Rescue Dog Goes From Scared and Confused to an Avid Canine Traveler

Rescue Dog Goes From Scared and Confused to an Avid Canine Traveler

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Cheston was born in Texas and rescued through Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue. We adopted him May 1st, 2021 and ended up with a dog that needed a lot of confidence. He was scared of everything and really didn't know how to be a dog. The first two weeks were trying, exhausting, and had us questioning if we made the right decision in adopting Cheston.


At about three weeks, we started to see a massive change in Cheston. He would go to the bathroom on his own without anyone walking with him, he became obsessed with toys and playing, and he was learning to growl and protect the house from the UPS man, squirrels, deer and cats. We have now had Cheston for seven months and he's grown tremendously.

He knows all the tricks from sit, stay, shake paw, roll over, loud, to quiet bark. He has also received his Canine Good Citizen with hopes of doing more advanced training in the future. He runs around everyday like he is practicing for the Kentucky Derby and is also practicing to join the men's soccer team with hopes of going to the Olympics in 2024. This kid is extremely active and impresses us everyday with his antics.


Most importantly Cheston is a world class traveler. In just seven months, he's been to North Carolina and New Jersey and is constantly going to dog-friendly restaurants, breweries and wineries. He charms everyone he meets and already has a pretty big fan club in Winchester, Virginia.

Cheston is a third wheel but the best kind of third wheel. He loves to be apart of everything that we do and he truly is the best boy. We treat him like he is one of the pack and everything we do always involves Cheston. We are very blessed to have the golden nugget of the rescue world.

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