Move Over, Sexists! This Pretty Woman Knows How to Make Revenge Stylish

Move Over, Sexists! This Pretty Woman Knows How to Make Revenge Stylish

This is a story that many women around the world must have experienced, one way or another.

That's because many sexists still exist, but a lot of women often just say nothing when they encounter males who think the females of the species are inferior to their kind.

But not this original poster (OP), who shared her story on Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance, which quickly went viral. It's a story of revenge in Pretty Woman style.

With the username u/Karamist623, this woman related her experience with a sexist salesman and how she taught him a lesson he would never forget. She wrote: "So, this was a while ago, but I just read a car dealer story, and it made me remember this gem from several years ago. I’m female, and I know about cars. Not a mechanic, but I have some skills, and can differentiate between a transmission and a drive train. I researched a specific car that I had become obsessed with finding (a Jeep) and I was totally in love with this special edition they had… it had a limited production, and I was looking to see which dealerships had my prize."

And so she went to a car dealer to inquire about the Jeep she'd fallen in love with. OP continues her story: "Cue the 'tool' salesman….

"Him: How can we help you today?
Me: I’m looking for the Arctic edition Jeep.
Him: The what?
Me: The (whatever year it was… can’t remember) Arctic edition Jeep. They make it in the Wrangler and Liberty body styles.
Him: Yeah, I don’t think that’s a thing.
Me: (Getting pissed now). Yes, it’s a thing. It’s on Jeep's actual official website. The website says you have one.
Him: Yeah, there’s no such thing. You should come back when you know what you're talking about.
Me: Mouth agape in shock
Me: turned around and walked out."

Well, the following week, the dealership tried to contact her a number of times, but she never answered back. And then, the next week, OP went to the dealership, but not to buy a Jeep. Instead, she drove her new Arctic Edition Jeep to the place and called the attention of the sexist car salesman. And she, this time, told him pointedly that he should be more polite with customers, especially women because "we hold grudges."

The salesman was red with shame, aside from regretting how much commission he'd lost.

A Reddit user was happy to respond with their own story: "I had a similar experience with a sales guy named Jackie Johnson. We haggled for a while over a Mazda, and, finally, he came back from checking with his manager and said, 'Well, little lady, when you get serious about buying a car, you come back and see us.' I left, went to a different dealership, and bought the car. A few days later, he called and asked if I had given it some thought. I said I had and bought one. He was highly indignant I didn’t give him another chance. I said I seriously wanted a new car."

Let this be a lesson to those people who think they know better than their clients.

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