Momma Raccoon Appears to Thank Rescuers for Sweet Reunion with Her Three Furry Babies

Momma Raccoon Appears to Thank Rescuers for Sweet Reunion with Her Three Furry Babies

From prairies, forests, and marshes, raccoons are now also a common sight in cities.

They are among the wildlife that have invaded urban areas and adapted well to their new homes. Now, humans must learn to co-exist with these animals, although it remains very difficult for many people due to the dangers they pose, diseases they can spread, and damages they can incur on properties.

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Raccoons, with their bandit look, appear adorable and cuddly. But experts do not advise people to keep them as pets, much less feed these animals. These creatures should not be encouraged to live nearby homes because they can be ferocious, and they are also primary carriers of rabies.

But should they be trapped and killed to control their population?

Of course not - raccoons are among those animals whose homes humans have destroyed as we cut down forests and expanded our territories. Now, they have no other choice but to find new habitats and food sources in order to survive.

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To cope with the problem of raccoon invasion, the Humane Society of the United States has come up with a new strategy called the "eviction-exclusion approach." Raccoons and other animals like squirrels and bats are safely extricated from properties, reunited with their offspring, and, by sealing entry points, prevented from returning to the same structures.

In the heartwarming video below, you will see how a nursery of raccoons was rescued by a group of caring humans. What's further amazing about it is that the anxious momma raccoon seemed to look back to her family's rescuers to say "thank you!"

The video was posted on Tiktok by a humane wildlife organization, @gateswildlifecontrol. Upon learning that there were three baby raccoons in an attic, the rescuers accessed the area by cutting a hole in the ceiling. Then, after making sure that they had extricated every one of the kits, the team waited for their mother.

 width= Photo: Tiktok/gateswildlifecontrol

You will see the anxious momma looking from the rooftop and then climbing down the ladder to be with her babies. Afterward, she started to carry them away to find a new den.

But, unexpectedly, the momma raccoon stopped for some moments to look at the humans who reunited her family. Was she expressing gratitude before saying goodbye? It's surprising moments like this that make animal rescue efforts worthwhile!

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