Parents Rave About Cheap Beauty Product That Stops Mosquitoes

Parents Rave About Cheap Beauty Product That Stops Mosquitoes

With Spring in full force, it's easy to start dreaming about summer. Summer is my favorite season because it's actually warm enough to swim in the river and spend time outside. Living in the Pacific Northwest, "summer" to me means high temperatures in the mid-70s, so it's pretty mild and absolutely perfect.

But one thing that most people dread over the summertime, including myself, is mosquitoes. Those pesky insects can really put a damper on a fun camping trip or hike. The last thing parents want to deal with is having little kids covered in itchy bites. That's not to mention the fact that mosquitoes can carry diseases!

While insect sprays can sometimes work, many parents are hesitant to use them on kids due to harsh chemicals or questionable ingredients. As it turns out, there may be a better way.

Some parents are raving about a cheap beauty product that stops midges and mosquitoes from biting. The magic product in question? Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion.

According to Kidspot, it all started when a man took to a Facebook group to share about the discovery.

He posted, "My wife and I are staying in a van park where the midges are absolutely ferocious. A local put us onto this product, and although not an insecticide, it seems to stop the midges biting and if bitten, soothes the itch." He shared photos of the Palmer's bottle, along with his post. "Certainly works for us and, Mrs is very happy!" he added.

The outlet reports that after sharing the post, hundreds of comments began pouring in with many parents raving about the product as a way of preventing mosquito bites.

One person wrote, "I happened to have this Palmer's coconut lotion and just tested it out for a half hour watering garden. I usually get nailed, not one bite. Good potential." Another added that it's "the best product on the market."

According to Palmer's website, the Coconut Hydrate Body Lotion contains coconut oil, green coffee extract, and vitamin e, among other ingredients. It's unclear what it is that keeps the bugs from biting but with so many parents claiming it works, it might just be worth giving it a try!

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