Marine Surprises Little Brother During School Pep Rally After Being Apart For 3 Years

Marine Surprises Little Brother During School Pep Rally After Being Apart For 3 Years

Brandon Ballard, a third-grader from Forth Worth, Texas, thought he was just taking part in a pep rally at his school to get ready for a big exam. Little did he know, he was about to get the surprise of a lifetime.

His big brother, Marine Isaac Ballard, has been stationed in Japan since 2019 and was finally able to come home for the first time since the pandemic started.

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When Isaac walked through the doors of Woodland Springs Elementary and into his little brother's classroom, Brandon's jaw immediately dropped.

"Hi Brandon," Isaac said, as Brandon stared up at him, trying to fathom that his brother was actually standing right in front of him.

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Brandon burst into tears and grabs his brother for a big hug as the room of students and teachers applaud. He was overwhelmed with happiness to finally be back together again for the first time in three long years.

But the surprises didn't end there. Brandon also decided to surprise his sister at school as well, who is a sixth-grader at Trinity Meadows Intermediate School.

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Both siblings are so happy to have their brother back at home and get to spend three weeks with him before he has to go back.

Hopefully this time they won't have to wait as long to see their brother again.

Watch the heartwarming reunion in the video below:

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