Soldier Is Worried War Dog Won’t Remember Him – Opens Cage On Live TV To See If She Does

Soldier Is Worried War Dog Won’t Remember Him – Opens Cage On Live TV To See If She Does

There's something about animals reuniting with their humans that just yanks at your heartstrings. It's impossible to look away, especially when they come with such incredible backstories -- like this one does!

Nick Pierzchalski is part of the National Guard in Florida. While he did a tour of duty in Iraq, he met someone very special... a young shepherd mix.

She immediately bonded with Nick, and the two became inseparable. Nick and his friends decided to care for the feral dog as if she were their pet. They built her an enclosure, and having her around was a huge boost to morale for everyone.

Once Nick returned to the states without her, though, he realized he wanted to keep her around forever. He spent a lot of time wondering about the pup, and knew that he needed to act before it was too late and she either ran off or was claimed by someone else.

You can probably guess what happened next!

 width= Photo: Pexels

Nick made all the arrangements he needed in order to reunite with his old friend. The dog was collected in Iraq and flown into Tampa International Airport.

SPCA International assisted him in the adoption process, and Fox 13 New Channel actually broadcast the reunion live!

It was such a sweet moment, and everyone involved was thrilled that the two were able to see each other again.

Even though Nick had been worried that the pup wouldn't recognize him, he shouldn't have been. Once she was released from her cage, she immediately went to Nick and nuzzled right up to him. She whined happily while he gave her lots of pets and snuggles and then scooped her right up.

 width= Photo: Pexels

Nick is looking forward to seeing how she responds to having a yard and house of her own, and we're excited for them!

To see this heartwarming reunion for yourself, take a look at the video below. We hope that Nick and his best friend have many long years together and make all sorts of happy memories!

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