Park, in South Africa, an adult elephant stopped cars on the road to let a calf safely pass by. At first, it looked like the elephant was observing the whole traffic lineup, but if it could talk, maybe it would say it was actually asking the drivers for patience in the most respectful manner. The elephant made way for the vehicles as soon as the calf got to the other side of the road. How could anyone not love the caring giants more after watching the video shared on Facebook?

Kruger National Park uploaded the footage with the title, “Elephant Blocking The Road So Friends Can Cross.” Once again, humans have fallen in love with elephants, as the video garnered thousands of engagements. It received 98k reactions, 1.7k comments, and 2.4 million views. Netizens could not help but express their amusement in the comment section. Others also shared their experiences regarding encounters with an elephant. Share the video on your timeline to spread happiness and to let others see this side of wild animals.

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