Senior Dog Buried In Mats Finds New Zest For Life When Rescuers Shave Him

Senior Dog Buried In Mats Finds New Zest For Life When Rescuers Shave Him

Matted fur is more than just a nuisance for a dog - it can be a dangerous medical condition. Matted fur pulls on the skin and can build up and become heavy, making everyday life painful and uncomfortable.

One dog that knows this all too well is a senior pooch named Julian. According to a video shared by Save a Greek Stray, Julian was left outside his owner's home to live on the streets after she passed away.

He had been suffering for years from grooming neglect, but when his owner died, things didn't immediately get better for the poor dog.

At some 13 years old, Julian was left on the sidewalk, covered in mats, and hardly able to move.

Thankfully, rescuers with Save a Greek Stay stepped in to help.

The rescue shared about Julian on YouTube, saying:

"As we were told, Julian had been living with his elderly owner in this condition for years. The day she passed away, he was left on the street, right in front of his home. He is elderly, with a weak heart and catarrat, nearly deaf, but he is now finally relieved and is living the best life he lived in years."

After getting him to safety, the rescue immediately got to work shaving his fur and untangling his mats. They truly worked miracles, and by the end, Julian was like a whole new dog - not only in looks, but in personality as well!

It was as if he found a new zest for life after being shaved, and it's easy to see why given the drastic difference.

Unfortunately, Julian has struggled to find a forever home due to his old age and heart condition. At this time, he's still looking for a place to live out his golden days, but we have no doubt he'll find it soon.

Check out the video below to see Julian's incredible transformation for yourself:

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